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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 14

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 14

Chapter 14 – Episode 14. Hyunah Choi (3) – (Sujeong)

As soon as the game with Seongnam Vocational High School was over, I picked up my phone and checked the chat. As expected, Hyuna received a message.

-Hyunah♡: Do we have to meet today? I’m a bit tired today

This bitch is still out of her mind. When I was about to send a reply, I suddenly noticed that there was a heart mark next to Hyuna. I felt the joy of victory cool down when I saw evidence that I had loved such a slut.

“Ah, unlucky.”

-Girl: Do we have to meet today?

After correcting the name, it seemed to bring some stability to my mind. What can I send to annoy this bitch more? As I was thinking, today’s winning pitcher Kim Won-ho approached me.

“Why are you losing your temper on this fine day?”


I quickly hid my phone. Then Kim Won-ho smiled sinisterly.

“What? Were you watching porn?”

“What is Yadong? I’m just annoyed by the spam.”

“Boy. All grown up By the way, a lot of scouts came today, how is it? Do you think it’s possible?”

“Do you know where you are from?”

Most of the scouts probably came to see Kim Won-ho, right? Since it was the first nomination, all three teams in Seoul would have come.

“I see the AT Thunders scouts, I see the Shinra Triggers, and I see the Grizzlies. It looks like you came from all three teams?”

“Which team was this turn?”

“Shinra Triggers.”

“Then are you going there? Envy you.”

Shilla Triggers is a naming sponsored team by Shilla Investment & Securities. The club has no money, so it rarely catches free agents, but it pays well and has produced the most major leaguers in the KBA (Korea Baseball Association). Was

Since most of the key players leave for other clubs through free agency or posting, it was a club that was good for prospects to settle in and always challenged the premiership. Besides, it wasn’t very popular, so I didn’t feel a lot of pressure, so it was a good environment for promising stars to grow.

“I might not pick it up.”

“Why? Do you have a club you want?”

“Triggers’ life in the 2nd Army is a bit tight.”

And it was famous for the people from Triggers working hard with the determination that they would never want to go to District 2 again due to the poor facilities in District 2.

“It’s still the first nomination, but it will be used from the beginning of the season.”

“Is it?”

“Yes, I throw 150, but which club will miss it?”

“Thank you for the compliment.”

Seeing Kim Won-ho, who is scheduled for the first round of nominations packing his luggage, makes me envious once again. Usually, the first nomination is for a pitcher, so there was little chance of me being the first nomination. In addition, since Seoul Farm’s pitchers are rich this year, there was a high probability that they would not be selected by the Seoul team even if they were drafted.

‘What!? Does that mean I have to leave the capital?!’

‘Why are you screaming all of a sudden? Annoyingly.’

‘You motherfucking monkey. I should have said something like that!’

‘I can play baseball anywhere.’

‘What bullshit. Baseball must be played in a big city! Fuck! How much I lost playing baseball on the outskirts of St. Louis!’


‘If I had played for the Yankees or Giants, I would have surpassed Ruth. In addition to the fuck, Dimageo was able to marry Monroe. If I had played for the Yankees, I would have been the best hitter, not Ruth….’

‘Giants, San Francisco?’

‘You sick. The Giants were in New York when I was.’


‘Anyway, Seoul is the only big city in this fucking country, so you must play baseball in Seoul. It’s because the level of the fuck house you meet is different.’

‘Then I’d be happy too.’

I didn’t want to leave Seoul either. I couldn’t imagine living in the countryside. However, with my current skills, I could do the 2nd 1st round, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go to the Seoul team.

‘You fucking monkey. If not, is it over? So, is baseball life over? This fucking baby will not have to try! ‘

‘Ah, okay. I’ll try. AC.’

‘Tsk tsk. I wish I could have gone straight to the major leagues. This idiot country is conscripting at any time of the day.’

As a result of talking with Rosby, I had decided not to go straight to the major leagues. Because I got a level 4 in the new sword I did at the beginning of the semester.

I knew that I would get an exemption because of the traffic accident, but the Military Manpower Administration was not so happy. Fuck.

Rosby pushed me to go to the Yankees unconditionally, but when I calmly explained my military service, I agreed and decided to conquer the KBA and go to the major leagues. There were times when I thought about what kind of major league it was, but I felt that if I had Rosby’s experience and advice, I would be able to enter the major league as well.

‘Okay. There’s nothing embarrassing when my student can’t even make it to the major leagues. Of course you’re the worst of them all.’

‘What’s the worst? Who would learn from someone like you?’

‘Heh. You hear all this novel bullshit.’

‘Who’s there?’


