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I Hear Strange Noises in the Health Room. 251

I Hear Strange Noises in the Health Room. 251

Chapter 251 – 49. Friend of a Friend (2)


It wasn’t a very good outfit for running.

So, not me, who just came out of the house after quickly changing clothes, but Seo Woo-jin, who is standing next to me.

It would be okay to just run lightly occasionally, but… , Most people probably just walk.

It was a satisfactory situation for me.

When will my physical condition become abnormal?

Before that, is it really going to get weird again this time?

In the meantime, it must be a terrible situation that cannot be resolved unless Seo Woo Jin touches it.

Because there was nothing that could be said for sure.

Rather than breaking up quickly, we had to drag it out and break up as late as possible.

Although at the end it was very…

Even if a shameful ending awaits.

“I guess you usually take the bus?”

“… Usually.”

“I was wondering if there was such a thing as a private car, but it wasn’t.”

“Where does she have time to get a license? She’s so busy already.”

“You can also use something like a driver.”

“Do you think I can become a chaebol like Han Su-ah? I’m just an ordinary low-ranking employee…”

“Terminal temple?”

“That’s roughly speaking… !”

A black short-sleeved t-shirt with nothing special about it.

I pulled up the wide windbreaker zipper on top of it until it reached my chest, and exchanged words with Seo Woo Jin, who was bickering.

As expected, the more I got to know him, the less I liked him.

Humanity is in the sense that there is nothing but erotic things in one’s head.

Intelligence is in the sense that it asks obvious things that can be known with just a little thought.

Her personality was far from my taste in that she had a mischievous side like Yozora.

The exterior, yes.

To be honest, it’s better to be handsome than ugly.

My ideal type was a man who was kind on the inside.

It’s not that it’s been like that since long ago, but as I dealt with Yoo Si-woo and Seo Woo-jin, I’ve roughly come to grips with it this way.

Instead of just thinking about fucking women, I hope you’ll think a little more productively.

It would be nice to be a man who doesn’t just think about making fun of people, but also says kind words.

For example… Wouldn’t it be better to have a man like a model student?

Among them, a model student who worked hard in sports?



What is the meaning of all these thoughts?

Even if my body hadn’t broken down, I wouldn’t have had to stay by Seo Woo Jin’s side for ‘just in case’ reasons.

I roughly tied up his hair with a hair tie that was in my pocket, stretched it a bit, and headed toward Seongsu Bridge.

I always looked up from afar and from below.

It is a place that sparkles beautifully with red lights.

“Seon… Baek Seo-yeon.”


“It’s okay, it’s going to be chilly on the bridge, so let’s just leave here.”

“If it’s chilly, you can start running from here. After crossing, walk again and rest for a while.”

“It will be very windy.”

“You just tied your hair up.”

When I gently turned my head to show her tied ponytail her her her, Seo Woo Jin, who was looking at me, scratched my cheek with his fingertip her.

“… It’s not wrong.”

“Run first. I’ll match your speed.”

Short worry.

No, is it correct to think of it as concern?

I think the word bothersome would be more appropriate.

Anyway, after a brief conversation, Seo Woo-jin rolls up the sleeves of his sweatshirt and starts running.

Following him, I started crossing the bridge.

I always go for a light jog along the Han River, but maybe it’s because it’s my first time crossing a bridge.

It was definitely very windy. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t bear it.

That was all I felt.

A place where you don’t have to come up just to jog.

But since my mind becomes slightly empty like that…

A few unnecessary things came in and interrupted my enjoyment.


… Come to think of it.

How long has it been since I’ve been running while watching other people’s backs like this?

A really useless thought.

Yu Si-woo was always so far behind that it was difficult to pay attention to him.

Useless comparison.

Maybe it’s because he’s a man, but his skeletal structure is definitely different from that of a woman.

Useless thoughts.

For that man and Yozora to be in the same bed,

The size doesn’t quite fit.

Come to think of it, Yozora,

The size of the dildo I mentioned when I called last time I bought as a replacement for Seo Woo Jin…

Very useless.

Such an idiotic thought.

“… Run a little faster. You won’t even be out of breath this way.”

“With clothes like this, I don’t want to run so much that I sweat.”

“They say it’s aerobic. But how do you not sweat?”

“You said you would do both your business and your business, right?”

“… I’m really trying not to lose again, sir…”

“No, then you said something that made logical sense.”

“I’m so annoyed that I just ran… !”

“… Then just a little bit. I’ll run a little faster.”

In order to erase those distracting thoughts, he shook his head behind Seo Woo Jin’s back where he couldn’t see,

I finally managed to run at a satisfactory speed, my blue-and-white ponytail flowing.

Until you cross the long Seongsu Bridge.

All the way.


“Ha, ha…”

Is it because I warmed up my body moderately?

I took a moment to wipe away the sweat that had formed on the tip of my chin with the back of my hand.

While I was quenching my thirst with the water bottle I brought, I made eye contact with Seo Woo-jin, who was resting on his waist and catching his breath.

She looked like she was asking for a sip.

When I hesitantly handed him a water bottle, he smiled lightly as if to say thank you and tilted the water bottle in the air so that my lips wouldn’t touch it.

… I don’t like how that guy touched my water bottle.

Because I already touched his wrist before getting in the taxi.

