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I Hear Strange Noises in the Health Room. 252

I Hear Strange Noises in the Health Room. 252

Chapter 252 – 49. Friend of a Friend (3)


“Wait a minute.”


Is this why my body feels hot? As Seo Woo-jin said, the place we arrived after breaking through the night breeze, which somehow felt cooler, was a really ordinary-looking one-room building.

The only notable feature was that about eight cars could be accommodated on the first floor. Well, this is not an unusual feature that needs to be talked about.

Still, seeing the expensive cars parked there, it doesn’t seem like it’s a run-down house.

Ah, a license. I might have to pick it before it’s too late.

What kind of car is better?

Sedan. Was it a sedan?

“… Tsk… Haa…”

In order to push away the crazy sexual desire from just now, I fill my brain with random thoughts for a moment.

I stood quietly behind him as he entered the password for the common entrance, covering his mouth with his windbreaker sleeve, and then moved his feet without delay when he heard the sound of the glass door moving.
To exaggerate slightly, it feels like climbing the stairs, clinging to Seo Woo Jin’s back like a lover.

Part of me wanted to push him away and tell him to hurry up, but thanks to what little reason he had left, he was able to avoid that embarrassing situation.

… He followed me with the excuse that he wanted to go to the bathroom, but he looked like he was in a hurry. He makes me want to bite my tongue.

Fortunately, Seo Woo Jin’s house was room 205.

When I heard the sound of the door lock being unlocked, I followed Seo Woo Jin, who was simply taking off his shoes, and ungracefully threw them away.

To organize it neatly like usual,

… Really,

Because it’s urgent.

“Thank you… I’ll write it quickly.”

“Can I go out for a moment while you write?”

“… Just one minute… I’m sorry… Ugh, I’m sorry…”

“Then I will stand in front of the front door for about 3 minutes and then come in. Or, you can open the front door for me.”

He nodded, nodded, scratched the back of his head while looking at the slightly messy state of the room, and walked out with a light sigh.

A familiar sound. And judging from the fact that he actually moved a few steps further away, it looks like he wasn’t joking when he said he would stay outside.

If it was Yoo Si-woo.

If he was that stalker, he wouldn’t have tried to come into the bathroom with me instead of going outside and waiting.

It was obvious that he was trying to show me his genitals that I didn’t even want to see, as if showing off.

Maybe he tried to rape me by force.

They may have tried to give me alcohol with an excuse that didn’t work.

Uncontrollable sexual desire.

Due to the stress, I was chewing on the gossip about Yu Si-woo, and before it was too late, I went into the bathroom, leaving only my windbreaker on the floor.

“… Ugh…”

Men really have toilet covers up.

It was not the time for such sentiments.

Black t-shirt. Underneath, he wore baggy gray jogger pants, along with the panties he was wearing, hung around his thumbs and pulled down to the middle of his thighs.

… Of course, it was wet.

Several solid lines sparkling in the bathroom fluorescent light.

Wet marks left on panties.

Lastly, just the feeling between the crotch.

Because there wasn’t a single corner where I could deny that it wasn’t wet.

All Seo Woo Jin did was hold my wrist for a moment.

Of course, if I were to be specific, there are more minor things…

If that’s all it takes for my body to become like this.

If, for some reason, he was hugged by Seo Woo Jin.

… I guess the only thing left in my mind is sex and a man named Seo Woo Jin.

A nine-tailed fox who continues his pure love with just one person.

Whether it’s a nine-tailed fox whose partner changes every day in the paparazzi cut.

All of the other nine-tailed foxes except me,

It’s like being treated like a slut on the internet.

“… Hi… !”

Because it shouldn’t be like that.

Since I didn’t want to do that, I sat on the toilet and put one of my hands near my clit.

Please solve it with just masturbation.

If you have to do something worse, you don’t have the confidence to look at Seo Woo Jin’s face his, so just masturbate is all you need.

Just leave it as an embarrassing incident where you asked a man you weren’t even close with if you could use the bathroom.

I earnestly pray to all the gods I don’t even believe in.

“Ah, hehe… ?! Ugh, ugh… ?!”

The middle finger, which was quickly moving down, is now roughly pressing down on the clit, which has gained a lot of strength.

Not my will, just a mistake.

Because of that, I ended up shaking my back and leaning against the water tank behind the toilet, shaking my thighs.

Of course, it is not because of reasons such as ‘being sick’.

… That


I did it because it felt good.

I did it because it felt so good that I was panting blankly while looking at the tiles on the wall.

Even if you touch it gently and gently, it only hurts,

In this case, even if you accidentally press it with force,

I did it because it felt good.

So more… It’s a shame.

Because I shouted out loud to Yozora that I don’t feel good about this at all.

Nevertheless, I am now,

In the bathroom of Seo Woo Jin’s house.

… Kliul,

Because I’m touching it.

“Tsk… … Tsk… … Hit!?”

Last time, when I first got horny.

What felt best when touched?

In the health room, which way did you feel the best about being touched?

It was just a scratch on your panties, but didn’t you just lightly walk away?

I wiggle my fingers as I force myself to recall memories I don’t want to remember.

As a result, an amount of transparent sweat that I thought would have pooled gently if I held it in the palm of my hand began to slickly hang down between my five fingers.

… Even a kid who doesn’t know anything about the world wouldn’t believe it if he saw something like this and called it sweat.

