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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 19

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 19

Chapter 19 – Episode 19. First Interview.

“Hello! Ji Maeng-ho!”

A plain but beautiful woman approached and spoke to him. Is this the reporter you contacted?

“Yes. Hello.”

“I am Kim Ji-yeon, a reporter from Art Sports, as I mentioned.”

The day after the finals. She quickly applied for an interview, and the director readily accepted. I had sex with Hyejin noona until this morning, but this much was easy.

Reporter Kim Ji-yeon, who seemed to be in her late twenties, shook hands with a kind smile. I also held her hand and shook it. Pretty soft Are you a journalist? Besides, although her good laugh was plain, it went well with her pretty face.

Today is the first interview of my life. I came with wax on my hair for the photo. I did an interview after the finals, but it was the first time a reporter came to cover me like this. So I prepared a lot….

‘BTSIN, of course baseball players do interviews with hats on.’

‘… It was my first time, so I didn’t know.’

‘Intelligence is miserable. It’s miserable.’

Everything was perfect except for his waxed hair being covered by a hat.

“Reporter Kim. It’s been a while. How have you been?”

Ah, one more. It was perfect except for Lee Gi-chul, the director. The director’s face was full of beard. And the smell of alcohol. As Hyejin noona said, she didn’t even go home and it seemed like she drank with the coaches all day yesterday.

Well, thanks to that, I was able to have sex with Hyejin-noona all night until the morning, so it was good for me.

“Ah, Director. Long time no see. Hey, it’s always the same. I’m looking for articles. More than that, congratulations on this win. It’s the first win in the history of Hanche High’s baseball team, right?”

“Okay. Thanks This friend is my dearest disciple, so he writes good articles. Know?”

What is your favorite disciple? The kid who didn’t even treat you! I want to do a bat implantation procedure in my brain. However, since I could raise my own child soon, I decided to look after it.

“Absolutely. Thank you for your permission to report.”

“Okay. Let’s have a meal or two in a little while.”

“Yes. Please go in.”

As the director entered, reporter Kim Ji-yeon met my eyes again.

“Ah, Maengho player. Can I take a picture first?”

“Ah, of course.”

At my words, reporter Kim took a pose with the camera hanging around his neck. Seeing that, I awkwardly raised my hand and took a fighting pose.

“Oh, nice pose. Then I will take it.”

Click, click, click. The flash fired and the sound of taking pictures was continuously heard. What? Is it the end? As soon as I thought that, reporter Kim came over and pointed the camera at me. Ah, the smell of perfume. It had a refreshing scent that went well with the look.

“It was filmed well, right? Is it because you like the subject? Does it look good too?”

“Oh, is that so?”

“Yes. When I first saw you, I thought you were a model? He’s tall, and his face is handsome. Because I thought she was a celebrity! A handsome high school student baseball player who broke the competition! Heck, how much I begged the manager to go to the interview…. Ah! Sorry. Did you talk too much? When I get excited sometimes, I talk a lot, so I’m sorry.”

“… It’s okay.”

It was something like a storm. She talked a little too much, which didn’t go well with her plain, beautiful face. … Little bit much

“Ah, then shall we sit down and proceed?”

Reporter Kim took my hand and led me to the bench. As I sat down on her bench, she immediately took a cold drink from her purse and handed it to me.

“Athletes don’t drink soda, so I prepared an ion drink. Drink comfortably. Oh, the drink you drink, right? These days, even high school students are sensitive to such things. Ah! I’m not ignoring you as a high school student. It meant that it was good to manage well from high school. Self-management is also important to become a pro.”

“Ahaha, that’s right?”

I couldn’t get my mind off of her raging speech.

‘Mr. Rossby, is the original interview like this? Mr. Rossby? Mr. Rossby? Where did this human go?’

She tried to ask Rosby for her advice, but she got fed up and Rosby had already run away. If she’s a woman, a human who can’t use her four legs will run away….

“Why are you looking around all of a sudden? Are you uncomfortable with this seat? How about a bench? Ahaha. Still, it’s baseball’s best, isn’t it nice to cover the field from a place where you can see it? Or do you like the inside of a building because it’s the I style? Ah, I mean the MBTI. Did Maengho take the MBTI test?”

“… No.”

