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Labyrinth Story 17

Labyrinth Story 17

Chapter 17 – 017 Flood – River

“Whoa, whoa…….”

After running for 10 minutes, Hwanin stopped and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Lizard people don’t care whether their people die or not, so I thought the frog people would be similar, but I never thought they would come with a lot of people.

You could go back and aim for the lizard man, but the direction you were looking for a place to jump up the cliff without rest was upstream.

If you climbed over the cliff, you may encounter it on the way back.


The frog man, who waddled like a figure-eight on two legs, did not run, but jumped forward.

The problem was that the speed was similar to the running speed of an adult male.

His arms and legs were thicker than Hwanin himself, and he even killed his back with vulgar words, probably because he didn’t have a neck.

If there are eight of them, he will never be able to handle it alone. It means that when this side hits one, the other side hits eight.

“Once it happened like this…….”

Giving up hunting Lizard Man or Frog Man.

Let’s collect and preserve some more golden flowers today so that it doesn’t matter if we get hurt anytime. Also looking for a green monster or a beast head monster.

Food good.


Hwanin, who received the emergency rations he had been chasing while he was running away, landed on his shoulder, then took a deep breath and walked into the jungle.

Although he was a bit lost, Hwanin, who safely found the flower field bathed in sunlight, realized that the corpse of the green monster he had killed yesterday had disappeared leaving only bloodstains behind, and furrowed his eyebrows.

Possibly the green monster took the carcass to devour its own kind.
Possibly the beast-headed monster took the green monster’s corpse.
Possibility that another beast or monster took the body.

Thinking of three possibilities, Hwanin looked closely at the bloodstains and found several footprints unique to green monsters and traces of dragging something heavy, and nodded his head.

The bloodstains were black and sticky, so I couldn’t tell how much time had passed, but the footprints were still wet.

In contrast to the completely dry soil of the footprints made yesterday.

‘I don’t think I’ve gone far.’

First of all, Hwanin, who collected enough gold bell flowers to use five times and carefully wrapped them in reed-like leaves, started chasing the newly formed footprints and trails.

It’s a little messy as I follow the trail, but the footprints are neat and I can see the approximate number of heads.

Opponents are six green monsters.

Two corpses each dragged two corpses, one dragged only one, and the remaining three walked crookedly here and there.

And I felt again that the deer antlers staff was quite cumbersome.

Length is not a big issue. I didn’t care about the mysterious skeleton that became the head of the staff.

The problem is the deer antlers extending like tree branches from the left and right of the top of the skull.

If it is slanted on the back, part of the horns stabs the shoulder or head.

When tied horizontally, the horn makes a loud sound as it touches bushes, bushes, vines, and trees. It’s a bonus that it’s uncomfortable to move.

So, he usually walks with a spear in his right hand and a staff in his left hand, but as he approaches battle, he begins to pay attention to the treatment of his staff, which has increased in importance.

If you lose this, you will not be able to give orders to the spirits or create soul beads.

If it breaks during battle or hides it nearby for fear of breaking, and then gets stolen and robbed…….


Hwanin, who silently pursued the traces and thought, concluded that he had no choice but to hide or throw them away during the battle.

‘Perhaps giving orders to the spirits and making them into soul beads will be possible without a staff.’

Starting from holding the staff, it was possible to see the soul without the staff, and it became possible to accumulate warmth and cold without the staff.

Before that, I could only see the color system.

In other words, it means that the power contained in the staff led some of the abilities to growth, and this ability is a growth type that can be developed over time.

If the wand is lost or damaged, it will be painful for a while, so I will cherish it, but there is no need to protect it until the penalty of death.

Kookieik. Kishishishi.

How far did you move along the trail?

Sensing the faint smell of blood and the faint sound of the green monster flirting, Hwanin quickly hid behind a tree.


Carefully sticking my head out and looking at the sound, I could make out a green monster in the distance, chattering merrily among the thick trees.

It’s because of the soul sight.

Normally, I would not have been able to recognize it due to the limitations of my eyesight, but I could easily notice it because it was a distinct dark green in the gaps in the surrounding environment colored with red, yellow, purple, and gray.

But the distance is quite…… Far. At least 300m.

“…… ?”

Hwanin’s visual acuity is normally 1.0 left and right. It is virtually impossible to distinguish a monster from 300 meters away with this level of vision.

Is it because of the spirit vision?

‘No, the spirit vision has nothing to do with eyesight.’

Come to think of it, I felt a sense of difference in my activities from the morning.

When he threw a stone at the frog man, the velocity was likely to be 140 km.

With a velocity of 140, it is possible to be active as a professional player if the control, pitch, and game management skills are supported.

In addition, I ran at full power for 10 minutes to escape, but I was only slightly short of breath.

