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Labyrinth Story 843

Labyrinth Story 843

Chapter 843 – 834 the Way Back – Carton

*                *

The steppe north of Eshnour, Yeongsan.

As if the night sky had been moved, a beautiful woman with pitch-black hair traversed the complex military camp, waving her black eight-fox tail.

Wearing a long layered cut and beautiful pearl knight armor, he is truly a god of war.

Even without her aura, she possesses the power and resourcefulness of transcendence befitting her appearance, and her trademark purple knight sword floats by her side, following her, each race preparing for her battle ahead of her great battle. The knights and soldiers of the voluntarily turned their gaze toward her.

= How are you? You are Yeowoon. Didn’t you go out yesterday to subdue 2,000 demons that appeared in the east?=

= The special operations unit returned earlier, but you must have cleared them all. =

=… Destroying 2,000 demons in just one day with 300 special operations units, it’s a shame.=

=But where are you going in such a hurry?=

Leaving behind the whispers of the knights, Hwan Yeo-woon, a beauty who reached a tent shortly thereafter, roughly accepted the guard’s salute and pushed her doorway back wildly to enter.

She then put on her expressionless expression for a moment, then folded her ice wings and asked the ebony-haired, expressionless handsome man who was resting alone.

= Hey, owned. Where did Seyu go?=

=… I was here until now.=

=Where is the guy who was there now!=

=… He said he got a sore moth.

= Ah… Real.=

The beauty covered her forehead with her dying face in her trouble and let out a soundless moan.

No, when she said to stay calm until she returned, she meant to wait in the barracks, not wander around the camp… !

Yeo-woon, who fluttered open the doorway and ordered the guards to immediately find and drag Hwan Se-yu, said to the youngest with a firm face.

=Another variant appeared in Mine. This time there are four of them, but the speed at which they are increasing is unusual. I doubt there is some kind of conspiracy.=

=… Are you a Lucrang variant like last time?=

=This time it looked like a Flavian mutation. Wing… There were six traces that looked like =

= What are the symptoms? What were some of the symptoms of disintegration of the face due to abnormal sexual greed and hypertrophy of physical abilities?=

= All. Added cutaneous cyanosis.=

At her eldest sister’s words, Soyou narrowed her eyes and took out the scale she had inherited from her father from her subspace pocket and played with it.

Following my father’s maxim, 『Be careful and careful,』 Has now become a habit, to the point where I can’t think deeply without a balance.

Hwan Yeowun sighed lightly at the profile of her maknae who was lost in her thoughts.

Her side profile, her way of speaking, and her youngest, who most closely resembled her father, who left decades ago, felt like her yearning and annoyance for her father welled up whenever he did that.

She only spent one day with her. Even so, she became a god, and her days spent with her departed father have a stronger color than the life she has lived so far.

‘If I had a father, this would have been solved right away…’

As she took out a portrait of her father the size of her palm from her handbag, and touched it, her youngest son’s voice penetrated her ears.

=… Mutant Mine appeared 5 years ago. At the time, she seemed to be just an individual with a strong sex drive, but the symptoms are accumulating. I think the connection of the singularity should be borne in mind that it is not a contagious curse, but the possibility of an inherited mutated object.=

=The interval between appearances is too short to say that. Doesn’t it make sense even if they are mass breeding with mothers somewhere?=

=Did you hear that the School of Genetics was recently disbanded at Merianol State University? According to the thesis presented by the dean of the school, the mutant object of the monster is…=

… As a creature, it has extreme instability, so it is always in a violent state, and as a creature, its logic is broken, so it is not strange no matter what happens…

=… Is defined as Even if it’s just a monster, what if it’s a demon?=

= It means that it is not strange that growth is as rapid as a hob. That terrible appearance is the aftereffect of rapid growth.=

=It is likely to be as the older sister said. I don’t know what the original species is or where it is, but if mutant monsters continue to appear like this, the problem will become serious.=

=Are you talking about the threat of a mutant monster stabilizing as a creature?=


=If you approach it differently, stabilization means zeal. Can you see that there is a possibility that the current threat will subside?=

=Currently, we do not even know the location of the original species of the mutant demon. If it continues to spread its seeds in the realm of Evil Faction and becomes stable with a rare chance of harmonizing in genetic diversity… The worst will happen. One of the conditions leading to the worst situation has already manifested.=

=Extreme sexual urge…=

At Hwan Yeo-un’s self-talk, Hwan So-you squeezed his balance and said.

