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M Woman’s Assistant 187

M Woman’s Assistant 187

Chapter 187 – 187. Parents’ Day Gift 4

“Wow…Ajeong is so bold too…”

Ji-soo, who blushes at Ah-jeong’s proactive behavior, starts to get excited herself, so she approaches Jeong-hee.

“Mom, let’s do it too.”

“Yes… Daughter, please use Mom as you please…”

Unlike Ah-jeong, Jeong-hee and Ji-soo started off in a gentle mood and hugged each other and started kissing. Jisoo is hugging Jeonghee because her arms are tied, but each other’s breasts are so large that they stick out to the side, making it a sight rarely seen in ordinary lesbian sex.

As the attention that was focused on Ah-jeong’s begins to focus on Jeong-hee’s, the audience who likes a slightly softer atmosphere is paying attention to that.

“Uuuuup..Uuuuu ast as their nipples are so hard.”

“Yeah..Uuuuup…Mom, I’m so excited to kiss my daughter~”

Their speaking style and actions are not those of an ordinary mother and daughter. They kissed each other deeply, feeling each other’s stiff nipples and kissing even more deeply. In particular, Jisoo’s hand went to Jeonghee’s buttocks, and she held onto her large, soft buttocks even more tightly due to her feel, to the point where Jisoo’s hand was digging into her.

“Haha..Mom’s butt is soft and warm.”

“Haheung!! Thank you!!”

Jeong-hee was extremely excited, and her motherly face began to fall. Immediately, her slave nature came out as she addressed her daughter, Jisoo, in a respectful manner.

“Hehe, mom, are you excited already?”

“Yes, Mom, I was really excited…”

“Then show me what kind of female your mother is…”


Jeong-hee, who was hugging and kissing each other in a friendly manner, moved away a little and turned her body towards the audience. Jeong-hee’s appearance in a slingshot swimsuit showed a lewd atmosphere in itself, but the sight of her with her pussy covered with excitement and her pussy juice flowing out, and her nipples becoming hard and pushing out the swimsuit with a small area were seen. The appearance informs her audience of Jeong-hee’s true nature.

“Well, I am a pervert mother who is sexually excited by my daughter…”

“Hmm, it’s a little lacking, mom.”


“Huhhh!! Yes, I am a sow that is spewing out pussy juice while getting my daughter’s ass spanked!! Please use me as your daughter’s pussy toilet!!!”


She thought it was a soft relationship, but the audience’s attention was focused more on Jisoo’s mother and daughter because the relationship was harder than expected.

Jeong-hee, unable to overcome her instincts as a majo, is selling herself to the audience and feeling extremely excited. When her butt was hit, Jeonghee climaxed lightly from the pain and squirted her pussy juice toward the audience. Since this happens in regular shows, the audience didn’t pay much attention and were met with Jeonghee’s pussy juice all over their bodies.

“Whew~ Then, while I get ready, I can at least masturbate with this, Mom.”

Jisoo was a little nervous as all eyes were on her, but in order to do what she had prepared in advance, she gave Jeonghee a dildo that could be attached to the floor and went backstage for a while.

Then, the audience looked forward to the show that Jeong-hee would do and said things to criticize Jeong-hee, such as ‘You sow, hurry up’ and ‘You slut-pussy’, but it actually brought more excitement to Jeong-hee.

After receiving the dildo into her mouth, Jeonghee got down on her knees, whimpered, placed the dildo on the floor, licked her lips with her tongue, and squatted down with her legs spread in anticipation, taking a position that gave the audience a good view.

“F–from now on, please laugh at everyone watching the sow masturbating!!”

Even though her vagina was blocked by her swimsuit, Jeong-hee skillfully pushed the swimsuit aside by rubbing her vagina against the dildo and pushed the dildo into her vagina.



Jeong-hee, who was in a state of extreme excitement and immediately climaxed, bucked her back and sprayed her pussy juice in all directions as if urinating. The audience who was hit by this became a crucible of excitement, criticizing Jeong-hee, licking her pussy juice with their lips or smearing it on their bodies, each experiencing a light orgasm.

Creak! Creak! Creak! Creak!

“Ha!! The dildo feels good too!! Thank you for fucking the sow’s pussy!!!”

Now, Jeong-hee lowers herself below the dildo to the point of thanking the dildo with an honorific expression, and she has the stereotypical image of a slave.

“Hehe, you’re doing well, Mom.”

Jisoo, who was now starting to get used to this situation, left the tools she had brought with her on the floor and approached her mother.

“Yes, I am masturbating with my pussy as instructed by your daughter!!”