I didn’t try it, but I knew what MBTI was. As far as I know, I’m a homebody style. But did that have anything to do with interviewing inside the building?

“Then try again later. Is this because the hit rate is so high? What do you think I am? Oh, I said you didn’t. Look for it later. Because it’s good for killing time. Wait a minute, athletes shouldn’t kill time. It’s not enough to train. Sorry. I said something wrong.”

A good first impression turned bad after 5 minutes of talking. I want to end this interview soon….

“… Hey, when are we going to do the interview?”

“Oh, look at my mind. Sorry. So let’s get started, shall we? Shall we listen to your impressions of winning first?”

“It’s so good. In fact, it still feels like a dream. The fact that I, who couldn’t even participate in the game, became the main pillar of the team and won the championship. It is like a dream.”

Actually, there was no excitement. However, a lot of scouts came to see it, so that was good.

“I guess so. Also.”

“By the way, can I write it down?”

“Ah, these days everything is recorded. You don’t really need to write anything down. And since it’s a one-page article, I don’t think there’s much of it. But among other seniors, there are seniors who always write with a pencil, but in this day and age, it’s a bit like that. But those seniors have that in mind….”

“Sorry. I don’t even know, but I said something useless.”

“Ahahaha. It’s okay. Are you okay. Then how far did you go?”

“It feels like winning.”

“Yes. Then um…. I’ll move on to the next question. He said he was paid.”

“Yes. I had a big accident in my freshman year, so I had to have surgery, but the director said it would be better to take a year off.”

“Okay. Is your body okay?”

“Yes. Well, I had surgery in several places, but there was no problem with baseball.”

“I’m so glad. Unfortunately, the accident caused the parents to….”

Is this woman a journalist? Did you know everything?

“Yes. I’m a little sorry that I’m the only one alive, but I’m sure you’re watching from heaven watching me play baseball hard. I’m OK.”

“Player Maengho is really strong. Your parents must be rejoicing in heaven too.”

It will. There’s also the ghost Rossby. That she has a soul. You will always be watching over me. … No, you’re only watching while playing baseball. Even if you are a family, you have a private life. … Right?

“Then let me ask you the next question. Maengho didn’t play at all in the first or second grade, so how did he come into the third grade and show good performance?”

“I must have lacked my skills. He was originally a shortstop, but he couldn’t play because he couldn’t defend. But since he changed his position to second baseman, he became a defensive player, and as he became a defensive player, the bat started to fit wellhaha, the secret to hitting is that you worked hard while you couldn’t come out? Secret? What, would it not be?”

“Um, um. Okay. Come to think of it, Maengho is quite tall for a center infielder, so is there any problem with defending?”

“Yes. I still have a good body, and I am agile. Should I say I was born? And in the major leagues, there are shortstops and second basemen who are taller than me.”

“Obviously, the fierce tiger was also very fast. From the plate to first base… “

“When I measured it at school, it came out between 3.95 and 4.05 seconds.”

“Wow, he’s a right-handed hitter and he’s really fast. Are motor nerves innate? Then, do you have any plans to change your position to take advantage of the batting advantage?”

“Not at all. I like 2nd base. It feels like my vocation. My dream is to go to the major leagues and become the best second baseman.”

It’s also Rossby’s dream. Rossby said that if I went to the major leagues and became the best second baseman, I could make it. Living with that swearing ghost for the rest of your life is a bit much, so you have to become the best second baseman in the major leagues.

“Five. Did you just mean the major league goal?”

“Oh, no. I plan to go to the major leagues once I go to the KBA (Korea baseball Association: Korea Baseball Association, the Korean professional baseball league). There are military problems, and there are many players who went straight and failed.”

“Okay. Do you have a favorite team?”

“No. There is nothing. However, it would be nice if the Seoul team selected him as the 1st nomination. Because I was born and raised in Seoul.”

Adding to that, I also wanted to avoid the AT Thunders and Hancheol Grizzlies, the two teams that use Jamsil, the largest baseball field in the world, as their home. Because I, the hitter, could lose my stats if I went there. Well…. Is there one team left?

“Oh, then maybe I can compete with my teammate Kim Won-ho.”

Haha. Wonho is almost certain to be the 1st. Because I’m still not sure. I have to work harder to prove my worth.”

