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Get Me Pregnant! 282

Get Me Pregnant! 282

Chapter 282 – #281 Reina’s Group’s Pregnancy

“Kale. Is it really okay to do this? Isn’t she supposed to meet the two empresses?”

Raina, shaking her head above me, asked me.
I pulled her big breasts and sucked them, making her nod.

“It’s okay. 1, 3 The Empress knows that I’m spending her time with her daughters, so I won’t criticize her.”

“If that’s the case, I’m glad…”

Raina, Bianca, Bella, Tanya.

I was currently having lunch and making rice cakes with these four people at Raina’s dorm.

Although the soundproofing magic was used, so it couldn’t be heard outside, the maids of the 1st and 3rd Empresses were waiting in front of the door.

It was to take me to their master.

But I was deliberately delaying their offer.

‘If you just go to me saying you want to meet me, then you don’t really feel my value.’

– GorumGorum.

Let’s postpone it a little longer and meet again.

It was especially necessary in the case of the Third Empress.

Jjibobjjibob. Jjibobjjibob.

“Ah. Ah. Ah…”

Reina let out an excited moan above me. Breasts as big as her mother bounced up and down.
At that sight, 1st Princess Bianca approached her and pressed her lips against hers. Side. Jjook… The two princesses lusted after each other’s lips and exchanged saliva erotically.

“But Raina, you seem to have a little belly. Aren’t you taking care of yourself these days?”

“Do you see it, sister? Um…”

After listening to Bianca, she noticed that Raina had gained weight.

Her breasts were abnormally large, so it wasn’t noticeable until now, but she was definitely fleshy.
That was the moment I thought about it.

– Hey. That’s what I saw.


– Pregnancy! Now it’s time to have a baby.

When I checked with him…

“Huh? Are you saying I’m pregnant…? Kale, your baby is in my belly…”

Reina opened her eyes wide and gasped.
I knew this day would come someday, but I was really pregnant. She blinked her eyes in joy and surprise, but then she began to cry.

“Me too… I’m a proper mother now.”

“Congratulations, Raina.”


But her celebration did not end with her alone.
Everyone took tests just to be sure, and found that both Bianca and Tanya were pregnant.

She had no idea that Bianca would be pregnant, but she had my child implanted in her womb.
The excited feelings were there for a while…

“What? Why isn’t I the only one?”

It was like that. Bella was not pregnant.

“Kale. Please check again. Did you make a mistake?”

“That’s right. Please check again.”

However, even after examination, the inside of the uterus is clean.

I shook my head left and right, saying I was sorry.

Was it sad that I was the only one who couldn’t get pregnant when everyone else did?

I always smile… Bella, who was called the crazy bitch of the empire and the always smiling witch, couldn’t hide her sadness and cried.


“Come here. Come here, Bella.”

It’s definitely a time to celebrate having a child… Because of that, all my women had to go up to her and comfort her.
Perez and I were deep in thought.

– That’s strange. Why isn’t Gwangnyeon pregnant? Gwang-nyeon, who was definitely cumming, was the first to receive it.

‘It’s probably the most in terms of number of times.’

But why didn’t I get pregnant?

I used the magic of clairvoyance on her lower abdomen again and took a close look.

One possibility suddenly passed through my mind.

“Could it be… Philosopher’s Stone?”

A stone with vast magical power created in imitation of a dragon heart.

It was stuck in one of Bella’s eyes.

However, the Philosopher’s Stone was difficult for the human body to handle.

Numerous attempts have been made throughout history, but all the test subjects failed because their bodies were broken, and recovery techniques were used to protect against them, but to no avail.

Everyone went crazy from the pain of their bodies being broken for 24 hours.

‘First, in Bella’s case, it’s masochism. She lives, but with her mad tendency to enjoy suffering blooming…’

Even so, her body was still repeatedly broken and repaired.

The healing power was so great that Bella would even regenerate her hymen every time, and she wondered if the Philosopher’s Stone was the most likely cause of her infertility.

“Fuck. Then I’ll just grab this stone and remove it…”

“Calm down, Bella. You’ll die if you do this.”

“Let go! I’m going to have Cale’s child too. I’m going to have it! Oh!”

Because of her recklessness, I gave her one of her chestnuts.

Bella cried as if she was sad when I beat her to death in a situation where she couldn’t have children.

“Calm down, Bella. I’ll take care of it. I’ll let you have my baby too.”

“… Really?”

“Yes. Just like always, you can only trust me this time. I will take care of everything.”

“… Sniff. I really only trust you. I believe anything Kale says… So I have to let you have your child too.”

Only then did Bella calm down and hug me.
Three other women also came up to us and hugged us tightly.

– But is there really a way? From what I see, there is no problem with fertilization, but conception is the key.

‘If it’s an idea, there’s a solution.’

– Oh?

Perez, who caught a glimpse of my thoughts, let out a sinister laugh.

If all goes according to my plan, there would be no problem with me and Bella having a child.

