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Quest Given When Possessed 530

Quest Given When Possessed 530

Chapter 530 – King Yan’s Disciple 5 (23)

The emperor, the highest power in the Central Plains, and his blood-related brothers became kings and ruled each region.

His father was a merchant, so he had to be close to the government, but the people of the martial arts group and the Daemun faction were not that close.

By saying that the government is inviolable and that the government does not invade what happens in the military, the work that the military and government should do is separated a little…

‘It’s just a hassle to manage.’

The military power that the martial arts people have is very strong, but if they are attacked by the government or the palace as an enemy, it will be very difficult to live.

The five generations, now the four generations, had a somewhat cooperative relationship with the government, but it can be seen that this will not last forever as the Imperial Palace is accusing the Namgung family as the main culprit of the incident.

This faction exchange meeting was only supervised by the Sichuan Dang family, not led, so there was no need for the king to attend in person.

Moreover, no one would have imagined that they would come there with properly equipped government soldiers, rather than coming there out of curiosity to see what kind of plot was going on.

‘I knew how to manipulate the clan and didn’t pay attention to the crown.’

The total number of members of the Daemun faction gathered for this exchange meeting exceeded one hundred, and soldiers who appeared to be at least three times that number stormed into Sacheondangga.

“Wouldn’t it be quite difficult for those who participated in the exchange meeting if this were to happen?”

“I guess so. The problem is that high man.”

The king, dressed in gold dragon-shaped embroidery, walked forward, led by two generals wearing shining armor that had been painted gold on either side.

The king’s arrogant gait seemed to indicate that he was of the highest status, even though he was in someone else’s house, but the person who stood in his way was the old man, Dangyu.

“Seowang, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you. This is Dangyu, who has the undeserved nickname of King of Darkness in the martial arts world.”

The man whom the old King of Darkness called King of the West was quite handsome, perhaps because he was of good blood, but his eyes were full of smokiness.

His body looked quite strong, but it was hard to tell from a distance whether it was due to Kaena’s influence or whether it was actually the result of regular living and exercise.

“The King of Darkness. Although he clearly does not carry on the blood of the royal family, the nickname ‘King’ is undeserved. I heard that five out of the seven have fallen out. Why don’t you step down as well?”

Seeing a man born with good blood making arbitrary decisions on a person who had been protecting the balance of the martial arts world since before he was born, would he kill the king or anything? The thought came to the tip of his head.

“It is a star that the King of the West has been wearing since before he was born, so if there are no major problems with his body, he will probably continue to wear it.”

“Is that so? You won the king’s favor by killing a few fanatics, so you wouldn’t want to throw it away. But looking at what happened this time, even those kings have some doubts about their qualifications.”

King Seo chuckled and quietly glanced at the martial arts people who were indignant at his words.

When the Demonic Cult expanded its power and attempted to invade the central plains, those who fought on the front lines are now in high positions.

The older disciples, elders, and elders of the group experienced that period firsthand and seemed quite displeased with talking down to the seven people who performed exceptionally well at that time.

“Is that so? I will put it down after a reasonable amount of time.”

“Well, it’s done. There will only be one king in Sacheon now.”

The King of the West waved his hand lightly at the words of the old King of Darkness and then spoke.

“With the influential sects in the west and the Sichuan party clan responsible for the major axis of Sichuan gathered together, it would be perfect for me to make a declaration.”

The King of the West must have put a lot of energy into his voice, so it spread over a fairly wide range.

Because the government soldiers suddenly came in, there were a lot of people gathered outside, and they were all within earshot.

“Now, after my cousin took the throne as emperor, a truly strange thing has happened. Monsters are coming out in droves, attacking the people and forming their own forces, but the current emperor is not taking a big step forward. The ruined Namgung is the problem. I don’t like the fact that he’s being singled out as the culprit, and I don’t like his behavior, so I’m going to use this opportunity to speak with everyone as witnesses.”

The West King spoke while spreading his cloudy inner energy to the surroundings.

When I saw it, cloudiness came in first, but I could see that the amount and density were quite significant.

“Changryong Emperor. I, the former King of the West, will be reborn as the Changryong Emperor and correct the chaos in this central plain. Furthermore, I hope everyone here who heard my declaration will become witnesses.”

In fact, when he declared that he would revolt against the emperor, everyone who was listening was left speechless.

In a situation where even a soldier was brought with him, it was full of meaning that he would not receive any objections from anyone since he did it inside Sacheondangga where the Daemun faction gathered.

“Aren’t you trying to force us in now?”

“If you want to call yourself Emperor Changryong, do it in front of the emperor.”

Young Taoists from the Qingcheng sect came forward and spoke.

King of the West, when the Emperor of Changlong nodded towards the Taoist of the Qingcheng Sect, the generals on either side quickly walked out.

The Taoist monk of the Qingcheng sect drew his sword towards the approaching general, exuding a threatening force, and the generals also raised their swords.

“Stop. There is no need to fight.”

As the Dark King radiated his energy, the Taoists of the Qingcheng Sect immediately put their swords in.

The generals clicked their tongues and took a step back, as if they were disappointed that an armed conflict did not occur.