‘Ted? Do you think there are one or two Ted?’

‘You don’t even know Ted Williams? Ted Williams doesn’t even know that this fucking retard plays baseball. Just search.’

“The real Ted Williams?!”

I was so embarrassed that Ted Williams came out as an upbringing. Ted Williams, who is one of the top 40 hitters in the major leagues along with Babe Ruth, was a disciple of Rossby. … Isn’t it gura?

‘Heh. That idiot is suspicious.’

‘If it had been Williams and not Mr. Rossby….’

‘Heh. If so, do you think you would be able to live as you are now?’

For some reason, Rosby’s calm words without swearing reminds me of the past. Sex with Hyejin noona. Hyuna’s fellatio. … Well.

‘I think Mr. Rossby is the best.’

‘Huh, a baby like a god.’

‘Please help me a lot in the future!’

“Hey. Why are you suddenly shouting and staying still?”

Kim Won-ho, who had not yet returned to the dormitory, spoke up and interrupted my conversation with Rossby.

“Uh? No, I suddenly had another idea.”

“But what Ted Williams? You don’t know much about the major leagues.”

“I know at least Ted Williams, though.”

“Okay. So, thank you for today. Both defense and home runs.”

“Thank you. Scouts come and do it. Shouldn’t I also be drafted?”

“Yes, yes. I’ll buy you another meal next time.”

Foolish bastard, it’s finally gone. I quickly took out my cell phone and texted Hyuna.

– Me: Yes? Don’t hate meeting today, can I send Wonho a picture instead? I won’t send you a video

The reply came right away as if Hyuna was looking at her cell phone.

– Whore: If you send it, you’ll earn money.

You seem very upset? There are also typos.

– Me: think about it

I returned to the dormitory with my cell phone on silent and packed my things and took a shower. Finished all 7 league games this weekend, rest tomorrow. It was a perfect schedule to meet Hyuna.

-Slut: Hey, did you send it?
-Slut: Hey, aren’t you replying?
-Slut: Give me a quick answer.
– Whore: Aren’t you a bastard?
-Slut: Don’t chew and watch
-Slut: (Gifticon)
-Slut: (Photo)
-Slut: Look at the fuck talk
– Whore: Hey, where are you?
-Slut: Please answer me…

While I was washing my body, Hyuna sent dozens of her messages. Plus gifticons and photo fishing. It seemed like he was in a lot of hurry.

-Me: I just came to the dorm and took a shower

– Whore: A bastard like dog trash. Are you having fun? Is this funny?

-Me: So, was it fun for you to fuck me? You told me to stop playing baseball and prepare for nogada?

I don’t think what Ji did to me. Fuck year.

“Did you wash everything?”

“Okay. You?”

“I didn’t have a game today, so what?”

Just as she was taking her anger out over her thoughts about Hyuna, Lee Jin-hyung, a sophomore infielder who shared a dorm room, spoke up to her. This guy is also the one who is going to and fro the bench. Unlike me, he was a pitiful guy who lacked a bit of skill.

“It’s a break tomorrow, are you going home?”

“Yes. Awesome. I heard that you did well today.”

“You can do it too. Hey. Originally, at our age, each year is different.”

Are you going home? Nice. I didn’t feel the need to go outside and see Hyuna.

“Aren’t you going home?”

“What is a house? Wouldn’t it be cleaner here without cleaning?”

Even when my parents died, the house remained. I was used to staying in the dormitory because I didn’t go home with the thought that I just had to train hard.

Besides, the baseball team was weak, but Hanche High itself was a prestigious high school famous in the sports world, so the dormitory facilities were pretty good. The high school was also quite large,

“Then, I will go in. Brother and daughter, ventilate the room a bit. I’m sick of the smell of chestnut flowers these days.”

“Damn it, aren’t you hitting it? Bench bastard.”

“Ah, refrain from pack-poking.”

I raised my middle finger and saw the guy leaving. Hmm…. Did you smell it when you came back after having sex with Hyejin noona?

Anyway, Jin-hyung went out too.

– Me: Hey, come to my dormitory. I’m almost home today.

– Whore: What? How to get there Are you crazy? If you get caught, you will be expelled immediately.

-Me: Then you spread the picture and got expelled?

– Whore: A scumbag. There’s no one right?

-Me: I don’t like taking it back.

– Whore: Do it because you are talking about it, you bastard.

-Me: Come within an hour.

-Slut: How can I get out, I have roommates. Can we meet next time?

-Me: Are you using your room alone because you are in a hurry? Guran

-Slut: Stalker bastard, that’s disgusting.

