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M Woman’s Assistant 188

M Woman’s Assistant 188

Chapter 188 – 188. Parents’ Day Gift 5

Defecating in front of others is an extremely shameful act that almost everyone would refuse, no matter how much money they were offered. The same goes for excreting liquid for an enema.

Being ordered to do something like this is something that lowers a person’s entire personality and self-esteem, and it’s an act that feels shameful just to hear about it, but now Jeong-hee tried to follow the orders of her daughter, Ji-soo.

However, the liquid in her stomach is a substance that solidifies when it comes in contact with her intestinal fluid. It is currently solidified in her stomach and is not at a level where it can come out like a liquid even with the slightest force.

“Mommy, you have to cum quickly, otherwise she might get even harder and not come out~”


Ten minutes have passed since it was put in, but since the liquid has hardened to this extent, if 10 more minutes pass, it will completely harden and cannot be removed simply by applying force. Of course, she asks Ji-soo if she can melt the solidified material, but she is deliberately not telling Jeong-hee.

“Now… Mom, give me your strength.”


“Now, you’re going to cum like you’re defecating in front of the audience.”

To further humiliate her, Jisoo once again told her that dozens of people were looking at Jeonghee’s butt hole. Jeong-hee, who was applying force to her buttocks to see if it was quite effective, hesitated and was contemplating whether to apply force. She knows that what’s in her stomach isn’t dirty, but just enema material, but the solid feeling it feels is similar to that, and she feels more ashamed than any enema she’s ever had.

“Mom is having a hard time, so I’ll help her.”

Jisoo wore the same cock panties that Ahjeong wore, climbed on top of Jeonghee as if mating between animals, and pushed it into Jeonghee’s butt hole.



When the huge dick-shaped dildo was inserted into her, with her stomach already full and strained, she was so tired that it was difficult to breathe properly, but even in this state, her body continued to let out a sow-like cry as she let out her pussy juice as if she was happy.

Creak!! Creak!! Creak!! Creak!!

“Hmm!! Mommy’s asshole is delicious!!”

“Buhiyit!!! Ooooot!!! Kwaaa!!”

“Mom, I’m going to make your asshole full, so cum quickly and cum like you’re defecating in front of other people!!!!”

Jisoo really fucked Jeonghee to make her defecate in front of others, and as a result, when her buttocks loosened and her tense muscles relaxed, Jeonghee lost strength. Jisoo quickly noticed and removed the dildo, and the substance she had put in her stomach began to come out from Jeonghee’s butt hole, as she could no longer hold it in.


Even though Jeonghee screamed that excreting solid matter was shameful, little by little it was revealed from the already loosened butt hole.

Buuuuucuuuuucuuuuucuuuuu will us us us us

The white, long jelly-like substance stretched out and came out of Jeonghee’s butt hole, but it did not break and hung on her buttocks as if there was still more.


A sound that I couldn’t tell whether it was a cry, a sound of strength, or a sound of feeling came out of Jeonghee’s mouth, but Jisoo touched Jeonghee’s vagina and realized that she was feeling it extremely, and started to go even harder. To others, this may be bullying and immoral, but for them, it is like an unprecedented gift.

Clap!!!!! Clap!!!!! Clap!!!!!

“Come on! Mom, I need to give you more strength!!”

“Yesssss!!! Mom, I’m cumming right now!!!”

As Jisoo slaps Jeonghee’s buttocks until they turn red, Jeonghee gives her strength again, and finally all of it comes out of her butthole, and the long, hanging material on the floor gives us an idea of ​​the amount. The audience looks at the length and amount and wonders how all of it got in, but they are excited to see Jeong-hee flowing out her pussy juice even in this humiliating situation.

“Then it’s next time.”

“Huh? What is that?”

“You can’t just finish it once, because there are still many viewers who haven’t experienced it in their mother’s asshole.”

Jeonghee, who smiled and smiled in despair as she filled the syringe with liquid again, smiled lewdly without realizing it and opened her ass hole again with fear and anticipation.

“Hmm, let’s do it soon too.”


Yeon-jeong and Hyun-ji, who had been quietly watching the mother and daughter of Ah-jeong and Ji-su, also began to move. After seeing other mothers being humiliated by their daughters, Hyun-ji does the same and oozes her pussy juices. The first thing Yeonjeong did was take off all of Hyunji’s clothes to make her naked, and Hyunji was already looking forward to it with a smile on her face.



