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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 16

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 16

Chapter 16 – Episode 16. Hyunah Choi (5) – (Sujeong)

I threw off my wet short-sleeved T-shirt and looked at Hyuna’s puffy pussy. She wanted to fuck her life like this, but she didn’t know if Hyuna was taking birth control pills and she didn’t want to end her life with vaginal cumshots, so she took out a condom from the cabinet next to the bed.

It would have been nice to have her included, but with the current situation, there’s nothing I can do about it.

I deftly slipped the condom onto my cock. It wasn’t comparable to Hyejin noona’s skill, but I guess I got used to it too?

‘Should I pack that too?’

I picked up Hyuna’s black panties from the floor. Hyejin’s sister had never tried covering her mouth with her panties because she enjoyed making moans. So I wanted to try this opportunity.

“I will ask you one last question. HyunA, can I fuck you?”

“Ugh. Ah.”

Hyuna was still spitting out her moans. Is this your first time going? I’m not sure, but she seemed to think so from her reaction. I approached Hyuna, who was spreading her legs like her frog, and picked up her calf and put it on my shoulder.


As I crossed my legs, a small moan escaped Hyuna’s mouth. I don’t know if she’s sane or not, but she’s already given permission, so there’s nothing to wear. She wanted to ejaculate by squeezing her tits with the no-con, but it was a little regretful that she couldn’t.

“Hyunah. I’ll put it in.”

Chap, Chap. I hit Hyuna’s clitoris, which was glistening with my saliva and love juice, with the glans, and then fitted my glans into her hole. And in one go, he stabbed her cock.

“Aang! Ugh, what, what are you doing….”

Before Hyuna could make a louder noise, she grabbed a condom and stuffed her prepared panties into her mouth. Then, she raised both of Hyuna’s hands up and held them tightly with one hand. When she saw Hyuna’s clean armpit, she licked it with her tongue, and Hyuna trembled.

“Up, up”

“Why are you screaming? Do you want to advertise that you are here?”

After saying that, I started shaking my back. Hyuna’s warm vagina squeezed my cock like a tight-fitting garment.

“Huh, breath.”

As I rocked my back and pistoned several times, Hyuna’s pussy began to bite my cock as if it were alive. As I was about to shake my hips again, I looked at Hyuna’s face and saw that her eyes were watery.

Are you crying? Are you crying because of Kim Won-ho? Suddenly, heat started to rise in my head. Yeah, I’ll make it a no-brainer.

I pushed the legs over my shoulders with my upper body strength and created a so-called ‘breeding press’ posture. Her legs are long and flexible thanks to the exercise, so she was able to easily create the posture she wanted. Then, I took a picture of Hyuna and pressed it.


Hyuna took a deep breath as I felt my cock pierce her womb. I lifted my back in that state and slammed it down again.

“Oops. Town. Yes.”

A moan came out that even the panties covering her mouth couldn’t hide. I tapped and pressed Hyuna again to that beat. It was hard because it was the first time I was doing it, but I felt like semen was filling up to the end of my cock with the sense of conquest that I was dominating Hyuna.

I stopped pistoning and waited for a while to hold back the feeling of ejaculation. Then, Hyuna’s legs on my shoulders came down and naturally wrapped around my waist.

Didn’t you hate this year? If you didn’t like it, you would have pushed me away with this foot, right?

Hyuna’s legs wrapped around my waist and I felt like I couldn’t stand it any longer. Both sides of Hyuna’s nipples were standing.

‘Yeah, isn’t it hard for you to stand it too?’

I squeezed one breast tightly, put the other in my mouth, sucked on it like rolling a candy, and started moving my waist again.

“Oops, suck. Suck.”

Hyuna got on the beat with a moan in line with my waist teasing. When I shake it quickly, Hyuna’s moan gets higher and faster. When I shook it slowly, Hyuna let out a long, dirty moan. As I was paying attention to his waist, I let go of Hyuna’s hands, and Hyuna wrapped her hands around my back. And scratched my back with his fingernails.


“Eup, up.”

