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Heroine Netori 206

Heroine Netori 206

Chapter 206 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (9)

[Mission cleared!]
[Result: S grade, acquisition points: 45120]
[Achievements: ‘Heroine Fall’, ‘Teaching Assistant Broadcasting’, ‘Shooting Addiction’]
[Clear privilege: ‘Focus’ skill]
[Gaze Concentration Lv. 1 – Focus the attention of those around you.]

[Challenge Clear!]
[‘Mission accomplished as a villain’ – 300,000 points]

“Whoa… “

Returning to reality means that Siwoo checked the video, right? Less than a minute after posting the link on the community, I was able to get an S rating.

“I think you used your hair well this time?”

Contrary to the original plan, choosing the video was really the right decision. Thanks to that, before I uploaded the video, I was able to enjoy it for a month without a real wish. There was really no time to get bored as I could alternate between the three flavors.

I was also able to shoot a lot of videos there.

Heheung~heheung~ Morning fella~ The man who tastes the cock in the morning~]
[Hehe… I’m having an erection since morning again. Then… ]
[… ] … Right! You said you were filming today. Where are you? Oh, here it is….]
[Kuhm, hmm… Oh, how are you? I am Lee Hee-eun, who is in charge of Morning Fella.]
[That… Then… Please look neatly… ]
[Ooh… Having a perverted boyfriend, what is this… Ehh.]
[Ha-am, Chu-eup… Ha ha… I’m doing it because it’s me, really… Chuup, Chuup… ]

An observation camera

[Take a picture in selfie mode? Would you shake? Oh, it’s better because it’s lively.]
[Okay. Give me the camera Then I’ll start.]
[Hi. Today, I am Jinhee, who has been experimenting with sex.]
[I’m going to test how many times I get vaginal cumshot from now until I pass out.]
[How many times can you endure it, ha, aang! Now wait… You’re still talking!]
[Ah, anyway… Ha, please enjoy it.]
[Sigh… Ha… Ok? How many times do I expect?]
[I don’t know… Under… Every time I have sex, I lose my reason and I can’t feel it.]

An experimental camera

[Hello! This!]
[This is Sarah who came to say hello to you today. Nice to meet you!]
[Today is… Wearing a uniform like this! I’m thinking of playing teacher-pupil play with my boyfriend. Isn’t it pretty? … But voila! If you look closely, it’s no bra, if you lift the skirt like this, it’s no panties.]
[What kind of punishment will the teacher give to the obscene student?]
[Hehe… Everyone, please look forward to it!]
[… ] … ]
[… ] … ]
[Smart! Teacher?]
[Consultation… Wow! Eh, eh… Ha, Aang! Wait!]
[This can’t be a role play~ Ahh! Again, again!]
[Yes? Are you having a hard time being too naughty? Hee… Please be patient though!]

Costume play VLOG or something

I took a lot of videos to capture the concept and post it on Phone Tube, and I think I can earn quite a bit with this. All three are pretty cool and fun. The three people, who were hesitant at first, later took a more active part in the filming than me, and the gap is really worth seeing.

Oh, of course, this is a secondary benefit, and I was able to earn a lot of points that I originally aimed for. You’ve accomplished the challenge. Actually, I had forgotten about it halfway through, but I was lucky enough to be recognized as a villain because I was publicly trained as a magical girl.

So to conclude, my points now are 345,920 points.

With this, I can finally go see Wi Ji-hye…


[※ Super Discount! An opportunity that will never come again! ※]

Oh, what else!


No, it’s an opportunity that won’t come again… ? Was that just a gimmick? You, you sucked my 1 million points with this last time too… Ha, I was distracted by the repeated ‘super discount’ advertisement again. Do you feel like you’ve been possessed by a scammer? I felt bad because I felt like I had already lost money.

