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He Became a Villain in 15+ Novels Throughout the Year. 47

He Became a Villain in 15+ Novels Throughout the Year. 47

Chapter 47 – Episode 47 Change (7)

Jung Ho-young and Sung Ha-yan spent the entire weekend lounging around in an officetel. I constantly shuffled around, changing places on the bed, in the bathroom, on the sofa, and at the dining table. For meals, we either ordered food delivered or had Seong Ha-yan cook. Time passed and it was Monday morning.

“Put it on.”

Seoyeon Yoo held out a large envelope with an expressionless face. It contained not only her clothes and underwear, but also various items including stockings, cosmetics, and even high-heeled shoes.

“I don’t need any shoes over there.”

Seong Hayan answered cautiously.

“Then don’t wear them.”

Seoyeon Yoo said that in an emotionless voice.

‘I’m scared.’

Seong Hayan felt afraid. Yoo Seo-yeon let out an emotionless voice with her expressionless face. But she could feel the whiteness.

The fact that Yoo Seo-yeon hates herself. When she received eyes full of strong jealousy and anger and listened to a voice overflowing with murder, she could not know the feelings Yu Seo-yeon had in her heart, even if she wanted to.

“I’m here.”

At that time, I heard Jeong Ho-young’s voice.

“Yes, master.”

Seoyeon Yoo quickly answered.

At that moment, Seong Hayan saw. Seeing Yu Seo-yeon’s her eyes her her her, which were overflowing with jealousy and anger, become filled with the emotion of her her love her her her … Her Her her voice Her of her her, which was full of life, became filled with her affection her her her …

“Did you train hard over the weekend?”


“Have your stats gone up?”

“It didn’t go up.”

“But from now on, train hard whenever you have time. “You’re not planning on being satisfied with the present, are you?”

“Of course. “Master.”

“Okay. Then just leave.”


Yu Seo-yeon bowed her head to Jeong Ho-young and left the officetel with her eyes filled with regret.

“How did you become your master’s slave?”

Seong Ha-yan carefully asked Jeong Ho-young.

“I want to know? “It’s related to Yoo Seo-yeon’s privacy?”

“Senior, you know why I became my master’s slave. Then wouldn’t she have long wavelength blood?”

“It’s about money.”


“It’s because of money. Her sister was terminally ill and she needed a lot of money. I still need it now. But my house is going to be expensive. That’s why you’re selling your body for money from me. Like a prostitute.”

Hoyoung Jeong said in an emotionless voice. Seong Hayan’s heart sank. She never thought she would hear a story like this.

She thought there would be some kind of romantic love story, but there wasn’t that. In addition, Jeong Ho-young called Yoo Seo-yeon a prostitute.

It was certain that Yoo Seo-yeon would be greatly hurt if she found out that these words came out of Jeong Ho-young’s mouth her her.

“I guess it’s not just about money.”

So she defended Yoo Seo-yeon without even knowing it.

“I guess so. Because she’s such a pervert bitch, she’s probably enjoying herself. She gets money, feels pleasure, and kills two birds with one stone.”

Seong Ha-yan’s heart ached at Jeong Ho-young’s answer. She was afraid of her senior, hated her, hated her, but now strangely, she sympathized with him.

“Doesn’t the owner like seniors?”

“She doesn’t hate it. If that were the case, she wouldn’t have accepted that deal in the first place, and she’s selling herself to me for money anyway. “If someone else had offered her more money, she would have spread her legs for him like a whore.”


Seong Hayan was absurd.

A pervert?

Is it because of money?

Are you telling me you’ll open your legs to someone else if I give you more money?

‘You really don’t know?’

Jeong Ho-young seemed to have no idea that her senior, Yoo Seo-yeon, was in love with him.

I know that Yoo Seo-yeon was in dire need of money for her sister’s hospital bills. I don’t know how Jeong Ho-young and Yoo Seo-yeon became acquainted and what their original relationship was like. Why would Yoo Seo-yeon offer her deal to Jeong Ho-young?

Not Jung Ho-young, the son of a wealthy family. He is a young CEO of a large company. He would have been better off choosing a young building owner with dozens of buildings.

Isn’t it natural for the company president or building owner to have more money than the son of the company president or building owner?

Also, since he seemed to be a fairly skilled hunter, there was also a way to sign a lifetime contract with a fairly large guild. But why did Yoo Seo-yeon make such a deal with Jeong Ho-young?

‘Of course it’s because I love you.’

Because I love Jung Ho-young so much. She proposed such a deal.

‘If it wasn’t Hoyoung, it was someone else. Even if my senior gave her hundreds of millions of dollars, she wouldn’t have sold herself.’

Seong Hayan thought so.


‘It wouldn’t be a lie to say that I needed money. He may have wanted to use that as an excuse to advance his relationship with Hoyoung.’

I didn’t have the courage to confess, and even if I confessed, I felt like they wouldn’t accept me. Even if I got the stigma of selling my body, even if it was a relationship between master and slave, I made that choice because I wanted to be by Jung Ho-young’s side, because I wanted to be embraced by Jung Ho-young, and because I wanted to become Jung Ho-young’s woman. Isn’t it?

Just like Seong Hayan wanted to somehow maintain her childhood friend relationship with Kim Woo-bin, so she called herself Jung Ho-young’s slave.

