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Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 2

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 2

Chapter 2 – Assistant’s Room (2).

I received a smartphone as a gift from ‘me’ in another dimension.
The important thing is the “Training assistant application” Downloaded on the smartphone.

“Achievement achieved?”

I know how it feels.
If you complete the tasks one by one, you will be rewarded accordingly.

I immediately checked my smartphone.

Along with the Achievement Achievement message, a ‘Low Level Strength (+1) Up Potion’ has been created.
A low-grade potion boasting a brilliant color.
I need to go and eat right now.

Click on the screen of your smartphone.
The background changes again, and I’m standing in Jogo’s room.

Click the lowest grade potion again in the ‘Inventory’ of the ‘Training App’.
At that moment, the orange potion began to be summoned.

“Oh, oh oh oh! Oh ok!”

Would a primitive man who discovered fire feel like this?
The splashing orange liquid makes my heart melt.
It gave me confidence that I could do anything with this.

I pulled out the potion stopper at once.
Pong, a very cute sound tickled my ears.
And the sweet scent that follows….


Is it because it’s the lowest?
It smells like shit.
I couldn’t stand it and almost vomited.

[Minimum Strength (+1) Up Potion]
─ When taken, the ‘strength’ ability increases by 1.

Check it out again just in case.
The description written in jeong (正) characters, it’s genuine.
Drinking it really increases your strength by 1.

My heart beats thump thump.
I was worried that it might be coming up from downstairs.


I give this glory to ‘me’ in another dimension.

I drank a strength potion.
I vomited three or four times, but I managed to swallow it.

Light hits my body.
And emerging messages.

[‘Strength’ has risen by 1]
“Oh, oh, oh oh oh oh!”

Please check my information right away.
The power that was 3 has risen to 4.

This is it.
With this, I can become strong like other hunters.

Until now, I was lying flat on the floor because I had no talent!
It’s different now!
With the 「Training assistant app」, One day I will be in S rank… !

In order to do that, you need to get used to the 「Teaching Assistant App」.
You have to be able to use this well so you can increase your stats and acquire skills.

For now, there is only one thing I know of.

Time stops when you are in the assistant’s room.
In other words, it can be seen as a fleeting moment.

‘… A moment?’

Because of one hypothesis, questions poured in.

When I enter the TA’s room, what happens to my body?
Who was summoned?
What will happen in the original place?

Earlier, I summoned Kim Ji-hye.
Kim Ji-hye fell from her chair as if toppling over.

The posture or action you were doing right before summoning will affect you after summoning….

With that in mind, let’s test it out.
If you summon it while everyone is asleep,
Will you be awake? Are you sleeping

While browsing the store, I perfectly realized how to use the 「Training Assistant App」.

‘It’s sex. You have to have sex to become stronger.’

It was literally a ‘teacher’ app.

The ‘shop’ was full of strange items and things.
I guess I’ll just buy it and use it if I need it.
From light aphrodisiacs to bloody adult tools.
Everything was there except for nothing.

In using the 「Teaching Assistant App」, The most important thing is to reduce the risk.
I have to thoroughly hide my face and voice so that my identity is not exposed.

‘There were items like that in the store.’

[Shopping basket]
[Cognition Impairment Mask] [5 S-Coins]
[Voice Modifying Bow Tie] [5 S- Coins]

You need two things: a ‘recognition-impairing mask’ and a ‘voice-modifying bow tie’.
To do so, ten S coins….

Where else do you get coins?
There are too many unknowns.
I couldn’t even go anywhere to ask, but the problem kept popping up.

“Hey, no tutorial?”

No matter how bad a mobile game is, basically, at least a tutorial is given and progress is made.
Does this damn app not care about newbies?

Then, the smartphone vibrated.
The message came as if he had been waiting for it.

[Would you like to start the tutorial?]

It’s not worth worrying about.
A tutorial in a situation full of unknowns.

[Y (optional)/N]

The interface flickers.

[“Training app” Is an application that assists teaching activities]
[Summoning the target moves to the ‘room’. Users can enter the ‘room’ at any time]

It’s a feature I’m aware of.

[You can select a target from the ‘Summon List’]
[You can check the achievements you have completed in ‘Achievements’]
[You can purchase items or tools necessary for teaching assistants in the ‘Shop’]

Only what everyone knows comes out.
Quickly, information I don’t know, things I need to know… !

