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Heroine Netori 205

Heroine Netori 205

Chapter 205 – Corrupting Magical Girl (28)

“That, is it? Hehe… Then imagine I’m having sex with that guy. Speak in front of you Of course, live this time too.”

“What? To… Shit, I don’t like…”


“Even in my imagination… Am I not allowed to have sex with Villain?”

“No… Is it a test? Hold on and imagine for a moment.”

“Hey… Okay. Only this time. Huh… Ugh…”

“What do you think?”

“How are you? Annoying. You are enjoying yourself. Again, with a completely stupid face, kissing Villain… Whining to be wrapped inside… I beg you to change your attitude and do more…”

“…… What?”

“What? Are you pretending not to and spreading your legs? It’s like that every time I have a chance… I feel sorry for the rapier sister. You take the order every day. She goes to bed before going to bed and even when she wakes up, she always tries to serve herself first…”

“…… “

Jinhee’s face heated up at Sera’s words her. She was Jin-hee, who always acted cool and far-sighted, but she was also obsessed with sex with a villain… Sarah already knew that. She didn’t show off … Jin-hee thought, but that was her own misunderstanding of her.

“And then again? Are you filming a dirty video again? It’s disgraceful to always make strange excuses and be judged by Villain. Then pretending nothing happened and being deceived by saying that you were victimized by force, that is irritating!”

“Stop… I think I can stop…”

“And to be honest, telling me about my sex feelings every time is annoying… Uh? Shall we stop?”

“Yes… The test results are out.”

Embarrassed, Jin-hee hurriedly stopped Sera and began to persuade her according to her original plan. In a slightly more exasperated voice than before.

“As expected, you like that man.”

“… What is that… Are you believable?”

“Sure. Your reaction is different. Why are you upset It’s because you have feelings for that man.”

“Eh, is that so? Just… I have sex with Villain… Maybe you’re tired of wanting to do it? I don’t think I can say I like Villain with that…”

“Sera… Are you a pervert normal people don’t want to have sex with someone they don’t even like. Usually, you have sex with someone because you like them!”

“To…? Eh?”


“That, but… Maybe there are people who don’t? To… So am I going to be a pervert? Oh no… Am I a good kid? Huh? Then will I end up liking Villain? Uh… It’s not even… ? Eh, eh eh?”

“What… It’s broken.”

However, the result was Sera’s breakdown of her. For some reason she could not admit her own feelings of her until the end, Sera became her fool of her and she was at a loss. Contrary to Jinhee’s intention to her.

“Aww, you idiot. I keep worrying like that. I am going to that man.”

“What? Now it’s Rapier’s turn. My sister is on her first experience, are you going to interrupt?”

“My first experience, I must have been stuck several times already. Done. I don’t know my sister, but that man will welcome me? It’s a win-win because I want to do it too.”

So Jin-hee decided to give up Sera and go find the villain. The sound of two people coming from the room next to her had aroused her too. Rapier might be annoyed, but she didn’t mind. For Jinhee, her sex her with her her villain her was more important than her her.

“Then I go.”

But she didn’t know.

It means that the words he brought out to convince Sarah also apply to him.


“Now I’m going to be eaten by Villain. Hi-Hi… “

“I became a villain, but I… Are you really nice?”

“Now… Let me begin!”

Finally, she ends up having sex with Villain, but… I felt so strange. Because she felt like she was lying to herself.

I… I said that I would offer my virginity to Villain to prove that I am a good child, but really… Is that why you have sex like this?

“How… Yup”



Sex at last… Villain’s cock penetrates my hymen… And the warm happiness that fills her heart her… Is this joy really the feeling I get from proving that I’m a good kid?

“Ha… Villain… Hey, are you feeling well?”

“Exceeding expectations? It’s so delicious, you.”

“How… Uh huh… Really? Hehe… Is that delicious?”

“Yeah, I want to eat it every day.”

I do not know. If it was really for that reason, I wouldn’t have been this happy at Billon’s vulgar remark that I was delicious. There must be another reason.

Well… Then, as Jinhee said a few days ago… Was I actually a pervert? Is that why you’ve been looking forward to the day you have sex like this?

“Hehe… Please taste more… Ha… It’s a pussy that only Villain can taste.”

“It’s a pussy that only you can eat, not other men or other cocks, but Villain’s cock. Hehe… “

Maybe that idea is right. Even if it’s the first time, you accept the cock like this and bite it without letting go. Even though it’s the first time, you’re drowning in cock like this, you’re struggling with joy. … Maybe I’m really a pervert.

“Ha, Aang! Yes! Aaaaah!”

“Are you filming well? Ha… Aang!”

“The way I got eaten by the villain… Are you capturing it well on camera?”

But, is it really just for that reason? Was it simply because I was a pervert that I wanted to be hugged like this? Let’s think about it as we get stuck in the cock, I guess that’s not the only reason.

If it’s a pervert… It doesn’t matter if the opponent isn’t the villain. If it’s a pervert… There is no big problem even if Siwoo, a bad person, hugs you.

But, I’m not like that.

“Haaaaang! Oops, ha… Not enough… Ha… I want to feel The Villain!”

“I hate the camera… Don’t take pictures, kiss me… Huh? Kiss… Ha… Quickly!”

My opponent must be Villain.

The only person in this world who believed in me, the only person in this world who cared for me, the only person who needed me…

I only want to be hugged by Villain.

Just like right now.

“Up and down, ha ha… So that I can become one with Villain… Uh huh… Please!”

“Don’t let me think of anything other than Villain… Haaa… Huh? You beg me like this!”

Then I… Do you like Villain? Villain is a villain, but he is a bad person, but he is not at all righteous… Am I in love with such a man?

My head is dizzy.

I’m a good kid… Villain, the bad guy… Is it okay if I love you?

“Haa, Chuuu, haa… Yes! Chuu, Chuu… Hehe, kiss… Yes, woogh!”

“As expected, Haan… Villain, ha… Kiss, hey… Doing it… Happy… Ha.”

“You listened to me again… As always… Ha, chu, chuu… Haaang!”

But all those ugly thoughts disappeared when Villain kissed me. Kiss… Happy… What does it matter that the villain is a bad person?

When I ask for something like this, he always listens. You always love me like this. To me, Villain is the kinder person than anyone else in the world.

“Villain, ha ha… Eh, Villain Niim!”

So I decided now to be honest with my feelings.

I’ve decided not to hide my feelings anymore.

“I love you… Whew, ha… Aang! Villain, I love you!”

Alas, now I am really happy!

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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