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Changed Body 3

Changed Body 3

Chapter 3 – Equivalent Exchange (3)

She was right in everything she said to me during her seduction, even though her finish was wrong.

If I had to describe my life in one word.

“Moderation… , Is it.”

There could be no expression more appropriate than that.

When I was young, it was just to make money.

However, as time passed, the words that decorated me began to increase one by one.

1 in the brand reputation index for 7 consecutive years.

No. 1 role model for teenagers for 7 consecutive years.

Someone started to expect from me, and I took it for granted as a calling.


In order to appear to them as a better and more wonderful person, I had to do my best not to make even the slightest gossip, and sometimes I risked my life to clear dungeons.

“Why did I do that?”

Now that I think about it, it’s really funny.

It’s not like I’m the only Hunter in Korea, so why did I try so hard?

The climax of all those expectations was the dungeon wave that unfolded around Gangnam five years ago.

When monsters poured out in countless dungeons and became violent.

He fought at the forefront and succeeded in stopping the boss monster called Final Wave.

At that time, he earned the title of ‘Guardian’, which is given only to heroes who saved the country.

And, I lost something very big.

“Do you have five years left? .”

The time I can exist as an S-class hunter is only that.

I used too much power to solve the final wave.

Due to the use of power beyond the limit, the circuit was permanently damaged, and a small hole was pierced in the core that stores mana.

Every time I use power, the circuit is gradually getting more damaged, and in the small hole in the core, though weak, magic is constantly being lost.

Even now, compared to its heyday, it has lost more than 20% of its strength.

After about 5 more years like this, my strength will drop to A-class, not S-class.

“It’s all my karma, it’s karma.”

Calmly judging the situation at that time, even if I hadn’t done my best, I would have stopped it in the end.

Since it is in the middle of Gangnam, I don’t know if more buildings were damaged.

I was just immersed in the role of a hero because people cheered me on.

The interview with the guy that the madam reminded me of a moment ago reminds me of it again.

Besides that, he added one more thing.

“Is it bad to live according to your desires?”

The women and the orgies were mutually agreeable, and the pregnancy turmoil was resolved by paying huge child support payments.

It may be morally reprehensible, but he has never broken the law.

When I was in the middle of playing hero, I hated those guys to the point of death, but not anymore.

“I envy you, fuck.”

I envy living like that.

I would die of envy living expressing my desires to the fullest.

They’re still going to hang out with all kinds of women in a hotel suite somewhere.

What is left of me, who has lived in moderation?

After being coldly rejected by my wife who has one, what was left of me, who couldn’t even eat with my daughter whom I cherished?

“It’s fleeting, it’s fleeting….”

I thought about sleeping with the madam who seduced me out of anger, but I feel reluctance.


I was just imagining it, but I thought what if this was found out later and people were disappointed in me.

People’s expectations toward me are straws in their hands.

If you don’t hold on to that, you really have nothing to hold on to.

Suddenly it happened.


When I was in the middle of depression, a fat young man came up to me.

“Did you call a substitute?”
“Ah, you are the substitute knight.”

A very young friend came.

It must have been around the early 20’s.

I got a little anxious.

My car is a bit expensive

This car was handed over to her even though her wife stubbornly refused, saying that she should ride it according to her dignity.

What was your name

Anyway, I heard that billion goes lightly.

“Are you good at driving?”

When I asked the old lady, the young man answered with a sad expression.

It looks like a cute baby pig.

If I lose some weight, I think the character will definitely come back to life.

I didn’t have to say it out loud.

I heard that these days, when you see someone who gives you advice you don’t want, you call him an old man.

I want to remain as a cool man who accepts everything of my young friends.

“Okay then, please drive safely.”

After handing the car keys to the young man, I climbed into her back seat.

Soon the car started.

Even things that pass by quickly seem to pass very slowly to my eyes.

As I read the letters on the passing signs one by one, I saw a young man sitting in the driver’s seat.

“You drive well.”
Haha… , Thank you.”
“Please understand when I talk to you. When I’m drunk, it’s my pleasure to talk to the drivers and go home.”
“Ah, yes.”

Since when was it

Was it around the time when conversations between husband and wife and between fathers and daughters started to gradually cease?

Conversation got boring.

From then on, I enjoyed talking to the substitute driver who took me away when I was drunk.

Since we’re in the same age range, the humor code fits appropriately, and the consensus was well matched, so it was good to talk about it.

It’s my first time being a young substitute knight, so I don’t know what this young man is like.

“Is the knight married by any chance?”
“Oh, no.”
“Then, do you have someone you like?”
“That… , Yes.”

Judging by the wayhehesitates and then answers, it is clear that he is in unrequited love.

In times like these, as an adult, I have to give you another piece of advice.

“If you find yourself with a girl you like later. That moment comes.”
“Which… ?”
“Is it okay to live with this woman all her life, that feeling that if she isn’t this woman, then she won’t be?”

You still won’t understand.

I was like that then too.

“When that time comes, I want to propose like crazy. It gives me this feeling that I want to make this woman mine before someone else steals it.”
“… I think I know how you feel.”

Do you already understand that feeling?

You are an excellent student.

But the important thing is from now on.

“That is the most critical time.”
“… Yes? Crisis?”
“Yes, Crisis.”

The young man’s eyes, which were buried in the flesh, narrowed.

“I don’t know what you mean….”

