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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 17

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 17

Chapter 17 – Episode 17. Hyunah Choi (6) – (Sujeong)

Flinch. After five sexual intercourse, Hyuna was lying on her stomach with her body stretched out.

“Hey, hey. Choi Hyun-ah.”


“Aren’t you going? You want to live here?”

At my words, Hyuna still had no answer. She looks completely exhausted. I gave her a hard slap on the butt to wake her up.



“Hey. Wake up, it’s already 4 o’clock.”

“Eww,… Yes?”

“Four o’clock. Aren’t you going?”

“Wh, what? 4 o’clock?”

“Okay. Gotta get up now Well, I don’t mind, but you’re different, right?”

“Uh, uh. I have to go now.”

“Can I go without washing? But. If you wash here now, you will hear it because of the sound of the water.”

“Ugh, that’s embarrassing.”

As Hyuna said, her whole body was covered with sweat, juice, and semen. However, Hyuna quickly came to her senses and looked at me.

“Didn’t you take another picture?”

“Okay. Would you like to check it out?”

I handed Hyuna my cell phone. Hyuna went through my phone and confirmed that there was nothing on hers.

“Hmm…. Did you really erase everything?”

“Okay. I won’t be threatened with this anymore. Let’s forget each other OK?”

“… Pup. I will report them all!”

“What, let’s have fun together. Do you do it five times a year? I thought the shell caught fire and burned.”

“Do you think I can’t?”

“I knew that, and when you were lying down, everything was deleted along with Talk. I don’t have any proof, so what are you going to do?”

“How did you get your password?”

“Is it fingerprint recognition?”

“… It’s a real dog, you. “

“You were too stretched out when it was over. I knew what kind of frog it was. Be careful with Wonho. Of course, Wonho will never go out with a slut like you.”


“Wow. If you scream like that while everyone is sleeping. Know?”

“Flaw. I really will avenge myself.”

“Okay. You work hard.”

They say they’re getting revenge, but I’m not worried at all. Her ego was high, and because of Hyuna’s personality, she was unlikely to accuse me of being raped. Besides, the evidence had already been erased, so she wasn’t too worried even if she reported it.

“You think I can’t?”

“Then Wonho will like it.”

“Don’t talk about Wonho!”

Tears seemed to well up in Hyuna’s foxy eyes again. She seems to really love her.

“Put on your clothes and go to sleep. I’ll see you off to the outside.”

“… Mr. Lee.”

At my words, Hyuna started wearing pants and a T-shirt.

“What about your underwear?”

“Give it to me.”

“I knew you were giving. If you gave it to me, I would have used it as a daughter. Too bad.”

After I finished speaking, Hyuna, who hid her underwear under her gym uniform, started glaring at me. But she had already seen the unseen, so she wasn’t afraid at all. Rather, it contrasts with the expression that seems to melt on the bed.

“Let’s go when you’ve got all your clothes.”

I left the room with Hyuna. Hmm, I’m a bit bored….

“…… !”

I put my hand inside Hyuna’s pants and felt her ass and her private places, and Hyuna turned into rabbit eyes and looked at me.

“Okay. Don’t scream The kids are all sleeping, but you’re not waking them up, are you? What? Getting sticky again? Who do you prefer to see?”

“This, this.”

That’s how I came out while teasing Hyuna’s private part. Fortunately, the coach in charge of housekeeping and the first year students remaining in the dormitory all fell asleep and did not meet anyone.

“How can I take you to the dormitory?”

“Stop screaming and get out of here.”

“A. Let’s talk pretty Until now, I was fine with dying.”

“Shut up. 개새끼야.”

Hyuna walked to her own dormitory, maintaining her sassy look. The back of Hyuna as she walks around looks like someone who had her circumcised. Was it difficult for her because it was her first time with Hyuna? She was definitely more chewy than Hyejin noona. After all, being young is the worst?

As she was appreciating Hyuna’s back, Rosby spoke to her.

‘Hey, hey. Baby monkey not bad.’

‘Five. Is Mr. Rossby satisfied? Actually, 5 times is also difficult for Mr. Rossby, right? If it wasn’t for a ghost, I wouldn’t have been able to endure it, right?’

‘This body was able to talk bullshit ten times in the past. By the way, did you really erase everything?’


‘Stupid bastard. Why do you delete it all? Are you not going to do it with that bitch anymore?’

‘I don’t even want to threaten her once she eats it, but she’s the one I once liked. I wonder if she was too harsh. That’s right.’

In fact, she had vomited out her semen along with all the resentment she felt towards Hyuna as she pierced Hyuna’s cunt. Now, how Hyuna lives is up to her.

‘I’m afraid of rice cakes.’



‘Somehow, I feel like I can do it again without threats?’

Hyuna’s expression on her while having sex with her was real. Her expression melted as if she were melting. Perhaps she will live remembering today’s event for the rest of her life. She couldn’t see the look on her face that she hated even if it was a lie.

‘You all have plans?’

‘Yes. Well, no Because there are many women. Yes?’

‘Sounds obvious.’

‘Until then, Mr. Rossby needs a lot of help. You know?’