After warning Hyuna, he took out the panties that were covering her mouth and threw them away. And I covered Hyuna’s drooling mouth with my mouth. Then, when Hyuna’s tongue wrapped around mine like a snake, I quickly shook his waist in response. At this level of rotation, it was as fast as two swings per ball.

As Hyuna’s legs tightened my waist and her nails dug into my back, I couldn’t hold it in any longer and vomited out my semen.

Grumble. As Hyuna’s pussy tightened as if she was trying to squeeze more semen out of me, I felt the tightness of her pussy, even the veins of her cock. And I took my lips away from Hyuna and looked into her eyes. There were tear marks around Hyuna’s eyes, but her expression was loose and she looked like an idiot overall.

“What do you think?”

“… Pup. Are you wearing a condom?”

So, did this bitch wrap herself around my waist without knowing whether I was wearing a condom or not?

“Of course I wore it.”

“… Keep your promise.”

“Okay. I will erase everything.”

And silence for a while. I couldn’t stand the awkwardness, so I took out the condom and stared blankly at the blanket on the bed. But there were no bloodstains to be seen. What? I guess you were a virgin? Wasn’t she a virgin?

Well, if it was a virgin, the bed would have been dirty from the time she poked it with her fingers. I opened my mouth to erase this awkwardness.

“Am I the nicest guy you’ve ever worked with? I’m not proud of it, but it’s a little on the big side. It looks like you’ve done it a few times. The taste of the rice cake was good.”

“What? This… , This bastard! Aaaaang.”

What? After my words, Hyuna started crying sadly.

“Hey, you fucking bastard. Sniff The thing I was always saving… Whip, de. This fucking guy First time, sniffle, it was. You bastard!”

“What? Didn’t you bleed?”

“While working out, whimper, middle, whimper, it exploded at school, you bastard!”

What? Were you a virgin? But are you accepting me like this?

“Whoa, I was just saying, I’m going to give it to Wonho. Aaaaang.”

When Hyuna, who always showed a arrogant and cold appearance, cried like a child, I felt strange. In addition, the childlike appearance of Hyuna, who is 180cm tall, seemed to stimulate something. And the thought that she ate Hyuna’s virgin made her chill again.

“Are you a real virgin?”

“That, yes. 이 개새끼야! How, what to do, sniff, turn off!”

“Lower your voice. What are you going to do when someone comes?”

“… Pup. Sniff. What? How many times do you think you did it?”

“Sorry. I didn’t know it was the first time. But didn’t it hurt?”


You don’t seem to be in much pain? It’s the first time, but I’m feeling like this. Is it because you exercise? Or is it because she’s a natural born slut?

“It was good, right? He died very well.”

After saying that, as she lightly pinched her nipples with her hand, erotic sounds leaked out of Hyuna’s mouth. Seeing that, she kept flicking and twisting and pinching her nipples with her fingers, forcing Hyuna to answer her.

“How was it? Did you like it?”


“Why can’t you answer me?”

“Because I’m still sensitive….”

At that, I held both nipples with both hands this time and asked.

“If you don’t answer properly, do more?”


“I don’t think you’re deliberately not answering because you want to do more of this?”

“It’s not like that!”

Did you see it’s real?

“Then how was it?”

“Huh, heh. Not so good, Qiyaang.”


“Good. Uh huh nice! Sleep, hold on Hiyaang!”

It’s cute.

“How? Shall we do one more? 5, 4, 3, 2,”

“For a moment. Really. If you say erase it, I’ll do it one more time.”

This seemed to be quite satisfactory.


I thought that I had picked all the mulberries to be picked with pictures and videos. If I tried to threaten more here, I could have ruined my real life, so I deleted the photos and videos I took the other day in front of Hyuna’s eyes.

“You really erased everything, right? Don’t you have a backup?”

“Okay. Have you been deceived?”

“개새끼야. You cheated!”

“So, did you just enjoy it? The subject of matching underwear.”


Hyuna’s face turned red at my words. Seeing her, my dead cock stretched her toward the ceiling once more.

“What, what is it? Are you standing already? Are you a monkey?”

