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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 12

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 12

Chapter 12 – Episode 12. Vs Seongnam Vocational High School (1)

“The opponent is the prestigious Seongnam Vocational High School. We are in the 10th century in power, but this year is different.”

Before the game, the coach called the players together and started a speech. I was treated as a weak player in less than 10 years of history, but this year, with Kim Won-ho’s performance, I was fighting for first place in the weekend league in the first half, so I thought it was such an exciting day.

“Let’s beat Seongnam Vocational High School and rise to number one! Can you do it?”


“You can!”

The reaction of the players was quite good. Do you really listen to what Lee Ki-chul, who was a professional baseball superstar, said?

He was someone who personally disliked me because he didn’t use me, but baseball player Lee Ki-cheol was a superstar with no disagreement. Everyone thought that he would walk the flower path of coach-manager, but Lee Ki-cheol took the first step in his coaching career as a high school baseball coach for a new team, perhaps because of his relationship with the chairman.

The reason I came to Hanche High after rejecting scouts from other high schools was not without Lee Ki-cheol. He was a catcher who is said to require the most intelligence in baseball and was a superstar with 274 home runs, three home run kings and eight Golden Gloves.

I didn’t think that such a bastard would crush a junior with a bright future like this. Well, I ate my wife, so it doesn’t matter anymore.

Now that I think about it, I think maybe it was fate. Lee Ki-cheol hired me as a batting ball pitcher and was able to follow him to the Youth Baseball World Cup and thanks to him he was able to meet Rossby.

‘Heh. Did you finally know the greatness of this body?’

‘What. Yes. Thanks to that, I can play baseball well and fuck women.’

‘Okay. It’s not what I’m saying, but you could be more trash than me. To be so vicious even to my first love.’

‘I just liked it because it was pretty. Now that I think about it, I wonder why. Well, the cock sucks.’

‘Heh heh. Now it’s become great trash. You know? The more garbage, the better at baseball?’

‘Okay? Actually, seeing how good Lee Ki-cheol was at baseball, it seems like that.’

Lee Ki-chul is the trash that is good at baseball. He was overcome with an inferiority complex and failed to recognize his student’s talent and put him down as a batting ball pitcher. Maybe that bastard took me to the national team because my wife would visit me while I was abroad?

‘By the way, when are you going to eat Choi Hyun-ah? After all, it’s good to be young.’

‘Everything has its time.’

‘Pretending to be an expert.’

‘Times have changed, so we have to use new methods. It’s not a time to just fuck like a dog like it was with Mr. Rossby.’

Hyuna decided to meet me after today’s game. Because of Hyuna’s thoughts, I wanted to finish the game quickly. It would be nice if a cold game came out, but wouldn’t it be easy because the opponent was Seongnam Vocational High School?

‘Heh. I can’t believe he was the one who cries and teases his daughter.’

‘It’s all thanks to Mr. Rossby.’

‘Okay, I’ll live with that mindset in the future.’

“Then let’s fight for the last time and go.”

The director’s tedious speech seemed to have ended while he was talking with Rossby. I consciously went inside and folded his hands and shouted a slogan.

“The center of Korean sports! Hanchego! Go for it!”

“Go for it!”

“Let’s win!”

Today’s lineup is the second baseman and the fourth hitter. As I have already hit 3 home runs, the coach selected me as the 4th hitter in this game.

“Maengho. You’ve heard it, but I’ll explain it one more time. Do you know that the opposing pitcher is Eison from Seongsil High School (Seongnam Unemployed High School)?”

The head coach comes over and speaks. I was a little annoyed before the game, but it seemed like I came to take care of my mentality before the first 4 hitters.

“Are you Han Yeongjun?”

Han Young-jun was the left-handed pitcher that scouts were paying attention to in this draft. He was also a bogey at the Youth Baseball World Cup last year. He wasn’t very fast with a fastball in the upper 130km/h range, but he was a sharp-edged slider thrower with a knife-like pitch.

“I know that. Maybe the scouts came to see.”

Today, the face-to-face match between Youngjun Han and Wonho Kim. It was a match-up that scouts couldn’t help but pay attention to as both were candidates for this draft. That means….

“The better I do, the better….”

“Okay. Looking at what you’re doing these days, you could be drafted. Although there is no record for the previous two years, it is showing good enough appearance this year. Don’t be the bridesmaid, be the main character. Fierce tiger can you do it?”


Hero. Up until now, I’ve always been a bridesmaid. It’s like the minor role H. But now it’s different.


The sound of batter 1 getting out on first base is heard. Slowly I picked up my bat and stood up.


“Director. Do you like fierce tigers these days?”


At the words of the head coach, Lee Ki-chul, the head coach of Korea Physical Education High School, licked his lips. Did I just say I should have been using it since first grade?

“Maengho always looks good physically. Isn’t it?”

“Physically, it was originally good.”

Physically, he was originally a good guy. He is 188cm tall and weighs in his mid-to-late 80s, which is not fitting for a center infielder. Center infielders like this were rare even in the big leagues.

It is said that he focused on weight during the three years when he couldn’t play in the game. If you look at him as a high school player, wouldn’t he be considered complete? No, just looking at Patta right away, I was able to go to the pro right away.

