M Woman’s Assistant 189

M Woman’s Assistant 189

Chapter 189 – 189. Wedding (Complete)

The three mother and daughter’s Les Training Show, which started as a Mother’s Day gift, ended very successfully. The sight of her own daughter training her mother was a show rarely seen anywhere, attracting numerous audiences and ending with a group lesbian orgy.




By the time the orgy is over, Jeonghee, Yeji, and Hyunji have already fainted and are thrown carelessly on the floor. It’s amazing how conscious I am now because I was fucked without stopping for almost 10 hours. When one person finished, two people came together to teach, and when two people finished, four people came together to teach, and after one turn was completed, the first person started teaching again, and they continued teaching endlessly, leaving only after everyone was satisfied.

Although he had already fainted halfway through, it was no problem to the excited audience. No matter how faint she was, when her sensitive parts were stimulated, her pussy tightened and her pussy juice flowed, attracting even more attention from the audience.

“Thank you for helping us get better, Mom.”

At the club, where only the three mothers and their three daughters were left sprawled out on the floor, Jisoo, Ahjeong, and Yeonjeong each took their mothers to the bathroom, cleaned them up, and returned home. After returning home, the mothers came to their senses and were happy with their daughters’ gifts and spent time together.

“I’m out~”

“Have you been there, master?”

And when I returned home, the girls who were getting along well immediately wet their pussies and acted like prepared slaves. Although the mothers were physically limited as they had already been trained countless times, they politely knelt down and bowed to greet their masters.

“What about the other maids?”

Today, there were seven maids assisting the owner, so of course seven maids had to return, but Jeong-hee was surprised to see only one maid there and asked a question.

“Yes, the other maids have received training from their master for the first time in a long time, so they are still unable to move.”

“Really? Hmm~”

At the Lez SM Club, they couldn’t stand the sight of slaves and used the maids as onaholes, but since they treated the maids much more roughly than usual, they couldn’t stand it and quickly collapsed, leaving everyone unconscious.

The maid next to me has also been violated, but since she was the last to be violated, she is barely holding on.

“Everyone gather together”

Seeing all the slaves gathered at my word, I looked at them with satisfaction in my heart. The maids who came to their senses are each holding the leashes of their slaves, and as if it were natural, six naked girls are kneeling and waiting for orders.

“I thought of something fun… I enjoyed the show this time.”

“”Thank you, master””

The girls, who were truly happy with my praise, trembled at every word of my praise and had happy expressions on their faces. Then I told them my plan and although they looked surprised, they all agreed without a single negative comment.

“We are yours… Please do whatever you want with us… And we are also very…”

Everyone accepted what I said, starting with Jeonghee, who blushed and said yes, and I also looked at them with a satisfied expression.

“Okay, I want to do it right away, but I still have to do it right, right?”

“Yes master, it looks like it will take about a year to prepare.”

“Really? Um…Is it a little long?”

“Yes, it will take a considerable amount of time to verify the personal information of the personnel.”

“Okay, just prepare as best you can.”

“Yes master”

I was disappointed that it took longer than expected, but I thought it could not be helped since it was for the safety of the slaves, and I had a good time solving my desires that I could not satisfy with the maids.

1 year later…

“Hello Jisoo~”


After entering college, Jisoo walked down the street with her friends and talked to them. After entering college, we only became friends for a short time, but because Jisoo already made people like him just because of his appearance, we quickly became friends and made many friends.

“Hey, measure it”

“Wow…Your face…And your body…”

Although Jisoo is dressed sparingly, her looks attract attention even when she is standing still, and her body, which resembles her mother and has become more voluptuous over the past year, has made many men’s eyes focused on her. Before she went to college, she was okay because she only had girls around her, but now that she has both guys and girls, she gets confessed to every day.

Although it has only been a little over two months since she enrolled, the total number of confessions she has received is over 70.


“Kya!! Ah, Ah-jeong-ah?!”

When Ah-jeong suddenly appeared, reaching out from behind Ji-soo and squeezing Ji-soo’s large breasts, the embarrassed Ji-soo looked at her with startled eyes and the men who saw this expressed their gratitude to Ah-jeong in their hearts. I said hello.

The sight of her large, distorted breasts that cannot be grasped with one hand is enough to stimulate men’s desires.

“You were really surprised!”

