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Quest Given When Possessed 531

Quest Given When Possessed 531

Chapter 531 – King Yan’s Disciple 5 (24)

The appearance of the Spear Dragon Emperor in the gray flames was similar to that of the Lizardmen, but a difference in class could be felt.

All the blue scales covering its entire body were filled with a subtle blue mana, and its body, which appeared to be well-trained, had swelled significantly.

Is it about 2.5 m tall? Even though Vulcan Ludric was large, he was still a size similar to that of the human race, so the difference was significant.

A long white beard was fluttering around the corner of the slightly protruding mouth, and it was looking at me with golden eyes with vertically slit pupils.

“You have to go through legal procedures to meet the emperor, but he’s a bold guy.”

“Do you think what they were trying to do was legal?”

“Ha. The emperor was a foolish person who did not know that he was above the law.”

When Changryong slightly opened his right hand, a blue sphere was created inside him.

The thing that forms the blurry blue sphere is lightning.

When the Emperor Changryong spread his right hand, lightning began to spread in all directions.

Even after the incident occurred, numerous raindrops rained down from the sky as lightning spread out in all directions with such force that it was difficult for the people who remained to withstand it.

The lightning that was heading towards people started moving towards the rain, and in such a dizzying situation, I had to make a decision.

‘Can I use the Flame Magic?’

How can I say it’s not me until I break through the residual flames?

It can be said that the gray flame is not the white flame Hansian known so far.

But now, if we want to fight the Changryong Emperor in earnest, we must use all our power.

Perhaps magic, divinity, and even chaos.


“I only prevented the Changryong Emperor from committing unnecessary killings.”

When the Dragon Emperor frowned upon seeing the memorization pouring from the sky and was about to say something, the Elder Dark King interrupted the Emperor Changryong and spoke.

“To prove your loyalty, shouldn’t you have thrown a few shots at the assassin in front of you?”

When Emperor Changryong spoke sarcastically, the elder King Dark responded lightly.

“It looks like I made a mistake because I’m older. Everyone, make sure you have space. The Changryongje says it will prove your strength.”


First, Dangga’s unmanned man began to move quickly.

And when the members of the Daemun Sect had a short conversation with the elder King of Darkness, even the martial people who had gathered for the exchange came out and moved to secure a space for the Changryongje to fight.

“Hmm… It looks like the King of Darkness has a lot of faith in you.”

“It’s my first time seeing you, so I’m not sure.”

“I will kill you first and then kill you all for treason.”

Emperor Changryong clenched his right hand, which spread his lightning.

Blue lightning flowed through the scales, creating a force with the nature of an electric current flowing irregularly in the right arm.

‘It would have been better to fight at night, so why is the exchange meeting held during the day?’

With that thought in mind, I gained strength.

Eight wheels of wave ring resonance.

A pure white flame, hot enough to burn out the energy, began to surround me.

I took a pose after removing the magic circle that was changing my hair color to brown.

“That was King Flame’s disciple, BaekYeom.”

Emperor Changryong looked at me and spoke softly.

If you have come into contact with Kaena, even if you did not know me until now, there is a possibility that you heard about me when I received my power

“No. She is her enemy.”

Yeomryun Kwon (炎輪拳) Two wheels (two wheels).

With all the strength in his body, he stepped on the fire wheel and created two rings of flame in his right fist and passed them through.

When he thrust his fist filled with white flames at the Changryong Emperor, he stretched out his fist wrapped in strong energy.

Kwa-ga-ga-ga-ga river!!!

Unlike the calmly burning white flame, the blue electric current ran wild at will and irritated me.

‘My defense has improved a lot since I realized my divinity.’

Unlike the Shadow Armor, which was torn apart like a piece of paper, the white heat canceled out the blue current attack to a large extent.

However, thinking that such a prolonged contact would cause great harm to me, I withdrew my fist and stepped back.

“His opponent. Just this much?”

The Changryongje laughed, revealing his large fangs

“Then you will regret it when your head falls off.”

Calling Shadow.

A shadow spread around me once again.

The Changryongje, wrapped in blue electric current, or the white flame, were really visible even when the space was covered with shadows.

When only the two were left in the dark, it was Changryongje who moved first.

As the electric current engulfed not just his right arm, but his entire body, he moved so quickly that it would be difficult to read the attack trajectory if he did not use calmness and insight.

Flame wheel acceleration.

He used wave ring stride and acceleration to avoid the Changryong Emperor’s charge and then concentrated the heat on his legs.

Spiral flow (連環流).

He threw a powerful kick by giving rotational force to his entire body, and the Changryongje, who was hit by a kick to the thick nape of his neck, leaned forward slightly.

Because he could not use the Flame Wheel, it was weaker than the previous Flame Wheel, but he was able to shake his stance by using the movements of the Changryong Emperor.

Then, he used the flame wheel again and accelerated in the air, exploding eight rings of heat inside his body.

Breaking wheel.

