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Cheat Hitter Eats It All 9

Cheat Hitter Eats It All 9

Chapter 9 – Episode 9. Hyejin Park (4) – (Sujeong)


My hands roughened by batting against the soft skin create ripples and cheerful sounds.


And then Hyejin noona’s moans. After giving her another slap on the butt as she lay down like a dog, she put her finger in her precious place. As I inserted her fingers into it, the flesh of her pussy wrapped around my fingers.

“Are you wet?”

“Stop talking embarrassingly and quickly… !”

I couldn’t see her expression, but I can imagine her already hot face. I ripped her wet inside out as she wanted to get wet. At first, she was the one who subtly pressured her to do well, but now she seemed content with herself.

“Aang. Ugh!”

A few minutes of teasing her fingers with her squeak and moan as a side dish. She sent her signal at last.

“Maengho! Bigger, bigger, bigger.”

“What is bigger?”

“What’s the matter? You know?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Tell me exactly.”

“Sleep! Seriously, I always make fun of my sister!”

After receiving the answer she wanted from her, I set my cock in her hole, which was freed from caressing. And without a word, he stabbed her firmly into her. Already wet, she accepted my cock easily.


Strange noises came out of her mouth, but her vagina squeezed my cock as if it were doing its own thing.

“What if I suddenly hit you?!”

“Ah, noona likes things like this.”

Hyejin noona blamed me for being ashamed of making a strange moan, but I didn’t care and started shaking her waist. Then, with his free hand, he massaged her breasts. Squeezing her breasts that seemed to be about to spill, I sped up.

Scrap prick. Her aggressive hips collide with my thighs, making a raunchy sound.

“Ahang! Ahang! I’m sorry!”

I slapped her butt hard while holding back the ejaculation that rose slightly. Then she turned to me and spoke to her.

“Have you changed already?”

“I have accumulated a lot these days….”

“Okay? What position would you like me to take?”

“What kind of posture is your sister?”

“Huh. Lie down.”

At her words, she lay down where she had just been lying face down. Then she came over me and pressed herself against my erect cock. I helped her by grabbing her waist with some flesh on her.


When my cock was half way in, I raised her knees to level her and started shaking her hips. Her breasts swaying to the rhythm and her ready-to-go expression began to stimulate me visually.

Every time she moves her hips, she feels more stimulation as she feels her glans poking into her womb.

“Ahang! Ugh! Rice… It seems… If so, tell me!”

She said so and focused all her nerves down below. I matched with her, bouncing her waist up to her rhythm.


Seeing her slender expression, I vomited my ejaculation as well. In line with my situation, she falls down in front of her, and I feel her nipples standing upright as her breasts touch mine. I felt the afterglow of her for a moment as I held her collapsed.

Haha. How can I do it one more time?”

What do we do? Shall we do it one more time? But if I do it here one more time, I think I’ll be late for night training…. After thinking about it, I decided to stop here today.

“Okay? I can’t help it. I have to go to training.”

“But I will come whenever I have time.”

“You said that and you didn’t even come last week.”

“I’m a bit distracted by the match….”

“Still, did you come out well in matches these days?”

Saying that, she got up, took off my condom, and tied it on. My cock, which had been limp at her touch, felt like it was going to harden again, but maybe it was just after ejaculation, so it didn’t harden right away.

“Yes. Well, it’s because I practice hard.”

“Oh~. So why did you come out this evening? Do you want to see your sister?”

“Still, I have to come and see my sister.”

It was strange that he wouldn’t know if he hadn’t known the taste of sex until now, but he didn’t come now. She’s been having sex with her for a month now. At least twice a week, at most five times a week, like now, I tended to make time for her to visit her. It was safe because the coach was at school at this time.

“It’s a bit unfortunate. Will my sister go to school next time?”

“Yes? Isn’t that a bit like that?”

I was saying that, but I was already thinking in my head which school would be good.

Dormitory? No, it’s too dangerous. Restroom? It seems dangerous there too. The warehouse… I think it might be okay. No, maybe the dormitory is the safest? During training, no one should be there.

“Isn’t it a little too much to do in your room every day? You should try it in an open area.”

“Wouldn’t that be dangerous?”

“Leave it to my sister. I know a good place.”

Right. This woman, this isn’t the first time, right?

“Then, shall we see you at school next time?”

“Look forward to it. Sorry.”

Saying that, she smiled mischievously and moved towards my cock.

“I won’t have time after washing, so my sister will clean it for you.”

Then, in cat pose, she put my prick in her mouth and began licking it carefully. Her bulging ass and warm tongue wrapped around his prick made it pump blood again.

Churup Churup. Every time her tongue ran from her urethral orifice to her pillars, I felt the urge to go all the way through her, but after struggling to resist her, I pushed her away. He had a pitiful expression like a cat caught in the rain, but there is nothing he can do about it today.

Because self-discipline is important to becoming the best baseball player. You can’t skip night training.

“I really have to go today.”


Although she does aegyo that is old and unreasonable, her young-looking face adds persuasiveness to her aegyo. But what is not possible is what is not possible. I rooted for her and walked out of her house.

‘Hmm. Rice cakes are good, but I’m tired of eating them for a year.’

‘How have you been patient?’

‘Isn’t it because I couldn’t stand it and continued to fuck with you?’

