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Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 1

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 1

Chapter 1 – Assistant’s Room (1).

Towers have sprung up all over the world.
The ‘Tower’ poured out monsters at regular intervals, resulting in many casualties.

A time when even developed countries were helpless.
The ‘Awakener’ appeared.

Those who enter the ‘Tower’ and attack the ‘Dungeon’.
The world started calling them ‘Hunters’.

When the Hunter conquers the dungeon, the world becomes safe.
The monster wave phenomenon, in which monsters pour from the tower, has also significantly decreased since the appearance of hunters.

The status of the Hunters only increased with each passing day.
In such a flow, of course there are those who dream of a one-step reversal.
Like a coin.

The number of young people who have awakened and are looking forward to S rank skills has increased.
I was one of them.
Although I gave in to the unequal reality.

I looked around for a rooted smartphone.
On the empty background screen was a single 「Training app」.

There are no other applications or even stores.
Didn’t see it at all.

The delivery box was also turned over to check the contents.

“USB… ?”

USB dropped.
It seems to have been hidden in the corner of the courier box.
A plain-looking USB.

I can’t help but open this up.

It’s a courier that came in my name anyway.
Whether there was a delivery error or not, it’s not my fault.
I am proud

He went straight to the computer desk.
Turn on the main unit and plug in the USB.

A strange video in an unfamiliar folder.

[To me in another dimension.AVI]
“… What?”

The title of the video is quite ominous.
Apparently, the person who sent this was out of their mind.

I played the video once.

─ Ah, can you hear me?

In a dark room, a man sits in his chair with his head down.
An unpleasant voice rang out from the speaker.

When I recorded my song as a singing practice, I remember that it was this kind of voice.

─ First of all, you should show your face. Because I don’t have time to talk long.

The man slowly raised his face, and when I saw his face, I was startled and fell.
Suddenly, the chair fell backwards.


My leg is still not healed.
A supporter belonging to the same team saved mana.
So I was recovering little by little by relying on Hunter’s natural healing power….

I woke up and got myself up.
The man I saw in the video, I approached the monitor to check again.

─I wonder why you are here….

Stopped the video.
I looked at his face again.

Am I really right?
I’ve never taken a video like this before?

It gave me goosebumps.
I don’t know what kind of kid is playing.

I turned the delivery box upside down and opened it to check the invoice sticker.
The sender is still blank.
The recipient, my name and this address are written on it.

It’s definitely what came to me.
I don’t understand, but it wasn’t a mistake or something.

Once the video has been played.
Since it’s a USB video that comes bundled with a rooted smartphone, there must be an answer in the video.
The guy who sent this courier seems to have something to say to me….

— … I will. Please explain briefly ‘I’ is you from another world line. It’s a world line that was destroyed because mankind couldn’t stop the dungeon.

Are you a crazy kid?

─ ‘I’ couldn’t figure out the subject. I thought I was something Even with the cheat ability, it’s only this much.

I blame my lack of ability with my face.

— Before everything is over, I want to leave at least one small gift to myself on the other world line. I don’t know who will get it…. I hope this will give you strength.

A rooted smartphone is a gift?
I took another closer look at my smartphone.
There was nothing other than the “Training assistant app”.

─ There is nothing special to say about what kind of gift it is. Because it will be the type of item you want the most. From the moment you receive it, you have to figure it out on your own.

The shape I want the most….
It’s still hard to believe.
How on earth could I believe what a man who looked just like me was talking about here and there?

Another world line?
Another me that exists there?

─ Good luck, I hope you save your world.

The boy lowered his voice and murmured something.
He turned the volume up to full, then backed off for about 10 seconds.

─ Good luck, I hope you save your world.
“It is louder than I thought. Sounds good enough….”
─ El, Psai, Kongru.
“… I’m sure it sounds good.”

This baby is right.
There are no tricks.
This is a gift from someone called ‘me’ from another world.

‘I’ll write well, Park Seon-woo.’

The video ended with that.
Since the human race was destroyed, he probably wouldn’t have lived long either.

It is natural to use a gift immediately after receiving it, Koreans’ affection.
Without a moment’s hesitation, I ran the “Training assistant app”.

The ‘me’ of the other world said that this was the type of item I wanted.
So I got more interested.

What item am I looking for?
Please, if it’s not weird.

A great item that will change my asshole life!
Come out, come out!

