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Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 6

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 6

Chapter 6 – Encyclopedia of Females (2).

The ‘tower’ consisted of floors 1 through 100.
You can enter the tower through portals that are spread throughout major cities in each country.
It is possible to enter anywhere, except in the countryside.

There is also a portal in Gwanghwamun Square.
The ‘Milky Way’ guild training team 4 gathered today at Gwanghwamun.

“Are you all here?”

Choi Da-eun appeared in a semi-suit as usual.
Casual black pants and a blazer, not heavy, only took care of dignity.

Armed with a thorn whip.
It’s not completely long-range, but it can attack monsters or boost the morale of allies from mid-range.
It’s forced to go berserk half way, but….

“Looks like everything is here.”

Choi Da-eun glanced at her 4th team.
When his gaze passed me, the expressionless impression crumpled.
She was blatantly showing off her dislike.

‘Rather than hate….’

A thicker feeling of malice, closer to hatred.

Has anyone ever hated me this much?

Whether Choi Da-eun hates me or hates me, all I have to do is do my part well.
I won’t give you a justification so that you don’t fuck with me.

“I’m going to the third floor today too. The dungeon is the same ‘orc village’ as last time, as long as you don’t make stupid mistakes…. It’s a dungeon that you can easily pass through, so please.”

Choi Da-eun glared at me and finished her words.
“Please” Had a very strong accent.

‘It’s different from last time.’

Increased stats by 7.
Besides, she also learned a skill.

You can’t compare it to two days ago.
The me then and the me now were completely different people.

“Goes. Follow me quickly.”

Choi Da-eun straightened her whip and walked out in front of her.
The portal powerfully wrapped around five F-rank hunters and one C-rank hunter.

* * *

When you enter the ‘Tower’, you can choose the floor you want.
She was able to climb up to the floor she had previously climbed at once.
Is it a kind of save point?

Training Team 4 reached the 3rd floor straight away.
The background of the third floor is a mountain about 1,000 meters above sea level.
Orcs living in a village in the mountains are the owners of the 3rd floor.

Hunters rob each orc village and take the loot.
Among them, the least useful one is the ‘Orc Warrior’s Ring’, which increases strength and stamina by 1.
It is a level of equipment that would be perfect for F-class hunters to wear.

‘… You can only get it if you kill an Orc Great Warrior.’

Choi Da-eun calculated the power of the 4 fostering teams following her.
Can you rob the ‘orc village’ with those bastards?
No matter how you look at it, it’s fucking unsettling.
In particular, Park Seon-woo was a problem.

‘Make another mistake, then I’ll just kill you.’

I recalled the humiliation she received at the ‘Milky Way’ guild office.
I can’t open my eyes to see those people with no skills showing off.
As if meeting the probationary members was good enough….

Choi Da-eun grinded her teeth.
Quickly, the molars rubbed savagely.

Looking at the wildly shaking shoulders, the 4 training teams shrank their bodies.
If you make a mistake, you will be swept away by that fire.
I had to minimize my mistakes and think well so as not to be intrusive.

In the meantime, Park Seon-woo doesn’t notice.
He climbs the mountain road, and he mumbles something behind him.

“Is it really that hard? If you’re already this hard….”

Please shut up, the F-rank hunters of the 4th team could not bear to open their mouths.
I swallowed what I wanted to say.

This wasn’t their job.

“Quiet and follow, fuck.”

As soon as Choi Da-eun growled, he immediately became quiet.
Park Seon-woo put out his mouth and moved on.

The eyes are unusual.
A face that looks like it’s going to crash again.


Lee Cheol-hwan, an F-class hunter who served in the military and was discharged as an army sergeant reserve, sighed.
The hunter on the same team was wearing the same expression that only junior juniors who were said to be the best in the company had….
The situation was just frustrating.

‘I hope today passes safely.’

All 4 teams had the same idea.
I hope that poor hunter over there will tie up the orcs well….
I longed for it.

“It’s here.”

Found the hidden Orc colony.
A nest of orcs located under the cliff.

[I found the dungeon, ‘Ork Carlak’s Village’!]

It is a dungeon that the ‘Milky Way’ guild has reported in advance.
A dungeon prepared for the 4 teams.
This itself was an investment for F-class hunters.

By the way, there is one F-class hunter who can coolly roll up that investment.

Every time Choi Da-eun saw Park Seon-woo, a thousand dollars boiled inside.
Being ignored by D-class hunters who aren’t a dick, having to endure sexual harassment from the guild master, it’s all because of Park Seon-woo.
I can’t help but be angry

“Clean up the outer Orcs in turn. If the number is too many, subtract all the way back.”
“Let’s do it slowly. Don’t jump if you think you’ll get aggro. Are you listening, you fucking rom?”

Thanks to Park Seon-woo, who answered coldly, Choi Da-eun’s eyes were about to turn over.

‘Patience, patience. You can kill him later.’

Choi Da-eun was convinced that Park Seon-woo would make a mistake.
Park Seon-woo, whom she had seen so far, was that kind of guy.
An asshole who makes mistakes when it matters and puts the team at risk.

“Let’s go.”