Since Jisoo didn’t tell him to stop, he continued masturbating by moving his waist up and down. It hasn’t been long since she masturbated, but since she is an extremely masturbator and has a lot of water, there is a lot of pussy juice under her crotch.

“Then let’s do that. Clean up the floor because it’s dirty.”


At Jisoo’s words, Jeonghee took out the dildo, lowered her upper body, turned her face to the floor, and began licking her own pussy juice.

The sight of Jeong-hee drinking the pussy juice spilled on the floor without hesitation when told to clean it up is giving great excitement to S-oriented audiences. It is rare to have a slave who is this obedient and obedient, so he feels a strong desire for Jeong-hee.

“I ate it all, daughter~”

Jeong-hee, who showed her bottom covered in saliva instead of her pussy juice, got down on her knees and rubbed her head on her stomach as if to praise her.

“The floor is dirty!!”

However, Jisoo got angry and grabbed Jeonghee’s head, threw her on the floor, and kicked her in the face.

“It’s dirty with spit, so let me help you clean it.”

Then, she moved Jeong-hee’s head with her foot and wiped all of her saliva clean, but Jeong-hee looked like a mop, her hair scattered, but she was smiling at Ji-soo.

“Sleep mom, then I’ll reward you.”

Jisoo held up the items she had brought and showed them to Jeonghee, and Jeonghee was smiling excitedly as her body trembled.

“Big Mom”


Jisoo took the syringe in one hand and started filling it up with the white liquid that was on the floor. When he picked up the 1L syringe, Jeonghee did not give an order, but she turned around on her own and raised her buttocks high, positioning her anus to be wide open.

She’s already had an enema, but now that I tell her, she knows she can’t stop and gets even more excited.

“Then let me begin.”


She is already familiar with Jeonghee, as she has already had enemas countless times, but she still feels the feeling and pain.


Although 1 L of milky white liquid entered the vagina, Jeonghee’s butt accepted this as if it was nothing.

“I guess it’s still not enough…I have a sore arm. Is there anyone who can help me feed this sow?”


Managing an enema is a very difficult task. No matter how clean Jeonghee is now, since she is cleaning the dirtiest place that people think, it is normal to do it alone, and there are many people who are embarrassed and ashamed of this level.

Therefore, being subjected to an enema by a daughter like this is one of the shames a person can experience. Doing that in front of other people is the same as putting down all your last pride as a human being. Doing it in front of other slaves or maids is still the same situation, so doing it in front of strangers like this is almost impossible, but Jeong-hee, who is a masochist who has gone beyond the limit, is now extremely excited.

“T-me!!” “Me too!!” “I’ve tried a lot!!”

And the audience, excited by Jisoo’s words, all raised their hands and said that they would administer an enema to Jeonghee.

“Mom, turn your body around and show it to the audience.”

“Yes, yes…”

Jeong-hee turns around with a trembling body, showing off her wet pussy and tightly closed butt hole, showing off her excitement and enjoyment.

“Then I’ll ask you a favor.”

Jisoo gave a syringe filled with white liquid to the nearest spectator, and the spectator became excited and slowly inserted the liquid into Jeonghee’s butt hole.

“A-Thank you!! Thank you for making the sow’s asshole clean!!”

The audience watching Jeong-hee’s greeting without skipping a beat started shaking, and a stream of love juice was flowing down her 131954 as if she was having an orgasm. Then, the audience selected one by one gave Jeong-hee an enema, and as the enema of 5 L was administered, she was shaking her legs, feeling pain in her stomach, and breaking out in a cold sweat because of the liquid that was almost at her limit. Her slightly protruding belly makes her look like she’s pregnant.


Screaming with all her might, Jeonghee asked Jisoo a favor with tears in her eyes.

“Cum, please allow me to cum.”


Jeong-hee, who could not even vent on her own terms, asked with her trembling voice, but Ji-soo seemed to be lost in her thoughts and sat down, crushing Jeong-hee’s face with her arms around her.

“Then cum”

“Thank you, yes…?”

Because it was facing the audience, the audience was embarrassed and moved to the side, but it was Jeong-hee who was even more embarrassed.

“Uh, it’s not coming out.”

“What I put in this time is a substance that hardens a little as it goes into the intestines. So, if you apply some force, it will come out.”

At Jisoo’s words, Jeonghee looked desperate.

M Woman’s Assistant

M Woman’s Assistant

M녀 조교
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
A story about a man who loses his life in an accident, but is reincarnated as an 11-year-old boy and gains the ability to find a woman with M tendencies, allowing him to freely pursue his desires.


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