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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 18

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 18

Chapter 18 – Episode 18. Hyejin Park (5)

“Maengho. What are you doing? Just look at your phone.”

“Yes? Oh, suddenly a knock came.”

“Don’t do that, come to work and lie down.”

Naked sister Hyejin patted her bed while showing her arm on her side. It probably means to lie down with her arm pillow. Normally, I would enjoy the afterglow after sex, but not now.

“Wait. It’s like an urgent contact.”

“A. Did your sister throw you away because you had sex? Sobbing. Because raising children is useless. Sobbing.”

As Hyejin noona pretended to cry, she wiped her eyes. Because it’s a main book.

“Because it’s not like that. And what kind of child are you? If my sister and I go out, will they see us as lovers? No one sees you in your 40s.”

“Are you in your 40s? I’m still thirty-nine!”

Slap! Hyejin noona hit me on the back. She didn’t feel very sick, but she deliberately pretended to be sick and got up. Because now I care about this talk more than Hyejin noona.

“One minute, one minute is all it takes.”

Bitch: yeah What’s up?

Contact from Hyuna. She hadn’t contacted me for a month so I was just going to let her go, but she contacted me like this. Okay. I couldn’t forget my cock bat, right? Otherwise, there was no reason to contact you like this.

Me: Are you taking a break? Why?

Girl: It’s nothing else. Did you even erase the pendulum?

The reply came right away. Tok is full of typos that don’t go well with it. It was clear that she was trying to reply quickly.

Me: I erased everything

Whore: I can’t believe it. You have a computer at home. Show me that

Me: come later

Whore: Set a date.

Well done head If you see that he came to my house using the computer as an excuse, it must mean that he was prepared.

Me: I’ll tell you later

After replying, I turned off the screen on my cell phone. If you contact me more, it looks like I’m anxious, so that’s it for today. Are you a genius in Mildang?

‘You’re fucking. Crazy monkey baby.’

‘… Hmm.’

‘Have you already watched the election in order to get that bitch?’

‘It is a physiological phenomenon. Don’t you like Mr. Rossby?’

‘Heh. Are you talking about it?’

“Maeng Ho, who are you contacting…. Uh? Did you build it already? Because I really can’t get tired. Are all athletes like that? Even so, Gi-cheol is faster than him?”

“A. Don’t talk about the director when the two of you are together.”

“Okay okay. To be jealous.”

Hyejin noona came over and hugged me from behind. The feel of her breasts and nipples on her back made her growing prick spring upright again. Hyejin noona spoke to her while sweeping my erect cock with her one hand.

“But why didn’t you tell me that there is a house like this?”

“This house?”

The house where I lived with my parents…. I didn’t want to come if possible. When I come here, I think of my parents. However, it was difficult to continue to have sex at the director’s house, and in the end, I gave her address to Hyejin’s sister.

And today, the Golden Lion finals ended. Hyejin noona called me over to her house. The house, which hadn’t been cleaned in years, was clean, and Hyejin noona was waiting for me with her naked apron.

And what, we had sex like crazy.

“Yes? If I had told you before, I would have done it here every day. There is no need to keep an eye on when it will come.”

“Well, being here reminds me of my parents, doesn’t it?”

“Yes? Ah. Mi sorry I asked something.”

As Hyejin noona’s hand stopped sweeping my cock, her mood grew colder. Did I just say something?

“It’s okay. Nothing to worry about.”


Despite my words, Hyejin noona didn’t say anything. When I first had sex with Hyejin noona, I resented her because she was the one who ruined my baseball life, but not now. Thanks to that, I was able to meet Rossby as well.

And I became very close with Hyejin noona as she relieved her sexual desire, which had been heated up by her Hyuna.

“I’m sorry. What about this Come here.”

Hyejin noona, who came to her senses again, smiled mischievously as if she had an ingenious idea, and led me by the hand and led me to the bed. She did and she gave me a pillow for her thighs. Hyejin noona’s thighs were soft.

“Today I will be Maengho’s mother? Is that okay?”

“Ah yes. What. Follow your heart.”

Hyejin noona seemed to be really sorry, but she started to do things she didn’t normally do.

“Today was the final, right? Congratulations on winning Maengho.”

“Yes? Didn’t you say that before? Why are you suddenly sister?”

“Write. Today, call me mom, not sister.”

“Mom… ?”

“Okay. Today, I am a mother who congratulates the winning fierce tiger. Did she say honorifics to her mother?”


“Then write half words. Close your eyes.”



“Ah, … Yes.”

I closed her eyes as Hyejin noona told me to. Then Hyejin noona started stroking my hair with her really gentle touch.