‘… It does.’

As I stepped out of the house, Rosby, who had been quiet, started talking to me. Since she had been harassing her so much during sex that he had cut off sharing her senses, Rossby seldom talked to her during sex, and would talk to her after it was over.

‘How come there aren’t any other bitches?’

‘I do not know. I wish I had one, but I have to play baseball.’

As Rosby said, because I was always with that woman, I felt bitten, and sometimes my cock died because of my vengeance, so I didn’t like it either. And at first, I went often because it was good, but these days my grades are coming out well, so I wanted to focus on baseball.

‘What are you worried about? I do well in games and my grades are good.’

As Rossby said, my performance in the weekend league was pretty good. In the past three weeks, he has been doing great with 14 hits in 22 at-bats, 3 homers and 10 RBIs in five games. It was definitely at the high school level, so it was so easy.

Of course, with Rossby’s help.

Anyway, as a result, the coach thought of me as a complete starter, and the eyes of the teammates definitely changed.

‘But you know you can’t be satisfied with the present, right? I believe that even if you are a pseudohuman with low intelligence, you know that much.’


Now, this week, the weekend league is over and the Golden Lion Wangjungwangjeon begins. Thanks to my performance, the team is on a winning streak, so we must prepare for the Golden Lion. After all, tournaments like that are important if you want to be drafted.

‘Okay. Keep in mind that if you think you’re good at a place like this and wind up in your lungs, you might end up hanging out with that bitch for the rest of your life.’

I wondered why he was worried, but it was also because he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to get more women. I shook my head and ran towards the school.


“Are you going out every evening these days? Do you want to eat something good outside?”

When I entered the back door, an unexpected person was waiting for me.

“Why are you here?”

“Under…. Since you keep avoiding me, isn’t that why I’m waiting here?”

It was Hyuna. Hyuna was shooting at me with her unique, nonchalant tone. Feeling like she’s been waiting quite a while?

As Hyuna said, she feels guilty about something, so she has been avoiding Hyuna since the practice game.

“I didn’t avoid it, it was practice, because the league was busy.”

I said that and tried to leave. Then, suddenly, Hyuna grabbed my wrist.

“For a moment! Are you avoiding it again? Shall we talk? Do you think it will make you feel bad if you avoid it like that?”

As her eyes lift up, she creates an irresistible vibe.

“Yes? I have to go to practice….”

I tried to refuse, but Hyuna cut me off.

“It won’t be long, so give yourself some time.”

Saying that, Hyuna grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the back of the school. Looking around her head to make sure no one was there, she took a breath and opened her mouth.


Hyuna was about to say something, but she let out a sigh and looked at me.

“Me… ?”

“… You. What did you mean then?”

“… At that time?”

At that time…. The last time I talked to Hyuna was during a practice game….

“Okay. At that time, I told you not to do that in school.”

“Didn’t that mean anything?”

“Okay? Did you do something like that and avoid me? You weren’t originally like that.”

It was. Rather, I was going to talk to Hyuna one more time.

“These days, I’m going to the main game. That’s why I train, and that’s it.”

“Ha. Will you keep lying? No wonder Am I happy?”

Hyuna raised her eyebrows again and fired at her. She says sorry if it was like before and she would have succumbed to it but at this point I was annoyed too.

“So what does that matter?”

Even just looking at Hyuna made her tremble, words she would never have thought of if it were me at the time.

“What… ? This is real! She was pitiful, so I talked to her, and then she climbed all the way?”

At my words, Hyuna got angry and raised her voice.

“What are we going to do with a busy person?”

But I didn’t give up either. The one who loved Hyuna was me in the past. Such a messy past has already been buried.

“Even if I try to say nice things. Hey. Maengho Ji. Do you feel like you have everything in the world because you took away the juniors’ seats because of your age and went to the game? Can I go to college with those skills? Why don’t you just drop out and find a way to live instead of wasting money saying you’re working out?”


Was he originally like this… ? I was dumbfounded by Hyuna’s groundless accusations. Come to think of it, I think she was originally like this. Because it was always cold to me. Still, it wasn’t that heartbreaking or anything. Is it because you hear Rossby’s curse every day?

‘Five! This bitch must taste subdued? She was too easy, and it wasn’t fun for her.’

‘Shut up.’

“Hey. I’m doing well these days. Don’t talk like you don’t know.”

“To do well. If he was that kind of guy, he would have been a regular since freshman year. Do you think I see one or two guys like you?”

“Ha. Done. So what’s your business?”

“Hey. Do you think you and I can talk when we go out? Even if you try to say something nice, your tone is a bit thick.”

Hyuna said the reason she called me here now was that she didn’t seem to care. She just shoots at her words because she’s drunk with her own anger. Did she like this kid? She feels a little bit weird.

“Hey! You were like a dick as usual. Knowhehesitated in front of me like a dog. Bastards like you will become stalkers later.”

… Tired of hearing it over and over again? There was no reason to hear this from a slut who masturbated at school. Why should I be listening to this bullshit right now? At school…

“… Masturbating slut bitch….”

“… What?”

Damn, the thought just came out of my mouth!

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

Cheat Hitter Eats It All

치트 타자가 다 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I know what pitch the pitcher is going to throw and where.… with the help of ghosts.


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