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Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 5

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 5

Chapter 5 – Encyclopedia of Females (1).

There are several ways to level up.
A typical example is entering the ‘tower’ and going around the ‘dungeon’.
You can grow your abilities by hunting monsters.

The next step is to gain experience and level up.
1 bonus ability is given for 1 level.
With that, you can level up the skills you need.

But what about me?

‘It’s just that the level is left the same and only the ability is raised.’

This is a hit
Of course, other hunters do it like eating, but for me, it was the first feat in my hunter life.

He raised his stats by a whopping 7 overnight.
I only had sex with the “Training App”, But it was like raising the level by 7.

Strength and stamina increase.
That means you’ll be safer than in the ‘tower’.

Da-Eun Choi and the other Team 4 members who were ignoring me, just hit me in the head.
You don’t have to bow your head in front.
There is no need to die in front of those bastards.

What I gained was not only ability.
Completed some basic achievements, rewarded with very nice items.

[Butt bouncing (touching butt and bouncing)]
─ Touch ‘man’ and bounce 1 time (1/1)
[Cum in the vagina and bounce)]
─ Reverse Summon 1 time after ejaculation before the opponent recognizes it (1/1)
[Eolssattwi (ejaculate on the face and bounce)]
─ Wrap in the face and reverse summon 1 time (1/1)
[Nipple clothespin]
─ 1 Hard Pinch (1/1)
[…… ]

I put into practice one by one the eccentricities that immediately came to mind.
The ‘Frying’ series was mostly helped by Kim Ji-hye.
The reaction was intense and there was a splashing taste.

[Super strong aphrodisiac]
─A powerful potion enough to make even an elephant’s cock stand up.
[Female Encyclopedia]
─ The target saved as a training target can be summoned anywhere.
[Sleep mask]
─ A special sleeping mask that blocks all light the moment you put it on.

Items obtained through achievements are currently playing in the ‘Inventory’.
Just looking at it makes me feel happy.
I don’t know when I’ll use it!

‘It would have been better if it had been a feature added ticket.’

Being a human being myself, I couldn’t stop feeling a little regretful.

“By the way….”

Online communities have been buzzing since dawn this morning.
While I was picking up all the women in the officetel with the 「Teaching Assistant App」, People were discussing the attack on the 47th floor starting this morning, not a discussion.

Is it possible? Is it impossible?
Isn’t it premature for Korea?

[If you think you can’t penetrate the 47th floor in Korea, let me know]
─ First of all, mehaha

[Really, I think Japan is better without skipping a beat]
─ Long Live the Empire of Japan
└ ㅋㅋ I need to break all the heads of you assholes
└ Yes Daum Jjangkaeseonjok
└ Xi Jinping’s bastard idiothaha

[I just want my wife to be safe]
(Photo of S-class hunter Han So-ra entering the ‘Tower’)
HeheSora-chan, don’t get hurt!!!!
└ It’s really disgusting lol If I were Han So-ra, I’d find this bastard first and sue him
└ I write constantly, but I wish it would just stop.
└ Since when did my wife become your wife? Fuck you!

The people who tremble with the damn plague among themselves.
Perhaps because it is a place with a negative tendency among the community, there was not much talk about attacking the 47th floor of the tower.
There was only shit that didn’t help at all.

I checked the atmosphere by lowering the mouse wheel.
There are people who support the challenge on the 47th floor, and public opinion is worried everywhere.

[Let’s learn about ‘Chosun’, a guild with three S-class hunters]
[What is the probability of success in conquering the 47th floor of ‘Chosun’, the only large guild representing Korea?]
[‘Chosun”s master S-class hunter Jang Joo-won, ’47th floor, very confident….’]

The media was sending the large guild ‘Chosun’ to the end of the universe to challenge the 47th floor.

They are clearly living and breathing under the same sky, but the worlds they live in are completely different.
Someone crawls around in F-rank, and someone soars to S-rank.

‘I’m going up too.’

It has wings called 「Training app」.
No, not wings.
It’s like riding on a modern fighter jet.

Even though I only managed to get the attack difficulty F, it was this much.
A more difficult difficulty, what if you go beyond F and train S?
You will be able to receive a huge reward that is difficult to express in words.

You need a woman to do that.
I should go out and check the ranks of the other girls.

Got dressed and went out.
Press the elevator button and wait a moment.
In the meantime, I ran into a neighbor who lives on the same floor.

Familiar face.
I also remember the shape.
A pussy like half-cooked bulgogi.
She was a dark brown woman with impressive wings.

She didn’t pretend or pretend to know.
Because she wasn’t a woman worth fucking and eating unless she was in heat.
Because we don’t know each other in the first place.

We rode the elevator together and went down to the first floor.
Thanks to ‘dreaming’, it seems that the rape I suffered last night was a dream.
The effect is very certain.

I suppressed my laughter and got out of the elevator.
Go straight out of the first floor.

I turned on the “Training assistant app” On my smartphone and walked while searching for a “Summon target.”

