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City Of Witches 36

City Of Witches 36

Chapter 36 – #09_Cohabitation Without Flair


There is always an empty spot left in a person’s heart.
It’s not that big of a space.
It’s a small place where you suddenly think, ‘Oh, there it was’ and step on it.

That space, which is normally immersed deep in the heart, sticks its head out when a gap in thought arises.
I didn’t even call it, but it’s so ironic.

Even while taking a bath, it comes to mind for a while.
Even if I throw myself on the bed after using the perfume of fatigue to forget my loneliness, it comes to my mind.
I’m not even hungry, but when I put a sweet dessert in my mouth, it comes to mind.
Even when I smoke, when I tear my hair out at unresolved calculations.

No matter how deep you put it in and try not to take it out, it floats up as if saying ‘don’t forget me’.

Amelia Marigold also had an empty place in her heart.

In that place, Master was always kind, dignified, elegant, and noble.

Whenever her illness worsened, she scooped up her medicine and brushed her forehead with a kind hand.
When she fell from a tree and broke her leg, she ran faster than anyone else.
When she tossed and turned in her nightmaresheheld a seat next to her with warm milk.
Weaving a scarf in front of the fireplace and telling old stories,
When I wanted to give up because studying was difficult and painful, he told me, ‘Amelia, you are more special than anyone else’.

Miss you master

Amelia remembered.
The farewell day she couldn’t believe.
You didn’t tell me anything.

‘Master! Why, why didn’t you tell me…! I… I… I thought that if I became a witch… I could be with Master forever…’
‘When there is a meeting, there is a parting. Oh my, is it too clichéd to be left as a will?’

She didn’t tell me that the previous witches who inherited the stigma would disappear, and that the two of them could be together until Amelia inherited the stigma.
I know why.

As a child, she was an indolent, lacking, and lazy student.
Besides, she loved Master so much.

If Amelia had known all the facts, she would never have inherited the stigma.
She would not have stepped up to inherit Master’s research, to be recognized, or to spend more years with Master.
Had it been so, her life would have been lost at her blossoming age by her disease, which had plagued her since birth.

That’s why Master didn’t say anything.
Because you didn’t want the disciple you loved to die either.

‘Cowardly… I can’t admit it! Where is this… Cowardly… Don’t go… Don’t go…’
‘Amelia, my beloved disciple, my daughter, my mirror. I am very happy that you carried on the name Marigold.’
‘I don’t need a name like this! Why…Why didn’t you listen to me…’
‘You are a warm child.’
‘I do not like it! I do not like it…! Take it back… Without Master, I’m… Nothing…!’

Even if you cry, tear your hair out, scream, shake your head, pray.
The cruel time of separation that came suddenly did not stop.

‘Live like a witch, like a noble. And…’

Master is gone.

The day Amelia inherited her brand.
Without leaving her will, she was murdered by Amelia Marigold.

Guilt, betrayal, resentment, anger, love, longing.
So many different emotions that cannot be expressed in one word.

Amelia suppressed those feelings tightly.
And pushed it into the empty space in her chest.
Into the space that will rise again someday, even knowing that it is meaningless.

The pain of loss, which continued to subside as if swallowed by a hot fireball, must have pierced a hole through the bottom of her chest.

After a modest funeral.
Amelia cried until she passed out, then woke up and cried again.
She no longer shed tears.
Did he realize that it is a heartless reality that he cannot shake off no matter how much he tries to deny it?

There was determination in her newly opened eyes.
Forced to take on,
Didn’t want
But a determination that could not be abandoned.

‘If that’s what Master wants…’

Witch’s wish.
To reach a higher rank and reach the feat of the Witch of Creation.

‘…I will walk that path.’

These are very warm memories, but at the same time, they were very sharp.
Memories that come without warning and make your heart burn like burns and tears of longing.

As such, the empty seat was only for Master.
For a very long time,
That is until a bold and scandalous man appeared in front of them.

Siu took out a cigarette.
By the way, this is Amelia taking a whole pack on the way back from Border Town.

Twenty cigarettes!
It’s a cigarette without a taste head that I wouldn’t smoke even if it was in the past, but it’s something only a guy with hot rice and cold rice can cover.
Even if Siwoo was given rice mixed with cyanide, he had to choose well and eat it.

Anyway, even if you smoke one cigarette a day and two on a special day, you don’t have to be a slave to nicotine for a whopping 15 days.
It’s hard to live a slave life, but one slave life is enough.

After lighting the fire with a candle that had been burning on top of the fireplace, Siu sat down on the window sill.

A figure wearing a fucking sexy suit reflected through the window.

Since Amelia tried to barter for the perfume, she couldn’t know the proper price, but at a glance, it looks expensive from material to design.

“He’s handsome.”

After dressing well for the first time in a while and brushing his hair back, looking in the mirror gives me a slight narcissism.
It doesn’t compare to looking in the mirror after taking a shower.
Wouldn’t Amelia have fallen in love with this?

Momentary delusion.
Siwoo, who met his eyes through the window, realized the reality.
Judging from Amelia’s reaction right after changing her clothes, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen.

