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Changed Body 395

Changed Body 395

Chapter 395 – Apostle of Wrath (1)

It’s hard to express how amazing it is.

Lu Bu approaches with a powerful energy that can only be described as amazing.

As I entered the open door and passed by me, his gaze rested on me for a moment.

“… “It’s worth using.”

An arrogant way of speaking, confident that the other person is beneath you.

But it didn’t feel bad.

“It’s worth using…”

As confident as he is in his abilities, he is also a very harsh person in his evaluation of others.

A creature created by combining an arrogant personality with a straightforward personality that never breaks even if it breaks.

As he is that kind of guy, the word ‘worthwhile’ is bound to have a very different feel.

If I had to translate it, would it be something like ‘excellent skills’ or ‘a hunter with a promising future.’

“It feels strange, this.”

I have heard the same thing from Son Si-woo in the past.

10 years ago, I was at my peak both physically and mentally.

At that time, that expression was unpleasant.


The reasons were varied.

At the time, when I was full of confidence, I didn’t really recognize it.

What is the level of skill of the person who is praised as strong or strong in the world?

I thought of him as a rival from a neighboring country, but then I realized that he didn’t even care about me.

“I was really young back then, huh.”

Unfortunately, it was only after his body was broken that he truly felt how strong Lu Bu was.

A time when I had to put in a lot of effort to maintain, not grow.

It wasn’t until I got to a point where I couldn’t even hear the words ‘useful’ anymore that I felt it.

What a monster he is.

Even if we assume that his body had not broken down and continued to grow steadily, it is to the point where even the assumption that he could have reached the same level as that guy is unthinkable.

“This is my first time being alone like this.”

Yeo-po, who was like a monster back then, is now.

“Nice to meet you, saint. Yeo Bu.”

It has become more of a monster and is putting pressure on the saint who is the target of my escort.

* * *

She has met so many people so far.

Tycoons, politicians, and hunters from wealthy countries.

Among those who have achieved global recognition, it is faster to think of people you have not met than of people you have met.

Just as there are no identical people in this world, the impression we get from them is also the same.

Lu Bu was one of the people who left the strongest impression on her out of all the people she had ever met.

‘Hot, rough.’

A man with a flame in his heart whose power source is unknown.

A wild beast that maintains its humanity by perfectly capturing the wild nature that no one can tame.

He opened his mouth with a force that seemed to bite not only the human body but also the soul.

“Did the secret meeting end well?”

I think I already knew.

The fact that the Chief of Defense secretly requested talks with neighboring countries and the Vatican Orthodox Church.

A moment of hesitation as to what to answer.

“It’s not too late. “Return your promise of support.”

He hit the player first.

A strong energy pouring out with a gentle tone of voice.

She smiled bitterly, feeling an intense, indescribable pressure.

“Your expressions are very harsh.”

I was in a really bad mood.

Saint Sophia Saintes.

Thanks to her title, everyone thinks she is her predecessor.

In reality, she is a good person.

However, she was only a good person, not a weak and weak person.

“If you say you won’t be bitten… “Are you going to kill me?”

Yeo-po reacts to the sharp tone.

“If you need.”
“… !”

She is quite strong, so even for her, she couldn’t help but be surprised this time.

I knew he was a young man, but I never thought he would say something about killing one of the two leaders of the Vatican Orthodox Church, which has the largest number of believers in the world.

As the opponent was the opponent, it could not be dismissed as a joke.

He is speaking from the heart.

Even if she is a saint, she will not escape death the moment she opposes her.

“If you stand in my way, you are an enemy. And I never leave my enemies alive.”

He has lived a very simple life until now.

Even though it was sometimes reckless and sometimes seemed impossible, that was the only thing that did not change.

How was that possible?

The reason is simple.

Because he has never been the underdog until now.

Innate overwhelming power.

A person standing in front of a strong person had to change the impossible into possible and an unreasonable request without being unreasonable.

“Make a decision here. Will you be my enemy or will you be my ally?”

The saintess sighs slightly at his tyrannical behavior.

‘How should…’

He does not even think that his forces will bow down to one person, Lu Bu.

Even if she confronts his forces head-on, she is confident that she will not lose.

However, if that happens, they will also have to endure enormous damage.

‘It’s right to take a step back from here.’

If you think about it calmly, that’s true.

