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Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 9

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 9

Chapter 9 – To Catch a Hunter, Go to the Hunter Guild (1)

The next morning, after spending the entire half day with Kang Hye-eun, she fell asleep with her naked body on top of her bed.

With the rewarding and refreshing feeling she hadn’t felt in a long time, she slowly stretched and got up from the bed.

When viewed with the body’s sense of time. It seems that I overslept until a little late.

Kang Hye-eun is probably the one who went out first because of her busy guild schedule, and only traces of her and her last night were left on her bed.

As soon as I opened my smartphone to check the time, I was able to confirm that quite a lot of notifications had arrived.

Instead of the Hunter sexual desire manager app with five or six notifications, I first opened the CocoaTalk messenger with the word 1 on it.

As soon as I opened it, a familiar name and a long message greeted me in the morning.

“It’s also Kang Hye-eun.”

Well, I was expecting it.

In the first place, few people know my KakaoTalk messenger ID except for her.

Kang Hye-eun is probably the only person who will text me from this morning.

After entering the chat room with the word 1, I immediately checked the message she left.

「Taekyung-ah, I have a schedule to fight large monsters with my party members this morning. I went to work first, only seeing your sleeping face, I’m sorry.

I thought about waking him up before going out, but he seemed to be sleeping too comfortably, so I just didn’t wake him up. And thanks to Taekyung having sex with me last night, my body is light since morning.

You don’t have to worry about anything wrapped inside. I’ll be safe for the next week. In the first place, because of cycle management, I usually take medicine.

Have a nice day today. I’ll go play again next time! I love you, Tae Kyung!”

Checking the message that shows off your tone even in the text. She replied with something appropriate for her.

“Yep. Talk to you next time it piles up.”

You might think that this once was the last time. Make sure to put in the meaning that you will solve it next time.

Anyway, last night was a really unexpected profit.

Not to mention the 80 points that were initially expected. I secured exactly double the points, a whopping 160 points.

I was truly fortunate that the first opponent of my awakening ability was Kang Hye-eun.

If I can’t confirm Kang Hye-eun is coming to my house. If only I had gone outside and headed to the 35-point Hunter’s house.

Even with all the odds and ends, it would have secured 5-60 points at most.

… Come to think of it, isn’t this just okay with Kang Hye-eun?

Of course, it would be a little less efficient than solving the sexual desires of several hunters evenly.

First of all, it is a situation where we have secured at least one stable point supply and demand source.

Or, once Kang Hye-eun solves her libido, she earns as many points as possible. By the time Hye-eun is not satisfied with my sex, she can look for another hunter.

Even last night, even for the second time in a row, the base point was as high as 50 days.

She didn’t want to get close to 80 points every time, but if she consistently earned her 50 points, she would be able to keep up with her abilities on her own.

As soon as I turned on the hunter libido manager app while thinking about that, my complacent idea was immediately stopped.

『Warning: If you intentionally have a relationship with the same hunter consecutively. Disadvantages such as reduction of acquired points or point recovery may occur.』

Is it the ability to read and react to thoughts? As soon as I turned on the app, the system window sent me a warning message.

“You’re holding a ceremony to become a prostitute.”

In terms of the original world, it was the same as meaning to become a real hunter-only sexual toilet. In terms of this world, is it a six syringe?

If I had been a man born in this world from the beginning, I would have had the ability not to think about men’s human rights to the point of being awakened or anything.

After all, my consciousness is more focused on the idea of ​​chastity in the previous world. Even this ability can be accepted without complaint.

Above all, it seems that there is no problem with having a relationship continuously as long as there is no intention.

In fact, even though I had sex with Kang Hye-eun twice in a row last night, seeing that I received points both times, it seems to mean that I should not forcefully accumulate points with only one person to the extent of being excessive.

It won’t stop the sex itself, so if you really want to, you can just give up the points.

Anyway, to use the Awakening ability properly, instead of going back to halfway methods. It became clear in many ways that I had to solve the sexual desires of various hunters.

The most important thing would be to find another hunter to accumulate additional points while maintaining the relationship with Kang Hye-eun.

After putting aside the warning box that popped up appropriately. The screen was moved to the menu window to use the collected points.

『Skill unlock 〉〉

Points Shop (disabled)

Achievement Achievement (NEW!) 〉〉

Current Sexual Desire Management Hunter Roster (NEW!) 〉〉

Find nearby hunters 〉〉』

I only had a relationship with one Hunter last night.

Compared to yesterday’s screen, which had a lot of ‘disabled’ signs, it seemed that a few more elements had been unlocked in the basic menu today.

Besides, it seems that there are new menus that I couldn’t see on the first day.

It wouldn’t be bad to start right away from unlocking the skill as originally intended.

For some reason, I had a vague feeling that I would be able to receive something from the menu called “Achievements”.

The fact that an achievement system that was not necessary was added to the menu. It also meant that there was of course something to be gained from it.

Because I thought maybe I could get at least 1 or 20 more points before unlocking the skill.

As soon as I opened the achievement menu, I could immediately confirm that my expectations were correct.

Immediately, a system dialog box appeared and started explaining the ‘initial achievement achievement reward’ and ‘repeat achievement count’.

『The first achievement reward is completed when the first achievement is achieved. Regardless of the target, 50 points of compensation will be paid only once.

