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Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 3

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 3

Chapter 3 – Assistant’s Room (3).

Hunters who are working hard to climb the ‘Top’ today, ask them.
What is the most important item in the tower?

A hundred would answer, ‘potion’.

The more potions, the better.
There is no one who refuses a spare life.

I also benefited from the potion.
Although it was only a diluted solution provided by the ‘Milky Way’ guild.


The orc splintered leg hurts throbbingly.
Maybe it’s because of the anticipation that it can get better, it feels like my senses are just coming back to life.

First of all, I drank the ‘lowest level recovery potion’.
Like a potion of strength, one-shot at once.


Did you say that you use medicine that is good for your body?
It’s bitter and salty, and it’s tasteless anyway.

But the efficacy was real.

As the bones began to attach, the swollen legs became normal.
The pain is also gone.
When I touched it lightly, I knew it was nothing.

Get up and walk
I got my original stride back.
The limping steps became normal.

“… The best, 「Training app」… !”

The body seems to have recovered, now it is time to conduct an experiment related to the 「Training Assistant App」.

The achievement was achieved through sexual skinship.
If that’s the case, if you go further than that, you’ll be able to break other achievements as well.

But Jihye Kim is not.
I’ve already been summoned twice and even caught, so I’m very anxious.

Kim Ji-hye is not the only one on the summonable list.

[Name] Kang Min-jung
[Age] 23
[Attack Difficulty] F

Kang Min-jung, I decided on you.
Same as Kim Ji-hye, the attack difficulty is F.
I don’t know why it’s F, but I’ll try it first.

I rearranged my mask and put on a mask.
Wanting to have an intimidating weapon, I grabbed a kitchen knife from the kitchen.
I have no intention of doing any real harm with this.

Just have sex
Of course, rape is also a crime….
Innocent until convicted.
So if you don’t catch it, it’s a good thing.

“Let’s go!”

Kang Min-jung Summoned.
Back in the teaching assistant’s room, Kang Min-jung is lying on the gray floor.
She is dressed thinner than Kim Ji-hye.
She was sleeping, scratching her stomach, wearing only a bra and panties, no pajamas.

Rather good
I had to take off her clothes to eat her, but that saved me the trouble.

‘Then don’t hesitate….’

She approached Kang Min-jung without hesitation.
To get S coins, let’s start with Minjung Kang’s pussy and have sex with her.

‘… No.’

It’s not about thinking after you hit it, but drawing it before you hit it.
They started having sex, will Kang Min-jung stay still?
Absolutely not.
I will rise up right away and rebel.

If so, what should I do from my point of view?
You need to take action to avoid struggling.
Putting her in handcuffs or tying her up with a rope.

‘Let’s bring the tape.’

There are no ropes in the house.
Instead, there is some tape.

I immediately found the tape and returned.


Due to repeated summons and reverse summons, Kang Min-jung turned over her body.
She fumbles with her hand for the quilt.

While summoning her again, she briefly presents a blanket.
And summoned again.
The sound of his breath had changed evenly.

Now it’s my turn to go

Turn over Kang Min-jung’s body.
I nudged her to the side and threw her arms back, tying her wrists together.
Even while she was working, Kang Min-jung did not think of waking up.

The bridge must also be sealed.
To prevent possible knee kicks or low kicks, meticulously.
I folded her hamstrings and attached her thighs and calves.
Then I wrapped it around her with tape and secured it.


It was hard work, but the result wasn’t too bad.
It was like seeing a 1:1 size real doll.

Even if I wake up now, I can’t resist.
Unless she’s a D-class hunter, absolutely.

I became completely naked and sat between Minjung Kang’s crotch.
Very uncomfortable feeling due to the hard floor.

I wish I had a bed.
At least a blanket, a little….

‘I’ll have to buy one and put it in.’

It’s a place you’ll visit often.
Since it is the second Park Seon-woo house, it wouldn’t be bad to decorate it to make it comfortable.

At that time, I felt the gaze.
Minjung Kang was looking at me with her eyes wide open.
Clearly, Ji-.

“Huh… !”
“What are you doing?”

Kang Min-jeong asked me while examining her appearance here and there.
Even in this situation, she seemed unconcerned.

I asked why

“Wow, are you frustrated these days? I have dreams like this.”

It was something I couldn’t even imagine being real.
Because it was a dream, she was able to be fine even if she was on the verge of being raped.

‘This is an opportunity.’

Kang Min-jung looks around her with her stupid face.
I carefully stroked Kang Min-jung’s pussy.

“Huh, the feeling is so…. Does it look real?”