Choi Da-eun gave her order to the fostering team 4.
Then, five F-class hunters slowly approached the orc village.

Only five F-rank hunters from the 4 training teams were actually going to raid the dungeon.
Choi Da-eun tries to rescue the team only when it is in danger.
At that moment, the attack will fail, and you will hear ridicule from the ‘Milky Way’ guild.

The whole process is being recorded on the body cams of F-class hunters, so other tricks don’t work.
She had to wish her well.

Park Seon-woo was in charge of the avant-garde.
Armed with a shield, he confidently walked ahead.

“Chuck, are you going slowly? Why are you in such a hurry?”

Supporter of the 4th team, Lee Eun-seo, caught Park Seon-woo.

During the last hunt, I was greatly scolded by Park Seon-woo.
The orcs ran amok and attacked the ranged dealers and supporters behind them.
If it wasn’t for Choi Da-eun, if it was a real battle, the worst ending would have been annihilation.

Because of that experience, Lee Eun-seo was instinctively wary of Park Seon-woo’s sudden actions.

‘Why are you so proud? Aren’t you afraid even if you suffer like that?’

I couldn’t understand.
He was kicked by an orc and hit enough to break his leg and bruise all over his body.

Are you optimistic?
I know I’m not like that.
Was too carefree.
Even if you are very nervous, it is not enough.

Outskirts of the orc settlement.
Three orcs are patrolling.
It moved in a certain area repeatedly like a monster with a command input.


Standing in front of the orc, Seonwoo Park tapped his shield.
He drew aggro from the three orcs who were on guard duty.

Coo uh oh!

The orcs immediately rushed towards Park Seon-woo.
Only 3 floors, small dungeons, crappy monsters.

Seonwoo Park swung his shield with courage.
The movement was natural thanks to the skill, ‘use of shield’.

‘This is it!’

He hit the orc’s body hard.
It was not a clumsy shield strike, but a strike with skill.


The orc tumbled across the dirt floor.
Park Seon-woo’s power was unexpected, as if he hadn’t expected it, and he showed a puzzled look.
However, he soon got up and raised his club.

Coo uh!

Block with a shield and strike.
If you see an opening, insert your sword.
It also fires long range support from behind.

“What… ?”

Team 4 was showing quite a team-like chemistry.
Choi Da-eun also watched their hunt with surprised eyes.

“What, what?”
“Why is this happening?”
“Something seems very stable….”

There is no anxiety while hunting three orcs.
They just had to believe in the tankers standing tall and holding out, and pour in the firepower they had.

Coor… !

The orcs collapsed one by one.
Orcs whose vitality was exhausted returned to the soil, dropping coins and material items in their place.

It is used to buy items in the base town located on each floor.
The more there are, the better the coin.
Of course, all the coins earned by hunting by the 4 fostering teams belong to the ‘Milky Way’ guild.

The F-class hunters were in a position to be grateful just for allowing them to hunt dungeons.

Choi Da-eun took the coins and items dropped by the orcs.
Then, I glanced at Park Seon-woo’s back.

‘Are you finally acting like a human? This fucking asshole is finally… !’

Has grown
He’s been in place even after rolling for three months, but he seems to be able to do it for one person.
It was rewarding to beat him like a pork cutlet on the last hunt.

If I keep going like this, I think I can blow a cool blow to Hwang Deok-soo.

However, their wish did not last long.
Park Seon-woo, unable to control his self-growth, crossed the line by excessively pulling aggro,
I made the mistake of waking up the Orc warrior who was sleeping in the Orc village.

“Fuck it, I knew it would be like this.”
“Wait. I’ll try.”

The moment Choi Da-eun grabbed the thorn whip and headed for the orc warrior.
Park Seon-woo stopped her.

She revealed her unreasonable confidence that she would try to deal with the Orc Warrior.
Choi Da-eun glared at Park Seon-woo and laughed.

“Try it somewhere.”

Are you going to excuse yourself that it wasn’t a mistake?
If I could get past the crisis now, would I be able to avoid responsibility?

It’s like
It was funny to be cunning.

Choi Da-eun slowly began to loosen her wrists.
To kill Park Seon-woo.


An orc warrior crawled out of the hut with a greatsword.
Then, he spotted the intruder and swung his arm, closing the distance in an instant.
The greatsword hit Park Seon-woo’s shield.


Park Seon-woo, who was stuck far away.
I couldn’t get up after that.
It seemed like it was completely gone.

Haha, fuck you. Wake up that bastard and bring him to me.”

Saying that, Choi Da-eun strikes her with a whip.
A savage roar exploded.
The orc’s flesh was also scattered.

Coo! Uh

The Orc Warrior howled.
He shed bloody tears as he was hacked to pieces with a whip of thorns.

And Park Seon-woo was also trampled by Choi Da-eun.

“A billion, a billion! Buy, save me….”
“Do you not make a mistake? Is that difficult? You can do as you are told, is that difficult?”
“Ah… !”

Today, my legs are about to break because of Choi Da-eun, not because of the orcs.

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

어플로 S급 헌터를 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I got a training app that can summon opponents to the training room."It's S-class and it's Nabal, and to the assistant's room for now."If you eat and don't get caught, you're good.


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