“Have you had a hard time playing baseball alone? I’m sorry mom.”

“… What are you doing?”

“Because I am a mother today. Feel free to use half words.”

… What? What is this force? Hyejin noona didn’t pay attention to her on the embarrassing day and continued talking.

“Congratulations on the best player award. Maengho.”

“… Thank you.”

Still, she wasn’t in a bad mood, so she enjoyed Hyejin’s touch. When was the last time her mom stroked her hair? It must have been when I was in middle school…. It’s been quite a while It felt like her touch had somehow loosened the bolts in her heart. So the words came out without me knowing.

“Mom. I’m going back to the game.”

“Yes, yes. I knew my son could do it.”

After speaking once, the words on her mind began to flow out. Plus, with her eyes closed, it felt like she was talking to her real mother.

“My batting average was over 50% in this tournament, and I hit 6 home runs.”

“Mom knew Maengho could do it. Her mother saw nothing but ferocious tigers in the arena in her eyes.”

“Director, I was going to quit because the bastard wouldn’t even let me participate, but how did you get the opportunity and even get the award? Well done.”

“Okay. That director bastard, even to me, it was a bit strange. He’s ugly and his sleep is small.”

“… How does Mama know that little cock?”

The immersion was broken for a moment. When I opened my eyes and glared at Hyejin noona, Hyejin noona smiled awkwardly and gave me a cute smile.

“Sorry. I’ll focus.”

“… Please focus.”

“Okay. Our swear word If this is the case, the draft won’t be a problem, right?”

When Hyejin noona opened her mouth, I closed my eyes again and concentrated.

“Isn’t that what mom sees? A lot of scouts came today. I only hit one home run because I filtered out all of them with intentional walks, but that was a bit disappointing.”

“I saw my mom, and she wanted to kill all the pitchers. Does she dare to filter the ferocious tiger?”

“… Didn’t my mother curse?”

“Oh ho ho ho.”

Hyejin noona escaped the situation with an exaggerated smile and opened her mouth again.

“Our swearing. Have you been having a hard time? Now I come to watch it in the pro. It’s not easy to play baseball alone, but it was really hard. Maengho.”

“… Yes.”

“Even if he goes to the pros, Maengho will be able to succeed. Mom will always support you.”

‘Mom will always cheer you on.’ That’s what my mom always said whenever I called her when training was difficult and the game wasn’t going well. When she heard it, she thought she would never hear it again, and somehow her tears were about to flow.

“… Are you crying? Fierce tiger I’m really grown up, but I’m still a kid.”

No. Tears flowed.

“When are you going to grow up? Worried.”

“I’m going to cry until today and not cry. Because I am all grown up now.”

I’ve never shed tears in front of my real mother, but she felt awkward. The silence that came after my words. Fortunately, I seem to be able to alleviate the awkwardness a little bit with my eyes closed….


Suddenly, she feels the soft strokes of her cock. … What? When she opened her eyes, Hyejin noona was smiling. Then she lowered her head and her eyes met my forehead, which was resting on her waist.

“… Does a mother usually touch her son’s cock like this?”

“For that matter, the son’s hand is on her mother’s chest?”


It’s human nature to put your hands on her breasts when you touch her dick. It’s unavoidable!

“Do you like mother’s milk that much? Are you a fierce tiger?”

That’s what I was thinking! Hyejin Park! I felt that the excitement I had just felt had gone. Somehow, he did something he wouldn’t normally do.

“Will Mom see how big her son is?”

“Who would do this with mom?”

“Write. Polite word. Don’t call me stepmom What, how are you? Not even a real mother. Play like this. Don’t you want to try?”

Of course, I also watched a lot of milfs. Not even a real mother. I pressed my hands touching her breasts, trying to make her nipples touch my mouth. Then Hyejin noona supported my neck with her hand, not touching the cock, to make it easier to suck her breasts.


“Aww, my baby. It sucks well.”

The harder I sucked on her breasts, the more Hyejin’s older sister speeded up her hand that was touching her prick. When I bit her nipples, I grabbed her hard cock, and when I rolled her tongue, I rolled her glans.

“Mom, do you think I will be cold now?”

“Okay? Can’t we just buy this precious thing? Should I keep it in my mother’s room?”


At my words, Hyejin noona lay down like her dog and spread her own cunt with her two fingers. Her sister Hyejin’s pussy was clearly visible. Where are the condoms?

“Maengho, what are you doing?”

“Are you looking for a condom?”

“Would you like to live today?”

“Yes? Isn’t it a safe day?”

This year… ! To ruin someone’s life.

“It’s a fierce tiger.”