When the word monkey came out of Hyuna’s mouth, I suddenly thought of Rossby, who was enjoying himself while sharing with my senses.

Mr. Rossby in the sky. Are you watching? Your disciple has grown up like this.

‘I’m not dead yet.’

Chet. See if there is I wish I had paid off with this.

‘What? This caregiver’s….’

‘Ah, that’s all right. I need to do more, so please keep quiet.’

I shut Rosby’s mouth and met Hyuna’s eyes again. Hyuna looked at me without avoiding my eyes.

“It’s the last time, shall we do it one more time? Are you sorry about this? I guess you haven’t finished it yet?”

Hyuna didn’t answer. But her silence soon affirmed. She erased it all, but if she didn’t like it, it would have happened on her own.

I pulled out the condom once again.

“Hey. Clean it up before putting it on.”

“Clean? What a bullshit Are you crazy?”

Looking at Hyuna, who still had a lively mouth, she thought that this year was also amazing. Isn’t it normal for her to be silent in this situation?

“Then shall I do without it?”

“… It doesn’t sound like that.”

OK. I’m not saying don’t do it. I held my huge cock in front of Hyuna’s eyes. Hyuna’s pupils trembled as my cock came closer.

“Suck and put a condom in your mouth. Can you?”

“I-I’ve never tried it before.”

“Good. Practice this time. Wonho will like it too.”

When Wonho’s story came out of my mouth, Hyuna’s eyes became fierce again.

“If you tell Wonho, I will really kill you. Really, really.”

She had sex with me, but she still loves Wonho. That sense of immorality makes me come alive again and again. As if to prove it, his cock was more swollen than before.

“Of course not. Would you say I’m crazy?”

“Really. Remember!”

“Because I know.”

As an oath, I swung my cock and tapped Hyuna on the cheek. Hyuna didn’t even think of it, she changed her expression to a bewildered expression, and then she opened her mouth.

“This is Jin… !”

When Hyuna’s embarrassed mouth opened wide, I didn’t miss the chance and put my cock in Hyuna’s mouth. Then Hyuna reflexively licked my glans. When I lick her glans, Hyuna’s expression softens. Like that, Hyuna faithfully licked the boundary between my urethral hole and the glans.

Hehe, it looks good.”

I unwrapped the condom and pulled my cock out of Hyuna’s mouth. Then, Hyuna put on a slightly regretful expression.

“Open your mouth.”

I bit on a condom to fit Hyuna’s mouth. Hyuna held my cock with her hand and tried to insert a condom into his mouth, but the condom didn’t fit as easily as she thought.

“Hyejin noona said it was easy. Looks like it’s the first time I can’t.”

I took the condom out of Hyuna’s mouth and put the condom on myself.

“Who is Hyejin noona?”



“I have. Such a person.”

When Hyuna tried to make a strange expression, I grabbed her ankles and lifted her up. Then he made Hyuna’s back float slightly and tried to insert his glans into Hyuna’s pussy, but stopped. Then, a response came right away from Hyuna.

“What are you doing?”


“Don’t give a damn. Really.”

“Do you want to?”


“If you don’t like it, can we stop here?”

Would you like to take this opportunity to educate this cocky bitch?

“Why are you suddenly screaming….”

“Isn’t it as simple as just talking?”

“… Put it in.”


“Please put it in!”


“… It.”

It was pretty cute seeing her blush even though she had already done everything she needed to do.

“What is that?”

“… Ruler, … Ji.”

“Tell me exactly where you want them put them.”

“In the pussy, the cock….”

“Ha, if I said this, isn’t it time to understand? There’s no way a person who is also a setter can’t be this observant?”

“Chew…. Please insert the fierce tiger’s cock into Hyuna’s pussy!”

Hyuna cursed softly and spat out words that she could never say with her sober mind. Besides, with respectful words that I didn’t even ask for.

“I’ll do whatever you want!”


I begged this much, but as a man, I couldn’t stand it. As it is, I strongly rammed my cock. Perhaps because of the crossing of her ankles, Hyuna’s pussy seemed to tighten more than before.

“Bitch. Goes!”

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

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I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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