Labyrinth Story 842

Labyrinth Story 842

Chapter 842 – 833 the Way Back – Helumen

Hwanin, who entered the living room with Ji Ji-yul, thought for a moment and then began to take out all the things he had put in Jaebo’s coffin.

First of all, more than 20,000 gold coins, enough to fill a small room, pour down with a rumbling sound. Next, a jewelry box containing various jewels fell with a sound, followed by 3 tons of yellow gold ingots…


… A few of them fell to the floor and kugukung! The moment he made a noise, Hwanin retrieved all the remaining gold bars right before they fell to the floor with Asin’s reflexes.

Ah-yeong stammers with a pale complexion.

=Bar, it looks like the floor just shook…=

“The floor almost collapsed.”

Hwanin smiled and started taking out the contents again.

Hundreds of weapons that I bought in the mining city of Durdane, equipment that I had been storing because I had no use for it, the dark gray monster leather outfit I first bought in Yulkam, the black hooded cape, and a decent quality dagger I had bought just in case. The steampunk-style throwing dagger Madogi that Yurpa made on several hilts…

=Ah, this is the prize necklace from the Farghist Martial Arts Competition.=

What Anne picked up was the body activation necklace she received after winning the competition. In addition, there are a lot of physical ability enhancement magical tools and accessories that Yurpa made for herself.

Yurpa, who was staring blankly at the equipment that filled the floor, stuttered and asked Hwanin.

= Come on, honey. How did all of this happen… ? The performance of all has exploded… ? The minimum is relic level…=

The flimsiest weapon has the function of a low-level artifact, and this crude Celtic-patterned stone axe, the stone ax he sometimes uses for throwing, obviously has no function, but now it’s intermediate? Senior? I can feel the energy of that level of relic.

Most of the hundreds of weapons were relics, and the few armor, clothes, and accessories he had for a long time were up to the level of holy relics, and the women were delighted.

= Are these all relics? I just wiped it from the store?=

=No, no, everything was made by Durdane’s Proud blacksmiths, so even if you look at Nionebreth as a whole, it was in the top 10% of quality, but…=

=… Still, it’s true that all of this has become a relic. Did all of his belongings get baptized when Doryeong became a god…? … ?=

As Anne muttered as she looked at Morning Star, which was heating up a faint red haze, Hwanin nodded.

“Okay. … Well, this also became a holy relic.”

It is a handmade coat, jacket, and trousers made from the leather of the beast that Ryuhi and Epnis made at Yulkam by copying the design of their suits.

It is also a relic made up of three types, like the relics of Grimoam.

Considering that set relics exert greater power when gathered together, it is not strange even if they are really sacred relics.

Isilite looked at the black-gray leather set and made an expression that she felt new.

She wore this all the time before she changed her gear like her sorceress at Farghest, so it must be a memory to her in many ways.

“If I had known this would be the case, I would have filled her gear as far as Aspend would allow.”


At Hwanin’s usual reply, the women were devastated and did not say anything.

With this amount of artifacts, you could buy and buy several cities, isn’t it too calm?

Of course, that was when everything was sold well, and it would take a very long time to dispose of this amount of artifacts.

Yurpa stopped idly by and began carefully sorting out the weapons.

=Imorel, Mymria. Can you move all the weapons that show the aura here?=

“Yes, madam.”

= I will help. But what does a colored aura mean?=

=Red is fire, blue is water, green is wind, and yellow is an artifact that deals damage based on the earth attribute. You don’t know what kind of effect it has, so don’t touch the blade, grab the handle and move it carefully.=

When Ah-young starts to help move her, she starts helping alongside Isilite, Anne, and Baekryeo-gang.

= And… I never thought I’d see so many artifact weapons in my life.=

Cognitive dissonance is on the verge of having such a pile of relic weapons that any professional wants to have.

Of course, full of curiosity.

Compared to such women, Norn, Hwanyeon, and Underground Rhythm, who are not so interested in material values, spread lazily on sofas, chairs, and rugs.

An atmosphere that throws the whole body into starvation.

Hwanin began to select three suitable weapons among them.

I don’t know the function of the weapon, but I’m looking for things that harmonize with the aura of the weapon itself, the color unique to the aura of the object, and the soul color of the children.

I found it by analyzing the qualities of Seyu and Soyou, so I’m sure you can find something that suits Yeo-woon, Yeon-a, and Yeon-woo.

Hwanin, who was selecting candidates from among the weapons the women classified, was able to select three weapons when the women sorted through hundreds of weapons.

The lingering aftertaste is a knight’s sword with a long and sleek purple blade.
Yeonwoo has a long sword like white teeth and a shield that looks like dragon scales.
Yuna’s cane looks like it’s made from an oak tree.

