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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 10

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 10

Chapter 10 – Episode 10. Hyunah Choi (1) -(Sujeong)

“… What did you just say?”

Since I came this far, I decided to just throw up my feelings.

“You said you were a slut?”


“Okay. In a school where everyone else studies and sports, is that shit a slut or what?”

At my words, her haughty expression began to crumble. The biggest emotion in that expression is embarrassment.

“… What are you talking about!”

“Can I scream like that? Do you think everyone else can hear it?”

“I, I….”

Her face grew red as her voice pierced her ears. Well…. It’s also cute howhehesitates like that.

‘Don’t you have any pride?’

‘Still, cute is cute. The tall guy immediately lowers his tail at my words, doesn’t he?’

‘… Big hum. It’s cute.’

“Hey, do you have any proof? You, I’m going to sue this for sexual harassment!”

Hyuna began to argue, raising her voice this time. But the way she curled her tail caught my eye, and now it was more cute than annoying.

‘Just do one. Just one. You’re annoying, what is it? He was angry until now, but this time he says he’s cute, do you have a mental problem?’

‘I’m complicated too. Maybe it’s because it’s my first love.’

As I told Rosby, my feelings were very complicated at the moment. It was annoying and annoying, but I also thought it was cute when I saw him pretending to be strong while being afraid. It wasn’t like I love you like before, but something, something complicated.

“Sue? Sue. Then I’ll have to sprinkle it before going into the bread. It’s me, I’m quitting baseball soon and I’m an M-saeng, aren’t you a bit different?”

If you think about what Hyuna said earlier, she still thought I was on the bench and went to the game by chance. When I finished speaking as I thought, Hyuna’s expression began to shake rapidly. Watching the trembling in my pupils that I couldn’t hide, I continued.

“Hey, a setter masturbation video from the national women’s volleyball team, suck it up by yourself! Hey, the number of views will come out well.”

“Ji, what are you talking about! Hey….”

Hyuna tried to raise her voice, but then lowered it as she looked around.

“What are you talking about? That’s what you heard Aren’t you going to continue selling your face as a pro? But if you know this at school, isn’t it expulsion? Even if I get expelled these days, do they pick me up in the draft? So why are you doing that in school? Doesn’t it seem like it’s only once or twice?”

Besides, Hyuna is already a well-known prospect. She was a face everyone knew. Neither was she in a position to quit volleyball. But what if the video was leaked?

As if Hyuna had seen such a future, her face began to turn red with despair.


“Say something? Were you confident until now? Seeing that you came to see me, didn’t you come because you were stabbed?”

“… Really, do you have any proof?”

Now her voice began to tremble like a goat. Shall we play with some?

“… What if there is?”

Like Hyuna, I spoke in a confident voice with a slight trembling in her voice.

Haha. No? You don’t have it? Well, if I took a picture there, the sound would be all over. This 10-year-old is freaking people out.”

Perhaps she caught the fact that I lacked confidence in my voice, and she immediately began to live up to her energy. Her skill at catching the atmosphere was like that of a setter who must penetrate the flow of the court.

“You were scared, fuck. No wonder. I have no reason to say such a thing then. Did you see it? Ugh, this!”

She raised her hand where she hit the volleyball tens of thousands of times and pretended to hit me. Other people would see her as a bit intimidating because of her height, but to me, she just looked funny when she was bluffing.

“Why? Did you like it? So anyway, it’s nasty. Were you watching that? Even if you look fine, you don’t have a girlfriend. Wearing a sullen expression and walking around as if the world is over. Done. If you tell the other bastards, they’ll come after you. Okay? Well, I wonder if anyone will believe that a kid like you is saying it.”

Once again, with an expression of disregard for me, Hyuna spat out her words like a rapid-fire cannon. Considering the way she lowered her tail and trembled earlier, she doubted whether she was the same person.

Certainly, Hyuna was in a good mood even on her coat. She sometimes thinks that this kind of appearance is like Hyuna.

“Under. Fuck. She dodges and fucks with nothing. Oh, well, to an Ada kid like you, she must have been a bit shocking. Why did you get upset? Tsk, do you think I’ll give you a shot? Live your whole life while watching other people masturbate like that. Eh, I’m embarrassed to even be a classmate with someone like you….”

Hyuna continued to shoot her words as if she were rapping, but I listened to her in one ear and pulled out her cellphone as I let it flow into her one ear. And she played the video in the gallery.

[Ah, ah.]

“… Are you tired? Wh-what?!”

“It is a familiar voice.”

“You, you!”

Hyuna raised her voice and she tried to come towards me. I raised her hand and stopped her as if to command her dog.

“Wow. Do you feel like I’ll post this on social media when I get closer? These days, the world has improved, so you can go online with the click of a button, isn’t it amazing?”

Of course, I don’t have social media. I don’t have enough time to play baseball, but would there have been time to do social media. But Hyuna doesn’t know that. Because she never once said to sell me back.

“Don’t press! If you press it, I will kill you!”

“Would you kill me? But do you know what it would feel like to have videos of yourself masturbating floating around the Internet for the rest of your life? Wow, the female warrior who was so bold on the court actually has inverted nipples? I can’t stand this.”

“Everyone, shut up! Dog, dog. Fuck this, it’s a crime!”