=Uncle Cheol-soo once said this. This world has a shitty side to it, so what you always thought ‘isn’t this right?’ Comes to the fore in reality.=

=… Come to think of it, my dad said that too. You don’t know where God’s rim will come from, so always assume the worst and act… Ah~ really!=

Yeo-woon, who had been scratching her head roughly, gave her a big sigh as she lowered her head. Then, she raises her head and gives instructions to her youngest child with big eyes.

=Contact Sunah of Merianol and ask Uncle Eledel for help with the Spirit Corps unit.=

=Would it be okay if it was a blue leaf magician and a grappa or a maternal grandfather?=

= A few minutes of white leaf fighters to protect them. I’ll contact the great saintess of Ninsil and ask for support from the giants. I need to take this opportunity to completely wipe out the entire Northern Evil Faction area.=

=… Heathrond is also involved. If you have to push anyway, you have to do the whole northern part.=

= The King of Palatum and the god of his father are the same as me, so if you ask for cooperation, he will listen… Eh, things are going to increase like crazy, really.=

I don’t know how many years it’s been since I left home. I don’t know if I can’t even get married.

= I still have to do it. No matter how you think about it, this… It seems like the sign of the beginning of the apocalypse offensive that my father said.=


The expression on her face disappeared.

What is the reason why their father gave them the holy relics of Youngje? Didn’t he share it to protect people from the troubles that would come upon the continent?

Even so, if this continues to happen…

Yeo-woon, who brushed her worries about being nested in her head, touched the wheel of Yeong-je left behind by her father, and she answered energetically.

= Our noses are stone, so what are we worried about for the future! Let us only worry about the present. Soyou, now I need to come up with a word to refer to the deviant Ain. What would you like?=

=… It looks like a hideous ghoul, and it cries out loud every time it encounters it… ខ្មោចឆៅ How are you?=

= How did you pronounce it? ᄊᄋ… Cheekyah? It’s hard to say, so like you said at the beginning… The tone is strange. They are called balls and oysters.=


If she’s going to decide that, Yeo-woon thrusts her fist into her eldest daughter’s authority at the disquieting gaze of her youngest daughter, as if asking what she was asking.

If you twist it, you should have been born as the eldest son.

[Hello, General. Gwangshinchang has returned with his troops.]

Yeo-woon, who answered the voice of her lieutenant outside the tent that she was going now, looked back at her youngest and said,

=Soyou, Seyu, when he comes, send it to me right away. I’m going to give you a very hard time this time.=


*                *


Hwanin, who woke up and quietly opened his eyes, looked at the rafters of the ceiling dyed by the early morning twilight.

This is the ceiling of the outbuilding of Kantwy, an important person in Carton Village.

It’s been two days since he left Helumen with Siha and the triplets and came to Carton Village.

Hwanin pulled Isilite, who was sleeping soundly with his arm cut, deep into his bosom, and inhaled her warm and soft body and the scent of her body that gave her comfort.

= Eh… Master, you are awake… ?=


Under the thin blanket, Isilite is entangled in his body, and the supple suppleness that exists in every corner of her body delivers unprecedented sweetness to the skin.

Especially the breasts. Even among Hwanin’s women, the uniquely voluptuous breasts pressing down on his chest are beyond description.

Turning Isilite over and holding her from behind, Hwanin said while enjoying her breasts under her elbow.

“I had a little interesting dream.”

