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Heroine Netori 204

Heroine Netori 204

Chapter 204 – Corrupting Magical Girl (27)

Little by little, the uncle’s cock digs into me.
Slowly, the uncle’s cock expands inside me.
Finally, my uncle’s cock fills my stomach.

Ah… With this, I became the uncle’s woman.

Tears flowed from my eyes at the satisfaction of being connected with the uncle.

“It’s okay?”

“Yes… It’s okay.”

“Are you not sick?”

“Not at all. Hehe… The first experience was painful, ha ha… It was an outright lie.”

“I’m glad.”

I thought it would hurt a little… Not at all. I didn’t feel any pain, only the pleasure that I didn’t see. It’s my first experience… Can you feel this good? The sex with the uncle was so fantastic that I was so stupid that I was worried.

The uncle’s body temperature felt from the skin to the flesh, the uncle’s cock felt inside her pussy that lost her hymen, and the uncle’s love felt in all of this … It was really like a dream .

Happy… Me now… I’m having sex with my uncle.

“Then let’s move now.”

“Yes… Haha, hang… Ah… Mister…”

“Are you okay?”

“A little slower… Ha… Yeah, that’s fine…”

But the happiness did not end there. As the uncle began to slowly move her waist while being considerate of me, a different level of pleasure dominated my body her.

“Ugh, yes! Ha… Haaang!”

“Great… Haang! I love this…”

The cock comes out, stimulating the inside of the vagina, then digging back and tickling the cervix. Everywhere you meet a cock, you feel different pleasures, and it seems like you’ll go crazy if you’re not paying attention. Uncle too… Are you feeling like this?

When she lifted her head and looked at the uncle, she saw the uncle’s face his, which was a little disheveled, unlike usual. Uncle too… With my body, with my pussy… You feel better. Happy…

Feeling unbearably happy about that fact, I stretched out my arms and hugged him.

“Are you uncle? Ha… My body haha… Like? Uncle too… Yes! Is it good?”

“Super good. The best.”

Hehe… Wow, haang… Then more! Yes… You can do it harder… ! Haaang.”

But it was still not enough. I want to feel more. Considering what I had endured until now, I couldn’t be satisfied here. I had to feel the uncle a little more. A little more, I had to get stuck in the old man’s cock.

Haha, uncle… So don’t care…

I reached up to my legs and hugged him tightly. Then the uncle’s cock dug deeper into my pussy. Ah, can you feel better here? Mister…

“Ah, yes, ha ha… Yes, like that, ha… Fuck me!”

“It’s fine even if it gets ruined, ha ha… Please continue to covet me!”

“Ah… It’s so good, so good, ha ha… I love being fucked by your cock!”

“Ah, ah! Inside, ha… I can feel it… Uh huh… Uncle!”

My uncle’s cock swelled inside me as I screamed with unbearable pleasure and squeezed my cunt tight, soon filling my womb with his semen.

Mister… Did my pussy feel good? So you got it cheap? Happy… Me too… I think I’m going to go to the uncle’s cock too. Uncle, ha… Me too… Go away!

“Ha, ah… Aaaaang!”

And I also reached the climax with the uncle.

From the first experience to the simultaneous climax… Our inner compatibility is good, right? Hehe, uncle… I love you… Because I Love You… More, more… Forgive me huh? Until I get pregnant… I beg you, honey.


“……… Huh.”


– Kwaaang!
-… Thump, thump, thump

“Yes? What happened?”

“…… Not at all.”

“I don’t think so at all? How did the filming go Are you done already?”

“…… I don’t know.”

“Ha… What happened to this one hundred percent.”

Jin-hee let out a big sigh when she saw Sera who came back with an angry expression. Seeing Sarah’s appearance, she realized that something she had been worried about after hearing about the shooting had happened. That’s why I dried it… Muttered, Jinhee got up from her seat and put her ear against the wall.

[Ha, ah… More, pack more! Eh, so I can get pregnant right away!]
[Ugh, haaaaang! Go away again!]
[Haaa… Aang! Ha ha! I don’t care, keep fucking me! Ugh!]

Then, she heard the intercourse of the two who fell in love with her. Did this happen too? After confirming the situation, Jin-hee laid down on the bed again and spat out words indifferently.

“Do you like that guy?”

“… To? Eh?! Oh, isn’t it?”

“You are lying. You like it.”

“Because it’s not… !”

“Okay? I like it.”

“…… Eh eh eh?!”

To be surprised She laughed at Sera, whose face she turned grotesque in shock, while Jinhee calmly continued her words.

“Well, even if I like you, I just like you as a person. Thanks to you, I got revenge, found my life’s paradise, and my life became happy. But aren’t you? What do you like as a man? Did you notice everything already?”

“Ah, even if it’s not… I just adore it! And Villain-nim has a rapier sister. So… I won’t make the same mistake again. Jinhee, I know how much you were hurt now…”

Are you still worrying about that? Jin-hee had already forgotten about it, but Sera still felt apologetic. Because of that, Jin-hee, who had weakened her heart her, tried to force her to change her words her, but she brusquely made fun of Sarah.

“Huh. Are you saying that you can take it right away if you put your mind to it? How confident are you? Is it because you have experience?”

“What, what?! No! That doesn’t mean…!”

“Done. Anyway, that’s why I’m worried.”

“…… What?”

“That guy is the villain. Do you think the villain would be content with just one woman? Absolutely not. Are you sure you think it’s the best? That’s why you have sex with me whenever you have a chance. Even though I have a rapier sister.”

“… Is it…..”

“So it doesn’t matter if you like him.”

“Hey… I hadn’t thought of that…”

“And the man seemed to have feelings for you too? Originally, even if the person involved doesn’t know about it, it’s always visible to the third person next to him.”

“The villain is me? …… Ah hehe… You must be mistaken!”

And Jinhee continued to persuade Sarah to connect her with the man. But Sera was frustrated to the end and denied her own feelings of her. Annoyed by that, Jin-hee suddenly spoke to Sera with a straight face.

“I can’t. Shall we test it then? Let’s see if you really have feelings for him or not.”

“Test…? Mmm, oh, I get it.”

“You just have to close your eyes, imagine what I’m saying, and then tell me how you feel. Got it?”


“Then start? First… Imagine having sex with Siu. Raw, without condoms.”

“… Uh huh to… With Siu? It’s out of the blue… Umm… Well… “

“What do you think?”

“Um… Upset”


“Jinhee, are you having sex with Siwoo? Wow… You are so pitiful Why is it Siwoo? You’re a bad person… I’m sure you’ll be very offended? Yes… Even in my imagination, you are making an impression. While cursing… You must be in a bad mood.”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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