“Okay. Then, is there any other team you cheer for?”

“Well…. As a kid, I rooted for the AT Thunders. Ah, it’s not yet nominated, so can we talk about this?”

“No! It’s okay. Speak comfortably. Comfortable.”

“My dad was an AT Thunders fan. Well, most of the baseball fans living in Seoul around Dad’s age are AT Thunders fans, right? At that time, AT was good too. I naturally became a fan after going to the baseball field with my father, but after coming up to high school, I didn’t have time to watch baseball because I was training, so it’s been a while since I watched professional baseballhaha.”

At that time, I was so busy living that I didn’t even have time to watch baseball. Besides, I went to see it with my father just because he liked it, so it was true that he didn’t have much affection.

“Okay. AT Thunders say the atmosphere at the beginning of the season is good, but it’s been a while since you haven’t been to fall baseball, how many years has it been? Because this year is 2022… , I haven’t been to fall baseball for 20 years.”

Crucially, the AT Thunders were too bad at baseball. Since I was born in 2003, I haven’t been able to go to fall baseball. Is it the number one target to be avoided now? There was no chance for players to grow as they recruited free agents from other teams, and Jamsil Stadium, which is the most unfavorable for hitters in iron rice bowl baseball, was used as their home, so there were enough reasons to avoid it.

The Hancheol Grizzlies, who share the same Jamsil, had good grades and hired a lot of promising players, but the parent company had a bad situation, so they didn’t get a good free agent unless they were really central hitters. Moreover, the remaining Seoul team, Shilla Triggers, was a club known for sending a lot of players to the majors and nurturing them well, so I thought it would be nice to go to one of the two teams.

“Maengho players too. I wish I could be chosen by the AT Thunders that I rooted for when I was young and lead the team.”

“Ah, ahaha. Is that so? I wish I did too.”

She’s very bad-mouthed because she says this woman is coming. The AT Thunders’ other nickname was the graveyard of big-shot prospects. A team that doesn’t suit me at all. To me, a big gun prospect, this was a complete curse word.

However, looking into the reporter’s eyes, he seemed to have no malice, so he decided to forgive him.

“Then shall we move on to another story?”


“There are only a few questions left, so I think it will be over soon! Let’s do our best.”


It’s finally over. When the reporter returned from the interview, Rosby, who had been hiding, appeared.

‘That woman talks too much.’

‘Women who talk a lot are different?’

‘I like women who have a lot of water. Since ancient times, women have to keep their upper mouth shut and open their lower mouth.’

‘Would you mind? Rather, how was the interview?’

‘Isn’t it too gentle?’

‘I’m a high school student, but now I have to buy some. Until I go pro.’

‘Stupid bastard. Shouldn’t I make an image from now on so that it can be passed on when the incident happens later?’

‘Still, I’m a high school student.’

While I was talking with Rossby, I heard a voice calling me. A voice that seems to stand still.

“Hey! Maengho Ji. Did you like the picture?”

It was Hyuna. She, Hyuna, for some reason, was wearing plain clothes instead of the gym clothes she always wore. She wore a light tennis skirt, a cropped tee showing her strong abs, and a bright cardigan. Because of her face and body and support, she fit quite well despite her tall stature.

“Yes? What’s up. Are you coming all the way here?”

“I hate contacting you, but do you talk well with that woman?”

“What? Are you jealous?”

“Fuck you!”

Hyuna raised her middle finger.

“Either through her mouth or something.”

“What are you talking about!”

Hyuna looked around and looked around her. The way to check if someone is there or not. I haven’t seen her in almost a month, but she is still.

“So, what are you doing here? There is no training today, so there is no support.”

“Because you haven’t replied since then! Quickly tell me when the time is.”

“Me? It’s possible today, but there’s no training.”

“Good. I’m not training today either. Take out the ox horn too. You can go now I must be able to endure it because I am anxious.”

Look at this Have you ever been in a lot of pain? With Hyuna’s arms crossed, she looked at me with a haughty expression and said. But to me, that expression felt like a cute expression, please cum quickly.

“Okay. Let’s go. But since I’m in uniform, I’ll just change and come back.”

“Because it will be in front of the front door. Come out quickly.”

I will eat well again… !

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

치트 타자가 다 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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