Yurpa, who prioritized the appraisal of her Hwanin’s choice, took off her monocle and nodded her head.

=Artifacts are famous for their powerful effects, but some have quirks or flaws to emphasize their strength. Specifically, instead of greatly increasing physical strength, it lowers agility, or greatly increasing magical power, but restricting muscular strength.=

For example, let’s say you have a weapon and it has 100 energy.

This energy could be 100 strength, 100 health, or split in half to 50 strength + 50 health.

However, if you give a demerit here and the quickness is -20, an additional value is given to the positive effect equal to that value.

Instead of lowering your reflexes by 20, you increase your strength to 115-130.

However, the one Hwanin chose has no demerits and is full of positive effects suitable for each weapon.

The knight’s sword, which features a purple blade, reduces the enemy’s stamina while restoring the user’s stamina, allowing you to fight without getting tired. Of course, advanced class features such as sharpness, sharpness increase, and automatic restoration are standard.

A set of two swords made of dragon teeth and scales increases the wearer’s perception and strengthens the body.

That’s all, but the perception is at a level where it can even detect dust, and the body reinforcement is strengthened to the point that it can withstand being stepped on by giants. In other words, it is a defense specialty.

The staff, which looks like it was made from a tree struck by lightning, is similarly a low-grade artifact with permanent mental recovery, each elemental skill, and spirit affinity.

In addition, if you give the life shield developed by Yurpa and distribute the three relics of Grimoam, there will be very few people who can do anything about the triplets.

‘I’ll give it to you when we part tomorrow.’

Hwanin, who put three weapons into Jaebo’s coffin, found an aspen among the accessories.

I got Jaebo’s coffin and put it in there, but maybe this too… ?


However, items that were originally relics did not change significantly, and the form of visible energy was not different from before.

The difference is that the interior space is a little wider. Enough of this… The interior space, which was about the size of a large wagon, seems to have increased by about 2.5 times.

After thinking for a while, Hwanin transferred the ownership of Aspen to Yurpa.

= Uh, huh? Can I really use it?=

“I looked at various ways, but I thought that Aspen would be the most necessary for Yurpa.”

= Doryong is right. Even if I and Seul Lee had an Aspen, would they use more than a liquor storage bag or a food storage bag? Ah-yeong will use it as her solo pocket and book pouch, and Bell will use it as a bag for miscellaneous belongings. =

= Right However, her sister also handles a lot of reagents and medicines that are sensitive to her storage environment, and she has a lot of alchemy solutions and tools that need to be handled with care. =

When the other women nodded, saying that it was true, Yurpa was thrilled and embraced Aspend with both hands.

=Thank you…=

She can’t imagine leaving the girls who are her husband’s wife and giving such valuables to herself, who is only her concubine…

Instantly, Hwanin’s eyes, having read his thoughts from Yurupa’s expression, calmed down.

She was a concubine, did she still think of herself that way?

Hwanin let out a sigh for a moment and strode toward Yurpa, who was caressing Aspen like a treasure, and took the princess into her arms.

“… ?”

At the sudden action, the women gathered in the living room stare at Hwanin and the frozen Yurpa in embarrassment.

Hwanin said with a hard face in his gaze.

“There is something I need to have a serious body talk with Yurpa. I’ll use the room over there, so no matter who comes, don’t enter until I come out.”

= Yes, sir… ?=

As soon as he hears Isilite and Anne’s answer, Hwan-in walks into her room without hesitation, holding the transcendent beauty in his arms.

Eventually, Tak— as soon as the door closed, the atmosphere of the women became chaotic.

Well, if it’s a conversation between the body, it’s sex… Suzy? The women look back at each other and whisper.

= What happened all of a sudden? Did you feel something? =

= Seeing her sister Yuri, her face suddenly hardened… Couldn’t she have noticed that her sister was having strange thoughts?

=Is it weird? What’s weird?=

When Ah-young asked with a puzzled face, Hwan-yeon, who had been eating her green grapes one by one from the fruit basket prepared in her VIP room, suddenly threw her words.

“A sense of qualification, what is it?”

= Huh?=

「I became less self-deprecating because of what happened in Krabin after becoming a member of the Jeonghyeon family, but I still harbored a sense of worth while living among you guys. In comparison to the innocent and chaste young ladies who offered their virgins to him, I, Yurpa Ixtina, am a dirty woman who has slept with countless men.”


“He thinks of you as his original wife, and thinks of himself and them as concubines and concubines. Hwanin saw through it and took Yurpa with him to fix her mental head with her club.”

When Hwanyeon in the bed basket pointed at Immorel and Myeonglia, the women’s expressions became stunned.

It’s not out of habit for her sister to call her lady all the time, but was that why?

Hwanyeon poked a needle at his harem’s last pus, a problem, but didn’t worry too much.

