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He Became a Villain in 15+ Novels Throughout the Year. 46

He Became a Villain in 15+ Novels Throughout the Year. 46

Chapter 46 – Episode 46 Change (6)

Hoyoung Jeong and Hayan Seong canceled all lectures that day. And all day long, I was absorbed in sex like an animal. We forgot everything, shook our bodies violently without stopping, and fell asleep together.


Sheng Hayan opened her eyes. And she struggled to get up.


My whole body ached, as if I had body aches. Especially my vagina and butt hole were very painful.



A group of silver lights covered Seong Hayan’s body, and the pain she felt in her body completely disappeared.

‘I would rather have been healed in the middle.’

It seemed like it would have been less difficult to do so, even if the hymen had torn once more in the middle.

‘What time is it?’

I checked the time.

5 p.M.

‘Crazy bitch, she’s really out of her mind.’

Seong Hayan cursed herself. She started having sex last night and passed out repeatedly until now. If it had only hurt, if it had been only painful sex, it would have been better. But it wasn’t.

It was good.

I liked Jeong Ho-young’s face distorted with pleasure. I loved the passionate sight of Jung Ho-young driving his her cock her her so deep into her that her her lower abdomen her her her was bulging, letting out her her her heavy breathing her her .

I liked the rough look of Jung Ho-young as he bit and licked her own breasts roughly, making kiss marks on her without stopping. I liked Jeong Ho-young’s her her her rough hands her her her as he squeezed her her breasts and buttocks her.

I especially liked her eyes that were burning with her strong possessiveness her and the face of Jeong Ho-young, who constantly lusted after her her body her with a desperate expression, dripping with sweat, as if he wanted to have her body her if he didn’t have her heart her.

It was so good.

‘I lied.’

I thought she hated Jeong Ho-young.

Instead of liking her, I thought I hated her.

But it wasn’t.

When she found out that Jung Ho-young loved her.

When she found out that he was obsessed with her.

I felt good.

She must hate Jung Ho-young.

I should hate it.

That’s right.

I couldn’t bear it.

She no longer hated Jeong Ho-young.

She wasn’t hateful.

She no longer hated her rough touches her and the rough and forceful sex that had been inconsiderate to her, which had only felt painful.

Rather, it was good.

‘I’m sure he’s crazy. But.’

You can’t hate her.

I can’t hate you.

When the words came out of Jeong Ho-young’s mouth that she had a crush on him.

When she realized that the words were not lies but the truth.

She felt a strong sense of kinship.

However, Jeong Ho-young’s love of her was different from Seong Ha-an’s love of her.

Seong Hayan’s love is about waiting, being patient, and quietly staying by her side. She never wanted to see her loved ones suffering or suffering because of her.

On the contrary, Jung Ho-young’s love was something she had to win. She doesn’t care if the person she loves is suffering, hurting, or having a hard time.

If he can’t get your heart, he will take your body in a coercive way and force you to keep him by your side, saying he will get your body.

It was the same unrequited love, but the ways of expressing that love were very different.

But strangely enough, she didn’t hate Jung Ho-young’s unrequited love style of her, which was completely different from her her own her her her. Because she just couldn’t express herself outwardly.

Because I had that desire deep down.

‘A crazy person and a crazy bitch.’

I thought they might be a surprisingly good pair.

‘Are you in the same situation as me?’

The face of his senior Yoo Seo-yeon appeared in Seong Ha-yan’s mind.

‘He’s like a beast.’

Are you not satisfied with one woman and two women? Jeong Ho-young’s love was definitely different from Seong Ha-an’s love.

‘Two could become three or four.’

Maybe it’s more than that. I didn’t like that. I was jealous.

But strangely, I didn’t feel like I was losing affection or hating Jung Ho-young.

‘Let’s come to our senses. I have Woobin.’

Seong Hayan worked hard to capture her heart. She no longer intends to deny her feelings. She likes Jung Ho-young. I developed a crush.


‘That’s not love.’

She says the only person she loves is Kim Woo-bin. Hoyoung Jeong just can’t bear it because she looks so much like him.

‘She’s just someone you can’t hate.’

Seong Hayan organized her thoughts like this.

‘But where did he go?’

Holy White was the only person in the bed. So, although she was able to organize her thoughts easily, she felt uneasy when she opened her eyes and found that Jung Ho-young was not there.


At that time, she suddenly became insanely hungry.

‘Because all I’ve eaten since last night until now is semen.’

It occurred to her that it was natural for her to be hungry. But a fragrant smell wafted from somewhere. Seong Hayan got out of her bed, put on only her underwear and top of her, opened the door to her master bedroom, and came out into the living room.

“Are you awake?”

In Seong Hayan’s eyes, the image of Jeong Ho-young cooking in her kitchen caught her eye.

“It’s almost done, so sit back and wait a moment.”

