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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 15

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 15

Chapter 15 – Episode 15. Hyunah Choi (4) – (Sujeong)

“The housekeeper?”

“I’m drinking, so don’t worry.”

Hyuna was looking at me with a doubtful expression. Are you worried about getting caught? How cute…. I took Hyuna’s hesitant hand.

“What, what are you doing… !”

“Can I speak out loud?”

“It’s great….”

At my words, Hyuna’s expression distorted and became an expression she wanted to bully. Enjoying that expression, I took her hand and led Hyuna. Hyuna silenced her voice and quietly followed me.

“What is that light on over there? Said there was no one.”

Hyeon-ah said in a low voice, in case someone found out.

“It’s a freshman year, so don’t worry.”

“What? Were there any people?”

“Because I don’t have to worry.”

After passing a few more rooms like that, my room came out. I opened the door and put Hyuna inside. When I opened the door, I saw two beds and two desks with computers on them. When I pulled out her chair and sat facing her, Hyuna pulled out her junior’s chair and sat down with me.

“So why did you call me today?”

“Didn’t you know everything?”


“Looks like you took a shower too? If you see that your hair smells good?”

In fact, the fragrant scent of shampoo emanated from Hyuna’s hair tied behind her. A fresh scent different from Hyejin noona’s perfume.

“Eww. Creepy When did you smell it?”

Hyuna put on a look of contempt. Thinking that his contemptuous expression would change made his cock feel tight.

“And I didn’t come to wash because you called me, but I came to wash because I had training today. Okay?!”

“Can I scream? You see, the dorms aren’t that well soundproofed.”

“This…. Done. Let’s not talk So, can I wash it once today?”

Hyuna seemed to have already made up her mind.

“Okay. Let’s start with that.”

After I finished talking, I naturally took off my pants and panties at once. My cock came out with a half erection. Hyuna looked at my sheep like that.

“What are you doing? Why are you still Aren’t you standing?”

“Uh, I’ve felt it since the last time, but aren’t yours too big?”

Hehe, will your jaw drop?”


Hyuna let out a sigh and came towards me sitting in her chair. She then turned her face to one side, took my cock in her hand, and started running it up and down her.

“Hey. What are you doing?”

I grabbed Hyuna’s little head with one hand and turned her face back to her cock.

“What are you doing right now?”

Hyuna’s high-pitched voice pierces her ears.

“Ha, haven’t you come to your senses yet? Are you not doing it right?”

“This bastard….”

“Knock-knock with her hand without even looking. Are you crazy? Do it properly.”

As Hyuna’s eyebrows curled, it seemed like something she didn’t want to do was written on her face. Rather, without knowing that that expression makes me even more horny.


Hyuna made her pained noise as she put her lips on my cock. His inflated cock against her soft lips felt like it was about to get bigger. Her Hyuna’s mouth opens and her tongue wraps around her glans. With one hand wrapped around the base of her cock, Hyuna began sucking on my cock.

Jwwap. An obscene sound reverberates through the room. Looking down from above, Hyuna’s expression was quite satisfactory, but my cock, which had been trained by Hyejin noona’s mature oral skills, could not be satisfied.

“Ah, if you wash at this rate, you will be able to wash until tomorrow morning?”

“Ah oh oh oh oh oh” (I’m working hard too.)

What do you mean? Are you saying you’re working? However, as in life, not all efforts lead to the best results. Hyuna was trying hard enough, but it was too much to stimulate my sense of ejaculation.

“Doesn’t it seem like I won’t be able to go on for the rest of my life like this?”

At my words, Hyuna glared at me. She couldn’t help but make a mess when she saw the expression looking up at her from below.

“Take it off.”


At my words, Hyuna spit out the sucking cock and immediately asked back.

“Aren’t you supposed to touch her breasts? Take it off.”


Hyuna watched her for a few seconds before she finally unzipped her gym jersey. Then her large breasts, which were hidden under her zipper, showed off her own presence. I don’t know how many cups her breasts were because Hyejin noona was the only one who touched her, but it was definitely bigger than Hyejin noona’s big mamma barrel.

“… I’ll take it off, so can you stop staring at me?”

Hyuna said, perhaps feeling my insidious gaze.

‘Now that the situation has reached this level, my tone has become softer. I wish I had been prickly at the end. It’s a pity.’