Sensing my touch, Kang Min-jung let out an exclamation.
Even though she was being touched by an outsider, she was just enjoying the situation.
It looks like a real disgrace.

“Hey, can I talk to you?”

Kang Min-jung tried to talk.
I hesitated whether to answer or not.

He calmed her heart and bit her mouth tightly.
She could barely swallow her voice.
You must not provide an excuse.

“Tsk, that’s frustrating.”

Kang Min-jung kicked her tongue and moved her hips.
I tried to rub her cunt against my cock.

I gave in to that wish.
He rubbed his cock against her slowly sloppy pussy hole.

Haha…. It’s quite….”

It seems that a tortoise accidentally turned over is wriggling.
If it wasn’t for the female voice, he might have asked where she left the shell on her back.

Kang Min-jung’s body heated up.
Her pussy is glistening with love juice.

‘Attack Difficulty F, is this how it feels?’

I know what F stands for.
The difficulty of attack F meant that it was a piece of junk like an F-class hunter.

‘Then Kim Ji-hye?’

I need to fuck all the difficulty F girls nearby.
For S Coin.

Haha… !”

I thrust my cock into my wet pussy.
I’m only twenty-three, and I’m already feeling baggy.

Maybe I should do some Kegel exercises.
In the distant future, she expresses her deepest condolences to the man who will take this woman with her.

Sizzling, sizzling-!
“Deeper than I thought…. Haeuk, ugh!”

I moved my back.
With my cock, my only source of pride, I mercilessly poked the pussy of a twenty-three-year-old slut.

“Aang, Hang! Forced, bound…. Mandible! I’m suffering… !”

The juice spurted out.
It’s not a dream, but it’s really happening.
I didn’t bother to correct it.

You’ll know everything when you go back.

‘… Wait a minute.’

Another question arises.

How are things?
If you send it back awake….
Isn’t it clear that you feel uncomfortable somewhere?

There’s no answer.
I should have worn a condom.
I stopped looking at her pussy for the first time in a while, and I just fucked her.

Even in the middle of this, my back doesn’t stop.
Not a baggy pussy, but a pussy after all.
In order to ejaculate, he vigorously fucked his cock.

“Kuu… !”

He hurriedly took his cock out of Kang Min-jung’s pussy.
He sprayed semen all over the gray floor.

Push shot, push shot!

Kang Min-jung let out a languid sigh.
Watched me fight.


Her body trembled.
It was more satisfying than masturbation.

And the coming wise time.
The hot head quickly cools down.
Trying to figure out a way to cool off the heat.

“You’re still stiff, aren’t you doing more?”

Kang Min-jung is talking about her every day.
She apparently raped, but it doesn’t look like she did.

The woman is relaxed and the man is nervous.
I feel like I’m being chased.

Once I checked my phone.
S Coins and achievements….

[Achievement achieved!]
[Rape Ada Escape]
─ 1 sex without the other person’s consent (1/1)

[‘Room: Feature Added Ticket’ will be given as a reward!]

[Payment of teaching assistant is in progress!]

[Summon Target] Minjeong Kang
[Settlement] Gentle pleasure, no orgasm.
[Teacher progress] Conditional 100%

Kang Min-jung’s teaching assistant progress is 100%.
It was an incomprehensible figure, but it was passed for now.

‘It’s probably a sign of how obedient he is.’

Literally, how old was the teaching assistant?
I’m guessing it might be telling you that.

In addition, ‘conditional’ is added in front of it.
It must mean that you follow my words only when you recognize it as a dream.

The important thing now is not the progress of teaching, but the reward for completing teaching.
Something that can break through this situation.

Please, 「Training app」 Brother!
‘I’ from another dimension, save me!

“What are you doing?”

Kang Min-jung asked me.
I also want to ask Kang Min-jung.

‘… Can’t I just look at it once?’

I’ll prepare properly next time.
If you just let me go….

All I had in my hand was a single ‘Room: Feature Added Ticket’.
What else can I do with this?
Does this ticket have any chance of turning things around?

‘Uh, uh… ?’

We took a look at the features you can add to your room.
And I had to hold back a laugh.

‘If this is it!’

It will be of great help not only for breaking through the current situation, but also for teaching assistants in the future.

[Use tickets to add features to ‘rooms’!]
[‘Room’ information is newly updated!]

I immediately checked the ‘room’ information.

[Teacher’s Room]
[Lv.1] ─ Dream

For those who believe that this situation is a dream, all you have to do is make it a real dream.

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

어플로 S급 헌터를 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I got a training app that can summon opponents to the training room."It's S-class and it's Nabal, and to the assistant's room for now."If you eat and don't get caught, you're good.


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