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City ​​of Witches 1126

City ​​of Witches 1126

Chapter 1126 – #267_Daily Life of the Magic Society(5) – DeepL


The Hesed Society’s project presentation went off without a hitch.

At the ball that followed, many witches jostled for position to ask Xiu to dance,
Xiu played the role of the perfect dancer.

She didn’t just practice for a day or two.

Back to business, I’m glad I was recognized for my hunting rights business, even if it wasn’t for Moon’s pay.

Smart witches would have seen the insidiousness of this innovative system.

‘What the hell! The homunculus wasn’t supposed to be anyone’s monopoly in the first place, and you’re going to sell the right to hunt it for money?
“Why don’t you just liberate the armor and keep the system the way it is?
“You’re so obviously looking out for yourself. I’m sick of it.

The list of complaints could go on and on.
The final destination of these complaints is: “What right does the Hesed Society have to do that?

But at least there wasn’t an atmosphere of intense antagonism.
There were a few who took it less than favorably, but not much was said about the monopoly on hunting rights.

“It’s good to have a title.”

This is entirely because Xinxiu is a ‘count’.
Nobility in Gehenna is not just an inherited title.

It’s a place where you’ve been recognized as “worthy of respect,” whether by yourself or your ancestors.

‘If the Xiu family had monopolized such a business back then, they would have been condemned by everyone, but now they are supported by the tacit agreement that they are entitled to such privileges. It’s one of the principles of Gehenna that those who deserve it get it,’ he says.

‘Of course, if you’re just going for the money at this point, you’re going to end up with a bunch of binoculars. It’s all about responsibility, and I’m sure Mr. Xiu can handle that.

“You’ve been wonderful today, Mr. Xiu.

That’s what the little old lady said earlier.

This is how difficult it is to run a witch’s world.
Still, there are some things that can be understood without explanation.

“I’m shooting today. Let’s go to the Rose Glass!”
“After party, after party, after party, after party with the president!”

The researchers who have worked so hard on the project deserve a reward.

Xiu asks Takasho for a favor, borrows a whole rose glass for the night, and brings a small gift to join in the fun.

In truth, there’s no time for this.

First, she had to prepare for the start of the regular semester.
The curriculum for the basic departments is roughly organized, but I’ll be reviewing the entire curriculum for 15 classes.

I also had to tinker with the BM model of the hunting rights, which is still in its early stages.
Personally, I think it would be better if there was a season pass or complete gacha system.

I was pissed at the time, but now that I’ve seen the draft and the proposal, I can see why so many games are obsessed with gacha.

We also needed to recruit the occult witches to interpret the cryptograms.
We needed them to create hunting passes with precise coordinates and difficulty levels.

The May Tea Party Society was supposed to do this, but they’re probably understaffed, so we’ll have to recruit from elsewhere.

I also had to negotiate with my in-laws to set up a mass production system for the hunting rights themselves.

Hunting rights aren’t something you can just snap together like a plastic bottle.
It’s an artifact that requires a lot of know-how about the Dimensional Magic Formula.

It would take a lot of trial and error to get the process right.

My collaboration with Sister Periwinkle on Mistiltein hasn’t even begun.
“Master, I’m so lonely…. I also have a stack of letters from Periwinkle summarizing the collaboration: “You want to work together? Do you want to look?

But it doesn’t look good to say that you’ve worked hard and you still have work to do.

He decided to join in, partly to boost morale and partly to show his appreciation.

“This is my way of saying thank you for all your hard work.”
“What is this? I don’t recognize the label.”
“It looks a bit vintage… what is it?”

The researchers scratched their heads as they looked at the old bottle, which at first glance looked like it hadn’t been taken care of at all.

Most of the researchers in the Research Center of the Department of Fundamental Science were originally members of the Wine Pub.
From what I’ve heard, it’s more like a coven formed by witches who love to drink alcohol than the actual function of an academic organization.

In other words, a collection of deep-sea-aged champagnes and ultra-luxury wines salvaged from the sea would be the perfect gift from Leroux.

When I tell them the list and the history, they’re stunned.

“Wow… so this is the legendary one?”
“Only 233 bottles were made, and here are five…?”
“You can’t even buy it for real money…. Thank you, Mr. President. Thank you….”

The researchers, whose jaws dropped at the president’s backhanded gift, drank with trembling hands and fell into ecstasy.


Xie Wu, who had been studying the capital city for a long time, said plainly, “I honestly can’t say that the taste itself is that exceptional.

It’s only slightly better than the usual lineup available at smugglers’ stations, or even slightly inferior.

In the old days, I might have said, “This is a high-end foreign tea in a cup?” I might have been surprised.

“Alas, this deep flavor….”
“Black and white, I’m glad I majored in the basics….”

However, Bada understood the consumption patterns of the rich and the aristocratic culture of Gehenna.
The witches, all of whom belong to the upper class, do not consume alcohol only as a cost-effective palatable food.