“… Give me your eyes back.”

“What are you ashamed of now? I saw it the other day.”

“… Chew. “

Hyuna threw off her gym uniform, leaving only her white T-shirt behind, and opened her mouth again.

“Do I really have to take this off?”

“Are you saying it for granted? It’s Hyuna. Please think about it.”


Hyuna crossed her arms and grabbed the bottom of her T-shirt while making her strange noises. And as if she had made up her mind, she took off her clothes at once. Once again, her large breasts swayed, revealing Hyuna’s pure white skin and her breasts, which were shyly covered by a black bra, to the world.

After all, her skin was white, perhaps because she was an indoor exerciser.

“How long will she be staring at me?”

“Why? Ah! Was she waiting to be stripped?”

I quickly reached for the bra hook and unfastened the bra with one hand. Hyuna looked at me with a surprised expression.

“What, what!”

It’s worth practicing against Hyejin noona. At first, I couldn’t even take off my bra, but the real thing is the best. Practice…. I suddenly thought of the manager who hadn’t sent me to practice, and I felt bad. Fuck.


In order to relieve her irritable mood, Hyuna’s voluptuous breasts were squeezed and rough kneaded, and a scream came out of Hyuna’s mouth.

“Oh, seeing you scream, I wonder if anyone else can hear it? Well, I don’t mind, but will you be okay?”

“Shut up. If anyone comes, I will really kill you.”

“It’s done. Try it with her breasts.”

“By the chest?”

“Have you never tried it before?”

Of course, I’ve never done it either. Haejin noona had never done it with her breasts. However, when I saw Hyuna’s chest, I felt that I had to do this unconditionally.

“Ugh. Do I have to?”

“So you’ve been like that all your life?”

At my words, Hyuna took off her bra and approached holding her breasts. Hyuna’s inverted nipples, with one side in, stimulated my gaze again.

Hyuna grabbed her breasts with her clumsiness and rubbed against my cock. As her soft breasts stimulated her cock, it twitched as it was her new stimulus. My cock pierced Hyuna’s chest and pushed her head out. I spread my legs wider and induced Hyuna to come in more.

“Lick it like that.”

At my firm command, Hyuna stuck out her tongue and started licking the glans protruding from between her breasts.

“It’s better than before. Shake her breasts too.”

When I said that I was better, Hyuna, as if trying to make me cum quickly, raised the speed of her tongue as she rocked my cock with her breasts. When she saw that, she became even more enchanted.

‘Still, it’s a bit disappointing.’

It was nice to see him do it with her breasts, but there wasn’t as much pressure as when he did her oral, so her ejaculation feeling was easily subdued.

I enjoyed stroking Hyuna’s hair as she struggled.

“How long do you have to lick it?”

“Whoa, whoa. Calm down. But would you say that it is less stimulating to cum with only the oral cavity?”

“It was cheap last time, wasn’t it?”

“At that time, it was the first time I received it from you, and now, well. Maybe I’m used to it?”

“Ha. This will really threaten me. Her jaw hurts too.”

“Then let’s do this.”

I got up from my seat.

“What, what is it?”

“If you do it while licking your pussy, it might make you cum faster.”

“What? No. No way.”

“Then you want to stay like this for the rest of your life?”

“Uh, that’s not it, but uh, I’ll try harder. Please. That’s not allowed.”

“Then I’ll give you another chance for the next five minutes. If you can’t pack it in the meantime, let’s do it the way I said. Aren’t you going to want to erase it too?”

“Okay. I will work hard.”

When I sat back down, Hyuna eagerly started sucking my cock. However, my cock, which was trained by Hyejin’s older sister’s fellatio, only flinched, and Hyuna’s wish did not happen.

“Has it been five minutes?”

“Yes? Already?”

“Then would you like to take it off too?”

“Sleep, hold on. No. No way.”

“What? Are you going to break your promise? Then, can I know that I can break my promise too?”


Hyuna seemed to be thinking, but she finally got up and put her hand on her waist. And Hyuna’s gym pants went down. Hyuna’s panties are black. It was underwear that matched the bra.

“What? Did you match her panties too? I guess you were expecting it.”

“…… This.”

“Wasn’t I the only one expecting it? Shuddering.”

“Everything is different. This….”