But I think it’s sweat.

After masturbating while thinking of Seo Woo Jin… ▒▒ Just scratch away all the random thoughts with your fingernails and erase them.

The ‘sweat’ rubs against the clit until you hear a crackling sound.

Until I was able to climax while shaking her shoulder.

I continued masturbating in someone else’s bathroom, letting out short moans.

“… Haa… Ha… Haa…”

But it was impossible.

With my fingers, the limit was ‘extremely pleasant’ at most.

I just couldn’t reach the peak.

Since I’ve already experienced it twice, my body remembers what kind of sensation it will lead to.

… It keeps disconnecting in the middle.

I think I just need to feel a little better.

A little bit. Please, just a little longer.

Even if I try hard to touch my reddish, engorged clit with that thought in mind, it doesn’t feel any better.

As if it were locked tightly.

“Time, haha… Come to think of it, 1 minute…”

I sat down with my butt stretched out and let out an embarrassing groan, then hurriedly reached into my pockets and looked at my smartphone clock.

But it was meaningless. Because I didn’t check the time when I came here.

To give a rough guess… Probably about 1 minute has passed.

… Is not it? There may be an error of about 30 seconds, but that’s how I felt.

In that case, take your time and spend the remaining 2 minutes…

If you want to climax within 2 minutes and break up without Seo Woo Jin’s help…

After sitting on the toilet panting and trying to work through my lust-filled brain, I wiped the damp space between my thighs and walked out of the bathroom.

At this rate, I might really have to ask Seo Woo Jin for a favor.

And that’s because he had already told such shameless lies just a few hours ago, such as ‘The whole thing about estrus was a lie’ and ‘I did it last time under Yozora’s orders.

To avoid this terrible situation, perhaps.

… Although it is still just my prediction.


I think I should borrow it.


Perhaps because it is a studio apartment, the closet is close to the bathroom.

I opened the tightly closed wooden door and started looking for clothes that would have as much of Seo Woo Jin’s scent on them as possible.

… The goal was the academy uniform.

That guy says he’s a health teacher, but in reality he has a somewhat complicated position and wears a school uniform to school.

You probably don’t even need pants.

Top. Especially dress shirts and ties…

You need clothes that you wear almost all the time and that fit as close to your body as possible.

… Seo, rather than looking for him to masturbate while imagining Seo Woo Jin, what can I say.

To trick the brain into thinking that it is being touched by Seo Woo Jin.

It will be more realistic if you can feel it, not just by imagining it, but also by feeling it.

Doing this because you want to have sex with that man,

Because absolutely not.

For example, just…

D, dildo.

Dildo or onahole to relieve sexual desire… Because it’s similar…

“… Ah.”

Found. Seo Woo Jin’s shirt.

Remembering where it was, I carefully pulled out her coat hanger, and before time wasted, I carefully brought her nose to hers and made a sniffing sound.

… His personality, which is neither unpleasant nor unpleasant, still remains.

It’s similar to the name tag ‘Seo Woo Jin’, and it’s just that.

I took a few more deep sips, and surprisingly, my body didn’t feel any hotter, so I calmly headed to the bathroom.

“… Ugh…”

That complacency was a mistake.

“…Reply…?! Heh, heh…? What the heck… Ugh…”

I shouldn’t have just smelled it and brought it into the bathroom.

I had to at least smell it and masturbate a little, then decide whether to bring it to the bathroom or not.

No, it might have been better to risk the shame and be honest with Seo Woo Jin.

I get horny when I’m with you, so I ask you to help me just for a little while.

… I’m begging you, don’t think anything strange.

It’s just because it’s a nine-tailed fox.

If only there had been a joke mixed in to lighten the mood.

If only it had been so.

“… Hit?! Go, go… Tsk…”

In the bathroom of Seo Woo Jin’s house.

Without consent, I stole his white shirt and pressed it on my face.

Quietly, breathing in the scent of the man I hate into my lungs.

And yet, somehow, I mumble something out of my mouth that I hate you.

I move my slippery fingers covered with a lot of clear liquid,

… Feel good.

Slap, slap, slap,

A slap.

It’s something that bothers Clary so much that the sound of damp water bounces off the bathroom wall.

It wouldn’t have happened.

… And.

“… What are you doing here?”


Seo Woo Jin was waiting outside,

It’s not because I waited too long.

Because loud moaning sounds are heard from inside the house.

Like this.

Even coming to see my condition.

“… Just in case you don’t know, don’t bite your tongue or anything. It’s easy to treat, but difficult to clean.”


“I’m going to keep it a secret from your friend, so just calm down. … In the meantime, I’m going to go to the convenience store for a bit. Do you need anything?”

“… A kitchen knife.”

“Not like that.”

I only heard that calm voice.

… Climax, I did it.

Pew, pew, contaminating someone else’s bathroom wall with my smell.

I cover my face because I feel like I’m going to die of shame.

Of course, she also flinched while covering her face with Seo Woo Jin’s Y shirt.

… Even wiping my wet fingers from masturbation on my thighs at an angle that Seo Woo Jin can’t see.

There wouldn’t have been.

I Hear Strange Noises in the Health Room.

I Hear Strange Noises in the Health Room.

보건실에서 이상한 소리가 들린다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
A hero training academy for all kinds of transcendentals.

I, a former villain, have been enrolled as a first-year health committee member.


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