The defense was a bit showy, but all the kids these days are so it can’t be helped.

However, Lee Ki-cheol did not like Ji Maeng-ho’s performance.

‘That bastard can’t do well….’

The reason I didn’t use Ji Maeng-ho in the first place was simply jealousy. Of course, it was true that the freshman didn’t have the skills to beat the seniors and become the starting lineup, but that didn’t mean they were so bad that they couldn’t even sit on the bench.

However, Ji Maeng-ho was not the player Lee Ki-chul picked, and he was decisively handsome. His skin, as if he always applied sunscreen, compared to his pitted porcupine skin, and he felt embarrassed.

It was something he shouldn’t have done as a director, but Lee Ki-cheol had an inferiority complex toward good-looking people.

Three home run champions and eight Golden Gloves. Anyone can see that he is a superstar in the professional baseball world. However, Lee Ki-cheol has always lived a life of being compared.

When he was a rookie, he was pushed to the Rookie of the Year vote by a guy who was famous for his handsome baseball player and placed second, and while his skills were better, his popularity ranking was always pushed by a junior who was famous for his handsome catcher, and he was selected as an All-Star on the recommendation of the coach.

And that inferiority complex got worse when he married Park Hye-jin, a beautiful tennis player. Her wife, Park Hye-jin, used to ask about her good-looking fellow players subtly. Even the words of a handsome junior who said that his sister-in-law kept in touch spurred such an inferiority complex.

I believe that I did not have an affair, but I was always anxious. So he came as a high school coach. He abandoned the solid road to become a professional baseball manager.

But her wife had always cared about her handsome pupils.

A handsome guy who graduated two years ago. He was petty, but he didn’t send the guy her wife cared about to college, leaving him on her bench. It was the same with Ji Maeng-ho. These days her wife doesn’t seem interested but until a few years ago she always asked me how she was when she came home.

‘If she had given me even half of her attention, she wouldn’t have put it on her bench.’

If anyone has heard, what kind of rubbish directors are there? You may be thinking this, but what can you do? No one knew Lee Ki-chul’s thoughts, and no one had the skills to feel strange just because he was put on the bench.

‘Still, the ferocious tiger has grown a lot. He couldn’t even use the defense at all. He’s not good at footwork, but he’s getting used to second base.’

However, he recently changed his batting form and his swing became quite sharp, so he tried it in a practice game and the result was amazing, surprising even Lee Ki-cheol. It wasn’t common for a high school baseball player to hit 3 home runs in 5 games.


As he was thinking about thatheheard a cheerful sound of splitting a ball.


“Home! Home!”

“What is it, Maengho-hyung, you suddenly hit the dog!”

“Ji Maeng-ho! Ji Maeng-ho!”

Ji Maeng-ho’s hit hit left-center and the runner on second base rushed all the way to home.


The second base runner was generously safe, creating a first run for the team.

‘You did well for two years. It wasn’t a swing like that.’

Ki-cheol Lee thought that the reason Maeng-ho Ji could develop like that was because he had been paying attention to weight. He completely forgot that he ordered defensive errors, didn’t participate in drills, and ordered the batting ball pitcher.


Clap clap clap The sound of applause echoed from Lee Ki-cheol’s hands.

“As expected, it is worthwhile not to participate in the game and build up internal stability. After all, my method was right.”

Lee Ki-chul has now completely forgotten the past and has come to the point where he thinks that Ji Maeng-ho was able to grow like that because of his own education method. And he started getting drunk with himself, the famous director.

‘Ace Kim Won-ho and slugger Ji Maeng-ho’s combination could win this year.’

If Ji Maeng-ho had listened to him, he would have been angry with him, but what can he do? I couldn’t hear Lee Ki-cheol’s thoughts, and even if I knew, the manager and the players. The difference between the status of a superstar in professional baseball and a high school baseball player is huge.


Unfortunately, the 5th hitter was caught on a fly by the center fielder, and Hanchego’s attack in the first inning came to an end. As the innings changed, Ji Maeng-ho came into the dugout to get his glove. Lee Ki-cheol approached Maeng-ho, the main character of the first breath.

Maengho’s expression was rotten, but Lee Ki-cheol was not a great man who cared about such things.

“It was good. If you do it like that, it won’t be too much for a pro. There are a few kids on the scout team that I know, so please tell me.”

“… Yeah? Oh, thank you.”

“Okay. If you are nominated as a pro, be sure to say thank you.”

“Absolutely. I am always grateful to the director. … In many ways.”

Maengho’s expression turned dark as he spoke, but Lee Ki-chul, who was already intoxicated with himself, couldn’t see that expression. Even if he had noticed that sinister expression, Lee Gi-chul would not have known it until he died.

Maeng-ho’s expression was that he was grateful for letting him fuck his wife.

‘Is it because he doesn’t know where his wife is rolling around, and he’s also a fucking monkey kid? I don’t notice.’

‘If she had known that, she wouldn’t have rolled around. I wanted to kill him in the past, but now I feel sorry for the director too.’

‘Did that bastard go to that house yesterday too?’

‘That’s why it’s pitifulhehe.’

Maengho, whose smile resembled Rosby’s before he knew it, entered the field while chatting with Rosby as usual.

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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