City ​​of Witches 1125

City ​​of Witches 1125

Chapter 1125 – #267_Daily Life of the Magic Society(4) – DeepL


The world is a big place, and the online nature of SNS makes it seem even bigger than the real world, with beauties of all nationalities.

If you add innate genes + artistic photography skills + filters made possible by the advancement of technology, you can find beauties from all over the world.

They are the ones who receive the most attention.
So, if you were to translate them into the real world, they would be the average witch.

This means that when you stand in front of a crowd of witches, you have to deal with the eager gazes of an army of beauties and the pressure that comes with it.

No matter how accustomed he was to the beauty of witches, Xiu nonchalantly accomplished a task he would have never imagined as a slave.

“This concludes the interim report on the Moon Restoration Project.”

After explaining the basic knowledge, he provided both the feasibility of the project and the information that supported it.

The numerous simulations conducted with the help of self-made models and researchers surprised many in the audience.

“You ran simulations of that quality… in just one month?”
“The basic researchers are twenty-five years old.”
“What the hell?”

There was a small incident in which the Gehenna witches, who boast a laid-back work environment that would make French civil servants blush, were appalled at the murderous workload of the rumored Fundamentals Department….

It was a lucid report that no witch, even one who still looked down on Xiu, could fail to recognize.

That if construction began in a week, it would be completed within a month.
With that, and the fact that the construction would be done by the Hessian Society itself, it was time for questions and answers.

This is the time for questions that cannot be answered by the presentation itself, or for sharp points to be made by experts. ….


The witches in the front row were all silent.
It’s not that they’re ashamed of asking tough questions in front of an authority figure.
It was purely because Xiu’s explanation was so perfect that it needed no introduction.

“I have a question.”

Just then, someone raised their hand.
It was the person Xiu had been dreading the most as she continued her presentation, feigning nonchalance.

A glorious achievement, ranked 24th.
The one person who didn’t mind being called the greatest witch in the world now that Kether was gone.
She is Blanche Erelim, president of the Society of the True Path.

“What motivated you to take on this project?”

Duchess Erelim’s question was not an academic one.
Nor was it the kind of question that Xiu would have answered with, “Oh, that’s what I was after!

It was just that he didn’t think it was a good idea to engage in flimsy hypocrisy and lip service here.

“I’d like to say that I’m only doing this for the peace and stability of Gehenna, and I have no personal agenda, but I’m not without a desire to showcase the competence and potential of the Hesed Society.”

So, with just the right amount of smirk, she relaxes and elicits laughter from the audience.
This is all the result of his mother-in-law’s public speaking lessons.

“However, I am convinced that the complete restoration of the gates will not only save resources for repairs that have been continually wasted, but will also add to the security of Gehenna.”

The unseen alliance between Xinxiu and Duke Erelim (though Duke Erelim unilaterally disfavors Xinxiu) is no secret.

“I see.”

The Duke of Erelim nodded silently, unmoved by the public’s curiosity to see what she would do.

Much to Xiu’s embarrassment, as he craned his neck, anticipating the next sharp point.
“What’s wrong with you two? I thought things were bad between you two?” Xiu wondered.

Can he remain neutral while having a public lover?
Even if he is an earl, is it really right for someone who hasn’t even seen the light of day to be in charge of Gehenna’s security?

These are just a few of the tricky tackles that are not easy to answer.
A tackle that could only come from someone with the social distribution and power of the Duke of Erelim.

“Huh? What’s…. Is this a picture….”
“Was there an under-the-table deal between the Hessian Society and the Academia?”

In Gehenna witch society, small, insignificant actions mean a lot.

In other words, the presence of the Duke of Erelim, asking a single mana question and accepting a brief answer, could be interpreted as follows.

The Qin Lie Qin Ming Society has recognized the Hesed Society’s “gate” fee.
The Duke of Erelim personally vouched for the Hesed Society’s lack of legitimacy, which could be questioned later.

The completely unexpected turn of events caught everyone, including Xiu, off guard, but Xiu dropped his second bomb as planned.

“In case I didn’t mention it earlier, I’d like to tell you about the Hessian Society’s second project.”

This was the moment the homunculus hunting rights were revealed to Gehenna for the first time.

It’s not hard to see how the homunculus is treated.
It’s a unique raid mob that drops valuable items.

However, after the Flood, Xinxiu, who had gotten his hands on the armor, cut off the homunculus’ regen entirely.

