Labyrinth Story 841

Labyrinth Story 841

Chapter 841 – 832 the Way Back – Helumen

Hwanin ascended the Asin and awakened superspace and time, and was able to exist in five places at the same time using one main body and four duplicates.

At first, I thought that the double body was a projection of the original body. It was thought to be similar to the state of a semi-substantial soul.

As evidence to support the hypothesis, he cited the fact that the clone body did not receive the effect of the castle relic-level equipment that the main body possessed.

But that was a bad idea.

It was only because the main body had the equipment that it was receiving the effect, there is no difference in ability between the main body and the clone body, and if the main body disappears, one of the clones immediately turns into the main body.

Of course, if the body is destroyed, there is a penalty to some extent. It is a spiritual shock to the extent of cutting off limbs.

However, if you use the law, it is immediately restored, and even if you do not use the law, it is gradually restored over time.

In a way, he became immortal in the true sense.

It means that if you put one clone body in a safe place, it will never be killed as long as it is supported by the rule of law.

Anyway, Hwanin made full use of such super time and space, spending time with Siha in his body, and attaching Boone 1 to his children so that he could spend only one day with her family.

The three siblings, Yeo-woon, Yeon-a, and Yeon-woo, received social education under the guise of travel stories from Hwanin in a place full of booklets that seemed like a playroom for study. …

“… Siha. No way.”

Siha = Saiji = Wirt showed his face to the family retainers (who were aware of Hwanin’s achievements), and then kidnapped him straight into the bedroom.

It is now past 9 am. Are you planning to spend all day in your bedroom?

Ignoring Hwanin’s bewildered expression, Siha took off her light pink coat and loosely took off her pure white shirt, revealing her F-cup waterdrop-shaped breasts and said,

= My husband reunited after 5 years. Isn’t it true that even a day is not enough to remove the cobwebs from the poor wife’s vulva after 5 years of dogfighting?

He is not a Hwanin who cannot understand the meaning behind the succubus-like smile unique to the Inho tribe.

“Could it be that triplets aren’t enough?”

=The more children, the better.=

“Tell me more honestly about your true feelings.”

To Hwanin’s coy conciliation, Siha Saiji took off her white, divided skirt that reached her knees, exposing light pink lace panties that were barely a handful in reply.

=… Chiryeong’s younger brother has achieved a rare feat in Radsea’s history: twin sons. In Rasubitan, there is no one who does not know about ‘Prabur’s Baekchiryeong’.=

Because of that, the noble ladies of Rasu Bitan, the capital city, were willing to pay hundreds of gold to acquire the belongings of Baek Chi-ling, even a little something that they had worn on their bodies for a long time, hoping that there would be some benefit in giving birth to a boy.

“… So, does she want to give birth to her twins again, boys? It must have been hard for her to carry the triplets for 10 months.”

=If you struggle that hard, you won’t be able to do something like the mistress of a noble family. I don’t really want triplets, just give her one more son. Wouldn’t it be better if there were two?=

Hwanin understood her heart.

She is not a woman from an ordinary family, she is an empress who rules a large city. Once she has a child, she has plenty of people to take care of and educate her child.

In addition, a woman who gave birth to three or more boys in Radseah is looked up to more than a female CEO who built a giant corporation in modern times.

She has already had a boy of her own from her ex-husband who died young, and a son from herself as fraternal triplets, so if she bears one more son, she will do her honor as a woman who has had three boys of her own. Maybe I can put my name in the Halls.

She herself is a 7th-class promoted professional, an 8th-class head of a noble family, and a woman who gave birth to three sons.

She is the achievement of the Triple Crown.

Hwanin took off her wavy lace bra and panties and asked while appreciating her beautiful body.

“But don’t you already have a grown-up eldest son? If you have another son, there will only be a fight over the succession, so is that okay?”

Even though she didn’t wear high heels, she had long, straight legs like an eight-headed body, a perfect waist and silence followed like an hourglass, and she gave birth to triplets.

Siha, who proudly revealed her naked body on par with Isilite and Anne, brushed her light pink hair back, and then she replied with a slightly disapproving face.

=Hochan even resembles that human being’s weak temperament. Do you know what he said to me on the day Yeonwoo was born?

