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Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 19

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 19

Chapter 19 – Mistakes (1).

The 4 teams of ‘Milky Way’ guild development gathered at Gwanghwamun Plaza.
But what is this?
Team leader Choi Da-eun was nowhere to be seen.
Every day, 30 minutes before, she arrived earlier than anyone else and was waiting.

‘Is it because I applied the medicine yesterday?’

Among the 4 fostering teams expressing doubts, I came up with a plausible reason.
The ‘super-powerful aphrodisiac’ applied to her nipples must have completely ruined Choi Da-eun’s condition.

Five minutes passed from the meeting time.
Only then is Choi Da-eun revealed.
The 4th team was formed, and Choi Da-eun was the first to be late for her.

“Ugh, kid….”

She must have had a hard time sleeping at night, her face was rotting, and every time she took a few steps, she flinched violently as if somehow uncomfortable.
In addition, she appeared in casual attire, contrary to her usual dress code, wearing a loose hoodie rather than the familiar semi-suit.

Behind her is a large backpack.


Da-eun Choi vigorously let out her yawn in front of the fostering team 4.
She’s a C-class hunter, so just because she can’t sleep for a day or so doesn’t mean she’s very tired, but her reaction feels a little overdone.
It would be more correct to interpret that she is not suffering from lack of sleep, but that she is in a much more tired state because of her weakness.

“… I will go up to the 4th floor today.”
“To the fourth floor?”

Eunseo Lee opened her bunny eyes and looked at Daeun Choi.
She then glanced at me and asked anxiously.

“Wouldn’t it be difficult for us?”
“I can’t help it. Because the guild said to grow quickly.”

Everyone stares at me.
Everything as if I was the problem.

It is unfair.
I’ve done my best up until now, but it’s such a trashy treatment.

‘Let’s wait and see.’

Thanks to the 「Teaching Assistant App」, She has grown rapidly.
The current me is not an F-class hunter, but an E-class hunter.
4th floor dungeon?
Even without Choi Da-eun, he was able to attack.

“I have to go up to the 10th floor in a month. In order to continue receiving government subsidy benefits, you have to show performance….”

The ‘Milky Way’ guild is a small and medium guild.
It’s a guild that you can’t even give a business card to anywhere, but because of the characteristics of the ‘Milky Way’ guild, it belonged to a famous axis.

Guild Master, Deoksu Hwang’s skill.
He has skills that help hunters grow.
I don’t know the detailed effect, but hunters belonging to the ‘Milky Way’ guild can grow up to a certain level.

‘Except for the 4 training teams.’

I didn’t intentionally collect only the F-ranks with the lowest potential….
Only the 4 nurturing teams showed particularly slow growth.
For the past 6 months, I could say that I have been at a standstill.

Other hunters go beyond E-class and even go up to D-class, but we are the only ones who are worried about F-class.
It’s almost understandable that the bitches from Team 4 are blaming me.

But that humiliation is over now.
I will show my changed side and take a splendid flight.
From today.

* * *

I went up to the 4th floor inside the ‘Tower’ through the Gwanghwamun Plaza portal.
In the case of a floor you have been to once, you can go straight to it.

The 4th floor has a modern city shape that is larger than the 1st floor.
Compared to the 3rd floor with the mountain as the background, the facilities are equipped enough to stay for a short time.

Even so, there are no Hunters living in the ‘Tower’.
Because this is a space close to a lawless zone that is not protected by the law.

Felons who live outside the tower in defiance of the law live here.
Most Hunters have their living quarters outside the tower.

The training team 4 went straight to the dungeon.
The sewage system located on the outskirts of the city was the congestion.

[Dungeon, ‘Contaminated Sewer Area F’ has been found!]

As large as the city is, the sewer system is also magnificent.
From the eerie atmosphere to the damp humidity.
It also smells disgusting, so I don’t think it will be easy.

If you look at the state of the water flowing down….
Nausea comes out of nowhere.

“Ugh, the smell.”

Supporter Lee Eun-seo, who followed from behind, frowned.
Lee Jin-seong, an F-class hunter who secretly has a crush on her, took her Lee Eun-seo.

“If you go inside, a poison rat will come out, but if you think you are bitten, get out and get a ‘cure’. It’s hard to withstand the toxicity of a poison rat at the F-class level.”

Choi Da-eun gave her order more calmly than she thought.
Based on the information she knew, she told the 4th team what to do so that the hunt could be completed safely.
It was at the level of entering commands directly.

“Did you understand, Seonwoo Park?”