-Me: Don’t roll your head and come, I’ll be waiting for you in front of the dormitory

The women’s volleyball club’s dormitory and baseball club’s dormitory are quite close, a location that takes less than 10 minutes, not an hour. It was clear that it wouldn’t take 10 minutes if I just avoided people’s eyes.

Still, I didn’t want to ruin my life, so I needed to prepare. First of all, I needed to figure out where the dormitory supervisor and security were.

‘Rosby. Please.’

‘You son of a bitch. You know.’

‘A. It’s not like I’m the only one wanting to be nice….’

Hehe, that’s not true.’

Rossby readily agreed to my request. After all, it’s all Rossby’s fault, so Rosby has to work. Rossby disappeared to find where the guard was.

As long as you know where the guards are, the housekeeper is not a problem. In the dormitory for the baseball club, the coaches take turns taking turns. And today, the head coach is the head coach. It’s obvious he’s been drinking.

I went to the auditorium. The door was slightly open, so I called the coach and went inside.


“Oh, is it Maengho? Why did you come? Didn’t you go home again?”

“Yes. What can I do if I go? There is no one.”

“…… Okay. You’ve worked hard.”

“What can I do? By the way, did the other kids go?”

“Okay. Now, if you’re a golden lion, you won’t have time to rest.”

“Who is left?”

“Everybody went home except you and a few first graders. We put them together in one room, how can you, fierce tiger, do you want to sleep there too?”

“A. What kind of freshman do you sleep with in my spare time?”

“That’s right.”

1 Grade? Aren’t you at the age where you miss your parents? I’m going home, why are you stuck here?

“Big. It seems to taste better when you win and drink. Meng Ho, would you like a drink? You are an adult after all.”

“Ah, but I’m still in high school, so I can’t drink.”

“Yes, self-management is the life of an athlete. You worked so hard, so in the end you did well.”

Judging by the redness of his face, he must have drunk a lot.

“Instead, I’ll follow you.”

Drink more and don’t go out.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend time feeding the head coach a drink until he gets a message that Hyuna has arrived?

“Keuah, it seems to taste even better with a disciple following it. Fierce tiger I kept saying that you can succeed Thank you for not quitting and following me.”

“Keuh, the director is too good. I don’t know why a kid like you was used as a batting ball pitcher.”

“Mighty tiger, fierce tiger. What should I do because I feel sorry for our Maengho?”

“You will definitely succeed in the pro. To do that, you need to behave properly. You know? Your parents will always be watching.”

As she passed the time listening to the head coach’s injection, her cell phone vibrated. Since Hyuna is the only person who will call on my cell phone, is it time to leave soon?

“Thank you for those kind words. Then I’ll do some swing practice before going to sleep. Can I get the key?”

“Yes, yes. Because there is no one anyway. Lock it up and come I’ll drink some more and sleep well. Can’t we just call each other?”

“Absolutely. Not a kid.”

“Yes, because I am an adult.”

Ooh, drunkard bastard. To drink two bottles in such a short amount of time. I stole soju from a plastic bottle and left the room unnoticed by the head coach.

– Whore: Where are you? Out of me

-Me: Wait 5 minutes

-Slut: Hurry up—- you know it’s over if you get caught, right?

-Me: ㅇㅋ

I took a plastic bottle of soju and went to the 1st grade room. As I heard from the head coach, the remaining freshmen gathered in one room. When I suddenly came to the room, the juniors looked puzzled.

“Seniors. What did you come for?”

“Hey. It’s a break, but you’re not going home, what are you doing here?”

“Oh, we’re going to train tomorrow too….”

“Who would know that? Get some rest today.”

I handed the plastic bottle of soju in my hand to the guys. The guys looked embarrassed, but didn’t seem to hate it. Alcohol was a powerful temptation for first-year high school students.

“Isn’t there a snack?”


“Instead, eat, buy, and don’t hit. Drink in moderation, and don’t come out of the room drunk. If the coach catches you, you and I will be punished.”

“Ah, I see. Senior… ?”

“Hey, would you guys eat comfortably with me?”


“It’s okay. Because I drank a lot.”

“Ah yes. Thank you Have a good night!”

“Okay. If you drink in moderation and make noise, they will come looking for you?”

“Don’t worry!”

With this, are the remaining children also Cleans? When I went to meet Hyuna, Rosby returned at just the right time.

‘Since the guard went the other way, he won’t be seen for a while.’

‘It’s good.’

When I went out of the dormitory and went to the promised place, I saw Hyuna wearing a school gym uniform.

“Hey! Why come now?”

“My brother made a plan for you and came.”

“Brother, you are fucking.”

“Let’s see how long that tone lasts.”



Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

치트 타자가 다 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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