“Lay down, Mom, I will masturbate with your mouth.”

“Yes, yes”

When Hyunji threw a slap at the smiling Hyunji, he lost his balance and fell, but Yeonjeong didn’t care and gave the command and sat on Hyunji’s face, which was lying straight down.

Considering the size of her buttocks, she was the third largest among the slaves, so she sat on Hyunji’s face and covered his entire face, but she didn’t care, and Hyunji licked her daughter’s pussy so hard that she couldn’t even breathe properly.

The audience also approached Yeonjeong with interest as they saw her using Hyunji as if it were a masturbation tool.

“Oh my, it looks like the female here also had good training.”

“It’s just good enough for masturbation.”

Yeonjeong conversed with her audience, feeling the mouths and tongues of her local audience. It’s really starting to be treated as just a masturbation tool, but I’m feeling it even more. She is always treated like this, but being treated like this in front of strangers makes her even more excited.


And Yeonjeong, who had reached her climax, sprayed Hyunji with her pussy juice without saying a word. Although she swallowed it with her mouth, most of the pussy juice was sprayed on her face, making her look drenched in rain, but Yeonjeong didn’t care and just roughly wiped her pussy with Hyunji’s hair.

When the audience, excited by the sight, insulted Hyunji by calling him a toilet, Yeonjeong gave orders to Hyunji as if it was natural.

“Pull your heart together”


Hyunji immediately cupped his chest with his arms and Yeonjeong sat on top of him as if it was natural. Hyun-ji’s chest was crushed and he groaned in pain, but Yeon-jeong didn’t care and did what he had to do.

Yeonjeong looked down at Hyunji with an expressionless face, opened her vagina and urinated on Hyunji’s face. Her audience watched them with excitement as they saw her really using it as her toilet.

Hyun-ji opened her mouth as she was cumming carelessly, but most of it missed and spilled on her face and the floor, but Yeon-jeong looked on indifferently.

Then she ordered him to stand up and have him use his mouth like a tissue to wipe her pee hole and pussy.

“The toilet needs to handle properly, it can’t be like this.”

“Ugh!! I’m sorry.”

When Hyunji was slapped and insulted in the face, she seemed to get even more excited and was now dripping with pussy juice. And when Yeonjeong lifted her foot, she immediately licked up her urine and licked up all the urine that spilled on the floor with her tongue.

“This little boy is not satisfied with this, so can you guys help him?”

The audience slowly gathered to cheer at Yeonjeong’s words, becoming a melting pot of excitement. When she saw that, she thought it was time for Ah-jeong and Ji-soo as well, so they each grabbed their mother’s leash and went down to her stage. Her face and body are all dirty and messed up after being trained by her daughters, but their faces are full of smiles.

“Ah, then let’s start the audience participation training, which is the last part of the show!!”

Although the host was obsessed with the three mothers and daughters, when Yeon-jeong gave a signal by giving her attention, she shouted out the prepared line and excited the audience. The three mother and daughter moved into the middle of her audience, and the surrounding audience was shaking with excitement as if they could not stand it any longer.

“Now then, everyone, please feel free to play with those vulgar bitches!!”


With those words, she started insulting the audience members who approached the three mothers. One audience member is sticking a dildo into Jeonghee’s ass, another audience member is letting Yeji lick her ass hole with her mouth, and another audience member is grabbing and pulling Hyunji’s nipples and playing with her big breasts. Playing with it


And Ji-soo, Ah-jeong, and Yeon-jeong, who see their mothers being humiliated, covet each other’s bodies and use the mothers as daughters.

And I am looking down at them through the back space made of magic mirrors, different from the other audience members.

“It looks pretty fun.”

There are 7 maids in the room I am in, and the two maids who have already been used are lying down with their butts raised high, and they are unconscious with semen dripping from their pussies.

And the other two maids serve me with their faces buried in my crotch, but I don’t pay much attention to them because I think of them as Onaholes.

“I can prepare it if you want.”

“Okay… I need to do everything properly and prepare well.”

“Yes master”

The maid understood my command and bowed her head. Unlike her expressionless face, her pussy was excited and her pussy juice was flowing, filling this space with a female scent.

M Woman’s Assistant

M Woman’s Assistant

M녀 조교
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
A story about a man who loses his life in an accident, but is reincarnated as an 11-year-old boy and gains the ability to find a woman with M tendencies, allowing him to freely pursue his desires.


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