However… Still, the viewing is free, so I looked up and checked the product list, intending to check it out…

[Cheonma Shin Gong: 100 million points (existing price 1 billion points). You can learn the martial arts created by the Heavenly Demon.]
[Infimyeongu: 10 million points (existing price 100 million points). You can disguise yourself as anyone you want. When equipped, the height and voice also change.]
[Random delay: 1 million points (existing price 10 million points). You can get a chance. What you get depends on the probability.]

There was a list of things I really wanted to have.

Heavenly Demon God? Isn’t it martial arts almost like the king of martial arts? If you just learn it, you will be able to challenge the S-class hunter right away.

Bast noodles? Isn’t it one of the martial arts cheat keys? If you can get it, the range of activities will be insanely wide.

Random delay? Oh, I can’t stand gacha. If you can get a thousand-year-old He-shouo, ten-year-old Xue ginseng, and Gongqing oil-like elixir through luck, wouldn’t that be a life changer?

All three were really coveted.

“Fuck… “

But… From top to bottom, the prices are 100 million, 10 million, and 1 million.

This is really, it’s not that I’m posting people’s medicine, and it’s really ridiculous to list products that I can’t buy.

It was good to anticipate the next destination and prepare things from martial arts, but… At least you should be able to buy it. I’m sorry if this is the case.


[※ Special opportunity for special guests! ※]
[Random delay: 100,000 points (existing 10 million points). You can get a chance. What you get depends on the probability.]

Sorry! You have all your plans!

Then it is. There was no way that “Heroine Netori” Would disappoint me. With 100,000 points, one gig is confirmed? If that’s the case, it’s completely hyeja. I quickly bought ‘Random Giyeon’.

With this, the remaining points are 245,920 points. The right to return is 200,000 points and the right to pause is 1000 points, so in reality only 44,920 points remain… Well, nothing bad. Because I will return with more than the value I invested with this Netori.


Wi Ji-hye… I’m finally going to meet you. A lot of time has passed since that day, her forced return her, but I have never forgotten her. The sex at that time, the emotion was really fantastic.

‘I will save you… ‘

‘It’s okay…’ Ha-ang, just me, ang! Trust me… Surrender yourself… Aang!’

‘Ah so! … Haang… So that I can forget Gaga!’

‘Hehe… I feel so relieved to be held in this arms… ‘

‘Please call me Hyemae… ‘

So, the main purpose of this ‘Heroine Netori’ is not to increase internal skills or learn martial arts, but to raise Wi Ji-hye’s favorability to her.

Shouldn’t we meet her in her real life as well?

Wei Ji-hye is a heroine who wants to be with her for the rest of her life like Sofia or Cecilia, so she could n’t end the relationship with her four her tori her this time. She couldn’t give up Taegeuk Yin-Yang sex, which boosts her internal energy to her.

So, this time, I have to pay more attention and do the netori perfectly…

It didn’t look easy.

The other person is Namgungse, the youngest son. She has been washing her face since she was a child, and she must have eaten all the elixir called elixir? And the main character of martial arts is a lump of giyeon. I’m sure you know a lot of excellent martial arts that are as good as the Heavenly Demon Goddess, right?

I have to be wise against such a man.

“Quack… Oh, why are you laughing?”

Strangely enough, I wasn’t worried at all.

Thinking that the other person was Siwoo Namgung made everything feel easy. What do you do if you have a lot of energy from taking the elixir? It’s Sioux anyway. A martial art comparable to the Heavenly Demon God? Then what do you do? The person who wrote it is Siwoo.

A well-grounded confidence welled up.

“Yes, since the opponent is Siwoo, it is absolutely possible.”

There is also a ‘Save & Load’ worth 1 million points, and you can get a chance with a random gacha. In addition, Wi Ji-hye is already half way over, and if it seems that it will not work, he can escape the crisis with the right to temporarily stop.

Therefore, the possibility of failure in netori was extremely low.

“Whoa, good.”

So I started ‘Heroine Netori’ with a bright expression.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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