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Changed Body 393

Changed Body 393

Chapter 393 – Suspicious Demon (6)


One of the world’s largest black markets and a place where many villains are hiding.

To villains, China is called by another name.

A paradise for criminals.

It must be a truly humiliating stigma from the perspective of the government that runs the country, but surprisingly, they were calm.

‘Because they made it that way.’

The land is so large that if you decide to hide, it is not easy to find.

The population is so large that the siege can be lifted just by changing its appearance.

Corrupt public officials are so widespread that giving them a few pennies in the name of guanxi creates an environment in which criminals can sleep with both feet.

The government, troubled by the continuation of this situation, changed its mind.

Instead of trying to control this situation that is spiraling out of control, I decided to take advantage of it.

‘It’s truly a Chinese idea.’

I made a deal directly with guys who were putting a lot of pressure on their necks in the shadows.

They began to receive rewards in return for some recognition of their territory and activities.

It was a mutually beneficial deal.

The government is happy to keep all the money taken by corrupt public officials for themselves.

It’s good that criminals living in the shadows can feel more at ease because the government is looking after them, not just civil servants.

Of course, the amount of the down payment has increased, but so what?

Just take that much more and you’ll be done.

‘China did China, right?’

The only ones who lose from that ridiculous transaction are the residents.

But they were not considered in the first place.

Villains or the government.

Because they are not considered a particularly important resource.

Their occasional deaths?

It is not noticeable in this country.

The number of children born to a population of over 2 billion far exceeds that number.

‘If you only look at the monetary gain, it was definitely a successful business.’

Thanks to the amount collected from them, the national budget increased significantly, and thus they became richer.

Life at the bottom has become more difficult, but for those who are sitting on money cushions, the cries of the poor are nothing more than silent cries.

China has a particularly small number of talented hunters compared to its population of over 2 billion.

As a result, in order to straighten out his crumpled pride, he was trying to launch a large-scale hunter training project using the ample budget he had secured.

A problem occurred.

“The number of criminals outside of our control has been increasing rapidly recently.”

Just as when you go to Rome, you have to follow the Roman laws, nine out of ten criminals who managed to escape from their homeland and arrived in China obediently complied with the Chinese government’s demands.

To be precise, I had no choice but to respond.

China is the only refuge where they can live comfortably.

The moment they are branded as sinners even there, there is no resting place left for them.

However, recently, people have begun to appear who fearlessly refuse to comply with the government’s demands.

“It wasn’t a big deal at first.”

Indeed, it was so.

Because it happened occasionally.

There have been some rebellious people who think that it is better to die than to bow down to others or to hand over their profits to others.

The government severely punished every single one of them.

They were examples.

A sharp warning to criminals that this will happen to anyone who goes against the government’s will.

“… But recently, people have started to oppose this.”

Some forces maintaining a firm territory in the shadows began to go against their will.

He said he no longer wants to be treated unfairly and become a source of money for the government.

They demanded.

I ask that all of them be treated as citizens, not criminals, in China.

Otherwise, there will no longer be any compliance with the Chinese government’s demands.

The first thing the government resorted to in response to the movements of quite a few forces was appeasement.

“I tried to calm him down a bit… “Not even the seeds worked.”

It was impossible to officially accept them as members of the people, even in China, where they were just leaving without worrying about what others thought.

These are criminals who have committed all kinds of crimes and escaped from various countries.

It was obvious what would happen the moment we officially accepted such people as members of the people.

Not only will it be expelled from the international community, but it will also be reborn as an uncontrollable criminal state infested with all kinds of criminals.

When appropriate conciliation did not work, the chairman became angry.

“The government was planning to wipe them out by mobilizing hundreds of police officers and soldiers.”

Not only the public security department, which is in charge of domestic security, but also the military also moved.

The next thing I brought out after hoeyu was Chamcho root.

We wanted to root out those who were causing confusion with their nonsensical words and eliminate the source.

They had no doubt that hundreds of proud Chinese soldiers would triumph over them and raise the status of their government.


“… “Shamefully, the police and soldiers were defeated.”

They were defeated.

It was miserable, unable to even achieve an equal fight.

Only then did I realize it.

Their criminal-friendly policies gave them sharp fangs.

And that those sharp fangs are touching none other than the nape of their necks.