[‘S-Coin’ can be acquired through ‘Teacher’]

Through an assistant?
You mean you can get S Coins by summoning any girl with the 「Training App」 And fucking eating them?

‘Let’s try it tonight.’

You have roughly finished the tutorial.
At first, there was little information that could be helpful.
Most of the things I learned through my body.

Tutorial done.
Start preparing for the next step.

I took out a black beanie and mask that should have been tucked away somewhere in the house.

“Oh, is it itchy?”

Pull out the hem of the beanie and try it on.
I can barely pull it down to the nose.
Since he even wears a black mask, it is not easy to recognize his face.

‘I cover all the things that could be used as my clues.’

I hurt my leg while going around the dungeon in the tower today.
Even a short walk will make you limp.
If you do it wrong, you may be identified with this injury.

A hole was drilled in the makeshift mask to secure sight.
The fit is not as bad as expected.
With the anticipation that he will do something bad, the tension strangely rises.

He also checked the state of his penis to see if his erection was working properly.
As a hunter, I am insignificant, but as a man, I have quite useful things.
Roughly enough to arouse admiration with one cock.

Shall I take off my clothes? Or wear?
It is troubling in many ways.

I waited until nightfall.
Kim Ji-hye, who was summoned earlier, must go to sleep.

3 am.
Time for most people to fall asleep.
I’m still awake

I plan on summoning Kim Ji-hye and holding a rebellion.

I wore a mask and mask.
Completely covered the face.

I decided not to wear clothes.
I have to take it off anyway, why?

Wait in your underwear.
I’m going to have sex, so I’m wearing the most expensive panties I’ve ever owned.
It’s kind of a match underwear.

Take a deep breath, catch your breath.
After being summoned, never speak.
The voice will also be a clue to track me.

‘Quickly put in and out.’

Turn on your smartphone and run 「Teaching Assistant Application」.
Select Jihye Kim from the available list.
And summons.

The place changes.
In the blink of an eye, it was the assistant’s room.
I urgently found Kim Ji-hye.

What if Jihye Kim is awake?
You have to return it right away.


Fortunately, Kim Ji-hye was sleeping.
Laying flat on her stomach with her hand on her stomach.

I felt strange.
Can I call you out like this recklessly and violate it at will?

A sense of guilt, which I had been trying to ignore, suddenly came to me.

This is a crime
I learned what not to do.
Stop now, my last conscience grabs me and hangs.

“…Everything is for the world.”

‘I’ from another dimension could not conquer the ‘Tower’.
So it was doomed to destruction.

I am different.
I will somehow prevent destruction.
In order to do that, you have to eat Kim Ji-hye.

If you kill one person in everyday life, that is murder.
But if you kill 10,000 people in a war, you become a hero.

Even if the action is the same, the evaluation is different depending on how you look at it.

“It’s sex, it’s sex!”

He licks his lips and approaches Kim Ji-hye.
Kim Ji-hye lying down in pajamas.

Start with a moderately large breast.


Touching her sleeping partner.
Eating without permission

Ignoring the boundaries of law and morality that have been observed until now, I commit a new crime today.

A sense of freedom and liberation that I haven’t felt since becoming a member of society.

The senses come alive.
The erection was stiff.
My cock, which was pushing the front of my panties vigorously, leaked out sticky liquid.

Just then, Kim Ji-hye opened her eyes.


As soon as Kim Ji-hye faced me, she screamed.
Then he immediately lifted his leg and stretched it out as far as he could.
It kicked me in the stomach.


Kim Ji-hye is also an F-class hunter like me.
She has physical abilities that are on a different level than normal women.

Compared to that, my body is a mess, half an asshole.
There is no escape.
Naturally, he was beaten and rolled on the floor.

“이, 이 개새끼! 방금 전에도! 이 미친새끼가!”

I have to run away.
If you go on like this, you will end up in prison.

I urgently canceled Kim Ji-hye’s summons.


Kim Ji-hye being returned.

I haven’t tried anything, but the first challenge has failed.

[Achievement achieved!]
[Touching and bouncing breasts]
─ Reverse Summon by touching only the chest (1/1)

However, it really wasn’t anything.

[‘Lowest level recovery potion’ will be given as a reward!]

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

어플로 S급 헌터를 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I got a training app that can summon opponents to the training room."It's S-class and it's Nabal, and to the assistant's room for now."If you eat and don't get caught, you're good.


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