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Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 18

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 18

Chapter 18 – Assistant (4).

“Oh, really.”

I told you to stay calm.
Choi Da-eun scattered semen all over her, including where she was.

I think if I leave it any longer, it will become more troublesome.
Once returned

I brought a mop and wiped off the semen.
This feeling of getting rid of cheap things is very bad.
The composition or drawing was strange.

While having sex with Choi Da-eun, the tension rose to its peak, but it quickly cooled down.
My cock also lost interest and lowered her head.
It is stretched

From the next summon, I will have Choi Da-eun clean up.
There’s no law saying you have to just fuck and eat pussy in the teaching assistant’s room, so that’s fine.
It didn’t seem like a bad idea to her.

The semen was wiped off and deodorant was applied.
It would be nice to buy some air fresheners and place them later.

After I finished cleaning, I turned on my smartphone.
A smartphone with only one 「Training assistant app」 Downloaded.
I immediately clicked on the “Training assistant app” And checked if there was any change.

Nothing in particular has changed.
It’s not even an ‘achievement’.

[Summon Target] Choi Da-eun
[Settlement] Insertion adaptation complete, no orgasm, unconditional hatred.
[Teacher progress] 0%

TA progress is still zero.
Judging from Daeun Choi’s reaction, it was only natural that she was at 0%.
Right before she reverse summoned her, she was still sharp and she let out the fucking plague.

However, insertion adaptation has been completed.
I’m not sure what that means, but I got a rough feeling.

It probably means that you don’t feel the pain of penetration.
Because the moaning sound changed slightly during the fucking.
From the nuance of pain to the nuance of weeping.

Even so, the progress of the teaching assistant is 0%, and there is no progress at all.
Shouldn’t we rethink our direction?
I think so.

‘It’s difficult, difficult.’

Women with F difficulty achieved conditional 100% just by having sex.
What is the difference between them and Choi Da-eun?
The presence or absence of ‘dreaming’, tendencies, values ​​about sex, etc.
Everything from one to ten is different.

Until I ate it, Choi Da-eun had a hymen.
She had that pretty face and she was still a virgin in her mid-twenties.

How many courtships did she have.
I’ve never received a confession in my life, but Choi Da-eun must have received hundreds of thousands of confessions just by standing still.

There must have been some very handsome men among them.
A woman who is determined enough to keep her chastity while cutting off all the flirtations of such males….

‘… I don’t know if I’ll be able to subdue him just because he’s a little cocky.’

Another way is needed.
My sex skills aren’t that great, so I desperately needed help from tools.

And just in time, a guy who appears in the ‘inventory’.
One item that stands out.

[Super strong aphrodisiac]

It’s not an anesthetic that can put a big African elephant to sleep.
It is such a strong aphrodisiac that even an elephant, reputed to be the strongest among animals, cannot stand it and goes into heat.

What would happen if I used this on Choi Da-eun?
Are you just begging for my dick?

However, this weakness is not omnipotent.
There was something to be aware of.

Whatever part, let’s apply aphrodisiac to Choi Da-eun’s body.
You will feel pain just because of your weakness.
What if the intensity is stronger than expected, and Choi Da-eun cannot stand it?

It’s not like I can control every moment.
Choi Da-eun doesn’t know what to do alone.

Choi Da-eun may face the consequences of being embraced by another man.
That’s the real worst case scenario, I never want to face it.
In order to prevent such mishaps….

‘I should use the aphrodisiacs in moderation.’

Just to the point where the tickle felt on his body was a little annoying.
Build up your ego, but you have to find a little annoying robber.

I took out the ‘super powerful aphrodisiac’ from the ‘inventory’.
Cold medicine, a glass bottle just the size came into my hand.
The capacity will be around 30 ml.

I had no idea how much to spend.
But it’s ridiculous to use it on my body.

Let’s figure out how.

* * *

Choi Da-eun was reverse summoned in the assistant’s room.
As soon as he realized that he had returned home, Da-eun Choi headed straight to the bathroom.


A trashy rapist who commits suicide by force.
He really irresponsibly ejaculated into his womb.

Because of this, I felt slippery semen in my vagina.
Besides, it wasn’t even pooling inside.
It continued to flow down the walls of his vagina, making him feel like a dick all the time.

Have you ever tried it?
The hand that inserts a finger into her pussy and extracts the semen has become quite plausible.
It was an ability that Choi Da-eun did not like at all.

The pale semen on Choi Da-eun’s hand dripped down.
I turned on the water and washed away the semen spilled on the bathroom floor.
If the disgusting smell of chestnut flowers seems to vibrate, is it because of my mood?

“Whoa, whoa. Fuck it, kill it.”

Choi Da-eun scratched the vaginal wall with bloody eyes.
She was doing something similar to masturbation, but she did not feel pleasure in this process.

I finished washing and tidying up her body.
I sat down at her desk and opened my notebook.
I wrote it without forgetting a single thing that had happened before.

In order to catch him, Choi Da-eun decided to write down all the clues.

It was not something that could be finished tomorrow.
Since it was a decision made by a B-class hunter or higher, he put down his expectations early on that he would catch it easily.
It was already determined that it would be a long-term battle.

It will probably be violated beyond measure.
It was a start.

Da-eun Choi would be called in periodically to have her raped, until her bastard got fed up with her own body and abandoned her.
In other words, she had to identify and catch her culprit before he cut ties with her.

It seems like a lot of time, but it also feels like little.
Since she was Choi Da-eun, who was determined to kill herself, she became even more impatient.

“Semen could also be a clue?”

Choi Da-eun, who was filling out her notes, found one of her writings on the Internet.
It was an article related to the investigation process, how the rapist was caught.