She stays close to a month and she is the heir of the previously unseen Hellumen, but her personality is roughly guessed by her story.

= ‘Yeon-woo inherited the blood of the green saint and mother. The vassals will welcome Yeon-woo, who has the evidence of being a high-ranking species, more than a weak heir like me.’ … Said! Without fighting!=

Her breasts sway and shake at the gesture of swinging her right hand in an annoyed manner.

= As far as I am concerned! He said that since he was a child he had dreamed of becoming an artist and he asked to be sent to an art college in Rasu Bitan, the capital!

Hwanin hugged her and stroked her hair.

“All right. Okay, stop being mad at yourself.”

=… For 30 years, despite her mother’s excessive and burdensome instructions, she silently followed and did everything she was told. They said they tried to pass on the family to that child and provide another foundation for Yeonwoo… However…=

He resigned from the position of successor himself and took a handprint from the Order of the Beast God that even stated the name of the god that he would never intervene in the big and small affairs of his family.

Fearing that his presence would cause trouble, he resigned himself to his mother and half-brothers to protect the family.

Of course, it’s true that he wanted to be an artist, but…

Siha calmed down her passion in the arms of the man who stroked her hair, and in his eyes, instead, she gently sprayed the meaning that she would definitely get pregnant.

=… So, can you hold me all day? I believe it is possible because you are a great and noble God of spiritual divinity.=

“If you said you couldn’t do it, did you try to do it by feeding it?”

When Hwanin smiled and looked at the golden neck armor on the bedside table, Siha smiled, wagging her four fox-like white tails.

= It is an aphrodisiac made from the testicles of a male Urger, who is in the prime of his age. It’s said that if you eat it, even the middle of a monk can stand up all day.=

Hwanin also knows. Thanks to that, the funds at the beginning of the trip were quite comfortable.

In addition, top-notch stamina and stamina potions that are priced in gold coins, and if you feel beyond the wall, the maids are waiting with fresh ingredients so that you can make food that is said to be good for your stamina at any time.

Wherever he looked, he seemed to have prepared and waited, so Hwanin grabbed Siha’s bun-like buttocks, which was holding her breasts to the point that her breasts were squeezed.

= Hehe… !=

“A woman like you really is.”

= Poetry, are you disappointed… ?=

“It can’t be. I’ll ask before that. Siha, do you intend to follow me?”

The moment he answered his question, he opened his eyes wide and looked at Hwanin. As if trying to find out how sincere the question was.

Siha looked up at Hwanin in silence for a while, and then, after a while, she replied by wrapping her arms around his back with a warm smile like a noble lady.

= I am very happy to have such an offer. But I can’t.=


= She was born as a woman of the Wirt family, and as the lord of Hellumen, she has lived with the respect of the citizens all her life. Whether she is righteous or righteous, I consider it my duty to live as the lord of Helumen and die as the lord of Helumen.

“Anything like that, the threats you made to me are still clear in my ears.”

= Poop. … Are you threatening me that if you don’t take my gift, I’ll throw it all away and go after you? It was a lie, of course. Well, I might have been chasing you for a month or two, but I’m sure I’ll be back in Helumen after all.=

More than anything… His side is now full of women who cannot compare to him.

I don’t know if it was five years ago, but now she has become a person comparable to Isili Teme myself, who has the name and profession of her ancestor.

I heard that Anne was the only remaining princess of the Merianol royal family, and Yurpa, Baek Chi-ryeong, and that child named Ah-yeong.

She married another man first and even gave birth to his child. Her conscience and pride do not allow her to overtake them and seek a seat next to this man.

Her Hwanin looked at her and Siha’s light pink eyes, which met her eyes directly, and then quietly overlapped her lips with hers.

While educating under the guise of play with the triplets, Hwan-in, who was holding Si-ha in the bedroom of the lord, made her body part 2 and moved to the VIP room where her lovers were resting.

As soon as he opens the door and enters, the voice of Yurpa, who is researching something with Anne and Ayeong beside him, flows into his ears.

=Your lifespan will no longer be meaningless.=

= That, is it that much… ? After my brother became a god, even if I was close to him, I could feel something amazing like a womb…=

=Your super-space-time means the usefulness of the celestial body. Since it is a body in the spiritual world, it is a concept that is infinitely far from the material structure, but since one’s original body is a physical body, the two must have been fused and have nothing to do with aging. The result is immortal.=

In other words, since he has an astral body, he cannot be killed by ordinary means, nor will he die of old age.