Even now, I can’t feel the fatigue accumulated in my body. I’d say it’s not like I spent the night close to vigil and ate only grass roots for breakfast.

‘It’s strange.’

There is no way to recover my stamina as I have been doing compulsory food and news for nearly 2 weeks, but why did my stamina suddenly improve?

Could it be that there is a phenomenon similar to that of martial arts novels?

‘If it’s like that, it’s creepy.’

Hwanin laughed inwardly and lowered his stance and checked his watch.

It was the time when the sun rose in the middle of the sky about 30 minutes after the chase.

As I focused my eyes on the green monsters, I saw the monsters a little more clearly and could tell what they were doing.

‘Homologic predation?’

It seems to be eating something, but it seems that it is eating the corpse of the same people it was dragging away.

Hwanin lowered his stance and moved silently from tree to tree toward the green monsters.

And when it gets reasonably close to the target, hides a beast skin, antlers staff, black club and dagger in nearby bushes.

Spear in his hand. A stone ax at the waist.

Hwanin, who took the weapon, moved carefully to the blind spot hidden by the trees, and when he reached a point where the distance was less than 20m…….

Food deuk-!

The emergency rations that had been sitting quietly on his right shoulder suddenly spread their wings and flew up.

Giek? Keew

All the eyes of the green monsters turn to that direction at the sound of emergency rations flying in the opposite direction from Hwanin’s movement.

He was surprised by the sudden flight of emergency food, but Hwan-in, who noticed that the green monster’s gaze turned around and the back was empty, rushed without even breathing.

Keruk…… ?
Knock…… !

It stabbed the necks, backs, and waists of the three animals sitting with their backs open like lightning.

Stabbed green monsters scream and roll over the half-eaten corpses of their kind. The remaining three, who had been following the emergency food with their eyes in the commotion, looked back at Hwanin in amazement.


Hwanin himself stabbed the belly and chest of the two animals that were trying to wake up with surprisingly fast and accurate stabs.

Kheuk? Kheuk.

The one stabbed in the chest collapses and dies, while the one with a split stomach screams and tries to pick up the spilled intestines.

The last one left just looked up blankly at Hwanin, just as he was eating the forearms of his fellow countrymen.


Hwanin took down the head of the green monster looking up at him with a stone axe, and without hesitation began to kill the green monster that was still alive with a stone ax one by one.



‘My strength has gotten stronger.’

It’s a green monster with bones and tough skin, no matter how thin it is.

Until the day before yesterday, when I tried with all my might, I was only able to hit him halfway through the neck, but now his head is flying off one at a time.


Hwanin, who had made all the green monsters ‘living’ by stepping on the neck of the stumbling green monster who was lying on his back while holding onto his waist, looked down at his slightly bony hands.

The blisters and calluses formed by wielding a spear, a stone ax, and a black club come into view.

I clench and open my fist a few times, but I don’t feel anything different except for a sour sting from the blisters.

“I don’t know.”

There should be one or two things you don’t know.

Hwan-in, who neatly cut his nerves and went back to collect his hidden belongings, grasped his staff as he saw the fog-like spirit emerging from the dead body just in time.


Then, as if waiting, it was an emergency ration that landed on the horn of the staff.



When I looked at the emergency rations that surprised me with an unexpected action, the emergency rations also stared at Hwan-in while pulling their chin as if there was something wrong.

“Are you trying to get attention?”


Crying with wings spread wide seems to answer yes.

“…… Good job.”

When I raise his hand and touch his back, he looks very proud as he flaps his wings and raises his beak.

What you did well is what you did well.



Seeing the six souls completely revealed, Hwan-in, who shakes off his staff and sends emergency food, commands the souls…….

Food Deok!


…… While trying to do so, he knocked the emergency rations that landed on his head with his cane and knocked them off. And although he tried to focus again and give orders to the spirits.


The emergency rations continued to flap wildly and flew towards my face.

“Be still, stay.”

Let’s push away the annoying emergency rations with a cane, and finally, quite a bit! While screaming, he avoids the staff and starts hitting Hwanin’s head with his wings.

It is similar in size to a moderately large chicken, but when the left and right wings are combined, the length is only 90 cm, and the wing feathers are long and strong.

It’s really, really crazy to see those long wings flapping and hitting your face and head.


As he reached out his hand to the flying emergency rations and spoke in a strong tone, his momentum slowed down.

It is an emergency ration that lands on the forearm when it extends its arm and exhales an angry snort.

Could it be that he was angry because he was forced to throw it away?

Since she is still watching her emergency food, the emergency food also lowers her head, spreads her wings halfway, waving her tail from side to side and glaring at her phantom.

‘It seems to be right.’

Hwanin let out a small sigh and stroked his hair, and the tail feathers that had spread out as if they were sensitive came together neatly. The wings that were spread out as if threatening were folded tightly, and emergency food was rubbed against the palm of the hand.

