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Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 8

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger 8

Chapter 8 – Hyeeun Kang (4)

By the time Kang Hye-eun finished her vaginal cum shot inside Kang Hye-eun’s body, she was holding her breath to some extent.

The red heart floating on the right side of her face disappeared, and at the same time a small dialog box appeared in the air.

『Awakening Point Acquisition +95 (Basic 80, Bonus 15)』

As soon as I checked the content, the transparent square with the content that it had solved her sexual desire disappeared in the air.

Does this system work? The UI is much more convenient than I thought.

With this momentum, I think I will not only be able to collect the original goal of 100 points, but I will be able to accumulate points without too much difficulty in the future.

In fact, it was my selfishness that made Kang Hye-eun reach the climax with only her nipples in the hallway. Considering the fact that she dissuaded her stubbornness and said that she would tear her hymen forcibly.

She was honestly thinking in her own way that she couldn’t help it even if she didn’t get the full 80 points.

I saw that I received up to 15 points as a bonus as well as the amount of points I was originally going to receive.

First of all, Kang Hye-eun didn’t seem to be dissatisfied with the sex with me.

Hehe, Tae Kyung…. I am so happy….”

Well, from this reaction, unless you’re an idiot, you can tell that she was genuinely satisfied.

Kang Hye-eun, who was rubbing her face in my arms, stroked the back of her head and laid her down on the same bed side by side with her.

95 points for one sex.

It’s a pity that I couldn’t collect 100 points narrowly, but this alone should be considered a big enough harvest.

If it wasn’t for Hye-eun in the first place, it wouldn’t have been possible to have sex in such a natural atmosphere.

Most of all, I had a lot of fun too.

After conquering Kang Hye-eun, who has been used the most as a side dish since childhood, it was not enough to recall the unexpected moment of tearing her hymen.

Under the blanket I covered with my childhood friend, my things started to grow again.


… Well, let’s just stop here for today.

I only finished one ejaculation, but Kang Hye-eun reached climax at least seven or eight times just from what I saw.

If she insisted on doing more here, there was a possibility that it would remain an unpleasant experience for her.

In the long run, that wouldn’t be a very good finish. Because I want to continue a relationship with Kang Hye-eun in the future.

Perhaps, as I expected, resolving sexual desire was not a one-time act.

Simply changing your gender doesn’t mean that the person you had sex with today will not want to have sex with you tomorrow.

In particular, because of Kang Hye-eun’s hunter ability, she was more prone to sexual desire.

The hunter ability that she awakened in middle school is a female warrior of the guardian shield.

I heard that her desperate desire to protect something was awakened by Kang Hye-eun’s hunter ability.

Because her role in the party is to protect her teammates at the risk of her life and buy time, blocking their attacks in the forefront against any monsters.

As such, he would feel the threat from monsters more than others, and his stress and sexual desire would build up much faster than other hunters.

Perhaps, sooner or later, Hye-eun’s libido will build up again, and the opportunity to earn her points will come again soon.

It’s a thought that I barely came up with now, but it was a little complacent for her to solve her sexual desire against a hunter other than Kang Hye-eun.

Once you visit the nearby hunter map, you will not know what kind of appearance or personality the opponent will have.

In the first place, even if a suspicious man approached first and offered to solve his sexual desire, there were probably not a few hunters who refused because they were afraid of the so-called ‘Me Too’.

Even for me, if a woman I don’t know in the original world pushes forward to give it to me, I think I’ll run away first.

In that respect, Kang Hye-eun was the most stable source of points in my opinion.

She wouldn’t hesitate to hug me, thanks to her trust as an old childhood friend.

In her first experience, she made me feel the highest level of satisfaction, so her skills were also verified.

If you wait, Hye-eun’s sexual desire will quickly rise again. At that time, she will come to ask me to solve it, recalling the happy memories of the day.

It is not too late to unlock her skill at that time.

In order to do that, even if it’s a little unfortunate, I’ll have to go to bed today.

“I’ll turn off the lights, Hye-eun.”

“…… Yes.”

Get out of bed and turn off the light switch in the room.

I crawled into her narrow bed and pressed her and her body close together.

For two people to use one bed, it was bound to be a little narrow.

In the darkness of her, I carefully crossed hers and lay down with her so that my erection would not be seen by her.

It was the moment when I closed my eyes to keep my composure as much as possible and tried to fall asleep.

“… Tae Kyung.”

Hyeeun’s enchanting voice heard in the dark forced my consciousness back.

“Taekyung-ah, are you sleeping… ?”

“… No, stay awake.”

“Yeah, that’s right….”

The voice of his childhood friend, coming out of the darkness, trembled so subtly that anyone could hear it clearly.

There is no doubt that there is something you want to say. The feeling of hesitation, not being able to get it out of her mouth for some reason.

I wondered if she might have said what I wanted, so I asked her in her role.

“Is there anything you want to say?”

“Uh, huh?”

“They called me while I was going to sleep. I want to know if there is something I want to talk about.”


In the dark, Kang Hye-eun was silent for a while.

She quietly swallowed back into her mouth something of hers, which she had obviously been trying to spit out at me.

“Oh no, just…. Good night….”

“Okay? Is that really all there is?”