Discontent was already spreading like mold, even if the witches who had just been burned were not.

The announcement of the hunting rights was an innovation that was sure to stem the tide of discontent.

To summarize Xinxiu’s announcement.

“We’ve had to spend a lot of time and effort hunting homunculi up until now, and not knowing when and where they’ll show up has been a headache and a negative experience.”

“But hunting rights dramatically reduce the effort required to track them. With hunting rights, you can instantly hunt a hibernating homunculus within 10 kilometers.”

“You also get to know the risk level of your prey in advance, i.e. how many eyes the homunculus has. Depending on the level of difficulty, the risk of the hunt will also be greatly reduced if you are well prepared.”

“However, interpreting the data from the armor to predict the homunculus’ hibernation site and strength takes man-hours, and the artifact work to create the ‘hunting rights’ takes a small budget.”

“Therefore, in addition to the sale of the hunting rights, the Hessian Society will receive a small fee based on the appraisal of the loot.”

Why was it that the witches of Gehenna, with the exception of the outcasts, were not particularly enthusiastic about hunting the homunculus?

Because homunculi are elusive and unpredictable, and they don’t drop items reliably.
It’s not worth the hassle, and there are plenty of mobs that only drop “nukes”.

However, when you have hunting rights, it’s a different story.

You’ll be able to skip the most annoying parts of the process, and you’ll be able to more reliably take the sweet fruits.
In other words, you could hunt a homunculus and identify its artifacts like spinning a gacha.

The Hessian Society would take on the burden and keep the fee, so at least the Gehenna witches had nothing to complain about.

“With the cooperation of the Zemernai Magic Toolmakers, the Hessian Society will provide over ten thousand hunting rights per year.”

Xiu explained the business model with a flourish.

“The most basic hunting rights are divided into common hunting rights, which allow you to hunt less than five eyes, and rare hunting rights, which allow you to hunt homunculus with less than 10 eyes.”

“At the higher levels, there is also the Advanced Hunting Ticket, which allows you to hunt homunculi with 10 or more eyes. A Legendary hunt ticket to hunt a homunculus with 15 or more eyes. Mythic, which allows you to hunt a homunculus with 20 or more eyes.”

First, we broke down the hunts by the number of eyes on the homunculus.
Common – Rare – Advanced – Legendary – Mythic.

“When you purchase a ‘pack’ of common and rare hunting rights and complete a hunt, you’ll be prioritized for the opportunity to purchase advanced hunting rights. As you can see, there are many different packs available.”

I made my hunting rights into packs.
They look like this

Starter Pack;
Contains: 10 regular hunts, priority access to purchase advanced hunts, and Hessian credits.

Premium Pack;
Includes: 9 Common Hunt Tickets + 1 Rare Hunt Ticket, priority access to Advanced Hunt Tickets, and an additional 5% Hessian Credits.

“In addition, all your hunt ticket purchases and hunting achievements will be converted into ‘Hessian Credits’. Hessian Credits can also be earned in exchange for transferring ownership to the Hessian Society when you find an artifact you don’t like.”

“These Hessian Credits can then be exchanged for Artifacts or Legendary Hunt Tickets. In addition, Legendary and Mythic hunting rights can only be redeemed for Hessian Credits.”

A loyalty system was also created to encourage steady demand.

“Hessian Society members can purchase all hunting passes at a discounted rate, and additional discounts and promotions are available to those societies that partner with us.”

They also created partnership promotions.

The majority of the bounty, the homunculus, will be sold as ‘common’.
Rares, the most sought-after, are also included in premium packs.

I don’t think there’s much to complain about here, since “common” and “rare” aren’t necessarily terrible in the first place.

It’s just that you have to buy the starter and premium packs before you can get the rare, which most people will want.

This dissatisfaction is orchestrated by the Hessian points system, which brings in heavy hunters with Hessian points as bait and creates competition.

Of course, it’s not just about the money, it’s also a way to dry up the seeds of the Chabari homunculus, which is too much to handle on its own.

That’s why K-BM was introduced.

It’s a familiar picture that Koreans are used to seeing, but is there such a thing in Gehenna?
Everyone stares at the announcement with a blank expression.

“For pre-purchase reservations, please apply through the Hesse Academic Center.”

That’s right.
Xiu has a history of playing Korean online games.

City Of Witches

City Of Witches

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Five years after being kidnapped and ens*aved in a city full of Witches, I became the only male Witch in the world!


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