Choi Da-eun glared at Park Seon-woo.
She had a cold impression, but when I opened her eyes, it felt more ferocious.

Park Seon-woo answered in a stupid voice.
Choi Da-eun did not like Park Seon-woo.

“Did you understand, fuck?”

Why can’t I hold back my anger just looking at this bastard?
Should I say that his face calls for a fist?
The desire to beat me boiled over, and it was hard to resist.

“Yeah, you’re the best at it, but you can’t understand it.”

Choi Da-eun sneered at Park Seon-woo.
Then, the 4 training teams standing in the back giggled and laughed.
I sympathized with Choi Da-eun’s words and laughed at them.

The tank is the position responsible for the vanguard of the party.
Even if you are in danger of being killed by a monster, you have to stand firm in that position so that your rearguard can deal safely.

But a tanker who runs away as soon as he is in danger?
A vanguard who abandons his position and retreats because he is about to die?
Even the word waste is a waste.

If he hadn’t belonged to Team 4 of the ‘Milky Way’ guild development, if he had been in an ordinary party and went hunting, Park Seon-woo would have been cut off right away.

‘Hwang Deok-soo, because this bastard keeps looking at Park Seon-woo….’

Choi Da-eun could not understand Hwang Deok-soo.

Is there any communication between Duksu Hwang and Seonwoo Park?
A distant relative, or a friend’s son?
Otherwise it makes no sense

Hwang Duk-soo wrapped around Park Seon-woo to the extent that it was difficult to understand.
Choi Da-eun did not dare to think that she would have put together such a team in order to bully herself.

“The poison of a poison rat is nothing if you detoxify it right away…. Please don’t fuck.”
“You have to choose whether you want to die from a poison rat or get hit by me. You can jump if you really want to die from me.”
“… Yes.”

Choi Da-eun continued to peck Park Seon-woo.
She was more of a bully than a brief or advice.

‘I have to kick this bastard out.’

Before going up to the 10th floor, I plan to make Park Seon-woo fall out.
I’m going to show him that it’s been child’s play up until now.

Choi Da-eun put down her backpack.
Before she went hunting, she handed out boots one by one.
It was not her protective gear, but boots that only kept her from getting wet below her knees.

Team 4 put on their boots and finished their preparations.
It was time to get into it in earnest.

“I will go in.”

Park Seon-woo took the lead and walked.
A modern sewer passageway, wide enough to resonate against each wall when shouting.
A small canal is dug in the center.

The deeper we went, the less light there was.
There is nothing to see.
Park Seon-woo held up a lantern to secure his sight.

One at the front, one at the rear.
The rearguard lantern was decided to be Lee Eun-seo.

“Rats hate lights. Take the lantern straight as well.”

A shield in one hand and a lantern in the other.
There was no means of attack.

Jjik-. Take-.

A monster’s cry is heard.
It is difficult to grasp the distance from where the sound is resonating.

Lee Jin-seong, who was very nervous, followed Park Seon-woo.

‘Why are you walking so fast?!’

Park Seon-woo was walking at his usual pace.
But it shouldn’t be like that.

In a state where the field of vision is narrowed due to lack of light, it is difficult to react to the monster’s attack if you move normally.
It is normal to move much slower than usual.
However, Park Seon-woo was walking recklessly as if he had no idea.

‘Chief, please dry it off!’

Lee Jin-seong could not bear to open his mouth.
In front of her crush, Lee Eun-seo, she didn’t want to show that she was scared.

What is Choi Da-eun thinking?

‘Okay, let’s just go like this.’

Park Seon-woo’s behavior was neglected to make a cause.
Justification for beating Park Seon-woo.
He’s just waiting to make a mistake.

But that didn’t last long either.


Because of the hard erect nipples, it is not easy to just walk along.
Park Seon-woo’s speed is faster than expected, so his nipples keep rubbing against his T-shirt….
Every time that happened, a sudden moan would come out.
This was something Choi Da-eun could not do.

“… Walk slowly, motherfucker. Are you raiding dungeons? Or are you cantering?”
“I’m sorry.”
“Ah, the way you talk is f*cked up.”

The more I deal with Park Seon-woo, the more his head hurts.
Just the fact that he was breathing in the same space made him feel immensely tired.
As a C-class hunter, it feels more difficult than when you go to the 20th floor dungeon raid.

‘… You bastard, did you take the wrong medicine?’

The tension itself was different from usual.
If you say shit and shout evil, you should be intimidated and put on a frightened face.
I don’t know why it seems like nothing’s wrong today.