Hyuna was stammering at her words now. I’ve seen her once before, but it’s not enough to keep watching this kind of sight.

“Okay. I’ll upload it and bake it. What am I, because I am an MBA student. Can I come out after living for 2-3 years? I don’t go to the army, that’s good.”

“No, no. You should value your life a little more. You are still at a bright age. Hawk, fierce tiger.”

“A while ago, you asked me to look for a way to live? Well, I should contact the seniors who couldn’t go to college and join the organization. Engrave a star before you go.”

If athletes with good physical abilities couldn’t go pro and go to college, there weren’t many options left. Joining an organization or doing manual labor.

I don’t know about Seoul, but I’ve heard that there are many cases where people become gangsters that way in rural areas. In fact, among my seniors, there were seniors who entered the organization. There’s nothing to be afraid of because he’s going to become a gangster anyway. I wish I could see… ?

“You you… !”

Fortunately, Hyuna seemed to understand my intentions well.

“Why? Like you said, you won’t even go to college. Isn’t my physical condition okay?”

“Ooh, an athlete shouldn’t do that. You can do enough. Don’t think it’s weird….”

“Do you say this and that? He said he saw a lot of guys like me earlier. Are you looking for a way to live?”

“That, that….”

Dump. Hyuna stopped talking and suddenly knelt down on her knees. The setter is a position that requires good brains. She seemed to decide that it would be useless to argue any further, and decided to beg me.


… But it was too late. I didn’t want to do this either. I just tried to bury it in my heart, but it stimulated me too much.

“Maengho, we’ve seen you since elementary school. Huh? Were you friends until middle school? I beg you, can you erase it?”

“Yeah. How can a person be so servile? How can you change like this?”

“Boo, please. Please. Erase it.”

“Are you too short for a person who asks? Who can see that you are my senior?”

“Request… Give. Erase it… Yo. This.”

“That’s no fun. You were confident until now.”

“My, I must have been crazy for a while. Sorry. Sorry”

“Would you like me to erase it?”

“Please. Please. Sorry. No, sorry.”

When I saw Hyuna looking up at me with her tears welling up slightly, I felt the blood rushing down her lower leg.

“By the way…. What are you going to do with the wounds I received? Even after seeing this, my mentality was weak, so I was hurt by your words. I think it would be a little difficult with bare mouth?”

“How much, how much is it? I said I would give you 200 million as a down payment, how much would it be? Huh? I….”

“No, no. I have to apologize first.”

“Okay, you did it earlier. I’m sorry!”

“That’s what you did. Did you think money would be everything? Who do you see as a beggar?”

“You are right…. Oh no. Of course not.”

“Again, again. It hurts my tender heart.”

“… Then what do you want?”

Hyuna, who had lifted me up with her words, was now controlling me with my words. A feeling of pleasure that she had never felt before passed through her mind. A greater pleasure than having Park Hye-jin fucked. The sense of conquest of conquering the woman who hated me and the sense of immorality of stealing the woman who loved another man.

“Would you suck it up once?”

In the end, I got out of my mind. After I brought out my true feelings, I thought that I had been arguing like that because I wanted to say this. I didn’t mean to do this from the beginning, no, maybe I wanted this from the beginning. Ever since I saw that video.

I couldn’t see Hyeon-a’s expression because she was on her knees and her head was lowered, but I could feel her distress.

“Are you crazy? Did you really go all the way?”


“Are you serious? This piece of trash… !”

“So press? And! Prisons are good these days. Do you think it’s better than school?”

“Oh, no! Please. Could it be something else, something else?”

Now he put his hands together and begged me. That look motivates me more. She wanted to leave a blemish on Hyuna, who has followed a solid career path.

“Why? If you wash it once, I’ll erase it. No? Don’t hate it.”


“Ah, is it because it’s outside? Then shall we go there? The warehouse where you always masturbated?”


There is no answer? I squatted down and tried to make eye contact with Hyuna. Hyuna slightly turned her head to avoid my eyes. I held her cheeks with one hand and made them look straight into my eyes.

“Hey. So why are you provoking me? Was I avoiding you? But how can I stand it if you come and say shit like that? You should have thought of me a little.”


Maybe because I was holding both cheeks, the pronunciation leaked. I lifted my hand from her soft cheek and listened to her.


“Can I help you just once? I-I’m sorry.”

“Is this a funny year? You said you would erase it. What did I ask you to do? If you just close your eyes and suck it once, I will erase it.”

“Crime, it’s a crime. Fierce tiger You are not like this….”

“Ah. Can’t you hear this bitch? I’m just going to be a criminal. Fuck your life as much as my life is fucked up. Why? Are you saying that you’ve been messing with my life too? I admit it too.”

I said that and tried to put my finger on the smartphone. Then she grabbed my wrist. It wasn’t that soft because of the calluses, but it was a little bit chapped, perhaps because it was her hand that she had never felt before.

Nope, it was already messed up. To the point where I could feel the inside of my panties damp with Cooper fluid.

“What is this hand?”

“… Can it be done once?”

“Okay. What’s the point of lying Do you think I can accept your apology?”



“Is it really just once?”

Yoshi. Grando Season!

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

치트 타자가 다 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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