= Huh… What kind of dream was it… ?=

Asking with a short, sweet groan at the touch of her beloved, Issilite cowered slightly at the feel of her breath on the nape of her neck and the feel of her lips.

“It was a dream of children going to war.”

=… War?=

Isilite, who opened her eyes wide at the word “War” That suddenly popped out, listened to the explanation that followed, and she let out a small sigh of relief and leaned her head on his chest.

I wondered if those little children had started a war with another country.

= When those children become adults, it seems that the evil faction is in full swing… More than that, it’s a strange feeling that Yeo-woon becomes Lukerang’s general.

“It could be a nominal general.”

Feeling the warmth of his back on even a little bit of a wide area and wiggling little by little in his arms, Hwanin wrapped his thick arms around her waist and said,

“Above all, it could be a simple dog dream.”

= Whoops. No one will call it a dream after hearing that story… Oops!=

She wiggled slightly and rubbed her back against his chest, and Isilite momentarily flinched and shivered at the sensation of a stick of hot flesh running across her inner thigh.

Let’s cross her thighs carefully. She feels a stick the size of her forearm wedged between her thighs, hot as if a stick of fire had been held against her groin.

She lowered her hand and felt it carefully on the inside of her thigh until the tip of the stick that had been knocking persistently at her womb the night before touched her fingertips.

At that moment, her stick moved up and down her, and Isilite, whose clitoris was stimulated by the movement, let out a small whisper.

= Ha ha… Master, if you want my belly anytime…=

Her Hwanin giggled at Isilite’s action as he moved her hips as if he was slipping his cock between her thighs, pulling at her nipples and bouncing.

“I think it’s you, not me, but you’re using me as an excuse. You’re a shameful lover.”

= Ha… No, that’s right I want to accept you, master… !=

Isilite, who had her womb gong—at her keyword, her lover, gasped as she grabbed his big, thick hand.

The master’s sweet whisper came right next to her ear, so how could she not gasp?

Hwanin pushed her cock back behind her, fully soaked in her love juice.

Isilite’s cock, hiding half of her figure between her thighs, dug effortlessly into the slippery, hot pot of honey the moment she flicked her back and forth slightly.

= Lower jaw!=

Isilite felt the sensation of entering her womb and filling her insides at once, and Hwanin felt the wet and hot sensation as if her cock were about to melt.

The table has been set up here, but it doesn’t make sense to go without eating.

It’s time to start breakfast soon, so let’s have a quick bite of Isilite.

“I think the future was reflected in a precognitive dream method because all of them are of your uncle’s blood, right?”

“It’s more fun to dismiss it as a dog dream.”

While eating Isilite’s clean breakfast, her face shining as if she had taken care of her body, and telling her about her dream she had last night, her subterranean yul and fantasy tuk-tuk tuk-tuk.

“Isn’t it strange that you suddenly had precognitive dreams when you didn’t have that ability?”

“Sounds stupid… Whether it’s the line force or the core force… It is not difficult to see the future in fragments if you have accumulated a certain degree of causality with advanced energy…》

=Adnebilla-nim, be careful and eat this first…=

Around yesterday afternoon, Adne Villa, who regained her consciousness without any sign of her, pointed out with her haggard face as if muttering, and Baek Ryo-gang scoops up her energy food next to her and feeds her.

Her Hwanin looked at Adne Villa, who was being taken care of by her White Ryeo River like her nursing patient, and then turned to her at the sound of her yurpa opening her mouth.

= Then, Yeo-woon, Yeon-a, Yeon-woo, Se-yu, So-you, and Sun-a… Didn’t all six come out in a dream like this? But at the end, I can’t even guess who the person named Kwang Shin-chang is, so who is it?

= Isn’t it just a name? A person who is good at using a spear.=

At Ah-young’s opinion, who was eating her soy-sauce tofu bit by bit with the sticky rice, Anne blew on the hot stewed tofu and glanced sideways at him.