“Yes…. Just to say that….”

Then the pink heart that has resurfaced next to your head now. What the hell is the number 50 written in it?

Kang Hye-eun did not reveal her true feelings until the end. She turned her head slightly and avoided my gaze at the end.

Hunter’s sexual desire manager’s ability saw through his childhood friend’s lies. She again let me know that Kang Hye-eun was full of her desire to have sex with me.

… It’s a really great sex drive.

Is it because most of the women in this world are like that, or is it because Kang Hye-eun’s sexual desire was piled up more than she could have imagined?

It wasn’t long after that intense sex with her that she seemed to be longing in her heart for me to fuck her cock again.

Apparently, unlike women, it was an established theory in this world that men had a hard time achieving continuous ejaculation.

Maybe that’s why he couldn’t speak honestly and hid his true feelings.

Kang Hye-eun and her side were also hoping for the second match, so there was no need for me to hide my true feelings here.

More than anything else, her mind was full of thoughts of wanting to have sex with her one more time.

She turned her body, which had been lying on her front, in Kang Hye-eun’s direction, and thrust her erect cock into her soft ass.

“… Tae, Tae-kyung?”

As soon as my hardened object touched Kang Hye-eun’s body, she instantly dropped her body like a frightened rabbit.

“Hyeeun-ah, I’m sorry for saying this.”

“Uh, uh….”

“Because I think you are lying next to me. Even if you ejaculate once, your erection still won’t stop.”

“… Gee, really? Is that real, Taekyung?”

“So can we have sex one more time? If Hye-eun doesn’t like you, she can’t help it.”

You would be able to tell what kind of high and low her voice was, without having to talk about it.

“Ha, ha, ha…. I want to have sex too….”

After that, even if no one said anything, the second game went right through each other’s hearts.

As soon as Kang Hye-eun gave permission, her left hand reached her chest.

Her right hand dug into her hidden groin once more.

Obviously, after the first act was over, I did a simple tidying up, so even a simple foreplay would have been necessary to put it back in.

It seems that even such a process is not necessary. In the vagina of his childhood friend, erotic juices were already overflowing.

“For being so wet. If I hadn’t asked to do it one more time, I would have been disappointed.”

“It hasn’t been long since Taekyung ejaculated on you, but it’s already become this hard….”

To be honest, I was confident that I could ejaculate up to five times in a row against Kang Hye-eun.

Even during her high school days when Kang Hye-eun was a side dish for her masturbation, she had the experience of pulling it out three times in a row, imagining her naked body.

Kang Hye-eun, who is really alive and breathing, was lying naked next to me, so it was impossible from the beginning to end it with just one ejaculation.

Although it is true that she was able to tell her to have sex with her again because she saw Kang Hye-eun’s expected points that floated above her head.

If Kang Hye-eun had proposed before me, I would not have refused to have sex with her at all.

Even if there was no justification such as the expected acquisition points.

After laying her face down on her bed in the same posture as before, she opened the gap between her closed thighs.

I put my erect cock in her without hesitation into her silver cracks illuminated by the soft moonlight.


My cock, which entered through the gap much more smoothly than the first time, pushed its head to the end of her childhood friend’s vagina at the same time as it started.

Kang Hye-eun’s soft vaginal muscles that wrapped around her cock made her lower body move instantly and instinctively.

“Whoops, whoops, whoops….”

Kang Hye-eun, compared to the first time, she let out a little restrained moan, and met me with clear eyes that could be recognized even in the dark.

I stared at her eyes without avoiding her eyes, grabbed both of her thighs, and moved her cock as if possessed.

Every time my object moves up and down, I feel my childhood friend’s vaginal hole changing into a shape that fits my cock like a special masturbation device.

“Tae, Tae Kyung….”

For about 10 minutes, Kang Hye-eun and I were bumping into each other’s backs. She whispered my name in the dark for the first time in a while.


“It’s cheap, it’s cheap, if it’s the same…. Please tell me then….”


“I-I want to go with Tae-kyung this time too… Just because….”

For some reason, I wondered if the reaction was a little weak compared to the first experience.

This time, as before, he wanted to go with me, so he seemed to be holding back his desire as much as possible instead of feeling it on his own.

“… Okay.”

As soon as I heard Kang Hye-eun’s words that drive men crazy, my waist moved on its own and I moved faster and faster in her vagina.

In an instant, she was ready to reach the moment of simultaneous climax she wanted.

“I think it will be cheap now.”

“Yes…. Come on, Tae Kyung….”

Just before ejaculation, as before, lower the upper body. I overlapped her lying lips with mine.

From my waist, nestled underneath, a liquid that contaminates her now cleansed stomach spewed out.

“Ahhhhh… !!”

Her moaning, which was blocked by my lips, was transmitted only to me through my lips.

Even after her ejaculation was over and her waist was stopped, Kang Hye-eun and I’s lips did not part for a long time.

『Awakening Point Acquisition +65 (Basic 50, Bonus 15)』

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

Eating Female Hunters Makes the Protagonist Stronger

여헌터를 따먹으면 주인공이 강해짐
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
『I have been appointed as the hunter's libido manager.』The only male awakener in a world where men cannot be awakened.The ability I awakened was to eat female hunters and become stronger.


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