The number of repeat achievements is accumulated as you complete repeat achievements. Regardless of the target, 5 bonus points are automatically paid whenever you achieve it.』

In summary, the initial achievement reward is like a normal quest. Is the number of repeatable achievements a repeatable quest?

As soon as I entered the first achievement reward menu, three achievement rewards were waiting for me.

Of course, I received all three achievement rewards without hesitation.

『First time having sex with a female hunter +50

First ejaculation to a female hunter +50

Receiving Hunter’s Hymen for the first time +50』

It’s really hard to say this now, but it was the achievements of the second most sorrowful content to be honest.

Having sex for the first time or ejaculating for the first time, whatever it is, even receiving the hymen for the first time is a reward for achieving it….

All I really wanted was to receive Kang Hye-eun’s first experience with her. As a result, it became like she begged to earn 50 points.

… What do you think? It’s just that the results are good.

For reference, the rest of the achievements are all marked as ‘?’. It seemed that the contents were hidden until I experienced it myself.

The contents of the number of repeated achievements that followed were also still masculine.

『Bachelor Graduation Bonus +5 (achieved once)

Creampie Bonus +10 (Achieved 2 times)

Simultaneous Climax Bonus +10 (Achieve 2 times)

Consecutive Ejaculation Bonus +5 (Achieved 1 time)』

Apparently, the bonuses that came in addition to the basic points were filled with these things being achieved.

Looking at the ability optimized to make me a male prostitute to the point of being malicious. It’s true that it’s a little bit, but it’s true that I’ve had a lot of thoughts in my head.

“… That’s because I’ve accumulated a lot of points.”

It means that you received additional compensation for one reason or another. If I denied this, I would only be at a loss.

In addition to that, repeatable achievements seem to be something that can be achieved over and over again.

Just telling you how to get extra points will help you collect points in the future.

Match your partner every time you have sex. 10 points just for cumming in the moment the other person leaves.

It’s a point that can acquire one skill in ten times. If it was accumulated several times, this would also become a considerable amount of points.

After receiving all the rewards and checking the amount of points finally collected, the total amount of awakening points I currently have is 310 points.

Not only did he achieve his initial goal of 100 points, but even if he unlocked all three skills, he still had change.

I expressed my deep gratitude to Kang Hye-eun, who gave me this level of awakening points in one night.

The system is invincible and Kang Hye-eun is a goddess.

Point? You can earn that by having sex with Hyeeun in the future.

Skill? I live with the points I got from having sex with Hyeeun.

So, infinitely praising her in her heart, she immediately entered her menu to unlock her skills.

The swordsmanship lv. 1 unlocked first.

Aside from other skills, the reason why I unlocked her swordsmanship first. Because she was the most confident.

In general, most of the awakening abilities were abilities obtained based on the user’s wishes. When I was in middle school, the awakening ability I longed for the most was swordsmanship.

The reason I started in the first place was really simple.

Kang Hye-eun, my childhood friend and my unrequited love, first awakened to the shield art.

For her, if she wanted to share her breath and fight in the same party, swordsmanship with the most chances to be at the forefront was the best choice.

She was shocked to hear from Kang Hye-eun right before graduating middle school that she would not be able to awaken her hunter, so she went on to Chungwoon High School.

Although there was a time when I immersed my feet in awakening training in all abilities, like it doesn’t matter what ability it is.

After all, the thing I learned the longest was swordsmanship. The swordsman’s soul still flowed most strongly in my heart.

And well, it occurred to her that now she might be able to fulfill her dream of those days.

Of course it would be difficult right now, but if you steadily collect points and learn skills focusing on swordsmanship.

Someday, I’ll be able to grow to the point where I won’t get in the way even if I swing my sword next to Kang Hye-eun, an A-rank hunter.

If so, it may be possible to hunt companion hunters with Kang Hye-eun, who dreamed of in middle school.

It’s like a dream she left behind in her past, leaving behind her lingering attachments to her.

I’d love to go on a party hunt at least once with a sword and shield and turn each other’s backs.

… It was also a good excuse to use the greatsword I bought immaturely when I was in middle school.

Above all, the other two abilities were flawed one by one to learn right away.

Unlike the swordsmanship I’ve learned the longest, flame magic will definitely take some time to get used to.

In the case of recovery, it is an ability that is meaningful only when a party is formed, so I pass it.

Who the hell would want to party with a hunter who claims to be good at recovery?

So, in many ways, there was nothing as effective as swordsmanship to start right now.

Accustomed to There are also preparations. Because solo activities are also possible.

『Swordsmanship lv. 3: 0/300

Fire magic lv. 1: 0/100

Recovery lv. 1 : 0/100』

So, after investing all the remaining 200 points, I raised my swordsmanship to level 3.

I went out after a long time with the dusty greatsword that had been stuck in the warehouse.

First of all, it was necessary to wield a sword to find out what level the 3rd level of swordsmanship was.

Above all, 300 points was not enough in a situation where I was trying to do something in earnest.

Just like a tiger hunter goes into a tiger’s den to catch it.

The Hunter Sexual Desire Manager had to find prey in the Hunter Guild.

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

여헌터를 따먹으면 주인공이 강해짐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
『I have been appointed as the hunter's libido manager.』The only male awakener in a world where men cannot be awakened.The ability I awakened was to eat female hunters and become stronger.


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