Choi Da-eun promised.
I’m going to smash that lazy face.
The moment he makes one mistake, he will slit his mouth and crush his nose.


I was just imagining it, but I already feel better.
I hope Park Seon-woo makes a mistake soon.

Take, jjiik-!
“Monster, Poison Rat is here!”

A “Poison rat” Appeared in front of Park Seon-woo.
A rat the size of an adult cat, poisoned the moment it is bitten by them.

Seonwoo Park folded his arms and attached the shield to his body.
The center of gravity was also slightly lowered in order to immediately counterattack the attack of the ‘Poison Rat’.

Take, take!

The ‘poison rat’ has a seizure.
The light of the lantern made them angry.

Jjiik! Snap!

Park Seon-woo kicks the ‘poison rat’ who runs from the front.


One ‘poison rat’ fell out.
The one who got stuck in the rippling waterway, he couldn’t get up after that.

‘Is that bastard really that strong?’

Choi Da-eun raised a question mark above his head.
Questions continued to bite their tail after tail.

Park Seon-woo is sick.
When you roughly measure his abilities, he’s a bug that’s less than 10.
Can such trash take out a ‘poison rat’ in one blow?

‘It’s impossible.’

Was it a coincidence?
Choi Da-eun carefully watched Park Seon-woo’s movements.

Take it, take it!

At that time, a group of ‘poison rats’ appeared from the back of Team 4.
The rats seem to have been ambushing in the back aisle.

‘That’s right.’

The feeling is lousy.
So get caught up like this and that’s it.

It’s time to slowly get down to business.
How will the 4 teams of upbringing be driven into a corner, how will they react?

“Ugh, whoops!”

‘Poison Rat’ took off almost like flying.
The target is Park Seon-woo’s neck.
However, the jumping power was not enough, and it was limited to biting his hand.

Park Seon-woo, who tore off his arm, accidentally dropped the lantern.


The lantern fell to the floor and shattered.
It was loud enough to ask, ‘Didn’t you intentionally throw the lantern away?’

The light the avant-garde was holding went out.
The only lantern left is Lee Eun-seo’s.

Snap! Squeak!

‘Poison Rat’ ran towards Lee Eun-seo.
The lantern Lee Eun-seo was holding was also quickly broken.

All lights went out, and a melee ensued.
What is Park Seon-woo doing?

“Ah, ah!”

Run away
As expected, he started running away again.

‘Come, come this way.’

Choi Da-eun is a C-class Hunter.
Even without light, you can see well in the dark.
Rather than the F-class Hunters.

Park Seon-woo runs towards Choi Da-eun.
Maybe it’s because there’s nothing to see, but it seems that I’m not holding the direction properly.

Choi Da-eun relaxed his shoulders.
A great opportunity to relieve accumulated stress.


Park Seon-woo, whose butt was bitten by a ‘poison rat’.
While fleeing, he stumbled upon a false foot.
His body is gradually leaning.

Standing right in front of him is Choi Da-eun.
I was thinking of kicking Park Seon-woo in the head.

By the way.
In an instant, Park Seon-woo twisted his body at an odd angle.

‘… Did you avoid it?’

It can’t be.
Park Seon-woo is an F-class hunter, and he himself is a C-class hunter.

Although I didn’t do my best.
Still, there’s no way I can avoid the round kick that seems like I’ve tried my best….

“… Haang!”

Falling Park Seon-woo, floundering and struggling arms, fell in an exquisite position.
Right to Choi Da-eun’s chest and breasts.

“This, this fuck!”

He was horrified as soon asheheard the swearing he had uttered.
Choi Da-eun threw out his fist in fright, and a strong punch landed on Park Seon-woo’s abdomen.

“Suck it!”

Park Seon-woo was shot far away.
Kwaang at the corner of the aisle and hit hard.


He had unknowingly exhausted himself.
Perhaps she had died, Choi Da-eun hurriedly found Park Seon-woo’s body.

It was the next thing after the ‘poison rat’ was cleaned up in an instant.

“Everything is good!”

Fortunately, he didn’t die.
I think I passed out, but I was breathing.

Choi Da-eun let out a sigh of relief.
If he kills himself, he will be charged with murder.
You can’t be a murderer because of these worms.

When I kill him, I plan to naturally induce the monsters in the dungeon to kill him.

‘I’ll have to be careful in the future.’

Shortly thereafter, Park Seon-woo woke up.

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

어플로 S급 헌터를 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I got a training app that can summon opponents to the training room."It's S-class and it's Nabal, and to the assistant's room for now."If you eat and don't get caught, you're good.


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