Because it even touched his shoulder beyond his clothes his his his.

That’s all.

It won’t matter.

“Where should I go from here, haha? To the academy?”

“Yes. “I live about a 5-minute walk from the academy.”

“… Take the lead.”

“Oh, can I walk now?”

“Why are you asking me that? It’s your choice.”

“Hmm… I don’t think I’ll tell you to run again since I can’t exercise?”

“… Let’s walk. I said I didn’t want to run to the point where I would sweat.”

“I’ve already sweated a bit, so I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. My body has relaxed.”

“… Ugh…”

“Should I run or just walk?”


“Over there?”

“Well, were you walking…” ” … It seemed a little difficult.”


Seo Woo-jin must have found my remark as an excuse to stay for a long time funny, but instead of handing him the water bottle, he bursts out laughing.

For some reason, I feel a little embarrassed about that.

To say that I can run comfortably for the next two hours,

Because I have to completely deny what I said earlier.

I just nervously grabbed the water bottle in front of me and walked roughly in the direction of the academy.

“Wouldn’t it be better to go home soon? If we get near the academy, a lot more people will know our faces.”

“…How can there be any misunderstanding with the clothes like this? Just say we were working out together.”

“Me and you? Isn’t that weirder?”

“It’s okay because I have a record.”


“You’ve seen me exercise with the vice-student president. Maybe two or three times.”

“… Oh, that.”

“It’s a bit strange for it to be called exercise, but… Anyway. If you explain it well, they’ll think it’s the same with you. Well.”

Seo Woo-jin quickly follows next to me, who walks out first.

Diagonally behind, right to the side.

In the process, his elbow he touched mine for a moment, but I thought it was okay now.

… It wasn’t even bare skin touching, it was clothes touching. Even with two layers of clothing on.

It’s too much to worry about each and every one of these things, but we already have a history of touching bare skin.

I just moved the water bottle and it touched my shoulder.

She’s already been bitten by a zombie, so she’s not stupid enough to make a fuss just because a little zombie spits up her face.

… No, she was making a fuss just a few minutes ago… ,

I’m not stupid enough to keep doing that until the end.

That’s something stupid girls like Yozora do.

Because I’m still smart.

“It feels a bit bad to be treated like that.”

“… Why?”

“I guess he said it was the vice-student president. He’s just doing it because he likes you.”

“… Did the rumor spread there?”

“If only he had eyes, you would know, right? That guy is trying to get you into bed.”


Ugh. With a disgusted expression on my face, I glanced at Seo Woo Jin while flapping the front of my t-shirt with my hands to cool my warm body.

Trying to put him to bed, Rani… Wasn’t there a more elegant expression?

There’s also an expression that says I’m just following someone because I like them. This one is much more popular.

But why use such a vulgar expression…

… Ugh.

No. That’s enough.

You knew he was this kind of guy anyway.

So I quickly resigned myself and chose my words carefully.

… Because it’s not anyone else, it’s in front of Seo Woo Jin.

Just a small complaint,

I thought it was okay.

“… What does a man like you think? That bastard.”

“I don’t really like him because he looks gay.”

“No, I wasn’t asking about your tastes… ! … And just by looking at your appearance, don’t you look like an idol?”

“It’s rare for a man to suck on a male idol. I heard there’s something about being a fan of him, but it’s not my type.”

“… Hmm…”

“Rather, don’t women like that style? Like you?”

“I don’t really like it either, right? I’d rather have a little more muscle and look more masculine rather than thin.”

“He has the right amount of muscles and looks like a man…”

As if something is coming to mind, Seo Woo Jin’s head and eyes turn towards the night sky for a moment.

And, the word ‘slip of the tongue’ was just about to pop into my head.

“Kwon Nam-ho, are you talking about that guy?”


“I remember that he also liked exercising. He also had a manly appearance.”

“… Haa…”

It wasn’t funny so I just sighed.

… If you see Seo Woo Jin smiling too late,

I guess it was just a joke to scratch me.

“… Anyway, where should I go from here?”

“Cross the crosswalk, go into the alley over there, and you will see a studio apartment on your right.”

“A studio? Why do you live in a studio?”

“I live alone, so I don’t think it needs to be very spacious.”

“…Oh, of course. That’s why I live in a house about 10 pyeong smaller than now…”

And just like that, I was about to cross the crosswalk with the green light shining with Seo Woo Jin.


On the bed.

In the academy shower room.

On the emergency stairs.

What I felt in the health room.

It feels a little more chilling than just being cold.

He went down while stroking my back.

“… , … Tsk…”

… I hope you’re completely wrong,

I was hoping there was another reason.

It’s just that if you come into contact with a man you don’t even have in mind, you will become horny after some time.

Right in front of his house, where he was said to be sleeping alone, his body began to become sensitive of its own accord.

“Hey, over there.”

“… ?”

“Before I go back, that…”


“… Toilet. Wait a minute…”

“Oh, yes. Please use it.”

Even my heart is pounding with embarrassment and disgust.

Even my ears and cheeks are burning with embarrassment.

So much so that I can clearly feel everything.

I Hear Strange Noises in the Health Room.

I Hear Strange Noises in the Health Room.

보건실에서 이상한 소리가 들린다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
A hero training academy for all kinds of transcendentals.

I, a former villain, have been enrolled as a first-year health committee member.


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