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Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 4

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 4

Chapter 4 – Assistant’s Room (4).

There were several functions in ‘Room: Ticket to add features’.
It was a surreal function that was applied only to the teaching assistant’s room.

For example, ‘keep clean at all times’ or ‘increase pleasure’.
It has many useful features in many ways.
But only one ticket.

I had to make a choice.
In order to hide the existence of 「Teaching Assistant App」, I chose ‘Monghwa(夢化)’.

A dream is literally a dream, making the things that happened here into a dream.
It can be turned ON/OFF as needed.

Even if Kang Min-jung is sent back, I will not doubt or question what happened in the assistant’s room.

Just like you don’t go looking for the reason just because you had an unpleasant dream.
‘A dream of being raped.’
Just nothing more, nothing less.

Kang Min-jung will remove his doubts, and I will become safer.

Return it once
Reverse summon Kang Min-jeong with the dream on.
I was left alone in the assistant’s room, which was covered with semen.

“Aw, fuck.”

First of all, you have to clean up the semen.
I already missed the empowerment ticket.
There was always cleanliness there, but then you don’t have to clean it one by one….

The floor was washed and deodorant was applied.
Just as it was the first time, it was ready to welcome the next guests.

The goal is S Coin.
If necessary, let’s go in the direction of attacking other achievements at the same time.

My mouth is watering just thinking about fucking pussies.

* * *

Choi Da-eun, a C-class hunter who failed to attack the ‘Orc Karok’s Village’.
Just like yesterday, she went to work at the guild.

The guild she belongs to is a medium-sized guild, ‘Milky Way’, and a brokerage business that develops F-class hunters and introduces them to medium-sized guilds.

“Kuh-kuh-kuh, you said you failed again? It’s a spectacle, it’s a spectacle.”
“The dungeon is a waste. It’s all money to get the right to attack that.”

As soon as Choi Da-eun went to work, cold eyes poured out around her.
There were many people who felt sorry for Choi Da-eun, who had been hit by the crap.

‘Fucking bastards.’

Fellow hunters who pretended to be whispering and spoke as if they wanted everyone to listen.
Choi Da-eun did not even pay attention to such hunters.
Colleagues doing the same thing, but her sense of fellowship was not as much as the grime on her nails.

[Cultivation Team 4 Team Leader]

A small nameplate is erected in the place of Choi Da-eun.
When she was an E-class Hunter, she transferred and was promoted to a C-class Hunter.
She went from being a regular employee to a team leader, and after that, jealousy of her envy became extreme.

‘Babes with no dicks….’

No skills or anything.
Bitches who are nothing make me annoyed.
That fact made her stressed out.

She has to go up further.
She must not fail.
The moment you fall down, you’re on the same level as those scumbags.
Because I will remain a mere Hunter.

But it’s not easy.
Compared to when she was stronger alone, her difficulty has skyrocketed.
Choi Da-eun’s own growth is also slowing down a bit, and her stress is not the only one.

‘Park Seon-woo, you bastard.’

An F-class hunter who can’t clear even the low-level dungeons on the 3rd floor of the tower.
Because of Park Seon-woo, I don’t know how many times he failed to clear the dungeon.

Pour water into the bottomless dock.

The damage to the ‘Milky Way’ guild was enormous.
What if the dungeon was handed over to another team?
I would have been able to definitely raise the F-class hunters who were apprentice members.

The nuances behind the scenes continued to linger.
Because of being Park Seon-woo’s team, Choi Da-eun had to take all the unfair criticism.

“Mr. Choi Da-eun? It’s a master call.”

Master’s female secretary called Choi Da-eun.
The office was small, so the distance between the master and the team leader was very narrow.

‘It’s funny that there’s even a secretary in the forum, you idiot.’

Choi Da-eun did not look good on the master of the ‘Milky Way’ guild.
She was trash that only revealed women, so she couldn’t be looked upon in a good way.

I also flirted with Choi Da-eun.
She’ll put you in the secretary’s seat, did she sometimes ask for only her counterpart?
It was an offer she didn’t make.

After that, it seems that her backbiting towards Choi Da-eun has gotten worse.

“Master, did you call me?”

Master, I went into her president’s office to meet him, who corresponds to the president by corporate standards.
The greasy-looking ‘Milky Way’ guild master was sitting in a chair.

A gruff looking middle-aged man, her eyes furrowed every time she saw him.

“Chief Da-eun Choi, come and sit here.”

The ‘Milky Way’ guild master, Hwang Deok-soo, gestured.
It was his nature to be kind to women.

‘His personality is shit, but I have to admit this bastard’s ability.’

She can raise an F-rank Hunter.
The same as the expression

Hwang Deok-soo’s skill, “Growth support,” Made it possible.
‘Growth Support’ accelerates the level up of F-class hunters.
To be precise, hunters below level 70 are the target.

No matter how talented a Hunter is, he can easily grow up to level 70, that is, D-class.
After that, I receive an introduction fee from the senior guild and send it.

It is thanks to this background that the guild can be operated without climbing the ‘Tower’.
It was almost the only one among small and medium guilds.

Even if he was Choi Da-eun, his ability itself was acknowledged.

Choi Da-eun frowned and sat down in a chair.
The secretary simply served coffee.
Mix coffee.

I had to pretend to be plausible, but in the end, I got the feeling that it was a small and medium guild.

“What is your business?”

Not even a sip of coffee.
Hwang Deok-soo was not a trustworthy man.

“I called because the atmosphere of the 4th team seemed to be in a bad mood these days.”

