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Climb the Tower Alone 349

Climb the Tower Alone 349

Chapter 349 – 349

Clara’s worries and concerns seemed to have been alleviated by the friendly explanations from me and the head nurse, and later she smiled brightly, paid the fee for the sedative anesthesia endoscopy, and attempted to return to her home.

Since we do not have a staff member in the administrative department, the head nurse personally handled the payment and received the money.

“Mr. Clara.”

“Yes, nurse.”

“The abdominal pain has now been determined to be a simple abdominal pain, and there are no abnormalities, but periodic examinations are still necessary just in case. Be sure to come for an endoscopy next year. I think it would be a good idea to come every year. Clara seems like a bright and nice person, but I was worried that something might happen to her.”

“Is that so? … Hehe, yes, I understand. I will come every year. Thank you for your concern. Hehe.”

The head nurse told Clara that she needed regular tests.

What…, It’s similar to what hospitals always say, so it’s not completely crazy…

That’s because the ‘test’ we do is not a proper test. Tsk tsk.

‘They said they had slept for two days due to the side effects of the anesthesia, so I couldn’t tell them that I had to have surgery and that I had to undergo anesthesia again. Nurse Chief Nice Assistant.’

Clara said she was moved by the kindness of the nurse and me, and said she would definitely come back every year for a checkup.

So, I secretly sent the nurse chief a double-click sign with the fingers of both hands.

The head nurse looked at the double-pole sign I had sent so that Clara could not see it, and winked at me cutely.

‘You did this for me…’

It was the head nurse who would do anything for me, as long as I was happy and liked it.

It was almost no different from my mother giving me sex.

‘… Huh? For a moment? Even though my mother in real life gives me sex, it’s not like this?’

My mom listens to almost everything I say, but she’s not this naive.
In that sense, the head nurse is a really nice woman…, No, it’s like a sex slave.

No matter how much training and training I do, it’s not like this…, Almost from birth, he was at the level of the original restaurant pussy slave.

As expected, given the world view of this game, she is a woman of mad love and unrequited love.

After Clara left the hospital, I gently hugged her nursing boss and asked her.

“Nurse chief. It was really nice of you to ask me to come regularly every year. … And, nothing bad will happen to us, right?”

“… Don’t worry if you have it. We’ll be able to get around to it well enough, and although we haven’t looked at it for a long time, the nature of the woman named Clara means she won’t be able to suspect us at all. We didn’t really leave any room for them to get caught. No need to worry. “Teacher.”

“Okay. That’s how it should be. Kkkk.”

“… And, no matter what happens, I will definitely protect you as a teacher.”

A fire seems to be burning in the nurse chief’s eyes.

I really feel a strong will to protect myself no matter what happens.

I was moved by her loyal words from her nurse, so I pulled down her pants and presented her erect cock to her.
It was her reward for her loyalty.

Nurse Chief smiled with satisfaction, got down on her knees, and licked my big dick with pleasure while masturbating with one of her hands.

Then, as if she was starving, she lowered her buttocks and started seducing me in a sexy cat pose, spreading her pussy hole with both hands.

Transparent love juice flowed from her pink pussy hole, and a strange female scent and warm steam wafted out.

“… Sir, please put your magnificent cock into my poor little cunt… ♡”

Hehe, yes. If our pretty nurse chief begs for it, we should give it to her. Hehe.”

After that, I had sex with the head nurse.


Clara had been in a strange mood ever since she left the hospital.
I couldn’t tell the very handsome doctor and the very pretty nurse…, Because I felt something was empty inside my vagina.

‘… How can I say it, it feels like something that was filling up my vagina has slipped out… Why is it like this? Her asshole too… Is it because they put an endoscope into her butt hole like the nurse said?’

And I felt a dull sensation around my vagina and butt hole, as if local anesthesia had been applied.

As the doctor and nurse said, it’s not common, but it’s a symptom that generally occurs after endoscopy under anesthesia, right? Because I slept soundly for two days and didn’t move?