It’s nothing serious, it’s like mild comedone acne.

It was also something I had to do. If only the qualifications of Yurpa disappear, the anxiety factor of the last harem will disappear and a happy family will be completed.


Hwan-yeon, who had been leisurely watching Hwan-in’s women talk about things like ‘I didn’t expect unnie to think like that’ and ‘I feel the need to get together and talk openly about what’s inside’. I looked back at Ji Ha-ryul, who kept his mouth shut.

Ji Ji-yul, who felt that gaze, frowned and waved his hand, as if telling him not to say something annoying.

“Don’t do it?”

“Don’t do it.”


“Damn… I’m guessing someone isn’t from the uncle’s blood.”

Hwanyeon smirked at her annoyed expression.

“I’m kidding. Because personal space should be respected. But I’m a little curious. She wondered what happened in the past that caused her to reject Hwanin as a woman.”

“What. From my point of view, a man with many women is abnormal and a prostitute?”

“Isn’t that the concept of Earthlings? Do you think it is right to apply the laws of Earthlings to the Hwanin who have become sub-gods?」

“You are right. However, the time I lived as a Korean defined the man as a prostitute. And people are naturally assimilated to the national customs and laws of the country in which they grew up until the time when they were born and their thinking was established.”

Fixing it doesn’t mean fixing it. It’s just that we keep our identity as a citizen of that country and inject another identity into it.

That’s why it is said that education in childhood is important, and even the old saying, Maengmo Samcheonjigyo, was created.

However, Hwanin was born as a Korean and openly created a harem like that, and he wants to bring the harem pool to Earth.

“I think it’s something no normal man would do. That’s why they think he’s a prostitute.”

Of course, I have no intention of criticizing or commenting on it.

Even if you think about it yourself, as a man, as a male, you think of Nionebreath and Earth as one of the three figures.

That’s all.

There are people in the world who hate money, and there are women who don’t want that perfect man.


“So you’re saying you’re selling out the Hwanin to protect your own mental integrity?”

“… It’s like a fucking summary insect.”

He picks up a grape and throws it at Hwan-yeon, but he catches it with good skill and then eats it metallurgically and doesn’t speak anymore.

This ideal is an act of trampling on a real private space.

Ji Ha-ryul looked at such a fantasy and lowered his eyes.

The pattern in the corner of the splendid rug that the gaze touches is faded and put together to form a man’s face.

He is the man who helped him escape Meria Knoll.
He’s the guy who asked if he could trust you.
A man who forsook even the rights of the royal family and followed him in order to plan a way to live here.
The man he fell in love with, but faced an eternal farewell without ever holding his hand or confessing to him.
Until the end, he smiled at himself… The man.

‘Instead of me, please be as happy as I am…’

On the day he died with a smile on his behalf, Ji Ha-yul had a hunch. He said he would never love another man for the rest of his life.

He saved his life by sacrificing the man he fell in love with, but a word saying that he liked it… How can I tell another man that I like him or that I love him with this mouth that has never been able to say a warm word in my life?

“… ?”

Jiji Yul suddenly realized that the surroundings had become quiet and looked around him, only to find that all the women were looking at him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

= Yes? Oh, that’s… Because Daehyeonja was crying…=

… Are you crying? I?

Stunned by Isilite’s point, Chiha Yul raised her hand to her cheek, then felt the tears so wet that they smeared on her hand, and gnawed his teeth, wiping the mangled tears with her sleeve.

“If it’s such a painful feeling, why don’t you bring it out at least once? If you keep it inside like that, you will get sick.”

“I will refrain from giving advice that is absurd. Because people have their own way of commemorating and mourning.”


Took, toduk, … Shoot it…

=Oh, it’s raining.=
= For some reason, I thought the sky was a bit dark. =

Isilite, who looked out the window for a while at the sound of rain, got up from her seat and asked Ji-ji Yul, who sniffed his nose lightly.

=Daehyunja, do you like green onion?=

“Huh. I like kimchi pancakes too.”

= I’ll make it, so let’s have a glass of takju with it. Anne, do you have Takju?=

=There is enough not to take.=

Shoot aaaaa…

Underground Yul thanked Isilite for her consideration inwardly, and cast her gaze toward the city where dark clouds hung over and it rained.

It seems that the scene of the person dying is reminiscent of the foggy fog that blooms as it rains.

About 10 minutes later, Isilite, who came out to the living room after trimming her ingredients, put three of her frying pans on her magic plate and started frying her pancakes, and her women gathered around her.

Chiyiik— Jaggedly jaggedly-

Ji Ji-ryul first emptied the cup of dark ivory rice wine that Anne poured out while listening to the sound of green onion pancakes being fried.


The alcohol content is quite high, and the sweet taste melts in your mouth, warming your throat and stomach.

