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City Of Witches 35

City Of Witches 35

Chapter 35 – #08_Ars Magna Town (4)


A luxurious lobby that would make the royal reception room go away.
Sitting upright on the comfortable sofa, Amelia was deep in thought.

Never forget your duty
You are the one who will carry on the name of the great Marigold.
Even in a place where you can’t see other people’s eyes, put your body on the right.
Do not be lazy in walking the path of magic, and be diligent and diligent.
Live like a noble and like a witch.

To Amelia, who was hiding in the warehouse because she didn’t want to study magic, Master spoke in a stern voice for the first time.
Well, if there is an apprentice witch now, and if the apprentice witch is a girl who only likes to play and be lazy, Amelia will scold her as harshly as her master.

In any case, the teachings of the predecessor Marigold permeated deep into Amelia’s heart.
While spending time alone, I remembered Master’s face, chewed over his words, and engraved them in my heart over and over again.

“That’s wrong.”

He said softly, touching the edge of the tea cup he hadn’t even taken a sip of.

Amelia’s mind replayed the scene she had just seen.
Jake and Flora.
The two introduced each other as lovers.

It is different from the normal relationship between a witch and a man-chong.
Even seemingly simply, Flora treated Jake as an equal.
He didn’t reprimand him for walking around the store with his shirt off, and he didn’t mind kissing in front of customers.

Are witches and slaves equal?

The gap between what you have learned and learned.
The gap with the knowledge she knew made Amelia’s head complicated.
When I see a great performance, I feel like I’m in a theater where I have to clap with both feet.

What if Siwoo treated himself like that?
That is, if you act like Jake, who seems to be passionately in love with Flora.


Amelia trembles with incomprehensible discomfort.
Creepy goose bumps ran through her body.

I will never allow anything like that.
So what about kisses?


The imaginary Siu and Amelia exchanged saliva while biting and sucking each other’s tongues and twisting each other like slugs mating.


This time, an even deeper displeasure ran through her body.
It’s strange.
It is beyond comprehension why such a dirty deed was taken as a token of love and affection.

Amelia sighed and drank some black tea to shake off her thoughts.
The tea was already lukewarm.


“Assistant Professor, I’m glad I came.”

The person you’ve been waiting for walks in.
It’s faster than you think. It was already boring to sit around alone.

“Because I paid in advance…”

And Amelia tilted her head.
Who is that?
I’m not used to it like I’m used to it

Neatly styled hair, a tight-fitting suit and shiny black shoes.
A man walks out awkwardly arranging his sleeves.
Amelia sat down on the sofa just as she was about to get up.

There was no time to think about the thought of doing something frivolous.
You may not believe it, but that gentleman is Shin Si-woo.

“Thank you. I really like it.”

I hate to admit it, but I really hate to admit it for some reason, but it suits me very well.
I became conscious of my breathing for some reason.
It’s a little uncomfortable to breathe in and out.
It was as if this body was not her own.

How can I express this feeling?
What kind of changes must occur in human emotions for the body to respond this way?
Unfortunately, there was no word in Amelia’s dictionary to define the feeling.

Amelia jumped up.

“Ha… That’s much better.”
“I think so. It fits so well that it’s easy to move around.”

Siwoo moves his arms and shows off his well-dressed clothes.
Although Flora may be an informal woman playing with slaves, her tailoring skills were unmistakable.
Even though it moves like that, the clothes don’t feel tangled or wrinkled, and it doesn’t look uncomfortable even though it’s close to the body.

I always wore clothes that looked like mats, but wearing those clothes made me look different.
Amelia hurriedly turned her gaze away from Siu.

“Associate professor.”

Siwoo took a step closer to Amelia.
Amelia was so startled that she tried to squeeze the hem of her skirt for no reason.
Something is wrong.

“Thank you very much.”

He nods his head.
It’s the first time I’ve received such sincere thanks from him.
I heard a lot of words of thanks, but this time the concentration was different.

Is it okay to receive such thanks?
Amelia asked herself, and soon she had an answer.
Of course.
For her clothes she paid for two perfumes of her weariness.
But when she thinks about the reason she decided to buy him her clothes, she gets confused again. In a way, this is just a reward.
As usual, keep your composure and respond.

“I don’t think so. I just didn’t like walking around in unsightly clothes.”

Talking while maintaining a level mind naturally came out as if he was criticizing him.
Siwoo’s expression, which was smiling brightly, became slightly ambiguous.
He is still a man who can’t manage his facial expressions.

I shouldn’t have said it this far.
Amelia added her own words to clear things up for her.

“Please wear it like this from now on. It suits you.”
“All right.”

Siu sighed in a way that didn’t show it.
Amelia also sighed inconspicuously.

Siu, who obtained a nice suit, returned to Trinity Academy by carriage.
It’s not that I don’t want to look around Ars Magna Town more, but the place full of witches is somehow atrophied.
It was better to just finish the work like this and come back.

Amelia turned her head to the side all the way back and looked at the scenery outside her window.
Thanks to that, the conversation between the two is completely cut off.
We returned without saying a word to each other.
The carriage went straight to the barn where Siu lived, and Siu packed his things.
Dear congratulatory message, goodbye now.
Of course I have to move my luggage tonight.