If you show willpower, you can realize the degree of aging, but it’s not actually old, so it’s just a meaningless act.

Yurpa, who quickly noticed this, was researching the Elixir, the elixir of rejuvenation, with Anne and Ah-yeong with all her heart while Hwan-in traced her past.

Originally, it was a study to prevent him from dying of old age before them, but now the meaning has been reversed and it has become a study to match their lifespan with his lifespan.

Anne asks, glancing up at her test tube containing some of her own essence.

= I understand that. Do you need to do research so urgently?=

= Nana Anne’s lifespan would have greatly increased as she became a high-ranking servant. About twice the normal race? Lady Ryegang also received Adnebilla’s Dragon Body, so we don’t know how much her lifespan has increased.=

Since she was given the dragon king’s body, she might live thousands of years following the lifespan of Adne Villa.

= However, since Dew Seuli and Ayeongi, no, Ayeongi are also Fleux, and her physical condition has improved after receiving her own drug, such as Yukhap, there is a high possibility that she will live hundreds of years like the high-ranking Fleurs. But Miss Dew is wrong.=

Isilite is a human race like Luke who lives between 100 and 150 years.

Of course, she is also a 6th grade swordswoman, and she is about to reach 7th grade, so her lifespan will be twice as long as that of ordinary people, but that is the same for other women.

Anne’s aura has grown so much that she wants to reach the 8th level, and both Yurpa and Ayeong are also 7th-class mystics and 7th-class magicians.

The increase in lifespan due to her job is similar, so in the end, only the difference due to the racial lifespan remains, and it is a story that Isilite dies the fastest.

No, there is a possibility that Anne and Yurpa, who are high-ranking species, have a higher lifespan increase due to their jobs.

=So you need to complete the elixir as quickly as possible. It means that even if it’s a prototype, you have to make it and secure the time before doing either improvement in efficacy or development of a new drug.=

Ji Ha-ryul, who was sitting on a nearby chair and watching it, suddenly threw a comment.

“Yurpa. Are you conducting experiments with the ecology of the Earth in mind?”

= Yes? … Ah.=

“I heard about it before, but the phase force is extremely rare on Earth. Whether it’s an elixir or a philosopher’s stone, it’s based on phase force and a closely related reaction, so there’s no guarantee that a reaction like Nionebreath will occur on Earth, right?”

= That’s right…=

As Yurpa, who stopped her hand, muttered in dismay, Isilite took out a jewel rat glass bottle from her bag and showed it to her underground Yul, asking.

=Is it impossible with the phasic power created by this child? It’s a jewel rat captured by the master.=

“Huh? It’s a living jewel, right? Good catch.”

= I was raising it while feeding it well that the owner said he would use it on Earth. =

As the saying goes, the inside of the glass bottle, which is about a hand inch long, is paradise, and it is a jewel rat that has grown plump while eating the aura of Hwanin.

As he scratches his side with his thick forepaws, the soft flesh of his side covered with white fur ripples.

“If you have that, you can spread the procedure staff holding the phase power in the room and proceed… I haven’t seen the condition directly from Earth, so I can’t say for sure.”

= Hmm. Great sage-nim, can’t the great sage-nim recognize me through the eyes of the battery?=

“It’s crazy? If I try to figure out the recipe for a new medicine like the elixir, I could run out of energy and die. Are you telling me to die?”

= No, no, no! It’s not like that, but whether or not we can have an environment to make an elixir on Earth!=

Ah-young was taken aback by Ji-yul’s sharp gaze as she opened her twin wicks, so she waved her hand until her lavender-colored hair fluttered.

Ji Ha-yul, who glared at Ah-young, who laughed in embarrassment, crossed her arms and leaned back on his chair, looking back at his door.

“Why don’t you rather extend the lifespan of women with yulryeok?”

Only then do the women notice that Hwanin has entered and turn to him.

“I will do that if necessary, but I don’t know how much energy will be consumed at this time. In addition, we should keep in mind not only increasing lifespan, but also suppressing aging or reversing age, so the consumption of Yulryeok will increase squarely.”

