Changed Body 394

Changed Body 394

Chapter 394 – Suspicious Demon (7)

Request for assistance from China.

Considering how arrogant they are, it is definitely a sight that is not easy to see.

To that extent, China, or more accurately, the current government, can be seen as being pushed to the edge of a cliff.

“Lu Bu…”

An S-class hunter with world-renowned reputation.

If that guy is sincerely aiming for the position of President of the State, then that is bound to happen.

Considering the population of over 2 billion, the power is somewhat insufficient.

Nevertheless, the reason China is considered one of the hunter powers is thanks in no small part to the power of Lu Bu.

For example, it means that he is a person who has contributed more to enhancing national prestige than anyone else in China.

The public’s reputation for Yeo Bu is so hot that it is like a melting pot.

A person who receives support from the entire nation.

Therefore, he is the nation’s greatest treasure and a sword that threatens the current government.

The moment he begins to set his sights on power, he turns into a harsher political enemy than anyone else in his country.

“We have to get rid of them quickly before their power grows stronger. This is not just China, but Korea, Japan… , I am convinced that this is a path that will contribute to world peace.”

The Minister of National Defense gave an impassioned speech to emphasize the dangers of the hexagram.

Despite his efforts, others did not seem to properly sense the danger.

It’s natural.

Who would take it seriously if a thief broke into someone’s house far away?

But just one person.

“Umm… “It certainly seems like what the Minister of National Defense said makes sense.”

Moon Cheol-jun, president of the Korea Hunter Association, agreed with his words.

It was natural.

Our country is currently suffering from an unprecedented measles outbreak due to the hexagram bastards.

He continues.

“I know very well how dangerous Hexagram is. “Once we return to Korea and discuss our opinions, we will be sure, but we will try to resolve the issue in a way that supports China as much as possible.”

Hearing his trustworthy words, the head of the Ministry of National Defense, who waddled over, held his hand and shook it with an expression of emotion.

“Thank you so much. I thought Korea would understand our situation and help us. “I will never forget this favor and repay you!”
“Haha, as the Minister of National Defense said, we are neighboring countries and we should help each other.”

Moon Cheol-jun answers with the most kind expression on his face.

Although others may not know, it is clearly visible to me.

That’s because China has a high standard of opinion, and there are a lot of people who can use it.

It is better to be beaten first, and it is better to give help first.

If you step up and offer to help when everyone else is hesitant, the gratitude is several times greater.

That old man knew that and hit the player.

Both the saint and the new president of Japan’s association.

He may be superior to Moon Cheol-jun in terms of ability, but he falls far short in terms of politics.

“I will also talk about providing as much support as possible to China.”
“Thank you!”

Masayoshi Tanaka promises support with a grave expression and voice.

The moment Korea promised support, this was a set procedure.

Korea, China, Japan.

Three countries that are sometimes hostile, sometimes friendly, and are objects of love and hate for each other.

Among them, while Korea and China are joining hands, only Japan is left out?

Isn’t it obvious even without looking at how the situation will progress from now on?

Around the time when the cooperative operation of the three kingdoms was half decided, half by choice and half by others.

Among the people gathered here, the saint, who was the only one from a distant country, remained silent.


A moan that suggests deep concern escapes from her mouth.

As I sat upright with her hands clasped neatly on her knees and repeated her concerns, her eyes turned to me.

“Mr. William.”
“… “Yes, saint.”
“Maybe I should like it?”

Why are you asking me that?

It would be a great thing if the Vatican Orthodox Church took a step forward in the cooperative operation of the three countries.

Not only will the risk of death during the operation be greatly reduced, but if they directly experience the power of the hexagram and publicize it throughout Europe, it will naturally serve as a means of keeping them in check.

“Wouldn’t it be okay to do whatever you want, saintess?”

Despite her explicit feelings, there was nothing she said that would force her to make her choice.

This is an operation with a high risk of putting one’s life at risk.

They may be willing to help, but I don’t want to force them into it.

My sincere thought was that I no longer wanted to be responsible for anyone’s life.

“I’m telling you to do whatever you want…”

She ponders my words and asks again.

“Won’t you regret it?”


This nuance seems to keep trying to scare me.

Sensing the strange gaze cast through the veil, I reply in a stern tone.

“Yes, I don’t.”
“All right.”

With those words, the saintess withdrew her gaze from me and declared to the three people in a friendly manner.

