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Get Me Pregnant! 281

Get Me Pregnant! 281

Chapter 281 – #280 in the Bathroom, the Two Empresses Started Fighting Over Me.

Again. Ttogak.

A woman moves her feet accompanied by her maids.
The pure white dress with pink lining announces the warmth of spring, and the slightly darker pink hair is like seeing flower petals fluttering in the spring breeze.

“Meeting the Third Empress, Victoria Kshanberg.”

At her appearance, the knights guarding the entrance to the Second Empress Palace politely bowed.

One of her maids came up behind her and bowed her waist to her.

“Your Highness Victoria. What are you doing at this hour?”

“I came because I have something to talk about.”

“Her Highness Vivien is currently chatting with the Marquis of Cranberry. How about next time?”

Empress Victoria spread her fan. Next to the maid were the hands and feet of the 1st Empress Angelica.
Perhaps that child was also waiting to meet the Marquis of Cranberry.

Victoria Upon her appearance, she saw the child give her a puzzled look.

‘Angelica. It looks like you still haven’t figured out the situation. At a time when all the empresses were focused and competing, she sent her only maid.

Victoria opened her mouth with her dry eyes.

“I came here because I knew. Please guide me to where the two people are.”

But the Empress’s maid bows even deeper.

“… I apologize, Your Highness. Your Highness Vivien said that no one should be allowed in during the chat with the Marquis of Cranberry.”

Empress Victoria’s hand, which was fanning her, suddenly stopped.
Her gaze quietly turned to her maid.

“So… You’re saying you’re going to block my path now?”

“That’s not it…”

“Other than that, what exactly does the statement just mean?”

“Well, that is…”

The corners of the Third Empress Victoria’s eyes sharply rose.

She raised her voice and shouted loudly.

“Get out of the way! If you are arrogant and block my path from now on, I will apply the imperial law and make you pay a heavy price!”

“So, I’m sorry!”

“I have instructions from your master, so I will not ask you to lead the way, but do not block the path ahead. At that moment, the three clans will be destroyed.”

Due to her ferocious spirit, her knights and maids quickly opened the way.
Victoria passed them by and walked towards where Vivien and Cale would be. She had a serious face and was thinking about something.

‘By the way, you’re still with Vivien… I thought I would wear sexier underwear.’

She was Empress Victoria, who belatedly regretted that she should have worn something completely transparent.

‘Whew. But what should I do?’

Her face became quite heavy as she moved her feet.
Of course, the Marquis of Cranberry had proposed to her several times.

To become her own slave. Then she will guarantee that future.

‘The problem is that I rejected them all. She didn’t even know his sinister intentions… Like a fool…’

She is she who has mingled her body with the Marquis of Cranberry countless times. Therefore, Empress Victoria now almost knows what kind of person Cale is.

So it was bad.

I was wondering what I could do to ease his mood and avoid any harm.

She said, ‘If you had whispered love to me instead of being a slave, she would have responded right away… That would have been impossible.’

She herself is the empress of this country.

She is the emperor’s wife.
And he is just a servant who serves him.

There was an unbridgeable gap between them. That position could not be filled unless she married a member of the royal family.

A small sigh escaped Victoria’s mouth.

‘Ha. I can’t believe I’m going through this much trouble just because of one of my subjects… Anyway, I can’t think of a way. For now… I have no choice but to meet you.’

That was the moment she entered Vivien’s study.

“Vivian. This is Victoria. I’ll go in. Vivien?”

I open the door and look around, but there is no one.

Neither Cale nor Vivian could be seen in the spacious study.

“It’s strange. Judging by the tea on the table, I think it was here…”

If it had been anywhere other than this building, the things below wouldn’t have blocked the road. Clearly those two were somewhere in this building.


At that time, she heard the sound of water in her ears.

The moment she turned her gaze in that direction, an object on the floor caught her attention.

“Huh? This is…”

It was a man’s pants and underwear.

A realization came to Victoria’s mind.


Her legs move quickly without her knowledge.
The sound of water gradually getting closer.

And someone’s tickling moan.


I opened the door.

A man and a woman were embracing in a steamy space.

A young black-haired man was sitting, and on top of him, a red-haired bitch was eagerly teasing his buttocks.

A vein appeared on Victoria’s neck.

“Vivien you!”

“Eh? Rain, rain, Victoria?”

“What are you doing, Lord Cale… You can’t leave right now!”

Vivian gets up from her seat in shock at her yelling.

But at that moment, a fire ignited even more inside Victoria.

Pattering in the anus between Vivien’s crotch… I saw a large amount of semen spilling out.

“Everyone, get away from my Lord Kayle right now!”


Victoria ran up after her and pushed Vivian. Vivien fell and fell into the water in the bathtub.

Vivian glared at her with a look of bewilderment on her face.

“What are you doing so rudely, Victoria?”

“Where are you shouting so loud? You little bitch!”

“Are you done with what I’ve said now? You’re a girl with nothing to boast about except your breasts!”

“What?! Aren’t you going to take back what you said right away?! And now you’re in a position to shout at me? What are you doing with your servant?”