“Sorry~ sorry~”

“Hello, Ahjeong~”

“You’re cute today too~~”

Other friends who were also friends with Ah-jeong were fond of her when they saw her and stroked or hugged her. Although she has become a college student, she has not grown much, so she is still sometimes misunderstood because of her loli-like appearance, but thanks to her cuteness, she is loved and loved as if it is natural. Moreover, it has exploded in popularity among men who like this type of appearance, to the point where they secretly create fan clubs among themselves.

“Do you want to drink together today?”

“Sorry, I have work to do today.”

“Me too, no~”

“OK got it”

She invited her out for drinks, but Jisoo and Ahjeong declined, and her other friends didn’t really care either. After she entered school, I often saw her go home first without ever having a drink, so it was just a formal invitation.

“Then I’ll go, see you tomorrow.”


Jisoo and Ahjeong said goodbye to their friends and returned home in the car that had been waiting for them.

“What about you, master?”

Jisoo and Ahjeong returned home and looked for their master, but when they heard that he was preparing to go first, Jisoo and Ahjeong hurriedly headed to that location.

“Are you here, Jisoo?”

The place they are heading to is a club opening today, opened by their owner who was inspired by the Les SM Club a year ago. It is a secret club that only a few verified women can join. Currently, there are only 200 members. It is a secret club that cannot be joined only with money.

“Get ready quickly, it starts in 2 hours.”

Yeonjeong’s cheeks are slightly red as she explains, showing that she is very excited. Jisoo and Ahjeong also started preparing with nervous hearts because today was a day that marked a big turning point in their lives.

There are three stages in total, designed like a runway-like fashion show, and are quite wide in the shape of an E, so you can lie down on the long stage and watch three shows at the same time. And when it was time to enter, the women secretly wearing eye masks sat at prepared tables, each dressed in revealing outfits to enjoy the day, chatting with each other and looking forward to it.

“You’ve waited a long time, everyone.”

When the eldest woman among the maids came out on stage and hosted the show, the audience’s eyes filled with appetite as they watched them. Some of the audience seemed to think that the host looked like very tasty prey, but some of the audience members flirted with the host, but they calmly watched the host and opened for the first time. The announcement was made and the audience cheered and looked filled with anticipation.

“We don’t mind masturbating, insulting, swearing, etc., But please make sure not to cause any harm to other audience members during the show.”

Finally, after explaining the rules, the first show and opening ceremony began.

“Then we will proceed with the first show of our MN Club, the wedding of the master’s slaves.”

As soon as the maid finished speaking, a man walked out. He is a man rarely seen in lez clubs, the owner of this club, and the groom of today’s slave wedding room.

“Thank you for being here today. Since you won’t be interested in me, I will introduce you to 6 brides who want to give up their lives and just live as female slaves!!”


There was cheering that was incomparable to when I appeared, and the tent behind the stage went up and they appeared. Each of them was held on a leash by one of the maids, and they walked next to me, wearing white veils, white gloves, and stockings, making them almost naked.

“Please each introduce yourself.”

“Hello, my name is Jeonghee Lee. I am a sow who was trained by her master a long time ago and is crazy about cock.”

“I am Lee Ji-su, the biological daughter of the sow next to me, and I am a sow who has truly sworn to obey her master.”

“Hello everyone, I’m Yeji Kim~ I’m the female cat who was sold by the sow and eventually surrendered to her master~”

“I am Yoo Ah-jeong, the daughter of a bitch. I used to be a bitch who loved Jisoo, but now I am a bitch who loves her master even more.”

“Hello, my name is Hyeonji Kim. I am a manly female boy who has no answers and is happy serving his master and other slave girls.”

“Hello, I am Choi Yeon-jeong, the daughter of Cancer Boy. I am a cock-crazy bitch who offered herself to her master with her body and her mother, Cancer Boy, by her side.”

Every time each person was introduced, the audience cheered and criticized or insulted them, but to the slaves, it was like a compliment, so they got even more excited and couldn’t hold back, sobbing with love.

“The slave bitches here are females who have sworn eternal obedience to their masters. Today, they will hold a wedding ceremony in front of you where they will sacrifice their all. From now on, you will be witnesses and laugh at the sight of the females here falling into the abyss in a shallow way. Please”

The wedding ceremony, which started amidst ridicule from the audience, turned into a melting pot of excitement and truly became a family.

M Woman’s Assistant

M Woman’s Assistant

M녀 조교
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
A story about a man who loses his life in an accident, but is reincarnated as an 11-year-old boy and gains the ability to find a woman with M tendencies, allowing him to freely pursue his desires.


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