When Hyuna couldn’t keep up with her words, I put my hand on Hyuna’s panties and took her down. When I lowered the panties hanging from Hyuna’s big pelvis, I could see her hair shaved to fit her bikini line and her pussy. And….

“Yes? What’s this?”

A viscous liquid seemed to drip from the gap between her pussy and her panties. And the musty smell tickled my nostrils.

“I pretended not to, but it seems like you’ve lost a lot?”


As Hyuna’s face turned red, she didn’t answer.

“What, does it matter?”

Saying that, I scanned Hyuna’s pure white naked body with her eyes. After all, her strong thighs, bursting breasts, and her well-lined abs caught my attention, probably because she played volleyball. I couldn’t stand it while looking at her body and grabbed Hyuna’s buttocks, which were moderately soft and firm.


Hyuna tried to scream at her, but she covered her mouth.

“Come this way.”

Holding Hyuna’s hips, I led her towards my bed. He then pushed Hyuna and laid her down on her bed. Hyuna looked at me with an expression of ‘Can I not do this?’. Of course, if I was going to stop with that expression, I wouldn’t have started.

I didn’t know what to do with Hyuna’s legs spread apart and observed her clenched pussy as it was. A pink pussy slightly wet with love juice. I went over and licked Hyuna’s pussy lightly.

“I’m so sorry.”

“The taste is fine. Is it because you always get sore at school?”

“Ugh, that, don’t talk about it.”

Hyuna’s pussy twitched when she brought up the topic of masturbation.

‘Okay. It should taste like this.’

Rosby, who had been quiet, reacted to Hyuna’s reaction. When I was having sex, I tended not to talk, but it seemed to have stimulated Rosby’s taste quite a bit.

“Then shall we begin?”

At my words, Hyuna lay down on her side and faced my cock. Do you do this pose correctly? Have you ever masturbated while imagining 69 with Wonho?

Suddenly, with jealousy, I started sucking on Hyuna’s cunt. Hyuna also started sucking my cock at my signal.

Churupchurup, jjupap. We spent time with me sucking on top and Hyuna sucking on top. As she frantically sucked Hyuna’s pussy, she felt Hyuna’s pussy loosen and open. I didn’t miss the situation and rolled Hyuna’s clitoris with my finger.


A moan erupted from Hyuna’s mouth, who was sucking my cock hard. I stopped my mouth and this time I inserted my fingers into Hyuna’s pussy and started stimulating her vagina and clitoris at the same time.

“Haaang, hot. The finger drop suddenly….”

“Because you can’t wash properly, I’m not even trying.”

Hyuna timidly rebelled, but she couldn’t stop my touch. Hyuna, forgetting to suck my cock, entrusted herself to my fingers, as if she liked the way her hands were trained by Hyejin’s sister’s cunt.


As her moaning grew louder, Hyuna held back her moaning, covering her mouth with her hand. I spurred on and began to stimulate my clitoris with my thumb and my vagina with my middle and ring fingers. As my thick fingers, trained by batting and fungo, continued to stimulate her pussy, Hyuna endured it by opening and closing her toes.

‘Let’s see how long it lasts.’

I licked Hyuna’s nape with my tongue while stimulating her breasts and nipples with the other hand. If it was Hyuna from earlier, she wouldn’t have put up with such an unexpected action, but seeing her covering her mouth with her hand seemed to irritate her severely.

I wanted to insert one more finger, but unexpectedly, the pussy was tight, so there was no space for a finger to go in. I could have put it in if I forced it in, but I didn’t want to. After harassing Hyuna with her hands and mouth for a few minutes, the results appeared.


Hyuna couldn’t help it and cupped her toes as she groaned. And from her cunt she squirted liquid, staining the white short-sleeved T-shirt I was wearing.

“… Did you go?”

Looking at her face, I saw Hyuna’s expression, which was so relaxed that I couldn’t imagine her usual angry expression. If your usual expression was like a fox, would it be like a puppy now? And the blush on her cheeks and the trembling eyes were telling me how Hyuna was feeling right now.

“Hey. Hyunah Choi. Choi Hyun-ah.”

I called Hyuna, but she didn’t answer and gasped for her breath.

“Write. I can’t stand it. Put me in?”

Hyuna didn’t answer. Then….

… I will enjoy this food.

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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