In addition, the number of times you have to unfold is not one or two.

Aside from Hwan-yeon, who escaped the limits of her lifespan like Hwan-in, there are six of them: Isilite, Anne, Yurpa, Baek Ryeo-gang, A-young, and Norn.

Ji Ha-ryul looked around at his women standing or sitting around the room and gave a rotten smile like a man’s.

“Is it really hard to be a playboy?”

= The great sage also joined his brother’s harem, Ekong! =

Chi-chea Yul, who threw a peach at Ah-yeong’s head, who was spitting bullshit in her shoes, stood up with a tired expression and said as she walked toward her room.

“Recognizing it is something after going over to Earth. Then go and tell me.”

= Daehyeonja. Are you going to take a nap? Issilite unnie is going to make lunch later.=


It was Ji Ji-yul who turned around in front of the door with a slightly embarrassed face.

He had other complaints, but he had no complaints about the food. After having lunch to his heart’s content, Ji-yul went out to the balcony to bask in the sun for a while and found Hwan-in on the sunbed having an after-dinner cup of coffee.

Good to sell As an alter ego, he hugs his local wife, plays with his children, and even mentally ventilates.

It is a super-space-time ability that is enviable, but Ji-ryul, who put aside envy because it was a god’s ability, lay down next to Hwan-in and said.

“Mister. Are you leaving again tomorrow?”


“Looks like there’s nothing to worry about in this city…”

“As expected, the farmland expansion was a policy to confirm accurate yields and Helumen’s current capabilities. The difference is that they plan to maintain the expanded farmland by absorbing nearby villages and villages without reducing it.”

Not only does he mix flesh with Siha, but he also has a pillow talk in between.

Siha speaks mainly as if bragging about the growth of Helumen to her husband, and Hwanin listens.

How to research and develop a method of eradicating only bugs with wind wine, secure only grain with ground wine and proceed with threshing, introduce freshwater direct wave into the field under the direct control of the lord, and introduce duck farming as an eco-friendly farming method to improve the quality of rice. I am also researching.

In addition to what is written in the farming manual, know-how has been accumulated through five years of farming, and technology development is proceeding step by step based on that know-how, so she has nothing to worry about anymore.

I mentioned Cheol-soo Kim and Young-soo Kim as if they were passing by, and I heard the answer that the number of more or less horny talents is something to be welcomed.

However, the reason why he asked that question was because of the build-up of other questions.

“Your uncle’s schedule is too harsh.”

“Is it. I think it’s the same as usual.”

“Really? Wow, Mister girls were real angels. If you were like me, you would hit me in the face.”

Seeing Ji Ha-yul’s sincere expression, Hwan-in smiled a little. The underground rate that he received as a nickname for him made a fuss.

“No! What are you jumping through the city every single day?! One day in Yeongdo, one day in Praber, one day in Helumen! Every day I change my bed and meet new people, so I’m exhausted!”

When I turned to the front glass door at the complaining of the underground rate, I saw the women chatting in the living room.

Physical and mental exhaustion is invisible to the eye.

Ji Ha-yul is the first to jump on that action.

“Don’t leave after seeing the kids for one day! Spend a few days together and make memories! If you learn how to read the coordinate axes from Yurpa and the uncle sees the coordinates of the forest-type labyrinth in super space-time, won’t the problem of leaping into space be solved? Please take a break huh?”

It’s not that her complaints are incomprehensible. I’m a bit insensitive to that, but I know that changing beds every day is definitely tiring.

Hwanin smiled and took a sip of the strong black coffee in his mouth.

While savoring the profound taste of the acidity that was perfect for his taste, he accepted only half of Ji-yul’s opinion.

“Hwanseondo, Seyu, and Soyou also spent a day by their side. I did, but I can’t spend a few days in Helumen because it could cause a dispute when the children get together later. So be patient.”

“A little bit? How much?”

“There is no reason to visit Farkhist, so I will rest for three days in my hometown of Yurpa, visit Wayford briefly, and then move on to Yulkam. And let’s go straight into the forest labyrinth.”

… That’s enough.

Underground Yul nodded his head with a convinced face.

Labyrinth story

Labyrinth story

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
It is not a matter of carelessly picking up things that fall on the road. A wandering period in another world that takes place because of a gold coin he picked up on the road.


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