“So the President wanted to eradicate them by mobilizing the entire army, but even that was not easy.”

The current government is suffering from various problems in addition to opposition from shadowy forces.

The most troublesome thing among them was the struggle for power.

“Everyone will know. “I’m talking about ‘Yeo Bu,’ who is renowned throughout the world as his country’s S-class hunter.”

A silent voice leaks out as soon as the name Yeo Bu is heard.

An S-class hunter with outstanding skills not only in China but also in the world.

The head of the Ministry of National Defense, who was reminded of a fierce face that made one’s stomach tingle just by looking at it, shook his head once and continued speaking.

“He is strongly criticizing the current government and is showing his ambition for power.”

He insisted.

The current government’s incompetent and careless management of state affairs is making the country sick.

In order to return China to the center of the world, we must break this situation and move forward.

“With his remarks, the current government is being tested.”

Who knew?

I never thought there would come a moment when the gaze of the people who didn’t care whether I died or not would feel prickly.

Thanks to this, they have come to a situation where they have to show some kind of result and calm the public’s anxiety.

In the meantime, raise a large-scale military and declare war on crime?

“Lu Bu will never miss that opportunity. “They will criticize us again and again, saying that this shows the incompetence of the current government.”

It’s over at that moment.

His words will be given weight, and the government will be branded as a byword for incompetence.

After that, it will naturally lead to a change of government.

Therefore, it was impossible to raise a large-scale military.

We had to suppress them as quietly as possible and make the situation return to its original state.

That was the only way for the current government to survive.

And it was close to impossible with their own efforts.

“That’s why I requested a secret meeting.”

President of Hunter Associations in Korea and Japan.

And that was why secret talks with the Vatican Orthodox Church were pursued.

“If this land turns into a lawless land, it will have a significant impact on Korea and Japan.”

It certainly was.

Their country was close, but it was too close.

In particular, aren’t Korea and China connected by land?

It was clear that the moment the entire huge land mass called China turned into a lawless land, the impact on Korea would be profound.

So that.

“Please lend me your strength.”

There is a justification for borrowing their power.

The Minister of National Defense, with a miserable feeling, bowed his head towards Korea and Japan, who were usually looking down on them rather than as equals, and continued speaking.

“If you help me, I will never forget your kindness.”

* * *

As I listen to it from behind, I get the feeling that China has truly been tricked.

In a way, it was a blessing in disguise.

No, I mean, who told you to run the government while collaborating with criminals?

It would be right to refuse the offer, saying, ‘I feel sorry for you, you idiots.’

“Umm… “This is a very difficult proposition.”
“It doesn’t seem like an offer that is easy to accept.”

The problem is if this continues, the entire huge land mass called China becomes a lawless land.

There is an old saying that when you move, you have to get to know your neighbors well.

This means that you should pay close attention to the things they create in their lives as they can affect your life as well.

The same goes for the country.

If neighboring countries, or even countries with connected lands, become lawless areas, this will definitely have an impact on Korea, even if it does not affect Japan.

And the funny thing is, if it affects Korea, some of it will also seep into Japan.

Korea and Japan are also neighboring countries, just across the sea.

The presidents of the hunter associations of both countries have the same thoughts as me and remain silent, unable to do this or that.

Meanwhile, the saint who had been silent finally opened her mouth.

“I think there must be a focal point for them to move on that scale… , Is not it?”

The head of the Ministry of National Defense responds with a sad expression and shakes his head.

“… You guessed it right. “After sacrificing hundreds of soldiers, we learned that the organization that led this trend exists.”

As he said that, his eyes turned to Moon Cheol-jun, the president of the Korean Hunter Association.

“To be exact, I guess I can say that I learned something thanks to Korea.”
“… “You mean us?”

When Moon Cheol-jun asked in a puzzled manner, the Minister of National Defense nodded and continued speaking.

“There was a hunter named Kim Do-jin in Korea who didn’t tell me.”

For a moment, his expression became awkward.

What did I say?

Then, one name suddenly came to mind.

At the same time, the name that popped into my head was recited by the Minister of National Defense.

“The name Hexagram.”


“They were active even within their own country. And in a very cunning way.”

… Is it you again?

Changed Body

Changed Body

몸을 바꿔치기 당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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