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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 11

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 11

Chapter 11 – Episode 11. Hyunah Choi (2) – (Sujeong)

“You trash bastard.”

“It’s still better than a slut masturbating at school, right?”


Hyuna took her hand to her waist while swearing at her. It was Hyuna’s swearing that she didn’t want to hear, but hearing it like this made it sweet.

Hyuna tried to take off my pants as much as possible to the side. But my pants got caught and I couldn’t get down easily. Eventually, she moved her hand to the front of her pants before she could pull mine down. My pants are down and only my panties are covering my big big cock.

Hyuna’s eyes widened as she saw the shape of her cock hidden by her panties, and she felt a sense of surprise.

“Can’t we do it sooner? What are you going to do when someone comes?”

“… Then why not do it somewhere else?”

“Why me?”

“If you get caught, you will be expelled.”

“If you get expelled, sprinkle it and go crazy.”

“This, dog trash bastard….”

“So wouldn’t it be better to do it quickly before someone comes?”

Hyuna’s expression looking up from underneath her makes me even more enamored. As if determined, Hyuna closed her eyes tightly and placed her hand on my panties. And….

“Now, wait. Is it too big? Are you really this big? This, this….”

“Why? Were you surprised that it was so different from what you imagined? What was the size of Wonho’s cock you imagined?”

“It was, a little, smaller than this…. No, not this one How do you suck this?!”

“Sometimes you see me and say something like Ada, why can’t you?”

“Fucking bastard….”

“Stop cursing and start quickly. Or do you want someone else to watch it?”

“… Shut up.”

Hyuna grabbed my cock with one of her hands and started moving her mouth.

“Ugh. Smell. Hey! Didn’t you wash your daughter? What does it smell like?”

Come to think of it, I did it with Hyejin noona and came right away without washing. Hyejin noona sucked it, but of course my cock smelled of saliva, semen, and love juice.

As Hyuna sniffed my cock, her face frowned, and her enlarged cock grew bigger.

“What, what is it? Are you getting bigger?”

“Hey, are you going to suck it by mouth? Aren’t you starting soon?”

“Sick. Then, do you suck with your mouth or with what?”


Don’t miss the gap….

“Ah. I can’t. It smells so bad. Wash once and come.”

“Ji masturbated right after exercising.”

“Is this like that? What does it smell like!”

“What a smell. It smells like semen.”

“Damn. Dirty bastard!”

“Ah done. Suck it up quickly!”

I couldn’t stand it any longer, so I grabbed Hyuna’s head with one hand and brought it toward my cock.

“Uuuuufuu, kek, kek.”

My cock pokes Hyuna’s lip once and misses, and Hyuna gasps as she lets out a moan.

“Why is the slut suddenly doing this? To open your mouth No, I can’t. I just have to put it up.”

I unzipped Hyuna’s head with her free hand and played the video again. The sound of Hyuna masturbating her can be heard.

“I, I will do it. So, turn it off.”

“Then do it quickly.”

When I turned off the video, Hyuna approached with her mouth open. Ugh. Hyuna’s long tongue brushes my glans once. A few times like that, Hyuna licks her glans with only his tongue.

“Originally, when you suck a dick, you only suck it with your tongue, right? Are you good at sucking breasts by yourself? Where can I see you again?”

Pretending to be playing the video, I started recording a new video so that Hyuna’s face could be seen clearly. I didn’t even mean to do this, but seeing how this bitch was doing, I needed to be punished. Don’t worry though. It’s Hyuna. I will keep her promise.

“Can’t you hurry up?”

At my urging, Hyuna brought her lips to her glans. Seeing her hesitating was like kissing my glans, so I was more stimulated. However, it was not enough to be satisfied with this. I put my hand on the back of Hyuna’s head and pulled her forward.

“Ooh, ooh.”

Hyuna’s warm, wet mouth covered half of my cock. Then, her tongue licked the tendons at the base of his cock to stimulate me.

“You say your cock is good, bitch. What do you think?”

“Ah, Aiur.” (Ah, no.)

“What is he saying now.”

My teeth brushed my cock as I mumbled to speak.

“Are you going to keep doing this? Or are you waiting for someone to come? From sluts to perverts. Awesome! Hyunah Choi! You know you have to stay here until it’s cold, right?”

Hyuna’s eyes, which had been biting my cock, finally turned into her eyes full of resignation. Are you saying there’s nothing you can do about it other than biting your cock? And Hyuna’s full-fledged fellatio began.

Hyuna, who is in her serious mode, slightly pulled her mouth out of her mouth and started licking her tongue from her urethral hole. Then, with her hand, she looped it around the base of her pillar, and with her other hand she continued to stimulate her testicles.

As her cock twitched, Hyuna began to suck on my cock as if she were going to suck it. Churup Churup. Such a dirty sound echoed in the clearing where the sun was setting. But unfortunately, compared to Hyejin noona, maybe it’s because of her lack of experience, so I can’t stimulate her enough?

However, the emotional satisfaction of having her first love and friend’s girlfriend suck my dick was greater. After sucking her cock for a few minutes, Hyuna spoke to her while biting her cock.

“What’s wrong, how come Ha Eun-ya?”

I couldn’t understand what he was saying because he was biting my cock. When I didn’t understand, Hyuna opened her mouth and looked at me. A liquid that I don’t know if it was my Cooper fluid or Hyuna’s saliva was connecting her cock to Hyuna’s mouth.

“When is it cheap! Damn, I sucked a few minutes, and I still don’t cum!”

“I’m sorry, but you did it once before and it doesn’t come out well with her mouth, right?”

“This dog… , Bird.”

Hyuna looked at me and unzipped the gym uniform she was wearing. She then pulled up her gym suit and pulled out her breasts. Her Hyuna’s chest was covered by a sports bra, but it was too much to cover her voluptuousness.