‘I just need your help, Perez. Is it possible?’

– Of course! You’ve seen Themis transfer fertilized eggs many times. It’s not difficult to follow at all.

‘Then all I have to do is find a container to transfer Bella’s fertilized egg.’

And the bowl was not far away.

I stroked the red head of the twintails that were crying sadly. Bella hugged me and rubbed her cheek against her upper body.


“Marquis. The First Empress, Her Highness Angelica, would like to see you today.”

“Her Highness Victoria, the Third Empress, has something important to say and would like to see you.”

As I left Raina’s lodgings after a pleasant lunch break, the two maids hurriedly approached me.

Their faces were quite gaunt, and it was possible to get a glimpse of their owners’ condition at a glance.

– Looks like you’ve polished it up a bit.

Among the empresses, Scarlett is the only one who is not impatient. Everyone will get upset.

“We go first.”

“Kale. Guaranteed later!”

My women, including Raina, came out of the dorm and left first. In the lonely hallway, I raised my hand to apologize to the two maids.

“I’m sorry. I have a lot of official duties… I think it will be difficult right now.”

“That… Please reconsider. Don’t you know how much Angelica is looking forward to meeting the Marquis?”

“His Majesty also told us to focus on identifying Halstenberg for now. Please understand.”

“But please, Marquis… It will only take a moment. Just ten minutes is enough.”

When I refused, the 1st Empress’s maid had an earnest look on her face.

She then glanced sideways at the third empress’s maid, who was still standing. He poked her in the side, asking if she was going to leave like this without any results today.


However, the maid of honor of the Third Empress remained silent.

She is already my believer. The moment she said no, she had already accepted it.

“I will put things in order as soon as possible and resume the education of the prince and princess. I will see you then.”

Then the First Empress’s maid looked slightly dissatisfied.

“But… Don’t you visit Empress Vivien every day?”

It was like that. I always stopped by the Second Empress Palace every evening.

The other empresses may have thought that they stayed there for about two hours every day, but in reality, they were greeting each morning there.

And the reason was simple.

– That’s right, she just ate it. If you take this opportunity to give yourself a lot of dick, your love will last a long time!

“The vacancy in Duke Fellermill’s position is worse than I thought. There is a reason for everything, so please tell His Majesty to be mindful. Also, tell him that I will come and find him when the time comes.”

“… I understand. But I’ll be waiting in case you change your mind.”

She was a pretty persistent maid. No. Maybe the impatient First Empress told me not to think about returning to the palace today unless she brought me back.

Anyway, the maid of honor of the Third Empress, who had been quiet until now, secretly sent me a signal.

I pretended to rest my chin for a moment and flicked my hand.

The magic that appeared from my fingertips flew and landed on the 1st Empress’s maid who was bending down at her waist.


She stumbled for a moment and then collapsed onto her floor. Sleep She fell asleep under a spell.
3 The empress’s maid took off her clothes, laid them down neatly next to her, and knelt before me. She looked up at me quietly with her naked body.

“Do you have anything to report?”

“Yes, master.”

She unzipped my pants and started sucking my dick. She took a shower and my prick, which had become soft, quickly became shiny with saliva.


As I stiffened my erect dick and instructed her, she stuck out her buttocks and swallowed my dick.


A happy moan came out, and soon the maid moved her mouth, rubbing the dick with her pussy.
Her white and desirable buttocks hit the head of my prick.

“Ugh. Ah… It looks like Her Highness Victoria has slowly reached her limit. She had trouble sleeping last night… Oh, well… She didn’t even eat properly this morning…”

“How many days is it today?”

“It’s the fourth and third day.”

– Hmm. Then it would be a good idea to meet today or tomorrow?


– If you go beyond that, you may fall into a stage of resignation or rationalization.

Let’s take a look.

The maid’s movements became faster. My big cock was completely swallowed up to the base by her pussy and spit out again and again.
I could feel the soft uterus through the tip of her glans.
It is said that a completely relaxed uterus is sweeter than any other meat, and the maid was making me realize that for myself.

– Aslan. What should I do?

‘Well, it’ll be okay to work on it today. There also happens to be a problem with Bella.’

In fact, the moment she received the maid’s report, her decent plan came to mind. The 2nd Empress, the 3rd Empress, and the Bella issue… A good plan to handle it all at once.

However, for him to do so, he had to inevitably meet the Third Empress, and to do so, he had to give a reasonable reason to the First Empress, whom he had avoided so far.

Otherwise she’ll realize that I’m not on her side… She said it was too early to reveal the truth.

“Ang. Aang. Haaaaan…!”

– But how?


As I was quietly thinking about what to do about it, a student appeared at the end of the hallway.

She was a beautiful woman with blue eyes and platinum hair.

“Eh… What are you doing in the hallway right now…”

Get Me Pregnant!

Get Me Pregnant!

임신 해줘!
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Falsely accused.
The death penalty.
So I said.
"The emperor is a fucking asshole, don't live like that."


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