The most important clue is sperm genes.
That means that the real culprit can be arrested.
In addition, it is concluded that body hair and fingerprints are also helpful.

The trash rapist who committed Choi Da-eun frequently ejaculated into her body.
With no regard for the possibility of her pregnancy, she packed her semen solely for her own pleasure.

The semen that he insensitively discarded could have been an important hint to help him kill him.
Da-eun Choi found out about it belatedly.

“Ugh, ugh!”

He clenched his fists and pressed hard on her resentment.
Her hands and feet trembled.
She wants to kill her as soon as possible, but tears well up in her eyes at her own shame.

She didn’t seem to be able to hold back her anger.
The moment a C-class hunter bursts into power, the floor will become a mess.

She barely endured it.
He wasn’t trash enough to take his anger out on the people of Ammon.
She didn’t break the law just because she had a damn personality.

‘Unconditionally kill.’

The next time you get summoned….
She somehow comes back with her semen on her back.
Retrieved, will ask for genetic testing.

She made up her mind and went to bed.
She had been raped once, so she thought she could rest in peace tonight.
Choi Da-eun’s expectations were spectacularly wrong.

At dawn, Choi Da-eun was summoned completely defenseless.
Sleeping snoring at her.
He felt a hand as if someone was trying to undress him.

Glimmering, she opened her eyes.
She immediately grasped her situation and moved her body.

The masked man had already taken off his jacket.
The current Choi Da-eun was wearing only a black bra.
Maybe it’s a one-size-fits-all bra, or it looks like it’s forcibly covering her big breasts.
It felt like my bra was about to explode.

“Fuck… ! As you did before, again!”

She was called this time in her nightgown and without a weapon.
There was nothing I could do but hold my breasts and retreat.

Then I wanted to ache.
In order to kill him, I needed to take his semen.
It was also a way to catch him faster.

‘… That I have no choice but to suffer?’

Fuck you.
It’s not nice to have to be eaten by a rapist again.
But, if only I could kill the man standing in front of me.

‘I’ll even sell my soul to the devil!’

Choi Da-eun slightly loosened his breast guard.
It hurts his pride, but he subtly revealed his gaps.

‘Eat it…. I mean fuck me.’

I couldn’t even get it out of my mouth.
The moment he is on guard, he becomes a slob.
You have to induce vaginal fight while being violated naturally.

“I brought a new item.”

The man smiled and raised his hand.
Choi Da-eun’s eyes followed his arm and headed to his fingertips.
There was a brown glass bottle.

Only then did Choi Da-eun realize.
The fact that the man is wearing clothes.

“Do you know what this is?”
“… What, what is it?”

Reduced hostility somewhat.
He showed off the cleavage of his breasts to make me want to have sex.

The man grinned as if he had no idea.
Then he grabbed the spout of the glass bottle and shook it.
With only your thumb and forefinger, gently….

“It is feeble. It is a very powerful aphrodisiac.”

A man who speaks proudly.
A strange anticipation wafted through his voice.

I was anxious, but I didn’t show it.
Choi Da-eun played a relaxed look.

“If Mr. Da-eun calmly follows my words…. I will send it without bothering you further. I’ll just put this on and let you rest.”

A sound that doesn’t even sound like a word.
No woman will listen to what a rapist has to say.
Unless you’re a crazy bitch who fell in love with a rapist because of Stockholm Syndrome.

‘The fucking baby only picks up the same thing.’

Apply a weak medicine.
From the moment you absorb it, it is certain that you will be enveloped in a strange feeling.
A hundred for a hundred would be very fucking.

You can see the results, but are you saying you should just sit still?

“If you say you want to rebel…. I won’t stop you from making that choice. Instead, please keep in mind that we will proceed with a lot of tough work.”

I will use violence
That means you have to suffer helplessly here.

Choi Da-eun swallowed her saliva.
Last time, the pain I felt from the reflective damage passed by one by one.
It gave me goosebumps.

His body shrank on its own.
Choi Da-eun’s unconsciousness seemed to have surrendered halfway after facing the terrible pain.

“Fuck, fuck… !”

Choi Da-eun had no choice.
He came with no weapons or equipment and rationalized it by saying that he could not help it.

“Good. I’ll just touch her breasts lightly.”
“… Quit….”

As the man opened the lid of the glass bottle, he approached step by step.

For her final goal, Choi Da-eun entrusted herself to the man’s touch.
As soon as I unhooked her bra, her large breasts swayed.
As if she had escaped from somewhere, she vigorously revealed her presence.

The man put gauze over the mouth of the glass bottle and absorbed the contents.
With gauze soaked in aphrodisiac, she wiped Choi Da-eun’s nipples as if caressing them.

“Oh… ! Ah… !”

The aphrodisiac was absorbed in an instant.
Instantly, his nipples became hot and stiff.

“Like. As promised, I will return it.”
“… What?!”

You should get a bite.
I need his semen, so I can track him down.

I urgently called the man, but it was too late.
The man returned Choi Da-eun.

Choi Da-eun returned to her room in the blink of an eye.
The pink nipples were harder than usual.
The breasts were swollen like they would explode.
I feel like my body is burning too hot.

“… Never, never Fuck, do you think I’ll lose?”

I gritted my teeth and went to bed.
Even if I felt sad, I turned away and ignored it.

The next day, the 4 teams of ‘Milky Way’ guild development met.
Choi Da-eun arrived at Gwanghwamun Square with her head in a daze.

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

어플로 S급 헌터를 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I got a training app that can summon opponents to the training room."It's S-class and it's Nabal, and to the assistant's room for now."If you eat and don't get caught, you're good.


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