I just couldn’t understand.

It would be crazy

I thought that I wanted to live with the woman I liked for the rest of my life, and the moment I made up my mind to propose marriage was the most critical moment.

But, the crisis is right.

“You may not understand now. But believe me and when the time comes, close your eyes and hold it in.”

If you endure that moment, the crisis will eventually disappear.

“Ah yes….”

Seeing that he nodded his head with a confused expression, he must have not accepted it.

“Remember. I will be patient.”

If I emphasize twice, I did the best I could.

After that, it is up to you to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions, whether or not you propose.

“But, that….”

A young man who was concentrating only on driving suddenly spoke to me.

“Did Hunter Son Siu hate being with her wife right now…? ?”


Did I put too much heat on the story?

He hurriedly waved his hands, feigned composure, and smiled.

Haha! It can’t be. My wife and I are still hot. Just what other people do Not me, but other people seem to have a hard time getting married.”
“Ah, that’s right.”

Rumors start from the mouth of one person.

That young man told his parents or friends, ‘This is a secret… The moment you start with ‘.’

I’m evasive, but I need to change the subject to make it clear.

“Are you a student? Or an office worker?”
“Ah… , A student.”
“Somehow, I was too young. Are you trying to earn tuition?”
Haha… , Yes.”

It will be very difficult

No matter how much it is for the future, how can it be easy to make money while driving someone else’s car late at night and even accepting the drunkard’s advice?


“I envy you….”
“I envy your youth. There was a time when I was young too, when did I become this oldhaha!”

He smiled with a shy expression.

The young man who smiled awkwardly after me opened his mouth insinuatingly.

“That… , Hunter.”
“Please speak.”
“… If Hunter-sama and I could swap bodies, would you?”
“The knight and I?”

The young man and I are completely at odds with each other.

I live with all the luxuries, but the old me.

Nothing, but a young man.

Ah, is this a balance game that is popular among young people these days?

After thinking for a moment, I opened my mouth.

“Isn’t that too low?”
“As expected, Hunter-nim has a lot of things….”
“No no, not me, but the knight.”
“Yes… ?”

A young man who asked with a puzzled expression.

“Anything would be possible if you were young, but it would be a waste to trade with someone like me. Isn’t it?”
“Uh… , That, is that so?”

It’s a look that doesn’t seem to understand.

Well, the value is different for each person’s position.

Now that I’m turning 50, I don’t need anything else and just envy my youth, and a young man who works day and night to earn his tuition will envy the leisure I have.

I lightly tapped the young man on the shoulder.

“That young means that there are endless opportunities.”
Haha, yes.”

The young man replied with a smile on his face.

Because he smiles, he looks like a cute little pig.

If you lose weight, the character will definitely live.

Among the people I know, there is a friend who loses weight very well, and I introduce him to him….

Ah, no

Let’s not forget that the moment we are told to put up with other people’s lives, let go of our stomachs, we become kkondae.

The vehicle entered the gate.

The car landed smoothly in the parking lot prepared in the yard.

“We have arrived, Hunter.”
“Aigoo, as we talked, he arrived quickly.”

Get out of the car and take out your wallet.

He pulled out a check for one million won and handed it to the young man.

“Huh, Hunter. This….”
“It’s because I really enjoy talking to the driver. Don’t be shy and accept it. You know? That S-class Hunter Son Si-woo.”
“I know, yes.”

A young man accepting a check for one million won with trembling hands.

Seeing that he often communicates well with older people, it is clear that he is a friend with the right personality.

If you have a friend like this, even if you make him your son-in-law….

“My daughter can’t do it, Inom!”
“Hey… !”

Went ahead again

“Oops, I’m sorry. Suddenly alone, lost in strange thoughts.”
“Oh, no.”

It must have been because I shouted at the moment, but he looked very surprised.

“I had a hard time today. Come on in.”
“Ah, yes.”

The young man folded a check for 1 million won and put it in his pocket and walked away.

By the time we reached the gate, the young man turned around.

“Hey, Hunter!”
“As expected, I think Hunter’s body is better than mine.”

Are you talking about the balance game from earlier?

Haha, thank you.”

I want to smile brightly, but a bitter smile was built.

If you look closely at how I live, you would never say that.

“Thank you very much for your business.”

By transaction, do you mean proxy driving?

Haha! It was a good deal for me too.”

A young man bending over.

Because of the protruding belly like Namsan, it seems that 30 to 40 degrees is the limit.

After that greeting, the young man left the gate.

“He’s a very polite young man, um.”

He entered the house with a satisfied expression on his face.

A feeling of quiet desolation as if a rat had died clung to his whole body, and the good mood, albeit for a brief moment, quickly fell.

I grabbed the doorknob of the bedroom and tried to turn it, but then stopped.

The smell of alcohol prevented him from sleeping next to his wife, so he went into one of the guest rooms, took off his coat, and lay down on the bed.


The smell of fabric softener from the newly washed duvet permeates deep into the nose.

How nice it would be if my life could be cleaned like this.

If you wash and start again like new so that nothing is left.

At least I won’t feel the same regret twice.

“Ha, what am I thinking….”

A moment of useless thinking.

Slowly the tides start to come in.

“Okay. Tomorrow is tomorrow’s sun….”

It will open

I immediately fell asleep.

Changed Body

Changed Body

몸을 바꿔치기 당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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