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I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 20

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 20

Chapter 20 – The Vampire Incident (5)

When I came out of the bathroom, Cheon Ha-yeon was having breakfast in the middle of the living room.
The men’s disguise had already been loosened.

Because of Jingi, the softly flowing blonde hair shone softly, adding to the mystery.
Chun Ha-yeon’s eyelids slowly lifted, as if she had noticed me coming out.

Wiping her hair with a towel, she sat on the sofa in front of Tian Ha Yan.
Cheon Ha-yeon looked at me blankly.

“Why do you look like that?”
“Is there something wrong with you?”

…He’s also needlessly sharp.

“Rather than worrying, I have a difficult problem, but I can’t decide.”
“When you can’t judge rationally, simply doing what your heart desires can be the answer.”
“As you like…”

I don’t know why the file content was updated at this timing.
If it was Galhyeon-dong, it was a neighborhood that straddled the boundary of the academy site.
In the vicinity of the academy, not only the Moorim League, but also the students’ own organization to maintain public order.
This area is patrolled until Muksudae.

If a murder case broke through such a boundary, it probably wouldn’t be a simple thing.
In addition, the entire family was sacrificed.
There was a high possibility that I would be in danger if I jumped in hastily.
It wouldn’t take a few guys to do something like that near the academy.

If, as guessed by the autopsy report, the opponent is a blood demon or a blood demon.
There’s nothing wrong with my current abilities.
It’s better if it’s bloody.
If you have red blood…
Minimum is first class. In addition, thanks to the artificial coin cultivation, he was much stronger than a typical first-class warrior.

Its power was proven when blood ties appeared in earnest.
Because even the large munpa were reluctant to deal with them.

You cannot report it to the police or the Moorim League.
I did a search and found no such article.
If so, it means that something like that will happen in the future, but who would believe it if I told you?
Right now, even I am in a semi-confident state.

With complicated thoughts, I got up from my seat and made coffee.

“Would you like a drink too?”
“Good night.”

Soon, the fragrant aroma of coffee spread throughout the house.
Widely. I put down my coffee cup and sat down on the other side of Cheonhayeon.

What is the correct answer
Even if my life is in danger, should I prevent the incident in advance?
Or should I just not intervene as it flows?

It was a difficult problem.
Even if I blocked it somehow, there was no guarantee that it would lead to good results.
Rather, the butterfly effect could have occurred in a strange place and developed into a more horrific incident.


I wonder if you didn’t know
As far as I know, I can’t just watch.
If I evade here, I will end up running away endlessly.
I had an unexpected feeling.

[A person who can’t even prevent an incident that will happen right in front of his eyes, can survive a disaster that will come as a world emergency in the future? Do you really think so?]

It was as if the status window was handing me this question.
In the end, I had only one answer.
After making up his mind, he slowly parted his lips.

“Can I change a favor?”
“Didn’t you check?”
“Check what?”
“The ‘money’ you mentioned has already been deposited. For now, it’s only to the extent that it can be useful under my authority. Tell me if it’s not enough I will tell the Protestant Church separately.”
“For awhile.”

I turned on my smartphone and entered the banking app.
The moment I saw the deposit notification, my body stiffened.

‘One, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand…’

An endless feast of 0 continued.

‘Ten billion.’


Cheon Ha-yeon simply handed over 10 billion won in cash when I said that I needed money.
There is a degree to which the economic concept goes well.
It was not an amount that even a world-famous rich girl would willingly throw at someone she hadn’t seen.

“Is this okay? Where do you get your investigations from? Like the IRS.”
“Who dares to interfere with the events of Protestantism? Do not worry. Dealing with such a problem is simple.”

Chun Ha-yeon straightened her shoulders in a vague tone.
At the level of the Demonic Cult, it seemed that power struggles with government agencies were possible.

“I didn’t want it this far.”
“You are misunderstanding something.”
“How much do you think you are worth right now?”
“Well… I’ve never thought of it that way.”

First of all, I’m an unmanned man, so the ransom would be expensive, of course.

“Apart from the information about blood ties you handed over, just providing a clue to supplement the Heavenly Demon Sacred Art is ‘priceless’.”
“I don’t really have anything to do.”
“Does not matter. To me, you are like… The magic of the infinite treasure. Your worth is nothing compared to a few pennies.”

It’s a human elixir.
Hearing it from Cheon Ha-yeon’s mouth felt a bit strange.

“Thank you for being nice to me, but…”
“So there is no need to change. Even if you ask for more, I will help you to the extent that I can listen.”

Perhaps, it was a huge coincidence that she and Cheon Ha-yeon became roommates like this.
Seeing Cheon Ha-yeon calmly drinking coffee with her graceful hand gestures made me think of that again.

“I will tell you in advance. It is not information obtained from political parties or Protestant spies.”
“I’m more curious when you say that.”
“The Shadowless Spirit. How many are there nearby?”

Widely. Cheon Ha-yeon immediately put down her coffee cup. Her pupils got bigger and bigger.

“…Did you know?”
“Roughly. Wouldn’t the Protestant minor religious leader have just entered the middle of the sectarian realm?”

Muheunmayoung meant those who belonged to the Mayeongsura Dae.
The Ma Yeong-sura team could be seen as a unit under the direct control of the young master.
He probably wouldn’t have left all of Ma Yeong-sura’s limbs in Shinkyo.
It was clear that some of them resided near the academy.

