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Climb the Tower Alone 348

Climb the Tower Alone 348

Chapter 348 – 348

What can I say, Clara didn’t notice at all that she was sleeping, and when I saw her giving me a respectful look, telling me that I had worked hard and worked hard during the endoscopy, my dick started getting hot again.

She deceived an innocent, pretty married woman and secretly made her pregnant. The feeling of immorality and pleasure from receiving her respect and gratitude was not a joke.

‘Wow, doctors have been fucking women who were put under sedation because of this taste. … This is why I have no choice but to oppose the installation of CCTV. Rape that doesn’t get caught. This is just asking guys to fuck their pussy. … Wow, but it would be terrifying if there were gays among the doctors… My anus is getting stung without me knowing.’

In addition to sexual crimes, banning CCTV was a necessary condition for proxy surgery and drunken surgery.

In the future, I will not have surgery and will just have sex with women and have nurses or salespeople from pharmaceutical companies perform surgeries on my behalf, but I can’t do that without CCTV.

And sometimes I want to drink alcohol and perform surgery on my own, but I can’t do it without CCTV.

‘If you have CCTV, you can’t do all these fun and good things…’

How dare the ignorant dog and pig people talk about CCTV?

As a doctor, I cannot forgive.

If someone wants to make it mandatory to install medical CCTV in Tycoon Land, we will have to go on strike.

And when that person is sick or undergoing surgery, they pretend it was a medical mistake and kill him.

We need to tell the dogs and pigs why a doctor’s license is called a legal license to kill.

‘Because I hurt you on purpose. I made you come to my hospital…, I need surgery. Kkeukkkk.’

Clara decided to spend the night at our hospital and be discharged tomorrow morning.

I decided to have the head nurse prescribe sleeping pills for Clara, and Clara took the medicine prescribed by the doctor and handed over by the nurse without any hesitation.

Her head nurse seemed to have given Clara the medicine under the pretense that it would protect her from side effects after her anesthesia.


Clara was seen gulping down her sleeping pills with water without question.


Clara took a strong sleeping pill from her hospital and after a while she dozed off and fell into a deep sleep.

Hehe, the second round has begun.”

I unfastened the belt of her pants, took off Clara’s pants, and placed the head of my cock against her pink, fleshy pussy.

Perhaps because I had been passionately penetrating and tasting the vagina just a moment ago, the vagina was wide open and expanding more than when I first saw it.

“Ah, it’s so bad to fuck an innocent married woman who completely believes I’m a doctor.”

Crackling. Ssukkuksukkung. With a sound like this, my dick made a passionate piston movement.

I shook my hips vigorously and carefully expanded Clara’s tight married woman’s pussy, which was deep in sleep, so that it could become my exclusive pussy.

“Be my private cock case. Innocent sloppy married woman pussy bitch. Raise the pregnant baby well with your husband. Haha.”

I kept pouring so much of my creamy white semen into her vagina and womb that the smell of my semen could be smelled.

Semen flowed back out of Clara’s vagina and continued to overflow, but it was also very disgusting to see the head nurse licking it up with regret.

Clara continued to expand her asshole with my big cock.
The more she fucked her anus, the more it became chewy and turned into a delicious anal hole.

Even as I was fucking her ass, her breathing got heavy, and her face got red. This means that her anus is fully developed as an erogenous zone even while she sleeps.’

As I touched her clitoris with my fingers, fingered her pussy, and fucked her anus, it was clear that even while she was sleeping, the anus had become an erogenous zone.
Maybe Clara will start doing her own anal masturbation later.

Hehe, you didn’t know that I developed it in advance…, She might be miserable later on when she starts masturbating her anus on her own. She says she thinks she perverts herself. Heehee, that kind of thing sucks.’

The anus felt a little stiff at first, but now it smoothly accepts my large, extremely thick cock and holds it deliciously.

It was a hole worth developing.

Clara’s vagina and anus.

With the help of the head nurse, I fucked Clara’s hole all night long until the sun came up.

Now Clara’s holes were red and swollen for anyone to see.

“… Teacher, if you do this, you are bound to get caught. I think you wrote it too harshly. “It doesn’t matter if they get ruined because they are the holes of a sloppy married woman, but I am worried that the teacher will find out.”

“Okay? Wow, I guess I was so excited that I just wrote it. What should I do if this happens?”

“Even if an injection or medicine is prescribed to quickly reduce swelling…, Umm, if the swelling is this much, it will take at least 6 hours.”

“Hmm…, Then you know. Let’s just sleep more. You said her husband was on a business trip abroad for 3 days anyway. My husband is not home yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Looks like he’s coming home in the morning two days later… I’ll send it home just in time for my husband’s arrival. In the meantime, I kept fucking this poor married woman’s pussy until it was a hole.”