‘By the way, the doctor is so cool and handsome…, She is tall, and her face is like a celebrity…, I’ll come again next time even if it’s not a big deal… ? Other than Thomas, this is the first person I feel this way about…, … No, no. I have a husband, Thomas. Come to your senses, Clara. You are a married woman… ‘She is a woman with a husband.’

Clara cupped her face in her hands and blamed herself for her strange imagination.
At the same time, I slightly regretted getting married so early.

‘… Ha, did you get married too early like your friends said? … And, wouldn’t they definitely be a couple with that pretty nurse? They are a good-looking man and a good-looking woman, so they fit together very well…’

Clara walked awkwardly with her legs spread, thinking that the doctor at the new modern hospital was really handsome.
She walked while avoiding other people’s gaze as much as possible.
As the doctors and nurses said, after the sedative anesthesia endoscopy, I slept well and did not move for two days…, There was something stiff between my crotch and my back felt a little strange.

Should I say it was like after her first night with her husband… ?

‘There’s no shame in being sick…, Something on the leg…, I’m embarrassed to walk with my thighs wide open…, It’s like something I saw on the internet a while ago, where boys walk after being circumcised… As a woman, I am even more embarrassed to walk like this…’

Clara arrived home on foot, avoiding people’s gaze as much as possible.

She sighed and said that she had passed a difficult time and briefly cleaned her house, which had been empty for two days.
This is because her husband will return from a three-day overseas business trip in a little while.

‘… I thought her husband was very worried while I slept for over two days… I sent these texts in my sleep. Me too… But I don’t remember a thing. I looked it up on the internet, and it said that if you use anesthesia, you won’t remember much when you wake up. Like the doctor said, I think it was a little longer than others…’

The text messages she exchanged with her husband were as sweet and sweet as usual.
Since the tone of her text message was exactly the same as hers, anyone could see that it was from her and her husband would naturally have thought it was her.

Clara was sitting on the living room sofa in a daze, feeling a little tired as she waited for her husband.
But naturally both of her hands went to her pussy and her butt hole.

I don’t know why…, Should I say I just wanted to touch something?

She was so shocked that she pulled her hands out of both holes.

‘… Why did I do this?’

But on the other hand, I understood it.

Something…, The feeling of wanting to touch it.

Feeling empty and empty and wanting to fill the hole and tingle it?

‘… Now that I think about it, the nurse secretly said to me…, I said this without the doctor knowing. In the case of women, very few people experience a stronger sexual desire after anesthesia. . Your genitals or anus may itch, or you may want to insert something… I didn’t see anything like that on the internet… ‘I guess it’s not well known because it’s embarrassing content, right?’

Clara accepted what the nurse told her without any doubt.

She was the same woman, and the calm look in her nurse’s eyes made her never think that her medical staff would deceive her.

‘… So she said that touching, inserting her fingers, or sticking things into her were all natural phenomena…’

Clara, rationalizing to herself that this was a natural physiological phenomenon, used both hands to massage her pussy and her asshole.
And both of her holes look like they have already been fully developed by someone…, The finger went into the hole smoothly and much more easily than I expected.

‘… Eh? … Wow, it’s so easy to get in? … Well, I thought there would be some resistance…’

Even though she didn’t feel like a one-lane trail, she thought it would feel like a two-lane road.
But her finger, which she had just touched and inserted, was like 10 lanes…, I felt like there was a gaping hole, almost like a highway.

‘… Was my pussy always this loose? ? … No, definitely, definitely…, I don’t think it was to this extent when I masturbated without my husband… ? Eh…’

It was so, so loose. I feel like I’m almost a fucking pussy.

‘… I guess it’s because the anesthesia hasn’t worn off yet, right? … Yeah, I guess so. Maybe…’

She made what she thought was a reasonable decision.

“Huh, ahhh, ahhh…” ♡”

And most of all, the pleasure she felt from throbbing her pussy and anus right now hindered her judgment.

Climb the Tower Alone

Climb the Tower Alone

나 혼자 탑 오르기
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
When we randomly selected the difficulty level of the top climb,we found 'Very, Very Special Easy', which did not exist before.The ordeal of climbing the tower is different for me alone.I have to enter the world of works I have seen or tried and clear the trials of each level.


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