“It’s a fever.”

Chun Ha-yeon, who was lost in thought for a moment, opened her mouth.

Ma Yeong-sura University was a small elite.
It wasn’t for nothing that I was given the name ‘No-Heun Ma-Young’.
Because each of them was a master at their peak.
From the fact that there was a separate unit made up of top masters, the level of the masters, in the small and medium clans, it was no different than showing how powerful the Protestant religion was.

But if it’s ten…

At least half of them must be escorted near Cheonhayeon.
The biggest purpose of Mayeongsura’s team was to protect Cheonhayeon.

“Muheun Mayoung, can you move me?”
“For what purpose?”
“I want you to keep an eye on me.”

‘Things in the distant future’ would not have been updated as files.
This game isn’t that friendly.
It certainly won’t take long to prepare, so at most a month.

“Where are you talking about?”
“Near the bank building, a cold store owned by Nanhua Co., Ltd.”

A total of five locations were found.

If Cheon Ha-yeon accepts my request and observes one by one, there will be no one to monitor the murder scene itself.

If I go to the freezer instead, I have no mastery of stealth, and I have no experience in that field.
I have to go to the academy too.

It’s easier for me to go to a murder scene that I have to stop by force.

“How long?”
“Within about a month. As early as this week.”
“That is not a difficult request. Can I just keep an eye on you?”
“I want you to do an internal investigation as well. Don’t touch it too much… If someone gets kidnapped, it’s enough to rescue them.”

Cheon Ha-yeon narrowed her eyes as if she was interested.

“I want to open your mind. What picture are you drawing?”
“If you open the cap on your head, you die.”
“It’s a joke.”

Chun Ha-yeon stood up with a gentle laugh.

“You can believe it. Your request will come true.”
“Thank you.”

I put my chin on my chin and shifted my gaze to the other side.
Then, I zoomed in and looked at the photo in the file article earlier with my finger.
A nearby landscape where a police line is drawn.
That was enough.

In a developed area like Korea, there is no need to run from one to ten.
I don’t know if it’s rural, but this is the capital area.
I picked up my tablet and turned on the map.

Estimating what appears to be a structure in the photograph, filtering it through a satellite map first.
Taking a street view and figuring it out secondarily.

If you repeat the process of several steps, the candidate area is bound to be narrowed to an amazing extent.

It wasn’t perfect.
However, the candidates were narrowed down to three.
Now it was my turn to go and check it out for myself.

“I’ll go out for a while.”

I said sneakily to Cheon Ha-yeon, who was fixing her long blonde hair in front of the mirror in the bedroom.
Chen Ha-yeon silently nodded his head.
It is so beautiful that it makes your eyes pop out whenever you look at it.
Just by looking at her appearance, I could understand why she was asked to dress as a man.
Of course, that’s not the only reason why it’s not like that.

[Hey, are you awake?]

In order to warm up her body, I sent a message to Han Yeo-reum while running near the candidate site.

[Is he dead?]

After running for a while, no reply came.
Unlike me, who boasts insane resilience due to the overflowing yang, Midsummer seems to have passed out in the aftermath of training.

First candidate. Leaving out.
The second one is also eliminated.

By the time sweat dripped down her forehead, she had reached the third and final candidate.


I checked it from a similar angle to the photo in the article, and it matched exactly.
Certainly, looking around, there were few people, and it was a place where no one knew what was going on.

However, one question remains.
Why was an academy cadet wandering around and being attacked in a place like this?

Even now, there was no one around.
Even though it was daytime, there was only a gloomy atmosphere.
Needless to say, it was late at night, around 11 o’clock.

I checked it by putting a pin on the map.

‘About 10 to 15 minutes if I use light air to run as much as I can.’

Starting from the academy dormitory and ending here.
If you care about the distribution of power, 20 to 30 minutes.

If you know the place, you need to figure out the date and time, but this is the biggest problem.
All I know now is that it was between 11pm and 11:30pm on “One day.”

Hire surveillance personnel?

If the cadets were openly killed near the academy, a reasonable number of surveillance personnel would be useless.
Rather, there was a high possibility that only useless sacrifices would increase.

‘My head hurts.’

Do humans really need to be supervised?
You only need to check suspicious movements anyway.
That much was sufficient even with commercial equipment.

‘Borrow some of Cheon Ha-yeon’s strength…’

It’s not some kind of blue mass-produced babysitting robot.
It feels like the frequency of relying on Cheon Ha-yeon is increasing.

[I woke up.]

As I finished my thoughts and prepared to go home, a message came to Midreum.

[Did you sleep well?]

It was right that I fainted too.

[Why? What?]

I paused the finger that was pressing the button.
When there was no answer after reading it, a lot of cat emoticons with question marks flew in.
…Excluding midsummer from this work.

[Nope. I was wondering if he was fine.]

Because there was a high possibility of dealing with humans.

[Yass. It’s fine now. Are we going to play on the weekend?]
[Shall we go on Saturday?]

Once more, I looked around the scene where the incident was going to happen and turned around.
What is the boundary between everyday life and non-daily life in this world?
Is this map too vague?
Suddenly, I had a thought.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

여사친과 빙의했다. 그런데 다른 여자들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a female friend in a modern martial arts game.


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