“Are you going to take that action? All right. “Then let’s take action like that.”

“… But will your husband be worried if you don’t hear from him? … Well, I saw the cell phone password lock pattern earlier. I’m going to unlock it and send a text message like Clara sent saying it’s okay. Later, when Clara wakes up, let’s lie and say we sent her in her sleep.”

“Yes, teacher. … But somehow, you are much more skilled than I thought. I think you have this experience.”

After listening to the nurse chief’s words, I thought about it carefully, and actually had a few experiences.

For example, once upon a time, when Hye-jeong first raped a woman on the first floor of the tower, it seems that Hye-jeong, who was on a business trip abroad, had deceived her husband by text message.

Hehe, even back then, I was watching Hye-jeong’s text messages and figured out the text speech patterns that Hye-jeong usually used. Then, I imitated Hye-jeong’s writing style and sent a text message mixed with the emoticons that Hye-jeong often used. Hye-jeong was fooled by her husband. Kkkk.’

I felt better after thinking about the old days.

It was really fun back then.

‘Of course, it’s still fun to steal and eat this bitch’s pussy.’

I decided to fuck Clara’s pussy frugally for the remaining time.

To put it another way, it was no different from trying to make a pitiful mess by pricking it mercilessly.

Just before she wakes up, Nurse Chief, a genius medical expert, will give her an injection to reduce swelling and administer local anesthesia so that Clara will not suspect anything.


Morning two days later.

The day Clara’s husband was to come.

Clara woke up in a daze and was shocked when she saw today’s date.

I was surprised and asked the doctor and the nurse manager how this happened, but we calmly told them that it was not a big deal and that it was one of the rare side effects of sleep anesthesia.

She was confused at first, but as time went by, and we consoled her, she regained her composure.

“… I didn’t know there were side effects like this. … I can’t believe I just slept for over two days. It’s not serious, right? “Teacher?”

“It’s no big deal. It’s not common, but it happens sometimes. I also have these symptoms sometimes. Don’t you feel refreshed because you feel like you had a good night’s rest? There is also a research hypothesis that these symptoms occur when stress and fatigue accumulate. “Have you been under a lot of stress because of your stomachache?”

“… Ah, yes…, After listening…, I think so… I was quite stressed when I started having stomach pains… Okay… And as the teacher said, I slept well for more than two days, and my body and head felt very refreshed. … However, that…, Uh…”

“Hmm? Why are you doing that?”

“… Ugh, that…, Therefore…”

Clara looks at her own lower abdomen and towards her groin.
She seemed to feel something strange.

As if I had noticed something about her, she told her with a serious look on her face to stop being embarrassed.

“What’s going on? Don’t be shy and tell me.”

“… Oh, that’s…, For some reason, the space between the crotches, something…, I had a strange feeling…, A little…, Weird. Yes…”

“Oh, that’s it. That’s because you haven’t moved for two days. People are supposed to move, but they just slept for two days. Once you start moving, you won’t feel anything after three days. It probably won’t even last three days. If you still have these symptoms after three days, please visit the hospital quickly.”

“… Is that so? Ah…, Okay… Thank god. Lol. Thank you “Doctor.”

As Clara relaxed by mainly talking to me, the head nurse seemed to want to help me, so she quietly stepped forward and continued.

“The patient may have had some discomfort walking because he underwent endoscopy under anesthesia and slept for two days. Should I say that I walk haphazardly? You may also briefly feel a foreign sensation near your buttocks. In order to check the cause of abdominal pain, an endoscope was inserted through the buttocks. But that’s normal, so don’t worry too much.”

The head nurse told Clara that they had put an endoscope into her butt hole to check for the cause of her abdominal pain, so it was okay if the area around her butt hole felt a little strange.

She had talked with the head nurse about how to trick Clara, and it was the head nurse’s idea.

Since I didn’t actually have an endoscopy, I couldn’t even think about that.

Should I say that he is a practicing nurse, unlike a quack like me? . You say it well and convincingly.

“… Well, I see. … Yes, that’s right. You are right. Because you must have inserted an endoscopic device into her asshole…, Thank you. Nurse teacher. Thanks to you, I felt reassured.”

I and her head nurse tricked her by matching her words as best as we could so that Clara would not notice that her sleep had been interrupted.
And Clara, an innocent blonde married woman, immediately believed us.

‘Kkekekekeke. Byeongshin bitch. I’m pregnant, so take care of my baby. With her husband. Tsk tsk tsk. It’s a cuckoo chick, so my husband, who will raise it with care, may feel a little sorry for me.’

Climb the Tower Alone

Climb the Tower Alone

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
When we randomly selected the difficulty level of the top climb,we found 'Very, Very Special Easy', which did not exist before.The ordeal of climbing the tower is different for me alone.I have to enter the world of works I have seen or tried and clear the trials of each level.


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