“I promise support from the Vatican as well. However, since my authority is limited, it seems difficult to dispatch paladins, and I think only dispatching priests will be possible… “Can you help me?”

The head of the Ministry of National Defense smiles broadly and shakes his head up and down without any hesitation.

“Cancer, it helps! I am grateful for the saint’s bravery. “I will never forget this favor of mine!”
“Hehe, don’t say anything.”

A priesthood made up of healers who have passed strict standards within the Orthodox Church.

Thanks to her decision, they came to support the Three Kingdoms Hunters.

Honestly, I doubt it.

No matter how much of a rear support role it was, how did I so willingly decide to promise support for an operation that, if done wrong, could result in the loss of the church’s power?

Still, one thing is certain.

With this, the military power to eradicate the Hexagram clinging to China is fully equipped.


The meeting ended successfully.

I arrived at the hotel suite on high alert in preparation for an unexpected attack.

This was obviously a safe place.

Because most of the guests and staff inside the hotel are made up of her escorts.

She seemed a little tired, so she sat down on her sofa and said hello to me.

“You had a hard time today.”
“I haven’t done much, well.”

I paid a lot of attention to be aware of my surroundings, but that was all.

It seems like a low price to pay for saving one person’s life.

Today passed safely, so there is only one day left.

To be exact, he said he was leaving at 10 a.M. Tomorrow, so about 15 hours.

Suddenly I get curious.

What would Professor Baek be doing right now?

I hope you come to your senses and don’t get too confused.

Take care of your meals well.

When I was thinking about whether I should call the hospital or not.

“It’s okay to come back for a little while.”
“… ?”


“Weren’t you thinking about your colleague at the hospital?”
“Fit… “It’s long.”

No, wait a minute.

Is this woman really reading her mind?

“Even if it’s not like reading minds.”
“… No, it looks like everyone is reading it right now.”

Then the saintess shook her head resolutely.

“It’s not really about reading minds. Just… , I’m more perceptive than others.”

He said so emphatically that he was not, so I guess I have to believe him.

… Wouldn’t it be even greater if you could hit someone like that with just a hint?

An airflow full of awkwardness flowed between her and me, and by the time she fell silent.

Ding dong!

The chime installed in front of the suite door rings.

I haven’t heard of anyone coming to visit.

“Did you order room service by any chance?”
“That can’t be right.”

She had a hunch as she saw the saintess shaking her head heavily.

She said that it seems like an uninvited guest who shouldn’t have come has come.

But it was just as strange.

“Umm… “If they had come in through the security guards inside and outside the hotel, there should have been some inkling.”

A saintess trembles in shock at the words spoken as if she were talking to herself.

“Did you know… ?”
“Yeah, whatever.”

I give a vague answer and turn my back.

That’s not what’s important now.

Before heading to her door, she spoke to her dedicated maid who was clinging to her side.

“I’ll go out, so if you feel anything strange, take the saint and run away right away.”
“… Yes, I understand.”

After hearing the confirmation from the dedicated maid who was hiding her power, she started walking again.

Two faint signs beyond the door.

Ask them a question.

“Who are you.”

The answer comes after a short silence.

“… “I came to see the saint.”

It seems like she definitely knew that the saint was here…

“Saint? “What is that about her?”
“I don’t want to start an unnecessary debate. “I’m just here to talk, so open it obediently.”

A low voice, as if addressed to the person in front of her, passes through the thick door and softly echoes throughout the hotel room.

Oh, wait a minute.

… This is a voice I’ve heard before somewhere.

Tilting her head, she turns her body and asks the saint.

“If you say so, what are you going to do?”

As she pondered, she soon answered.

“… I’m curious. “Could you please guide me inside?”

First of all, you never know.

She prepares her posture so that she can respond to a sudden attack and places her hand on the doorknob.


Two faces revealed through a slowly opening door.

At first glance, I couldn’t tell who the scary-looking guy was because he looked like a scoundrel.

The man ahead is a familiar face.

Among the men I know, he is a middle-aged man with the thickest and most handsome face.

Two glaring eyes that are so blazing that it is difficult to look at them for just one second.

Thick and sharp nose bridge.

Rigid lips that fall heavily.

He is the one who pushed the Chinese government to the brink to the point where it forced its neighbors to bow down.

“… Lu Bu.”
“Guide me to the saint.”

He came to see her saint.

Changed Body

Changed Body

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Outside, a respected S-class Hunter. At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog. While she was drunk, her body was swapped. … I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?). Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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