They drink it with stories and history.

You might think that’s no different than a commoner splurging on luxury goods, but it’s also different.

Rather than mere material luxury, it is about recognizing and enjoying the deep meaning and value of the object, and pursuing a deeper and richer quality of life and spiritual enrichment.

For witches, who must walk a long and solitary path of seekers, luxury is perhaps as important as human entertainment.

“Of course alcohol is best when it’s expensive!!! I love money!!!”
“I am the most exclusive drinker in Gehenna today!!!”
“Kkkkkk…. Is this drink my research grant for the month?”


Anyway, today is a winner for everyone in the Department of Fundamentals.

Xiu didn’t have the nerve to take all the credit for the researchers’ hard work.
At the end of his interim presentation, he mentioned every single researcher by name and shared the credit.

What it means.
It meant that each and every one of them had an amazing portfolio.

The hard work had paid off.

The researchers who hijacked the bar without a host, claiming it was a day to eat the president’s face, shrugged their shoulders.

They knew from experience that the president was actually quite docile, despite the scary rumors, so they played along.

“Haha, I heard you were very busy at the ball earlier.”

“Mr. President, there was a girl who was pointing out that I entered a research building that has no history or tradition, and she wanted to know what she should do to become a researcher in the basic science department. It’s too breaking news, isn’t it?”

“Alas, you’ll get offers from all sorts of research institutes, but if the president is willing, you can stay in the department of fundamentals….”

“Mr. President, that runaway witch Daphne is going to run away again!”
“What?! When did I say that! I didn’t! I swear to you, Mr. President, believe me!”

Daphne shook her head in exasperation, and around her, a giant goblet of strong whiskey was poured as punishment.

“One shot of Faith, one shot!”
“What are you doing, this is blasphemy against alcohol!”
“It’s not blasphemy, Daphne, it’s blasphemy against the Dean of the Faculty!”
“It’s Daphne, the witch of wine, drinking well!”

It was indeed a terrifying sight.
Xie Wu chuckled and looked at the scene in amusement.

After all, no matter what kind of organization it is, people and their relationships are the most important thing.
After all, wasn’t the biggest part of workplace stress coming from interpersonal relationships?

“Alas, I forgot something.”

When the mood was ripe, Xiu took several white envelopes from his arms and handed them out.

“What are these?”
“These are the bonuses I promised you.”
“Wow, can I check them out here?”
“Of course.”

Hurriedly checking the contents, the researchers had the same reaction.
The drunkenness wore off quickly and there was a blank silence.

“One, ten, one hundred, one thousand….”
“Eh? Huh? Huh? What is this?”
“It’s not payday today….”

The bonus in the envelope turned out to be a check drawn on Xiu’s name by the Safe Bank.
To put it in dollar terms, it would be the average annual salary that the Wine Pub researchers would have received in the past X 5 years.

This backstabbing was exemplary.
A clear example of what happens when you are loyal to President Xin Xiu.

He will reward you with a lavish reward that you don’t dare to run away from.
When they are approached by other organizations, they say, “I’m not satisfied with such a small amount of money and lousy benefits….”.

If Xu’s influence is based on the loyalty of researchers in the basic science department and gradually spreads to the entire society, it becomes an invisible ‘power’.

Isn’t it said that power is the belief in something that doesn’t exist?

“It’s coming again….”
“Aaah…. Gehenna’s one and only President Xiu. Praise be to him….”

Xiu didn’t stop with the incentives, but also promised to look at the thesis individually in the future and help with personal research when he had time.

The rest is history.

The aftermath became a religious meeting with a cult leader.

“I will now give a testimony of the miracles performed by the Dean, and I ask that you all reverently kneel down and say yes to the Dean.”
“I truly believe that the Count who will write the new history of Gehenna is President Cynthius.”

In the midst of the solemnity, poor Daphne was unmistakably teased.

“Mr. President, Daphne has declared that she will strip down to her faith! A little racy adult trivia here: what color is Daphne’s underwear today?”
“When did I!!!!”

“You apostate who betrayed the President of the Society, you can’t even take off a single item of clothing on such an auspicious day!”
“Black… black…. Vern, I’ll take it off, that Daphne, I’ll take it off!”
“No, don’t take it off.”

The tension was high, but when the alcohol was added to the mix, Rose Glass became trance-like.
Xiu sneaks out onto the terrace under the pretense of getting some air.


If only days like today would continue, but something keeps nagging at me.

I thought of the Roundtable that must be sleeping in the vault.
It’s an artifact that allows me to contact the capos of Las Werpanas, Lydia’s inheritance.

It’s been over a month since the inheritance was finalized, and they still haven’t convened.

They say the gates of Hexenacht are closed, but is this too much of a delay?
Furthermore, my usual contact, Nairi Dervana, had stopped responding.

It was time to dig a little deeper.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

마녀의 도시
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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