Siwoo brushed off the cigarette ash with a wry smile.
Amelia has changed a little in the past few days.
In the past, if it was just a pretty beast that brought misfortune, these days it’s something.

If you think about it, isn’t it after going to Border Town together that the full-fledged change began?
Is she tired of being bullied by her so far?
Was she really grateful that she had been hit by the falling eaves instead?
Did you really start taking care of me?
I bet you didn’t notice that her inn kept her to the end.

“Oh shit.”

Siwoo dropped the crane, feeling a chill running down his spine without even realizing it.
It is not the last assumption.
No matter how much I thought about it, if the fact that he sucked Amelia’s breast had been discovered, he wouldn’t have been able to stay this peaceful.
Sophia seems to have properly secured her mouth.

Anyway, to buy me panties, dessert, cigarettes, and even a nice suit like this.
Something feels off

I’ve never had a similar feeling.
I guess it was the feeling of the time when the opposite senior, who had been harassing me for two years, was being kind to me, saying that I was sorry for being immature.

It’s ambiguous to even say thank you, but that’s why Siwoo said, ‘Did you think I would forgive you if you said this shit now? It’s not even a personality that leaves an aftertaste.
In the first place, I’m not the type to be harsh on others.

Therefore, it was very difficult to control her distance from Amelia and her psychological stance towards her.
I’m happy when I receive something, but I’m not comfortable with it, and it’s a situation where I’m reminded of what happened in the past to treat it comfortably.

“I don’t know.”

It’s a body that will leave anyway
Again you never know Even difficult things become better with time.
Of all the shitty days in Gehenna, the only memories I can recall are the days when I quarreled with Amelia.

It’s all going to pass anyway, it’s the past.
Rather than making a feud with Amelia for no reason, let’s take care of the convenience and get out of the way.
It was relatively easy to renew my mindset, perhaps thanks to Amelia’s less vicious temper than before.

“Ugh, even if I followed half of the way I developed my personality.”

It must have been wagging its tail like Takasho.

Come to think of it, having a person is really important.
If Amelia had been a little less pretty than she is now, Siwoo would have really, really hated her.
But what can I do?
The DNA in her body is said to be a beauty anyway, extenuating circumstances.

Siwoo placed a cigarette on the side of the cigarette lighter, including the filter, in an ashtray (it looks very flashy and expensive) and closed the window sill.
Then I heard the door burst open.

Ah, yes, this is the beginning of this life.
No Privacy Zone is activated.
From now on, masturbation has to be done in the bathroom.

Siwoo lightly straightened his clothes and went out to the living room.
The good thing is that the living room and the bedroom are separated, so you can detect Amelia’s intrusion first.

“Associate Professor…”

What are you doing? The words did not follow.
Because Amelia suddenly intervened.

“My name is Amelia Marigold.”
“Yes, I am Siwoo Shin.”

I know, what are you going to do?
Her Amelia’s eyebrows raised briefly as she stared at her blankly.

This is about 25% of the wonder Siwoo sometimes shows when he does something stupid.
What did I do wrong this time?

“Shin Siwoo.”

When Amelia called Siu, it was always two things.
Shin Si-woo Manager, or just manager.
Most of the time it was the latter unless I was really angry.
Then, what is the omen of calling the stone characters by name?
The PSTD that had been building up for 5 years started twisting his body and showing off his presence.
I unknowingly shrugged my shoulders.
Are you saying that you smoked in the room?

“That’s right, it must have been Shin Si-woo. Not the manager.”

As if she realized something on her own, Amelia shook her head and stared at her staring face.
That’s embarrassing.

“Yes, that’s right. Now I’m not the custodian of the academy, but the associate professor.”

Siwoo bit her tongue in embarrassment.
Amelia’s fine, thin eyebrows throw her left and right out of balance.
It’s 50% frustrating.

“Call me by name. Siwoo.”
“The name of the associate professor?”
“Yes. I told you. My name is not Associate Professor.”

I don’t know what kind of lightning bolt this is.
But what? Now, if you want to go to the yard where you have become a full-time slave, you have to do it.

“I understand. Amelia-sama.”

Amelia looked very satisfied.
At first glance, she is expressionless, but if you look closely, her nostrils are slightly enlarged, which is filthy cute.
She is a sudden question, but is Amelia blonde with her nose hair too?

“Well done.”

Siwoo, who was taken aback by the sudden air raid on Amelia, finally found the plate in her hand.
It’s that cherry cake that I’ve eaten very delicious before.
Actually, I forgot the exact name. It must be so complicated.
She set her plate on the table in her triumphant form.

“Yes? Thank you. Doesn’t Amelia eat?”

A piece of cake and a fork, so I asked. Amelia shook her head.

“I don’t need it. After eating, go to the kitchen on the first floor and wash the dishes.”
“Yes, thank you.”

Amelia, who appeared suddenly, disappeared quickly when she left.
Did you come all the way here just to give me a cake?
First of all, Siwoo munched on cake because he couldn’t even eat a single meal today and he was craving something sweet.


It must be an illusion to feel like a pet dog, right?

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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