Skill Link-Boost

Spiral breakthrough of continuous loop flow. Yeomryun Kwon (炎輪拳) Nine Wheels (nine wheels).

Tucquoa ahhhhh!

The Flame Fist, which had added piercing power as it rotated, spewed out white flames that were enough to pierce through the shadows I had spread out.

No matter how strong the visible force is, the most important thing is for the Changryongje to be hit properly. After being hit hard, the Changryongje immediately stands up and swings his left arm.

‘Can it handle water?’

A lightly clenched fist held a blue bead, and around it, a thin armor of water covered the Changryongje’s blue scales.

“That was a bit of a dangerous attack.”

The Changryongje stretched out both arms at the same time as I fell backwards while using the Yeonyeomshingung to retrieve the heat scattered around me.

A stream of water coming out of the crystal ball in his left hand was wrapped around a blue electric current coming out of his right hand, making a combination attack that most people would consider very threatening.

‘I need to collect more Yin attribute mana.’

After using half of the Afterflame Breakthrough, I ran out of negative mana.

Mana was recovered through Origin Absorb, but it is currently impossible to achieve balance.

Since it emits more heat, I have considered using spray flames to deal with it, but it lacks the defense power to block the current.

‘There’s a better way, right?’

I gathered all the heat in my left hand and thrust it forward.

Annular flow fracture diffusion.

The pure white flash that started from the left fist cut off both the water and electric currents that the Changryong Emperor flew towards me at once, creating a gap for the Changryong Emperor.

‘And let’s use those too.’

Skill Link-Boost

Circular flow diffusion. Origin Absorb.

Originally, I expanded the range of Origin Absorb, which absorbs a certain amount of the mana I used, and the connection with the Spear Dragon Emperor was lost, so I absorbed all the mana floating in the air.

Because it is an inner energy used to form water and electricity, I cannot originally absorb it, but thanks to the increased achievement of Yeonhwanryu, I was able to apply it to some extent.

‘It is a change that is closer to expansion rather than diffusion, and the important thing is that it is absorbed as mana.’

Until now, when possessing a Cyan Raven or Hansian, all the additional combat power and mana gained through the EX assimilation rate was used for attributes that the possessed body could not handle.

So, absorbing pure mana means recovering negative attribute mana.

“It goes right.”

Unlike when I used it a little hastily to prevent the fight from spreading, this time I properly raised my energy from the beginning.

Black and white twin wheels.

A ring of shadow and heat was created within my body and began to resonate violently.

Skill Link-Unlimited.

Yeonyeom Shingong (連炎神功). Flame Craft. King Yeomgi (炎王氣).

Yeonyeongsingong (連影神功). Shadow Craft. Shadow energy.

Black wheel binding. White wheel super acceleration. Breaking through the spiral flow.

Now, I can use it right away by recalling the results without having to connect them one by one, but I could see that this one has a little more power.

Is this the power of the mind that Master spoke of? I was able to explain in one sentence the reason why numerous pieces of technology were brought together and made into one.

Emperor Changryong, it is to kill that guy.

The two energies held their hands together as if they were about to explode.

The union of the black and white twin wheels and the breaking through of the aftereffects of the island.

When the darkness cleared once again, I was piercing the heart of the Changryong Emperor.


Fortunately, Sacheon Ilho was able to understand what was happening.

Black spirit is white spirit? I quickly added the most important information to my mind.

‘I’ve never said anything bad about Baek Yeom, so it’s okay, right?’

Let’s combine the rumors of Baekyeom and what we found out while living with Heukyeong. Except for the difference in the nature of the skills they dealt with, they were almost the same.

A disciple of King Yeom, a budding expert, he moves around Giru as if he were his own home, and he has little experience as a powerhouse.
A cilantro who fell from the sky, looks young, is looking for the best food in Sacheon, and seems to have little experience as a powerhouse.

Even though I thought the two people had some similarities, I didn’t think they were the same person because they were shown wielding black power rather than white flames as is known.

‘If this happens, I think I’m perfect at pulling the strings.’

I think it would be a huge promotion to go from being a night errand boy belonging to the dark organization Nocturnal to becoming the limb of White Flame.

The question is whether he can defeat that monster called the Spear Dragon Emperor, but looking at the sparks flying in the shadows, Han Xian seemed to have a slight advantage.

Then the shadow cleared, and two dolls appeared.

At that moment, a gray flash pierced the heart of the Changlong Emperor, and in that state, the Changlong Emperor stretched out his arms and grabbed Han Xi’an’s neck.

Emperor Changlong, blood gushing from his pierced chest, threw Han Xian into a nearby building.


“Khaat. I can’t believe I wasted one life.”

On top of the Changryongje’s thick tail made of blue scales, two blurry fox tails appeared that did not match.

Quest Given When Possessed

Quest Given When Possessed

빙의하면 퀘스트 줌
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
"Tutorial Quest

-Start: [Skill] Possession
-Completion: ???

My life plan was ruined the day I went for the ability sealing procedure.


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