=Aren’t you talking about Gwangmyeongchang? If you’re using Doryong’s Light Spear, it’s not strange to get the nickname Gwangshin Spear.=

= He’s your brother who didn’t pass on the light spear to Yeo-woon? Now, does she have someone to inherit the light spear? =

=That’s right, Doryong knows it well, right?=

At Anne’s meaningful story and eyes, the women look at him as he hesitates.

= Look at that. Because I have a guess. … Huh? Dew Seul also has a face that he can guess?=


As the gazes of dozens of women flew in, Isilite chose to run away instead of answering.

When Isilite gets up in front of the statue, saying that she will bring sungnyung, the women’s eyes turn to Hwanin this time.

Anne, Yurpa, White Ryeo-gang, Ah-yeong, Norn, Hwan-yeon, Imorel, Myeong-lia, Ji-ryul, Adnevila.

Since all of them are talented people, it is burdensome just by looking at them.

“There is none.”

… The moment he answered, “Wow,” The women poured out their stories.

“Oh man, I am really disappointed. How long has she been fucking girls?”

“If you look at Hwan-in, he won’t stop a girl from sneaking up on you. From Pravu, I started to value quality over quantity, but judging from his behavior, he must have hugged a lot of women before then, right?」

=Let’s see, in the village of Casted near Helumen, there are no girls holding hands, and Visalux… Wasn’t there? He doesn’t have an owl ring, and he seems to have been to the Changgwan a few times in Farhist… What does Yul-unni not know?=

= Is it Sharanan’s sister… ?=

=Sharanan? Who is that woman?=

= Yes. There is a low-ranking noble lady who runs a magic tool shop in Farhist. She was with me and her sister and brother, and before she left, she stopped by for a bit, and I heard that she mingled with him once. =

“Omg! This beast.”

“Kick-kick-kick. Beast~.”

“Is Hwanin a beast?”

“If you’re a man, you should do that with heroic lust…” …》

=Wait a minute. Even Yurpa-san only knows about Carton here. I’m sure you all know this because Isilite joined her before Wayford, almost at the beginning of her brother’s journey! =

= Hey! Dew is calling!=

“… .”

Ten women, two of them Immorel and Myeonglia, are maids and do not open their mouths.

Did I just talk about a dream… ?

Gwangshinchang… It wasn’t, but it was when the confrontational newspaper of the interrogation to find out who the next owner of the light spear was about to begin.

=Kuhmm, excuse me… ? Are you Hwanin?=

Hearing the voice that would save him, Hwanin, who quickly cleaned up his seat, got up and approached Susa.

“Susa, you’re welcome.”

= Huh? Oh, Mr. Hwanin. You were having breakfast, but I wonder if I disturbed you…=

“You are interfering. Let’s talk as we go to the place where you seem to have come for something important.”

= Yes? Oh yes.=

The cute cheetah-haired man was dragged by Hwanin by the shoulder, then glanced behind him, understood the situation, and laughed nonchalantly.

= Hey. I am truly in admiration for Mr. Lee Susa and Hwanin. I believed that if it was Hwanin-sama, he would always achieve great feats, but to think that he would take in all women like me and make them his wives… Big~.=

“… It’s all my karma…”

= Haha. Ah, Mr. Kantwy!=

= Oh? Aren’t you Hwanin and Susa? You are diligent from early in the morning.=

When Hwanin came to Yurpa’s hometown, Katun Village, what surprised him the most was the existence of the good-natured Cheetah merchants he met in Susa and Yulkam.

I didn’t expect to see him again here, so I was quite surprised when I saw that he had taken over Yurpa’s house and renovated it into a general store.

Sasa, who had enough assets to live in the high-class streets of Wayford and lived as a maintenance level in Carton, laughs and scratches the fluff under his chin while talking to Kantwi.