“… Let’s finish quickly.”

“You want it that much, but you can’t help it. Then, shall we touch her breasts too?”

I put my hand on Hyuna’s sports bra and tried to lift it up, but maybe because of her tension, the sports bra didn’t go up easily.

“Ah. Sick,”

“Oh, I don’t know.”

I put my hand from top to bottom and touched Hyuna’s chest. Hyuna’s chest and her sports bra squeezed my hand. While enjoying the pleasant pressure, I moved her hand around and found Hyuna’s nipple.


I was able to quickly find the bumpy areola and the nipple that was shyly indented. When I put my index finger into the hidden faucet, Hyuna groaned once more.

“… Can I take this out?”

“… Sick.”

As if she wasn’t even worth answering my question, Hyuna put her mouth on my cock again. Although her posture was a little uncomfortable, her Hyuna’s chest was well worth it.

“That’s a little better.”


Against the background of Hyuna’s swearing, I tried to pull out Hyuna’s nipple, enjoying the sensation of her cock. In particular, when I tried to squeeze her breasts with her fingers in the shape of pincers, Hyuna’s angry reaction was something I will never forget until the day I die.

As the wet tongue coiled around my cock and continued to sweep the root side with my hand, I started to feel ejaculation even before I came, except for one foot.

I stopped teasing her shyly hidden nipples and reached out and grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her forward.

“Eup, oops! Town!”

As it is, I pushed my cock until it did not go any further and ejaculated as it was.

“Gagging, kek, kek.”

As Hyuna vomited, I vomited up some of her saliva and my semen. I don’t know if my semen touched my airway or not, but it was spectacular to see mucus, saliva and semen coming out of her nostrils and mouth.

“Hey, does it look good?”

After I finished recording with my cell phone, I switched to cell phone camera mode. Then, he picked up Hyuna’s hair, who was unconscious, and pointed her cell phone at her.


Click. At my words, Hyuna came to her senses and glared at me, but it was only after the image of Hyuna, who was already leaking semen from her mouth, was captured on my phone. Hyuna spit out the semen she couldn’t swallow, swiped her nose once, and opened his mouth.

“Why, why are you taking pictures! 이 개새끼야!”

“Yes? Didn’t I tell you not to take pictures?”

“Are you saying that? You trash bastard!”

“I’ll delete the masturbation video instead.”

I approached Hyuna, who was kneeling, put my arm around her shoulder, and moved my phone right in front of Hyuna’s eyes. And hit the delete button.

“Ruler. If you click ‘yes’, will that work?”

“… Aren’t they somewhere else?”

“Hey. Don’t worry, this is the original and there is only this. I keep my promises.”

At my words, Hyuna pressed the ‘yes’ button on her phone screen with her finger. After deleting the video, Hyuna looked at me to see if she had relaxed, then opened her mouth widening her eyes.

“Hey, bitch….”

However, Hyuna couldn’t curse until the end. Because the image of Hyuna biting a certain cock appeared on the next screen. The play button was covering the screen, but anyone could see that Hyuna was sucking a big dick.

“This, this… ?”

“Oh, it was just taken. I didn’t say it would be erased.”

“This person! You trash bastard!”

“What if Wonho sees you biting another man’s dick? I know because I’m a man, but I probably can’t stand it?”

Actually I couldn’t stand it either.

“If this is solved, you won’t be able to carry your face up and you won’t even be able to start with Wonho, right? Too bad.”

“A dog, a dog! Erase, erase!”

I pushed Hyuna away from me with my hand.

“Whoa, whoa. Calm down, you know what to do to delete a video? Or are you expecting me to post this?”

“This, poetry, fuck. Why are you doing this to me!”

Tears that hadn’t flowed even when she was sucking my cock were now flowing from her eyes. A look as if the world had collapsed. I felt something inside me wake up when she shed her tears, who were proud and proud everywhere.

“You know that. So why are you touching someone who is still? Did I ask you to meet me first? I just stayed quiet! It’s all because of you you made it this way Fuck.”

“Shingo, you, you. I will report it.”

“You know it’s not a problem that can be solved that way. In today’s world, it spreads to the other side of the globe with the push of a button. Don’t you want to go to Turkey too? If you find out in Turkey, you’ll see it. There is a saying that if you just get tired, you will be raped. Um, what was the official SNS of the Turkish League?”

Ordinary people might not know how to survive. However, people like Hyuna who make sports a career cannot do that. Because I have to stand in front of the public and in front of the fans. Because there are so many cameras taking pictures of you. Moreover, although she is a candidate, Hyuna, who was selected for the national team, is already a next-generation superstar that the volleyball world is paying attention to.

There’s no way you want a video like this to go viral. That said, I wouldn’t have the confidence to give up my current position and start a new life. No, rather, if the video spreads and he retires, it will continue to be talked about.

‘There was a promising player, but he retired because of a masturbation video.’

‘Okay? Who? Where do you get it Did you see it?’

It’s an obvious ending. And Hyuna would know this ending. So he would have sucked my cock.

“Pup. I, I will curse for the rest of my life.”

“As you please. Instead, can I decide the next time we meet?”

“Who do you think will meet you?”

“If you don’t like it, what?”

“…… Someday.”

“I’ll tap.”

“… Okay.”

Leaving behind Hyuna, who was touching the ground with such a devastated expression, I moved on. Looking at the time, it seemed that I would be able to make it to the training time just barely.

‘Write. Even if it wasn’t for the game on the weekend, I would still win today, but I can’t help it today. See you on the weekend, Hyuna.’

Looking back slightly, Hyuna saw tears dripping down her cheeks. Without knowing that those tears make you look more delicious.

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

치트 타자가 다 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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