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Changed Body 2

Changed Body 2

Chapter 2 – Equivalent Exchange (2)

A young man’s daily routine always begins in front of a computer.

Since when

She has lost her heart to her.

She read all the articles related to her that popped up on the Internet news, and went to her fan cafe to look at the pictures posted by her fans.

Haha… !”

After masturbating diligently while looking at a picture that only reveals a little bit of her breastbone, Hyeonta comes to visit.


She is confident that she won’t lose to anyone in the world if she pits her against her love, her heart alone.

But that alone can’t hold her in her arms.

Because she was a star shining so high.


Because she was a married woman with her husband.

“Son Si -woo.”

Siwoo Son.

Korea’s strongest S-class hunter.

A fraudster who has fans of all of Korea with his sharp appearance, upright behavior, and dedication to defending the country.

When the two of them appear affectionately, putting their hands on each other’s shoulders and waists, it seems like they’re saying that.

If you want to have me, it will be difficult if you don’t become a man like this.

“Ugh… !”

I fell ill with a terrible love sickness.

They say that love is something that gradually subsides over time, but it didn’t seem to apply to him.

As time went by, the feeling of being satisfied just by looking at the pictures grew bigger.

“Want to have.”

I want to have it.

When she lies down to sleep, her mind fills up with thoughts of her and it feels like it will explode.

“I’m going crazy wanting it!”

Hugging her blanket, shouting a few times and struggling to calm her heart a little.

One day like that, another day.

Her man feels every minute that her own patience is reaching its limit.

If things go on like this, it seemed that the only future would be for her to blindly visit her house and get caught by the police.

“I still want to see it, I want it… !”

Kiss the eyes, nose, and mouth that are tightly packed in the small face.

She massaged her voluptuous breasts and narrow waist so much that it was hard to believe that she was an Asian.

I want to lick that long stretched leg from start to finish.

I wish I could lose her life if I could feel her just once, her only once.

When I thought so

[The ability is awakened.]

Phrases that would color his eyes with joy floated in the air.

[Prepare for pain!]

At the same time, great pain followed.


It’s as if her whole body is being carefully bitten off.

Isn’t it, it feels like my whole body is being burned.

It hurts anyway.

It hurts to the point where I would rather die.

She was told that a man could die of shock if her pain reached a critical point, but she did not think she would die that way.


The pain subsided.

They say that becoming an Awoken entails tremendous pain.

“I… , I woke up… ?”

The world is currently divided into two types of people.

Those who are awakened and those who are not.

Awakened to face the flood of monsters, they become hunters and fight for their lives.

So aren’t Awoken bad? No way.

They hold an enormous amount of money in their hands and enjoy popularity comparable to that of celebrities.

These days, it is an institution that educates the awakened people, and thanks to the systematic method, the death rate was only a new blood level compared to the early days.

“I… , I… !”

The man’s life was truly a gutter.

Abandoned by his parents, he grew up beaten countless times in an orphanage.

If it wasn’t for the kind heart of the owner’s aunt, who gave her this place for a cheap monthly rent, she herself might have become a beggar or died while wandering on her street.

I always envied the Awoken.

If he had awakened like them, he wouldn’t have gone to the bottom like this.

Haha… Haha… ! Ahaha… , Cool, Kuweek!”

Even though he laughed like a madman and coughed until he was about to throw up, the smile on his face could not be erased.

He was so happy for a long time that he finally had the courage to face the ability he had.

The first step that anyone who becomes an Awoken person experiences.

“Yes, the status window… !”

A status window that can be encountered while playing an RPG game.

One of the privileges that the Awakener can enjoy, it welled up in front of my eyes.


The moment he checked the stats that quantified his body, his face was filled with disappointment.

It was miserable.

It was so serious that nothing exceeded double digits.

“That, yes. It can be. Because I hated sports….”

He is obese

It’s also very obese.

When he lowers his head, his feet cannot be seen because of his belly fat protruding like a mountain peak.

So, it is understandable that the abilities are disastrous.

The important thing is from now on.

If you lose weight and train hard, you can become strong!

To do so, the most important thing is the special talents and characteristics given to the Awakened.

He looked at the attributes section located at the bottom of the status window.

[Equivalent Exchange (SSS)]

“Oh, oh oh oh… !”

S, A, B, C, D, E, F.

The alphabet is embedded at the top.

Three of them too.

“Is this possible?”