Do you consider yourself a colleague? You became a colleague, but did you get angry about it carelessly?

Isn’t the point where you have to be angry a bit strange?

Hwanin thought he should take a good look at the emergency food later, and held out his staff to the six souls before it was too late and gave an order.



Then six spirits like whitish smoke or mist approached with staffs with a sound like wind…… One by one, they turn into lightly shining orbs that attach to the horns.


No matter the shape or form. I wondered how many souls I could store, but I didn’t expect to gather all six souls.

I guess I’ll have to find some more monsters to figure out the storage limit.

After thinking for a while, Hwanin turned around and started walking towards the upper river again.

It’s been over 3 hours since he left the river. It will take him about 3 hours to get back from here, and in that time, all the frogmen who dragged aggro will be gone.

On his way upriver, he gathered all the edible plants, mushrooms, and worms he saw.

He had many other things to eat, but the reason he collected insects and earthworms that were difficult to eat was for emergency food.

There are foods that people like or dislike depending on the individual, from simple tastes to things that cannot be eaten due to constitutional problems.

As for emergency food, he ate quite a bit of it, but he preferred food that he could eat in one bite, and he liked insects, especially silver (green) earthworms that came out when he turned wet soil the most.

It was by accident that I found out about this.

I found a bit of snow-covered ground and pulled it out with the tip of a spear pole, and a silver earthworm popped out.

After feeding them some insects and silver earthworms they had collected on the way back, they seemed to have gotten a lot of love for the emergency food, forgetting everything they were angry about and rubbing the top of the head against the side of Hwanin’s head, rubbing it and crying.

After that, I talked to the emergency food and instructed it to do this and that.

“Stay quiet.”


Looking at the emergency rations tilting his head, he raises his fist and holds it out.

“…… Stay still.”


The emergency food, which had been tilting its head like a ttogi while looking at the fist, moves onto Hwanin’s hand as he spreads his palm.

Hwanin, who had been handling emergency rations for a while, moved his emergency rations to his right shoulder and pointed to a corona berry bush.

“Emergency food. Bring me some fruit from that bush over there.”


“That. It looks like this. Bring it here.”

…… Quack!

Good food!

After showing a sample, pointing to a corona berry bush and then showing the action of placing the fruit on the palm of the hand twice, the emergency ration, which showed an S-shaped groove with its head and neck, flies off with a quick flap of its wings and picks up a few corona berries.

Hwanin, who had tried ‘Come’, ‘Wait’, ‘Go’, ‘Bring’, and ‘Stop’ in this way, thought while stroking the head of the emergency ration.

‘It’s not about listening. But they are very intelligent. Their perception of gestures isn’t that different from humans.’

The conclusion is that the intelligence of emergency food is high enough to turn a magpie or crow, which is known to be smart, into a wild bird.

If you induce some actions with words and gestures, you will quickly memorize the actions as well as the words you have spoken. If you do it later, it won’t forget and show the same behavior.

“Emergency food. ‘Bring the fruit’ up there.”


The top of a straight, tall tree. When I pointed at the yellow fruits clustered on the complicatedly branched branches, the emergency rations flew out and picked them up lightly.

“Good job.”

It is an emergency ration that cries out after consuming it as soon as I take out the beetle-type insect that I caught earlier from my pocket while stroking my head.

‘Now I’ll be able to easily get my hands on fruit.’

In the jungle, there were many trees that grew straight enough to look abnormal, and the tops of those trees were always clustered with fruits of various colors.

However, the tree, similar to a palm tree, only had branches and fruits growing thickly at the tip, so it was like a piece of cake in a painting to a Hwanin who is not good at climbing trees.

Not anymore


When emergency food approaches, a small monkey-like animal that ran away in surprise pokes its head out of a tree branch and makes a protest-like sound.

‘I don’t have to worry about it.’

It is an animal with a body similar to that of emergency food, and even its legs seem like fingers, but it can only prove its weakness.

Fragile-looking leather, weak-looking limbs. Small body.

You don’t have to worry about emergency food because you’re so scared that you run away in surprise just by the approach of emergency food.

When you take a bite of a bumpy peach-like yellow fruit (light green) obtained by ordering emergency food, a taste and aroma similar to a banana overflows in your mouth.

I tear off the part I was eating and hand it to the emergency rations.

The color system is the same, but I wonder why they don’t eat it. Is it because I don’t like the taste?

At that time, feeling something falling from above his head, Hwanin gave strength to the spear he was holding, looked up, and witnessed a monkey-like creature drooping and falling.

Labyrinth story

Labyrinth story

Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
It is not a matter of carelessly picking up things that fall on the road. A wandering period in another world that takes place because of a gold coin he picked up on the road.


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