Hyejin noona called me with a serious voice that didn’t suit her.

“I think I should have a baby.”

“Yes? What is that all of a sudden You say you won’t give birth?”

“How much did you say at your in-laws’ house? And I’m turning forty soon. If you don’t give birth, you don’t have an inheritance. Besides, it seems that I doubt that I am taking birth control pills. Does Maeng-ho know that that is the reason for the divorce?”

“I did hear that.”

Actually I don’t know.

“You know what? I like money I don’t want a divorce.”

“Yes. Do you like it?”

“But no matter how much I think about it, Ki-cheol can’t learn it.”

“What is that….”

“How can you have a baby with such an ugly person? You can’t do that to a child. It’s hard to live for an ugly person even now, but how much harder will it be when he grows up?”

If the garbage-like mind was Hyejin’s noona, it was Hyejin’s noona.

“Therefore… ?”

“… If it’s a fierce tiger, I think I can raise it well. Because Menghu looks good. Ah! I’ll do everything right so that I don’t have any doubts. Meng-ho, you just need to come to the cock.”

I want my baby What man wouldn’t be furious at hearing this? Although the target is Hyejin noona.

‘How do I do it? Mr. Rossby?’

‘What are you thinking about?’

‘I want to have my own child!’

‘Give birth. What’s the problem Are you a eunuch?’

‘What bullshit?’

‘It’s good to have a child.’

… Huh? It was a surprisingly normal reaction. What? Wasn’t he originally like this?

‘And it’s better if I don’t raise ithehe. Sow the seeds Baby monkey! And all of them will be born as daughters and establish a haremhaha.’

It wasn’t normal either. I didn’t think I could expect any good advice from this person.

“Sister. I like my older sister, but the child is a bit….”

“Are you worried about getting caught?”


“Don’t worry. That person must have made more money than you’ve ever made in baseball? That man bought the land as soon as he received the money.”

“Okay? Still….”

“Don’t worry. My sister also has Gao. Will I stick to you?”

Saying that, Hyejin noona spread her fingers further to show her pussy.

… Oh shit. If you come back later, I’ll give you some child support. What. Will there be a special day?

‘That’s it. Yellow monkey! I can make money anytime, but it’s only now that I don’t care!’

Rossby is right. Money can be earned anytime. But it’s only now that it’s noconjilsa. Besides, I have faith that Hyejin noona will not do that. I believe in Hyejin noona!


I put it on Hyejin’s sister’s cunt and beat her. Her moan escaped from her sister’s mouth. And I grabbed Hyejin sister’s pelvis and shook her waist roughly.

“Oops. Uhh, uhhh, ahaang, uhhh!”

I continued to shake my hips using colorful moaning sounds as BGM. Slap! Slap! After two hard blows on her bottom, she skillfully shifted to a position where she lay on her side and raised her one leg. With her raised legs propped up on her shoulders, I started fucking again.

“Uh-heung, hee-yeung, ha-ha, ha-ha.”

When he changed her posture and gave her new stimulation with his cock, Hyejin noona let out a moan as if she was okay too. After shaking her waist for a few minutes, her cock gave her a signal.

“Nuna, I think I’m going!”

“Yeahhehe, I think you’ll go if you do a little, a little, a little more, right? How, sss, crab, will my sister go up?”

Hyejin noona didn’t even listen to my answer and she quickly climbed on top of me. Hyejin noona’s back is visible, and her waistline, her pelvis, and her hips form a beautiful curve. I slightly raised my upper body and reached out to her, squeezing her chest behind her back. Although the posture was uncomfortable, I couldn’t give up her breasts.


As I squeezed her breasts tight, Hyejin noona wiggled her hips up and down her as fast as Usain Bolt at her start signal. Like a cowboy at a rodeo, I held onto her breasts and enjoyed her punching.

“Hey, hey, hey. Ahang. Maeng Tiger, Maeng Tiger, I think my sister will be leaving soon too!”

At that, I placed her soft breasts on her and squeezed her pelvis so that she could pound her arms comfortably. And I used my arm strength to speed her up even more.


As she groaned loudly, I vomited the feeling of ejaculation I had been holding back into her womb. And he hugged her as she was about to fall behind her.

“Hey, hey, hey.”

As I laid my sister Hyejin, who was breathing heavily, on her bed, she looked at me and sent her lovely eyes.

“Ugh. I will never catch the fierce tiger. Just, just let me give birth.”

I hugged her tightly without answering her words. My sister seemed satisfied with my behavior.

“By the way, sister.”


“Can I get pregnant only once?”

“… Uh?”

“Let’s work hard until we get pregnant.”

Child support and all, that’s not important right now.

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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