[Teaching Assistant App]
[I will proceed with user registration]

As soon as I ran it, the screen went black.
White letters on a black background.
A simple, ignorant screen with no design whatsoever.

The anticipation that had risen like the ‘Tower’ was blown away.
If it wasn’t for Park Seon-woo from the other world line, I would have turned it off right away.

I’ll try it once because of him.

‘So how do I register as a user?’

I can’t do anything.
However, the percentage gradually filled up.
It was recognized just by holding it still.

1%, 10%, 52%….

[Complete user registration]
[Park Seon-woo]

The screen has changed.
A translucent cube and an SD character were seen breathing inside it.


Click on the character to zoom in at once.
It was like a normal mobile game.

[Park Seon-woo]

It wasn’t hard to understand, except that the character’s name was mine.

‘Because I registered as a user earlier.’

Understand and move on

First of all, I looked through the contents of the 「Training Assistant App」.
An empty gray room, a character similar to me, and his abilities matched my hunter status window.
I was appalled by that fact.

‘Because it was sent by Park Seon-woo from another world line.’

Even if there is something transcendent, it makes sense.
It wasn’t something I couldn’t understand.

As a result of clicking around and looking around, I was able to come to one conclusion.
「Training app」 Seems to be a training app similar to an idle RPG.
I become stronger by training the character….

Feeling like a tycoon?

‘If you think like that, this means it’s going to get stuck.’

There is one unusual thing in the interface menu.
I understand everything else.
‘Summoning’, this part was the problem.

[Search for people within a 20m radius]
[Summonable List (12)]
[Kang Min-jung (NEW!!!)]
[Jihye Kim (NEW!!!)]
[Heejun Kim (NEW!!!)]
[…… ]
[Han Kyungsik (NEW!!!)]

I opened the summon list and looked at them one by one.
SD characters and profiles appeared that looked like people.
Each SD character had a different appearance.

‘… Are they people who live nearby?’

You could notice it in Han Kyung-sik’s last outfit.
Han Kyung-sik was an officetel security man.

So this is a list of people currently within a 20m radius.

Summoning, summoning list, once you do it, you’ll know.

[Name] Jihye Kim
[Age] 29
[Attack Difficulty] F

Women are better than men
Among the women, I chose a man who was easy.
Kim Ji-hye won the bid.

I immediately summoned Kim Ji-hye.
Then, in an instant, the background changed.

‘Here… !’

All sides are blocked by gray walls.
It is a familiar structure, a cube-shaped room floating on a smartphone.
As soon as someone was summoned, it seemed as if they were transferred to a room in the “Training assistant app”.


I urgently found Kim Ji-hye.
Since it was a summons, I thought Kim Ji-hye would be here too.
My expectations were met exactly.

“Ouch… !”

Jihye Kim collapsed nearby.
In a state similar to that of a horseman, as if sitting in her chair, she was slammed to the ground.

“Excuse me… ?”

Her darling looks around her with her bewildered face as she strokes her ass.
Then his eyes turned this way.

It is completely defenseless.
If I go on like this, Kim Ji-hye might find out about my existence.

Gotta come back, let’s go home
How are you doing?
Fuck this!

I checked my smartphone.
Kim Ji-hye’s character has an ‘unsummon’ icon floating above her head.
I quickly pressed Unsummon.

“Who, who are you… !”

As soon as you cancel the summons, Kim Ji-hye disappears.
The transfer was made before he could finish his speech.

He sat down in the gray room and let out a sigh of relief.

“Should I properly prepare for this?”

I thought I would need to experiment with this and that with the 「Teaching Assistant App」.
I pressed the ‘return’ icon and returned to my officetel studio.

“Okay, first of all, it’s a setting that time doesn’t pass.”

Before and after Kim Ji-hye was summoned, the time was the same.

1. The flow of time stops while you are in the teaching assistant’s room, the room of the 「Teaching Assistant App」.

When you just realized one thing and are happy.
A message appeared on the interface of the 「Teaching Assistant App」.

[Achievement achieved!]
[Summon Ada Escape]
─ Summon 1 time to the assistant’s room (1/1)

[As a reward, you will receive a potion that increases the lowest level of strength (+1)!]

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

어플로 S급 헌터를 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I got a training app that can summon opponents to the training room."It's S-class and it's Nabal, and to the assistant's room for now."If you eat and don't get caught, you're good.


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