Among the abilities given to Hunters, the most powerful grade must be S-class.

“That means… , Am I the first?”


How valuable is this sound?

Isn’t he the first Awakener who has blossomed with abilities that surpass S-class in the long Hunter company?

“Uh heh heh!”

If this is it, it might be possible.

He may be able to push away S-class hunter Son Si-woo and stand next to her… !

“Ooh, ooh, ooh… !”

The cock stood up.

It’s shorter than the protruding belly fat, so you can’t see it with the naked eye, but you can feel that it has a lot of energy.

He took a deep breath.

I’ve only checked the name and rank of the attribute so far, but I haven’t confirmed the gist of the ability it has.

With a trembling hand, he lightly touched the characteristic part of the state window that floated in front of his eyes.

[Equivalent Exchange (SSS)]

Summons a giant scale that only you can see.

You can trade what you have and what you want to have if you hang them in parallel.


I didn’t understand at first.

So after reading and rereading it over and over again, I was able to get a rough idea of ​​what kind of ability it was.

“So… , It means giving what I have and bringing what the other person wants from what they want….”

The man clenched her fists.

“This, this Shivaal… !”

I don’t have a single trivial thing, so what the hell are you giving me and what are you bringing me!

Anger exploded.

It was unbearably painful because I felt like they were laughing at me for not having anything.

He returned to the covers again, with a swollen, then quickly shrunken hope.

While I was refreshing You Tube with the blanket over me, the algorithm popped up a new video.

Is it because I watched her video so many times?

Korea University Yeouido Campus, which specializes in fostering hunters.

It was a video of her husband, Son Si-woo, giving a special lecture there.

Her man with her that she couldn’t have herself.

Suddenly I had such a thought.

How nice it would be if I could exchange my body with that guy with my ability.

Even if he gets older, it wouldn’t matter if he could gain her status, power, and even her.

But it was impossible.

In order to do that, you have to have a similar value to him, but how could that be possible?

“Bastard, envious bastard….”

A man who spits out all sorts of disgust and clicks on the video.

It was to cool off a bit of swearing in the comments.

Son Si-woo said so in the video.

[I envy you. Why? Because you’re young Youth is truly limitless. You can be anything and you can do anythinghaha! It’s not a lie. Some people may envy what I have, but if I were to give up everything I have now and get my youth, I would take the deal right away. That’s what being young is….]

The man’s fingers, which were striking out all sorts of malice toward Son Si-woo, stopped on the keyboard.


He has what he has, but what he does not have.

Even if he bet everything, he has what he wants to buy.

“Youth… !”

Transaction conditions are established.

He wants to have all of him, and he wants to have his youth.

He cried with a trembling heart.

“De, Equivalent Exchange activated.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a huge golden scale appeared behind his back.

“… I want to switch bodies with S-class hunter Son Si-woo.”

[Compare the value of S-rank Hunter Son Si-woo and the user’s body.]

A small model that looked just like him stood on one of the scales.

And on the other side, a model of Son Si-woo appeared.

The scales tipped endlessly towards him.

[As a result of objective value comparison, S-rank Son Si-woo’s body is much more valuable, so it cannot be traded.]

“Ah, no, obviously Son Si-woo said it in the video… ! I will give everything and buy my youth!”

[You can’t understand the other person’s sincerity just by watching the video.]

“Well, then there is no way… ?”

As he asked with a pitiful expression, another message came to mind.

[Trading is possible if mutual agreement is reached through dialogue.]

Leaving the last word, Libra disappeared.

“Ha, agreement?”

It was meant to somehow bring out his true feelings through words and make the two bodies equal in value.

As long as you can come to an agreement, you can have his body.

“But how… ?”

Aside from the agreement, even meeting him seems impossible.

“If only we could come to an agreement….”


This word keeps running around in my head.

If only that was possible, if only I could occupy Son Si-woo’s body.

You can get her


He swallowed and immediately sat down in front of the computer.

To gather all information related to Son Si-woo.

I started scraping out the places he often goes, things he likes, hobbies, etc.

Changed Body

Changed Body

몸을 바꿔치기 당했다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Outside, a respected S-class Hunter.At home, Son Si-woo is at the bottom of the hierarchy, even being pushed aside by his dog.While she was drunk, her body was swapped.… I don't know how to repay this grace to the guy who switched bodies (?).Since this happened, let's live to the fullest.


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