“Are you going to my place from now on?”

Siu, who spread out a large towel and filled it with the contents like a bundle, asked as he climbed into the carriage.


The carriage moved again like that.
So we arrived at the annex near the center of the school building.

It is a large mansion with a garden, a fountain, and a decent 5-star hotel.
The blue roof and white walls were impressive.

“Associate professor.”
“I think the carriage came to the wrong place? This is the associate professor’s quarters.”

This is Amelia’s quarters.
It was a grand building that didn’t fit at all with the simplistic word accommodation.

“I know.”

Do you know
Before Shiu had time to ask again, Amelia got out of her carriage and opened the door of her mansion.

“Come in.”

Siwoo blinks her eyes and follows Amelia into the room.
For some reason, I felt a little uneasy.
Amelia quickly climbs the central staircase.

Not a single servant could be seen in such a spacious mansion.
Nevertheless, it is clean as if it was newly built, as if it was being managed by magic. Even the chandelier hanging high there was not a speck of dust.

Reaching the second floor, Amelia led Siu to the room at the end of her hallway.
No matter how insensitive Siu was, at this point, he slowly noticed her.

“This way.”
“Well, just in case, I want to tell you… Will this be my lodging from now on?”
“You are my exclusive slave. Isn’t it obvious?”

Living in the same hostel as Amelia?
Siwoo felt as if the sky was collapsing and the floor was sinking.
Is it natural? It’s not natural.

“Ha, but as the associate professor’s slave, how dare I live in the same building as the associate professor?”
“Anyway, there are many rooms and the accommodation is spacious. I can give you at least one with great generosity.”

If Siwoo had shown that generosity on a daily basis, he would have thought of Amelia much more favorably than he does now.
Who is this generosity really for?

“Assistant Professor, it’s because I’m so sorry.”
“No way. Now that you’ve become my assistant, you should live a dignified life.”

There are two very big problems with living in the same mansion as Amelia.

First problem first.
The reason why Amelia wants to keep Shiu so close is obvious.
Wouldn’t it be to pamper them to death?
She doesn’t even need to visit Siu or call him.
Because they are under one roof.

If it’s just work, it won’t be a big problem.
The problem is that he has to be with Amelia 24/7.
It’s an awkward and uncomfortable opponent, but now I have to see her face until I go to bed. It was another matter with an assistant who only helped with paperwork and work assistance.

Second problem.
There is a setback in magic research.
The barn where Siwoo originally lived was located on top of a secluded hill outside the academy.
The minuscule amount of mana used for research was undetectable.

In contrast, what about here?
You will immediately come into Amelia’s sense of touch.
If you want to avoid her gaze, you’ll have to head to a deserted barn late at night and experiment.
That meant that magic research would be delayed for a long time.
I don’t know anything else, but I can’t stand the delay in escaping.

“Assistant Professor, no matter how much I think about it, this place doesn’t suit me. I’ll go back to my previous accommodation.”

Meanwhile, Amelia couldn’t understand Siu trying to escape.
Originally, it was planned to give him a reasonable accommodation near the research building. It’s a place where the facilities aren’t that good, but they’re not that bad either.

However, she thought that she would need to make amends, considering that her petty vendettas in the past had snowballed from her hillside and hit her sister-in-law.

So, in haste, I decided to give away the room originally used by Amelia as her guest room.
Why are you holding on like this?

“Leave your luggage and come.”

So, the future life that I saw.
Siwoo, who was worried and looking for a way to escape, was dumbfounded when he saw the room.

No matter how splendid the mansion, accommodations for servants are bound to be shabby.
And the room assigned to Siwoo’s accommodation was not a room for servants, no matter how you look at it.
Rather, it would be more like a room for the utmost hospitality.

The ceiling was lower than the barn, but high enough that Michael Jordan couldn’t reach it even if he jumped with all his might.
Furniture such as sofas, cupboards, and closets are also expensive enough that if Siwoo bumps into them and scratches them, he will have to live as a slave for free for the rest of his life.
Besides, the carpet on the floor was so bad that it was a sin to step on, so Siu unknowingly walked avoiding the carpet.

“This is the living room, this is the bedroom.”

Besides, there are two more rooms inside the room.
As soon as Siwoo entered, the spacious room he saw was the living room of the room, and when he went inside, he saw a bedroom with a bed and a desk.

Like the furniture in the living room, neither the bed nor the mattress on top looked luxurious.

“Can I take a look around?”
“It’s the caretaker’s room now, so do what you like.”

As soon as permission was given, Siwoo checked the last remaining room.
Adjacent to the bedroom is a large bathtub.
When I turn on the water in the bathtub, which is almost like a modern facility, hot water comes out gurgling.

Say goodbye to showers with ice-like water.
I felt bewildered.

“Is this really my room?”
“Okay, today is a day off, so take a good rest and come to the research building tomorrow morning.”

Amelia closed the door and left.
Siwoo looked around the room for a while, looking around him.
Amelia was a bit taken aback as to why she was suddenly being so kind.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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