According to the suicide note, she wanted to remain by Jeong Ho-young’s side, so she proposed her deal by claiming to be Jeong Ho-young’s slave.

‘It will definitely happen.’

I felt strong confidence. If she was just selling her body her her her for money …

‘Because there is no way you could hate me that much.’

There was no way he was glaring at me with a mixture of jealousy and anger.

‘Why did it get so twisted?’

Her chest felt tight. She has had a crush on Kim Woo-bin for over 10 years, and she has also been in love with Jung Ho-young…

Yeo Seo-yeon loves Jeong Ho-young, but she can only remain as a prostitute and slave who sold herself for her her money her her her …

Jeong Ho-young, who doesn’t know anything about Yu Seo-yeon’s her feelings her her her, shows a strong possessive desire and covets her her own body her her her … 〈 Br〉

Everyone was so unhappy and pitiful.

‘If we just change our thinking a little bit, we can all be happy.’

She believes that she loves Jung Ho-young instead of Kim Woo-bin, and if Jung Ho-young realizes Yoo Seo-yeon’s true feelings, everything won’t have a happy ending…

‘Crazy bitch.’

Seong Hayan was astonished by the thought that instantly appeared in her head.

‘I can’t believe you love Hoyoung instead of Woobin.’

How can you think like that? It’s crazy. It was clear to her that she was crazy. It was clear that she had lost her mind after mingling like an animal with Jung Ho-young for over three days.

“I’ll get ready quickly.”

Seong Hayan entered her bathroom with those words.


Hot water hit Seong Hayan’s body her her her.

‘If Woobin only sees her face, he’ll be fine.’

She said that the reason she had such strange thoughts was because her relationship with Kim Woo-bin had not been good recently.

She hadn’t seen Kim Woo-bin’s face for over three days, so she had this strange thought.

It will definitely happen.

No, she had to.

Seong Hayan made that promise and made up her mind.

* * *

“Tsk tsk tsk!”

Hoyoung Jeong burst into laughter.

‘It seems to have worked well.’

She was white and it was clear in her eyes what she was thinking.

‘Seong Hayan is the type of person whose thoughts are clearly revealed on her face.’

As expected, Kim Woo-bin was an asshole. How could she, like that, have been childhood friends with Seong Hayan for over 10 years and not know that she likes him?

Although Seong Hayan’s acting skills are good, she has many clumsy aspects.

“Come out.”

As soon as Jeong Ho-young finished speaking, Yoo Seo-yeon, who had just left the officetel, appeared.


“What is Sena Han’s education?”

“It is progressing at a rapid pace.”

“What is hymen regeneration surgery?”

“It’s already over.”

“What is Kim Woo-bin doing?”

“For the past three days she has been addicted to alcohol.”

“Oh, not bad.”

Jeong Ho-young shook her head, then stretched out her hand and stroked Yoo Seo-yeon’s face and asked.

“But why did you lash out at Seong Hayan?”

“I’m sorry.”

Seoyeon Yoo quickly answered.

“That’s not what I asked you to do. Your role was to just hand over things and show a moderate amount of jealousy. But why did you do that? “Did you want to kill my slave Seong Hayan?”

Jeong Ho-young’s hand slowly moved down and firmly grasped Yoo Seo-yeon’s voluptuous breasts as if crushing them.

“Oh, no. Ugh!”

“Not really. “If I had spoken a little later, I might have killed Seong Hayan.”

“Main. Sigh! I will be careful. Ugh!”

“It’s definitely not acting. “Are you really jealous?”

“Sorry. Ugh!”

“What are you?”

“Master’s. Ha! It’s a sex slave. Sigh!”

“A slave is cocky and jealous of another slave?”

Jeong Ho-young’s hand strongly grasped Yoo Seo-yeon’s buttocks.

“Wrong. Haaah! I did. Ugh! Master. Whoa!”

“Then you will have to be punished.”

At Jeong Ho-young’s words, Yoo Seo-yeon’s breathing became even heavier and her expressionless face turned bright red.

“Yes, haha! I will be punished. Ugh! Punishment. Ha! Please punish me. Master. Ha! Ha!”

With her eyes full of anticipation, Yu Seo-yeon asked Jeong Ho-young to punish her.

“Then I will punish you. Originally, I was going to use it to relieve Seong Hayan’s sexual desire while she was showering. “I’m canceling that.”

Yoo Seo-yeon was started by Jeong Ho-young’s words her her her.


However, she paid no heed to Jeong Ho-young and removed her hands that were clutching Yoo Seo-yeon’s breasts and buttocks.

“At least the results are good, so I think it stops at this level. If I go off topic one more time. That time was not today. Because I will forever only use Seong White, not you.”

Yoo Seo-yeon’s face changed urgently at Jeong Ho-young’s warning her.

He Became a Villain in 15+ Novels Throughout the Year.

He Became a Villain in 15+ Novels Throughout the Year.

Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I thought I wanted to be the hero of a year-long novel.

But not the main character.

I was the embodiment of vicious jealousy.
A beast whose instincts trumped reason.
The one I thought was so stupid and pathetic.

I became the villain.

But when you think about it?
I guess I'm not so bad after all.

Maybe it's better.


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