On top of that, when I cut the fried green onion pancakes into bite-size pieces and put them in my mouth, a laugh came out of me.

The subtle spicy taste of the crunchy green onion, the slightly sour and salty taste of vinegar and soy sauce, and the taste and smell of cooking oil and the sound of sizzling green onion.

Even the smell of rain makes the living room feel more lively.

=Take another drink.=

After emptying another cup of rice wine Anne was pouring for her, Ji Ji-yul felt her eyes droop for some reason and muttered softly while rubbing them with the palm of her hand.

“Even then… It rained so suddenly.”


“The day the man I liked died instead of me.”


The women stop their hands for about a second without realizing it, and then go on a bustle, cutting the green onion pancakes Isilite cooks and making a sauce that suits their taste in soy sauce.

Sprinkle vinegar on soy sauce, dissolve wasabi, or mix mustard and mayonnaise.

Ji Ha-yul received the kimchi pancake Isilite had given him, tore it up with chopsticks and put it in his mouth. And her body trembled.

“Umm~ Kimchi pancake is really delicious. There was no damp taste or smell of flour, and the kimchi was well-baked… The one I made was sticky like dog poop.”

= Eh? My brother told me all the recipes. They gave me kimchi and ingredients.=

“I know yeah. I did everything as you wrote, but it didn’t work? It’s really weird.”

Then, after receiving a frying pan from Isilite, Ji Ha-yul starts making kimchi pancakes himself.

… While sending it, the women’s expressions become more and more distorted and full of surprise.

= No… How could this be… ?=

Strongly ripe and under-ripe areas coexist, and when the thick areas are torn with chopsticks, the under-ripe dough flows out and mixes with the over-ripe ones.

The look is similar…

= Hey! Do not say! Where in front of sacred food!=

= Yes, but sister! This must be a vomit…=


= Ah! Ouch!=

Ah-young screams at her as she gets slapped on her back for doing something she didn’t want to do.

Ha Ji-yul, with a sullen face, moved something other than the kimchi pancake she cooked to the plate in front of her.

“Did you see it? Because it must be like this She seemed to fail, so she deliberately baked less, which is good.”

= That’s a whole problem… Less dough was also a problem, and too much cooking oil was applied, and the fire did not reach the pan evenly because the frying pan was moved around. One side of her was unbaked, but she tried to turn it over and it was a handshake. =

= In a word, the great sage’s hands are shit…=


Aang… ! Anne, who made Ah-young shut up with her punishing back smash, laughed as Yul Ji-ja shoved the undercooked and over-ripe kimchi pancakes into her mouth.

=Still, I don’t throw away food.=

“Because if you treat food carelessly, you will be punished. Oh, give me a piece of green onion.”


Baek Ryeo-gang cuts the green onion and puts it on her plate, then rolls the other piece to make it easier to eat and puts it into Adnevila’s mouth as she sits blankly.

Anne receives a frying pan from Ishilite and puts a few toppings on her kimchi pan of her own liking. Ayeong rubs her clear handprints on her back while making her yolk and the sauce that Hwanyeon demands.

=So the sauce is the same as the poison combination? If you mix the right amount correctly, the taste won’t betray you.”

“Don’t talk about poison while eating!”

“Ayoung wants to be with you, so she does it on purpose, right? By the way, if I hit you with the water hand, it hurts ten times more than when Anne hit you.」

Imorel and Myeongria also take out more Mado plates and frying pans and follow Isilite with awkward hand movements to cook pajeon and kimchi pancakes.

Ji Ji-yul, who watched the scene while eating kimchi pancake and green onion pancake, lowered his eyes without saying a word.

Usually, she’s going to ask questions about the story, but she deliberately returns her attention to make her feel uncomfortable.

‘Oh, it’s because they’re nice girls.’

He’s kind, has a pretty face, and has good skills. It’s really women who don’t fall for anything, but it’s almost impossible to say that the men these women like are even more amazing than him.

That’s why he doesn’t fight to take care of the old man, but he takes care of himself, who has a dirty temper.

=Great sage, try this.=

“… Wow, what did you put in the heart-shaped shrimp?”

=Vangmyeonso coated in egg water.=

“Really delicious.”

The shrimp meat is well-cooked and chewy, and the vermicelli mixed with shredded green onions and carrots inside is salty like egg rolls…

Chiha Yul, who was savoring the shrimp pancake, said in a small voice as she looked at Isilite, who was happily frying pancakes, that she didn’t even notice her dislike.

“Thank you…”

Isilite gave such a small smile to Ji-yul and served grilled crab, sesame leaf, and shiitake mushroom pancakes without saying a word.

Labyrinth story

Labyrinth story

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
It is not a matter of carelessly picking up things that fall on the road. A wandering period in another world that takes place because of a gold coin he picked up on the road.


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