If we give China favor, it will be useful for a long time, but we can’t push Orthodox priests to death just for that one thing, right?

Moreover, the life of the saint herself is at stake.

If you just say one thing about asking for support, you can get through it without any damage.


“I hope you believe in the power of the Orthodox Church and do not make foolish choices.”

I really didn’t like that.

It still is.

Aren’t they spewing out arrogant remarks as if the Orthodox Church is no match for them?

That reckless personality was solidified because everyone listened to his coercion.

She looked at his gaze with even greater arrogance.

His unstoppable wildness and burning anger show that he will not be satisfied with just being China’s president.

‘You can’t leave here.’

Don’t let his ambitions go as far as he wants.

So that his ambitions can remain within China, even just for a moment longer.

Then a person caught my eye.


Kim Do-jin.

Along with Yeo Bu, this is a man who left an extremely strong impression on me.

He answered her call.


A really short and emotionless answer.

It was amazing.

How could a powerful man recognized by the world be so calm in the midst of the momentum he set his mind to?

Seeing his resolute appearance, I gain a little more courage and ask him.

“Can you protect me from Yeo Bu until I board the plane back to my country?”
“Uh, um.”

Kim Do-jin, who thought for a moment about the question that came out of nowhere, answered.

“It’s hard to be sure, but it doesn’t seem impossible at all… ?”

At that moment, Lu Bu’s momentum exploded.

* * *

The next morning.

After finishing our last breakfast at the hotel with the saint, we checked out.

Afterwards, get in the car and head to the airport.

I remember the words left by the guy who left with a burst of energy last night.

-“I’m not looking forward to it.”

My pride was hurt.

Hearing that a hunter who was only an A-level player at best could safely return her saint from him.

That’s why I went back.

To really show her her strength.

“… “Did I scratch too much?”

She sighs slightly, regretting what she said yesterday, and looks at the saint sitting next to her.

It’s hard to judge exactly because her face is obscured, but she looks very calm.

The heart rate and breathing sound are extremely stable.

“… “Aren’t you afraid?”

I asked in shock at her calm appearance, which was unbelievable for someone whose life was at stake, and she asked me back.

“Is there any reason to be afraid?”
“You know. “It’s follicular.”

Even if she is tightly surrounded by over a hundred escorts, she cannot be stopped.

Lu Bu was such a being.

A man with the power of Ikkitousen, who can slaughter all of them and decapitate the boss even if he faces hundreds of monsters.

“Ah… , It was like that. The person who tried to take my life was Yeopo. Thinking about that makes me a little nervous…”

She trailed off and stared in this direction before continuing her words.

“But strangely, I’m not scared.”

This woman is definitely not normal either, huh.

We arrived at the airport while shaking our heads in lack of confidence.

Her private plane, which will take her to her home country, is almost ready for takeoff.

If you go through a few procedures and then board a plane and fly, you will be able to escape the danger of dying here.

However, there is one problem.

“Wow… “It’s already completely covered up.”

Could it be that Yeo Bu’s men have already spread throughout the airport?

It even seems like the airport has been chartered for the day.

It is almost certain that there is not a single person in sight who looks like an ordinary traveler.

I guess this is better than going on a rampage at the airport and causing casualties.

She whispers softly to her as she enters the airport.

“Stay right behind me. “If I’m hurt, please treat me.”

Then, a confident answer is heard from the woman hiding behind her.

“Don’t worry about injuries. “As long as you don’t die, I’ll let you live for as long as you want.”

Should I call this reassuring or scary?

Lu Bu’s men are lined up with solemn expressions, like warriors about to go to war.

Lu Bu walks out between them.

Armor and Bangcheonhwageuk made by layering tens of thousands of small scales.

Bangcheonhwageuk is a copy of the items used by Lu Bu in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The name of the armor he wears is Yongrin-gap.

It is an item made by hundreds of Chinese craftsmen with great care, piece by piece.

It is said that since putting on that armor, Lu Bu has not suffered even a single wound in his countless victories.

Having finished preparing to fight, he makes one last recommendation to her saint.

“It’s your last chance, saint. Bow her head with the words that you will deprive her of support. If you do that, I will obediently let you go.”

To this, she immediately responded by sticking out her face from behind her back.

“I refuse. “I bow only to the God I serve.”

This woman.

My spirit is so strong…

Changed Body

Changed Body

몸을 바꿔치기 당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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