Daeun Choi is currently in charge of Team 4.
I’ve been raising it since half a year ago, but it just didn’t have an answer.

In particular, Park Seon-woo was a problem.

‘… If it wasn’t for the tough skin, I would have thrown it away right away…. Fuck.’

The ‘Milky Way’ guild also found it ambiguous to abandon Park Seon-woo.
It’s extremely rare to have tough skin from level 1, so the money I spent was a waste.
Because the top head, Hwang Deok-soo, couldn’t throw it away.

Choi Da-eun was dragging Park Seon-woo.
It was for this reason that I wished he would just die.

However, Hwang Deok-soo had a different idea.
The reason Hwang Duk-soo did not give up on Park Seon-woo was that he was a bad guy.

The potential is zero.
Hwang Duk-su saw the potential of Park Seon-woo.
Through ‘growth support’, it was possible to differentiate to some extent.

Park Seon-woo is the worst hunter.
No matter how much money he puts in, no matter how much time he spends, he’ll stay in the F grade for the rest of his life.

He’s that kind of guy, so he decided to use it for this plan.
As a muddy swamp to drown Choi Da-eun.

Hwang Duk-soo scanned Da-eun Choi’s body with a dark look.
It was nice to see the well-dressed semi-suit and slender leg line.

‘How dare you decline my offer?’

I took an E-class hunter and raised him, but he shows up without knowing the grace.
A year when all she had was her body.

Training Team 4 was a trap dug by Hwang Deok-soo.
Da-eun Choi’s tomb, the bed on which Da-eun Choi climbed, and Deok-soo Hwang licked her lips while imagining Da-eun Choi’s inner flesh.
He put a sip of coffee in her mouth and savored it.

‘Clear your eyes, old man. Oh, dog fuck.’

Choi Da-eun did not notice Hwang Deok-soo’s ulterior motive at all.
To be so obsessed with it….

“I don’t want to rush. However, I hope that the 4th team will show results soon.”
“Performance, you mean?”
“I saved a dungeon. With this jockey kids, I’m thinking of making a picture that I can show to the government.”

It was a urging to quickly raise the members of the 4th team.

“How long?”
“A month later.”
“… A month later?”

Choi Da-eun’s voice jumped out.
She was embarrassed in front of Hwang Deok-soo because time was running out of time.

Hwang Deok-soo said with the most caring expression on his face.

“I think we can get a big subsidy this time. If you have good data, it will be easier to evaluate.”
“A month later, Team 4 pups…. No, to turn the personnel into people?”
“Why? Can’t you?”

The word impossible didn’t come out of her mouth.
Choi Da-eun had no intention of admitting her own incompetence.

‘It’s all Park Seon-woo’s fault, so why should I feel like I’m wrong?’

Fuck you.
I just want to kill the gazes of people who seem to be laughing at me, and Hwang Deok-soo, who is aiming for my body.

‘Park Seon-woo, that bastard too!’

The teeth were chipped.

“Please, Mr. Da-eun. Have you forgotten the terms of the contract? If you can’t see results…. I have to vomit 20 times the government subsidy as a penalty.”
“… Yes. I know.”
“I’m glad you know. I thought Da-eun had forgotten about it.”

Hwang Deok-soo and Choi Da-eun, who spoke smirk, wanted to break Hwang Deok-soo’s head.
What would she have been like if she had been an A-class Hunter.
You shouldn’t have to suffer like this.

Is not it?
If you become A-class, will you be made fun of by S-class?

Wherever he goes, he is bound to find someone stronger than him.
Children to adults, adults to money, and money to power.

Choi Da-eun stood up from her seat with a hard expression on her face.
He had heard all that was worth hearing, so there was no reason to stay any longer.

Make Park Seon-woo a human.
It was just an impossible mission.

To the point where I’d rather be killed.

‘Fuck, if you say shit in the next dungeon….’

At that time, I might ‘can’t’ stop the dungeon monsters.
Maybe there will be casualties from Team 4?

Choi Da-eun jumped up from her seat and bowed her back.

“Let’s go back to our seats.”
“Okay, go and see the work.”

Hwang Duk-soo planned to wait patiently until Choi Da-eun succumbed.
A woman who gives up and has no choice but to come to be hugged is also a delicacy in her own way.

Choi Da-eun’s big ass twitched.
Do you know?
That her butt is being pursued by men?

“Lock the door for a minute and get under her desk.”
“… Yes.”

Duk-soo Hwang remembered her Da-eun Choi and put her cock in her secretary’s mouth.

* * *

Sex, sex, and more sex all day long!

She used the ‘monghwa’ given to the assistant’s room and ate all the women inside the officetel building.
He continued to drive as much as his energy allowed.

“It made me really sick of it.”

I’m not kidding, it’s real, it seems that the smell of love juice has permeated my cock.

But it wasn’t hard.
At the thought of the reward, she couldn’t stop.
It should be done even if you don’t have an erection.

I finally found a way to become stronger, but I have to build it somehow.

“Status window!”

[Name] Park Seon-woo
[Level] 7
[Occupation] None
[Strength] 5 [Agility] 4 [Stamina] 8 [Magic Power] 1
[Skill] Tough Skin Lv.4 / Shield Utilization Lv.1

“Kuheuu, this is it!”

Why do you go to dungeons?
All you need to do is have sex at home.

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

어플로 S급 헌터를 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I got a training app that can summon opponents to the training room."It's S-class and it's Nabal, and to the assistant's room for now."If you eat and don't get caught, you're good.


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