“Well, well, that’s none of your business! The Marquis is mine. All I have to do is trust him!”

“You, you…! Do you want to die because this matter is revealed to the emperor?! Come to your senses!”

“This is my job, Vivien Kshanberg! You should take care of yourself!”

The two empresses glared at each other and growled.

Surprisingly, Vivian was doing well.

Even dogs can take advantage of their own home, and it was only natural that the owner of this place was Vivien.

Also, Vivien was now like a cow with its owner by its side. As long as I was by her side, she had nothing to be afraid of.

“Why don’t you go back to her own palace, Victoria? Lord Cale doesn’t seem very happy to meet you either.”

“What, what?”

Victoria turned her gaze to the side.
I had my arms crossed and a sullen face.

In fact, Perez and I were watching this situation in our hearts with great amusement, but she was deliberately holding Victoria’s weight as she was planning on messing with her.


Victoria is shaking and unable to speak.

Vivien hits her again.

“Please get out of here, out of my palace right now, Victoria.”

“Okay. I’ll come back later. But before that, Sir Cale, I have something to say…”

I shook my head.

“I’m currently meeting Vivien. Next time… I’ll see you next time when I get a chance.”

“… I understand.”

Victoria turned around with her shoulders slumped.
Vivian was excited to see that and hugged me.

“Thank you for taking my side, Lord Kayle!”

“Haha. No. It was something that should have happened.”

“How… But will it be okay? I spoke confidently just now, but if I even tell His Majesty about this now…”

I hugged Empress Vivian and stroked her head.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of everything.”

Victoria can’t talk about this.

Because. Because he has the same relationship with me.

When this matter is revealed, her name will naturally be mentioned in my mouth, and more than anything, it is a time when Raina is on her way to success.
Empress Victoria could never snitch on me. I am her long-time dream… Because it was hope itself.

“Then shall we enjoy what we have been enjoying? Vivien. Place her hands on the wall over there and stick her butt out over here.”

“Do you mean like this?”

“Okay. Then I’ll go straight to my stuff.”

I push my dick into Empress Vivien’s wide open asshole, which has already cummed twice.

Although it was somewhat less enchanting than her pussy, Empress Vivien’s asshole was also quite beautiful.

Biting the dick so deliciously… I knew very well how to make a man feel good about things.

“Then it goes right into the roots!”

“Sssssle lengther.

Every time I raise my waist strongly, a rough ripple appears on my buttocks.

Pang pang. The pure white buttocks hit the head of my prick and turned red. The flesh of the asshole goes in and out with the dick, and repeats strangely.

I grabbed the hair of Empress Vivien, who was panting roughly.

Then he pulled her head and plunged his dick into her anus without mercy.

“Ang. Ang… Ke, Lord Cale… It’s violent…”

Indecisive, she never told me not to do something, even with a frown on her face.
She was happy that I had chosen her in front of another empress, and happily accepted any rude behavior I had.

So, I toyed with her body, tasted it as much as I wanted.

He laid her down like a dog, climbed on top of her while holding her hair, and mercilessly beat her white buttocks with his palm.

“Hang. Haang. Sir Cale. Sir Cale…!”

I pulled my cock out of her and motioned her to her.

“Please suck it with her mouth.”

The empress sucks the dick that went in and out of her anus without making a sound.

I saw her looking up at me from underneath her cock, haha. I felt conquered. I grabbed her head and pushed it a little further under my crotch.

“Vivian. Would you please clean my anus too?”

“Side. Jjook. Jjook…”

‘Tsk. It’s really awesome. The empress, who is currently the most successful person in the empire, is licking my asshole.’

How many men can treat the empress of a country like a prostitute?

I stretched out my hand to the Empress, who had her head buried in my anus. As I stroked her head, I immediately heard a pleasant humming.

“You’re doing good. That’s right. Please suck all the way inside.”

“Side. Jjook… Haung♥”

Okay, so now the only thing left for the Second Empress is pregnancy… Let’s set our next goal.

First, re-educate the three empresses, who were full of quirks and fussiness, and then re-educate the remaining one. 1Let’s think about how to eat the Empress.

Phew. At the thought of eating that prickly and arrogant Empress Angelica, her dick was already aroused.

“Vivian. I’m going to cum now. Please spread your legs.”

“Yes. But not in the vagina. It would be a huge problem if I got pregnant♥”

“Haha. I know. Open your asshole. I’ll spray it all over your stomach.”

Empress Vivien lay flat on the floor and spread her ass wide. I got on top of him and pushed my fully erect cock, which was about to ejaculate, all the way inside.

“Oh. Ah… Something hot is coming inside!”

Empress Vivien is trembling and urinating between her crotches.

I pulled her hair and kissed her. Empress Vivien squeezed her anus as if she was happy.

“We will be injecting more into the front soon, so look forward to it.”

As I quietly whispered into my ear, she squeaks and says,

No, her body answered.

Come on. Kkook Kkook♥

Get Me Pregnant!

Get Me Pregnant!

임신 해줘!
Status: Completed Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Falsely accused.
The death penalty.
So I said.
"The emperor is a fucking asshole, don't live like that."


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