= It can’t be the guidance of the real beast god. Following Hwanin-nim’s advice, I cleaned up my house and business in Wayford, moved over to Carton, and settled there. !=

=Somehow, when Mr. Susa came to me and said he wanted to open a store, I wanted to show him around the house. I thought there was a relationship like this in the world. Really. Haha!=

Susa, who was given directions from Yulkam to Wayford and who helped her get Isilite, is Susa, but Kantwi, who was a high-ranking official in Carton Village and was like a real sister or younger brother to Yurpa, was also a person who did a lot of good to Hwanin.

That virtue is mainly related to Yurpa.

Kantwi, an Indon tribe with a cute head like her pig, was a representative figure in her village who did not sexualize her, and was a person who protected Yurpa as a fence so that she would not be ostracized in her village.

Of course, even at her time, no one in the village could do anything with her power as a 6th-level mystic, but her envy and jealousy could lead to the death of people and the disappearance of a village.

Furthermore, if it wasn’t for his advice, Yurpa wouldn’t have been able to pursue him all the way to Farkhist, and even if she had followed him, they might not have met at the wrong time or because the paths diverged.

Hwanin liked the fact that the two of them were getting along well without any problems, and knowingly or unknowingly took care of them and repaid the favor.

To Susa, he handed over the ownership of the basic magic items that Yurpa had made at cost only, and to Kantwi, he gave as a gift the jewels he had obtained, as well as the small jewels and gemstones he had because he had no reason to sell them.

On top of that, there are accessories for rejuvenation that slowly replenish your energy and allow you to go to bed several times a day.

Susa and Kantwyi vehemently refused, asking how they could receive such a gift, but if they had been able to defy Hwanin’s wishes, they would have been the rulers of the big city rather than the town’s retainers and merchants.

Hwanin looked at the two men laughing and talking, and when the topic of conversation was cut off, he gently intervened.

“Come to think of it, Mr. Susa, I didn’t see Mr. Brillett yesterday…”

When she reunited with him yesterday, she also greeted his wife, Anne Flint, and her two children, whom Isilite had introduced to her maid of honor, and she did not see Brillit, who was escorting him up. There was no

When I ask why out of courtesy, in case they broke up, Susa laughs haha ​​and scratches her head, saying it’s not like that.

=I’m getting along well with Brillit. To the extent that a child was born to her. Dinte and Hussek are also continuing to extend their contracts, but now they are playing a role in transporting goods back and forth between Farhist and Carton.=

“I see. Isilite wanted to see her, but it’s a pity.”

=I have five more days left to come back, but it’s just a pity that you have to leave tomorrow… Oh my gosh, with this guy’s brain. It’s a big deal because I’m getting more and more forgetful as I get older. Haha.=

Susa wiggled Cheetah’s round ears and smiled shyly before starting to explain why she had found him early in the morning.

= That… Aren’t there four children that Hwanin-nim saved in Yulkam? Do you remember?=

“How could I forget? Ryuhi, Epnis, Huini, Ennel. Thanks to them, I was able to find my way out.”

Really. At that time, if he hadn’t saved four people from Hob’s Cave, he might have gone through a completely different process than he is now, escaping to the border of the evil faction, not Yulkam.

Perhaps, as he contacted the Evil Faction races, his abnormal side became more prominent, and he became the ‘Devil King’, a word that Hwan-yeon often jokes about.

When Susa visited him in the morning, he thought of the story he had overheard and said carefully so as not to offend him.

=At that time, one of the girls got pregnant and gave birth to a child. It seems that he got the seed from another man, but it was a boy, but his appearance resembled Hwanin-nim a lot. =

= Huh, if you say you resemble Hwanin, what level are you talking about? =

=… He had black hair, black eyebrows, black eyes, and no fur like Hwanin.=

At Susa’s story, a feeling of premonition struck the top of the Hwanin’s head like a thunderbolt.

Labyrinth story

Labyrinth story

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
It is not a matter of carelessly picking up things that fall on the road. A wandering period in another world that takes place because of a gold coin he picked up on the road.


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