Hearing Hoyoung Jeong’s words, Hayan Seong sat down at her table. As if she wasn’t lying when she said that it was ready, Hoyoung Jeong put the fried rice from her frying pan onto her plate.


Then she fried an egg and put it on top of the fried rice.


Hoyoung Jeong placed fried rice topped with a fried egg in front of Seong Hayan, placed another fried rice topped with a fried egg across from her, and she sat down.

“I’m hungry. Eat quickly.”

Hearing Jeong Ho-young’s words, Seong Hayan felt somewhat saddened in her heart. It was the first time in her life that she had eaten a meal prepared by a man other than her father.

Seong Hayan is quite good at cooking. That’s why she often went to Kim Woo-bin’s house and cooked for her. She also called Kim Woo-bin to her house and treated him to food she cooked herself.

However, Kim Woo-bin has never cooked for Sung Ha-yan. Even cleaning up after eating, including washing the dishes, was always Seong Hayan’s responsibility.

Seong Hayan has always loved giving something, but she has never loved receiving something.

“I will eat well.”

Seong Hayan answered briefly and picked up the spoon. And she put fried rice in her mouth.

“Is it worth eating?”

Hoyoung Jeong asked with slightly nervous eyes. She actually wasn’t that good. The fried rice itself seems to be a meal kit product, so even if it is roughly stir-fried, it cannot be without taste.

‘What on earth do I have to do to make it taste like this?’

It was really tasteless. The rice was also fried strangely, so it was undercooked in some places and burned in other places.

“Yes, it’s delicious.”

Seong Hayan lied.

“I’m glad. “I was nervous because it was my first time cooking.”

I just fried the meal kit product in a frying pan.

‘Can you call that cooking?’

I had that thought for a moment.

I just passed on.


‘It’s because of me that I tried cooking for the first time in my life.’

Looking at the fact that he purchased a spacious penthouse officetel of over 200 pyeong to live alone near the university and that a housekeeper came every day, it seemed like Jeong Ho-young was the son of a fairly well-off family.

‘I spent a lot of money on dates.’

My heart pounded for no reason at the fact that the master, who had grown up so honorably, was trying to cook for me for the first time in his life.


Jeong Ho-young’s expression wrinkled after he took a bite of the fried rice he made. It seems that only then did he realize that it didn’t taste good.

‘Didn’t you even look at the liver?’

I felt like something was a bit awkward, but I didn’t feel bad. She actually felt better when she saw Jeong Ho-young secretly watching her.

“If it doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t taste good. Let’s throw this away and just order delivery food.”

That’s what Seong Hayan said in response to Jeong Ho-young’s words.

“I’ll just eat it. “I’m very hungry, but it’s not so bad that I can’t eat it.”


After hearing Seong Hayan’s answer to her, Jeong Hoyoung slightly wrinkled her face and sat back down with an apologetic expression to eat some fried rice.

‘It’s cute.’

That’s what I thought for a moment.

Actually, I could stand being hungry. It’s not so bad that she can’t eat it, but it would have been better for her to cook it herself or have it delivered rather than fill her stomach with tasteless fried rice.


Hoyoung Jeong didn’t want to throw away the dish she had cooked for the first time in her life. She really wanted to eat.

“I missed all of today’s lecture.”

“I know. But wouldn’t it be okay at least once?”

“Yes, of course.”

Hoyoung Jeong and Hayan Seong had a trivial conversation and ate tasteless fried rice.

“Are you going to go home now?”

When the meal was over, Hoyoung Jeong asked.

“That’s right.”

“It’s Saturday tomorrow.”

“But I still have to go home. “I don’t even have a change of clothes or underwear.”

What’s more, there aren’t even simple skin lotions, let alone cosmetics.

“That’s it, just buy a new one.”

“Master, don’t you want me to go home?”


“Then you can just order me not to go.”

“I guess so. “Don’t go home.”

With those words, Hoyoung Jeong stood up.

Drurrrr condition!

After that, I pushed the dishes on the table to a corner with one arm.

Shake it up!


After laying Seong Hayan down on the table and slightly pulling down her panties.

Pooh wow!

A large cock was inserted into Seong Hayan’s pussy her.


Seong Hayan’s body her her her her trembled lightly.

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Squeak!

Hoyoung Jeong moved her waist and grabbed Seong Hayan’s hips and chest.

“It would be best not to think about going home for a while.”

With those words, Hoyoung Jeong moved her waist roughly.

“Yes! Yes. Ah! All right. Ugh! Master. Haha!”

Seong Hayan answered with difficulty, letting out a moan of pleasure.

He Became a Villain in 15+ Novels Throughout the Year.

He Became a Villain in 15+ Novels Throughout the Year.

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I thought I wanted to be the hero of a year-long novel.

But not the main character.

I was the embodiment of vicious jealousy.
A beast whose instincts trumped reason.
The one I thought was so stupid and pathetic.

I became the villain.

But when you think about it?
I guess I'm not so bad after all.

Maybe it's better.


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