“The King of the West declared that he had become the Emperor of Changryong. We heard that. Can we end it with that?”

“No. I liked the situation a little while ago, right? I came here to become a witness and a companion.”

Changryong said, spreading his arms wide.

In a gesture full of meaning of receiving recognition by suppressing a person with an opposing opinion with force, the government soldiers led by Emperor Changryong each took a stance with their weapons in hand.

“Whew… West King, it would be really disappointing if you got drunk on the power you received from someone and tried to do something that can’t be fixed.”

“I am the Emperor of the Spear Dragon. And what can I do? Whether it is my innate power or my received power, it is mine.”

It seems that the elder King of Darkness also noticed that the Emperor Changryong’s condition was strange, and even though he revealed it, he did not intend to back down.

“If you don’t cooperate with me, you can consider me a potential enemy. Strike me.”

“Yes! Your Majesty!”

The generals who had taken a step back drew their swords, and the soldiers began to rush in with their spears.

All of those soldiers seemed to have a layer of blue scale-like protection, and that was like the power the Spear Dragon Emperor received from Kaena.

There is no possibility for ordinary government soldiers to defeat the martial arts people or the elites gathered here, but if that is possible…

“What are you going to do, Black Spirit?”

Sichuan Lake, who had been absent since the Changryong Emperor appeared, quietly to me.

I tried to prevent something like this from happening, but I didn’t want to have to fight when it got to this point.

“We perform the Changryong Festival. If it is a mysterious assassin rather than a warrior who participated in a faction exchange meeting, the problem will be reduced.”

“I… “

“It is clear that once you reveal yourself, you will be in danger, so stay hidden.”

It is clear that if I fall, my hiding ability will decrease, but with the situation being like this, there will probably be no one who will find the Four Thousand Numbers.

In a near-death situation where the martial people and the government soldiers were in a confrontation, I stepped on the wave wheel and landed next to the king of cancer.

[Unlike your master, your skills in hiding are quite good.]

Calling Shadow.

A huge amount of shadow spewed out around me.

As I dyed the surroundings with darkness, I threw the dagger of shadow at the Changryongje.

“Yes. I haven’t been able to fight sincerely since I gained this power. Hehe.”


The Changryong Emperor lightly struck down the dagger of shadow with a handful of blue energy.

“Your Majesty!”

The general with the sword blocked his path, but the Changryong Emperor slightly pushed him to the side.

“It’s okay. Since he seems to be acquainted with the King of Darkness, that will be enough reason to take control of the Four Heavenly Dang Family.”

Looks like you picked the wrong place to land? Anyway, I have to kill that thing.


〈Defeat the Spear Dragon Emperor.〉

-Upon completion: Reinforcement of Yeonyeom Magic (10 stars)

Yeonhwanryu (連環流) Chamjeol (斬切).

Stepping on the sword, he quickly approached the Changryongje and swung the sword of shadow with cutting power.

The general guarding the front neatly blocked my sword strike even when the surroundings were dark.

Those reptile-like eyes with vertically slit pupils seem to give them the power to see in the dark.

“Ah. I’m doing it?”

When Emperor Changryong swung his right-hand wide, the blue giant river was about to hit me and press me down.


The blue force I saw as I fell back resembled a dragon’s feet with sharp nails and lots of scales.

‘It looks like you didn’t receive the right amount of strength?’

When the three people, the Sword King, the King of Dragons, and the Spear King, received the power they received from Kaena, it felt like traces of that power remained, but it seemed like the Spear Dragon Emperor had been completely eaten.〈 Br〉

Since it is a power obtained very easily, you may want to use it however you want.

“Everyone, step back! It seems the Emperor’s hidden sword is watching!”

By saying those words, the Dark King prevented an armed conflict from occurring, and when Emperor Changryong realized his intention, he spoke.

“No! It’s the hidden sword of the Tang family! This is no different from revealing their intentions toward hostile me!”


Emperor Changryong’s words could not continue until the end because he had to block the sword he swung to avoid the general who blocked his path.

“Use all the strength you received from Your Majesty for Your Majesty!”


However, the general picked up the interrupted words and the officers and soldiers responded loudly.

‘The officers who shared the power of the Changryong Emperor were strengthened. If pushed to the limit, it will be automatically recovered.’

I stepped back slightly and stretched out both hands forward.

I retrieved the shadows that had spread around me and filled them with my left hand. I pushed the heat inside my body into my right hand and held them tightly together.

The union of the black and white twin wheels and the breaking through of the aftereffects of the island.


Since the preparation was not perfect, even the afterflame breakthrough, which had only half the power, was definitely effective.

The general and other officials around him were collapsing in their seats, as if they had been forced to return the power given to them by Emperor Changryong.

“Haha… Fun?”

When the gray flames subsided, what appeared was a blue-scaled dragon who felt a great difference in rank from the lizardman.

Quest Given When Possessed

Quest Given When Possessed

빙의하면 퀘스트 줌
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
"Tutorial Quest

-Start: [Skill] Possession
-Completion: ???

My life plan was ruined the day I went for the ability sealing procedure.


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