[Search for people within a 20m radius]
[Summonable List (31)]
[Kim Soo-min (NEW!!!)]
[Jooyeon Kim (NEW!!!)]
[Nam Ji-hyun (NEW!!!)]
[…… ]
[Junhwan Choi (NEW!!!)]

Near cafes were the most searched for.
I was able to look at the profiles of people in the building one by one.

Name, age, difficulty level.
And even the appearance through the SD character.

‘Age and difficulty level are different.’

According to conventional wisdom, older women are more promiscuous than younger women.
It means to open your crotch well.

But it didn’t seem like that at all.

If you are 40 and the difficulty level is B, and if you are 15 and the difficulty level is F….
Write! Tuck!

I want to run right now and stretch my sermon.
But I persevered.
It’s not even my daughter-in-law, but I didn’t want to hear the voice of the old man.

I took a look at the women’s attack difficulty.
F, B, A, C, C, D, F, F….
It was very diversely distributed by age group.

Just because it’s pretty doesn’t mean it’s difficult, just because it’s ugly doesn’t mean it’s easy.
On what basis is the difficulty level set?

I realized it belatedly when I was walking alone thinking deeply.
The fact that the inventory is shining brightly.


Open ‘Inventory’ to check.
The ‘Female Encyclopedia’ I received at dawn was glowing.

As if to use it.

I clicked on the female encyclopedia.
Then a new window popped up.

[Female Encyclopedia]
Please register females.
Registered females can be summoned anytime, anywhere.
[Current female encyclopedia level 1]
[Enrollable females (0 / 1)]

“Five… ?”

I didn’t say anything like this at dawn, but it suddenly came into being.
If I designate a female and register it in the encyclopedia, I can summon it regardless of my location?

This is absolutely awesome

Only nearby women can be summoned, which was a little inconvenient.
If there is a female encyclopedia, that part can be supplemented, so the teaching assistant will be more efficient.

‘It’s unfortunate that only one person can register.’

There is also a level in the female encyclopedia.
As you level up, the number of registrations will increase.

My mouth was already watering.
Who should I register and play with?
I have to choose the one and only seat, a pretty and slender woman.

‘I don’t see women like that on this street.’

Something is not worth it
Enough to give the first place in the female encyclopedia….
I don’t have a hot girl I like.

I finished my outing without any special harvest.
Since I have to go to the ‘Tower’ tomorrow, I decided to just rest.

The sun had set and it was evening time.
I sat down in front of the desk with a moderately cooked fried rice.
Beyond the monitor, the internet community was excited.

[I didn’t know it would really fail]
─ The pups that were picked in the morning
└ It was a joke to be honest
└ It’s not a traitor, what kind of bastard really wants to be like that?

[Wowhaha​​Japan and China have gone over the 50th floor]
─ Why is it that only our country is like an idiot and goes down on the 47th floor?
└ If you twist it, will you go to the 47th floor?
└ That’s why Joseon is a fucking meal. Ahhaha​​Joseon here is not a guildhaha

[Whewhaha​​I only needed my wife to be fine]
(Photo of Sora Han, an S-class hunter coming out of the ‘Tower’ in a messy way)
─ You look sick, my wife ㅠㅠ
└ Your head looks more painful;
└ Doesn’t seem to care about Zugu’s mother who has to watch over her stupid childhaha

The large guild ‘Joseon’ has failed.
He tried to reach the 47th floor, but was mercilessly destroyed.

The ‘Chosun’ guild lost many A-class hunters.
The number reached twenty.
From the standpoint of Korea, it was a loss that was difficult to overcome.

[‘Chosun’ guild, is it okay as it is?]
[The failure of this attack was due to the pride of Jang Joo-won, the guild master of ‘Joseon’….]
[Which country will be the first to reach the 100th floor? USA? China?]

“… It’s no joke.”

One guild is shaken in an instant.
I never thought I’d be blinded like this just because I failed the raid once.

[Isn’t it ‘Haetae’ rather than ‘Joseon’? The voice of Lee Hae-wan, the master of ‘Haetae’, an S-class hunter.]
[The failure of ‘Chosun’ is not the failure of the Republic of Korea. Let’s find out about the large guilds in Korea.]
[The fluctuating Korean guild rankings, how far will ‘Chosun’ fall?]

The other large guilds that were keeping Joseon in check helped one by one.
Their voices resonated with the press and public opinion.
Pouring oil on a burning house.

The power struggle between the large guilds was bloody.

It has nothing to do with me.
One day, the goal is to get stuck in that place, but right now, the goal is to do well in the dungeon tomorrow….

“Eh, I don’t know.”

Condition management is very important.
After eating and watching You Tube, I fell asleep early.

The next day, I met with the members of Team 4 of the ‘Milky Way’ guild development team.
Choi Da-eun frowns as soon as she sees her face, this year is quite brutal.

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

어플로 S급 헌터를 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I got a training app that can summon opponents to the training room."It's S-class and it's Nabal, and to the assistant's room for now."If you eat and don't get caught, you're good.


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