‘Okay. Because we are a community of destiny.’

I grinned as I looked at Rossby’s spiritual body.


-Three weeks later, on the day of the Golden Lion finals.

“… Ji Maeng-ho is good too?”

Hyuna muttered as she returned to school after the group cheering for the finals, which she had compulsorily attended at school.

“Ji Maeng-ho? Maeng-ho oppa is said to be the ace of the baseball team these days. Didn’t you know, sister?”

Hyuna’s teammate, who heard her murmur, replied with a smile.

“… Uh. I don’t know much about baseball….”

“You can say that I won the championship thanks to my brother Maengho.”

As my teammate said, Maengho’s performance in the Golden Lion was outstanding. Maengho played in all 6 games, going 10 hits in 17 at-bats, batting average of 0.588 and hitting 6 homers, making a big success. The reason he had few at bats was that most pitchers were out of line.

“If I hadn’t missed it, I would have changed the record for most home runs in high school baseball, right? Well, if I hit one more in the next league, I’ll change it.”

After high school baseball was changed to a wooden bat, the highest number of home runs in high school was 10. Maengho had already recorded 10 home runs in the first half of the weekend league and Golden Lion season.

“… Okay?”

Hyuna asked in a dark voice. However, whether or not he knew Hyuna’s feelings, the friend continued to talk happily.

“A lot of scouts came today. Maybe they all came to see Maengho oppahehe, Maengho oppa has been great since middle school. It’s been difficult because of the accident, but I’m glad it’s going well now.”

“Why do you know so well?”

“Actually, I’ve liked Meng Tiger oppa since middle school. So I did some research. Ah, it’s a secret from Meng Tiger oppa. I’ll confess later. Sister, you really shouldn’t say it!”

I could feel the innocence of cheering for the victory of unrequited love that has not seen the light of day for a long time in the words of my teammate.

“… I thought I couldn’t do it, but I’m doing well….”

In fact, Hyuna couldn’t even watch her game properly. When she saw Maeng-ho hit a grand slam home run in the second inning, her head went blank. Seeing that home run made her stomach ache, and she couldn’t stand it.

‘Sue? Sue. Then I’ll have to sprinkle it before going into the bread. It’s me, I’m quitting baseball soon and I’m an M-saeng, aren’t you different?’

‘Okay. I’ll upload it and bake it. What am I, because I am an MBA student. Can I come out after living for 2-3 years? It’s nice not to go to the army.’

‘A while ago, you asked me to look for a way to live? Well, I should contact the seniors who couldn’t go to college and join the organization. Engrave a star before going.’

The first time I sucked Maengho’s cock, I remembered what Maengho said. Deceived by the fact that he had nothing to lose, he did as Meng Tiger told him to do. He really thought he had nothing to lose. The madness in those eyes made me feel like I was going to go to jail. If only he knew he was this good….

‘… Ha. It’s already too late. What would happen if Wonho found out he had sex with him?’

Would you 100% look at me like a bug? I don’t want to be found out by Wonho, who has a crush on me. If Wonho found out, the next thing would be obvious. The scene passed through Hyuna’s mind as if she could see it.

“Are you Hyuna?”


“No, I don’t like the expression.”

On days like this, when you’re feeling down, the best thing to do is to masturbate in a place where no one comes, as usual. Even when I fell out of the tournament, I always let it go that way.


In the dormitory bathroom where no one came, Hyuna was sitting on the toilet seat as usual, spreading her legs.

“… It was big.”

Hyuna looked at her big hands like her volleyball player. She had a complex when she was young, but now she is playing volleyball and has lovely hands. Hyuna looked at her own fingers.

“… Were there three?”

Hyuna sat on her toilet and began to soothe her cunt to relieve her gloomy mood. Squeak, sizzle. An obscene sound rang through the bathroom, but no one came to the bathroom.

“Ahhh, Aang.”

Gathering her courage, Hyuna let out a small moan and enjoyed the pleasure that rose from beneath her. But even this pleasure she felt was poor compared to the feeling she felt then. In her insatiable sense of fulfillment, Hyuna stopped her fingers and turned on her cell phone. And she stared blankly at her pockmarked window that day she hasn’t had a conversation since.

‘I’m sure that bastard would threaten me again…. Why don’t you come Are you really going to end it like this?’

At first I was happy with that. He said that he was finally free from the scumbag. But now I miss her so much.

‘No. I was just a fucking big asshole…. I don’t miss it at all. Let’s not even think I have Wonho. Wait, isn’t there another video of something? So no contact with me. If you’re that bastard, you’re probably busy watching my videos and not contacting me. Okay. This is just in case you don’t know. I can succeed and he can spread the video.’

After finishing her rationalization, Hyuna put her finger on her phone. It was dirty because of her love juice, but Hyuna was not in the mood to care about that. The keys on her cellphone didn’t press well, perhaps because of the liquid, but Hyuna was able to send her text messages.

‘This is for confirmation. She’s not betraying at all. I still love wonho Yes. I’m not that kind of woman.’

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

치트 타자가 다 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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